Stadium: San Siro
Second Half
That's it! The final whistle. "Milan" with no problems beat "Cagliari" to "San Siro".

Since you were Tsapkin Ivan. Take care of yourself.
One point separates the "Milan" from "Juventus". Meanwhile, additional time is suitable to an end. Nothing dangerous, we do not see.
Additional time
4 minutes to the main time. Why so many? and?
Victor Ibarbo with the ball in the penalty of "Milan", but for a long time thinking what to do, eventually it pushed to the sideline of the field. Moment missed.
Footballers "Cagliari" caught the ball on the right flank, and to feed into the box, it never came. That's it. I wonder if the referee will add more time.
And the "offside" player got "Cagliari". I did not see exactly who it was.
Nearing the end of our fight. Nothing dangerous is happening now. "Milan" is ready to celebrate. But the "Cagliari" is waiting for the final whistle.
No, no. It will not work today in the field of Lopez. On the field there is a veteran of "Milan" - is Inzaghi. A lawn left Ibrahimovic.
And here is another question. Will today beginner "Milan". This is Maxi Lopez. He now sits on the bench to spare. Look, look. Perhaps, in and out.
Given to the initiative of the players, "Milan". In a quiet pace they are protected. Nowhere in a hurry. Yes, and your opponent has the ball long delayed. It seems to me no more, we will not see their heads. But I would like to be wrong.
"Milan" absolutely nowhere in a hurry. Right now I have a question for mature. Interestingly, the owners would be allowed to score an own goal? Or will it dry series Abbyati. I would like to see more balls pocketed. What do you think?
That's it. It is already possible to end our meeting. I do not think that would be a miracle at the "San Siro", but nevertheless still play a little more than fifteen minutes. And once again took possession of the ball owners. Showered with guests showered.
T-OO-OO-OO-OO-O-L-L-L-L-L-L! 3-0! Ambrosini! Walked and scored. Good for you.
Cool combination played football, "Milan". Emanuelson played in touch, giving a pass to Massimo, who ferried the ball into the net.
Very little time is left for guests. Anything they do not get ahead. And the players, "Milan" do not laugh in the attack. Where they rush through in their favor. They win. Why strain.
Yellow card
And now and Nesta in the game. Now he received a "yellow card" for unsportsmanlike conduct. He threw the ball after the whistle. Correctly judged the situation arbitrator.
No points are on the football field. Foul play is at the center of the field. Right now the El-Kabir played roughly against Van Bommel. A free-kick puts today's match referee. And strict, but a verbal warning for a football player, "Cagliari".
Three replacement coach fired "Cagliari". But Allegri has decided to leave another change later. That's right, I believe that one must be replaced. God forbid a football injury.
Massimo Ambrosini Seedorf changes in the composition of "Milan".
Here is a third change in the composition of the guests. Daniele Conti appeared on the football field. A lawn "San Siro" left Naynggolan Raja
Great atmosphere in the stadium "San Siro". I can not see. The fans are very active now. They are driving their pets to attack, but the "Milan" there is not in a hurry. There is still time to score a third goal.
60 m minutes behind. What can I say, the game in the second half is almost equal. The game takes place in midfield. First, one team has possession of the ball, then another.
That change in the "Milan". El Sharaavi appeared on the lawn of the "San Siro", and the field left the Brazilian striker Robinho.
Pinilla was injured in the fight to the defender. With grief in half rose to his feet he. He limping, but the game continues. The fighter that I have to say.
And once again attack the home team. Robinho made to Emanuelson pass to goalkeeper's area, but Agazzi jump took the shell in his gloves. Want to score the third goal the players, "Milan", but not yet very successful. The goalkeeper is the wall. Good for you.
And here's another change in the "Cagliari". Cossu left the football field. Instead, Mustafa.
Here is the answer from the visitors. Ekdal easily passed on the right flank. Finished in the penalty chamber owners of this beautiful stadium, but the defender easily knocked out shell of the danger zone.
But now looks very dangerous. Robinho has moved to center field and struck a tight shot on goal Agazzi, but the goalkeeper saved a great leap from his team the third goal. I wonder where this time were the defenders.
And here is the first replacement in the "Cagliari". Pinilla left the football field. Instead, Thiago.
Right now doctors and appeared on the football field. Mexes was on his feet in center field. A brief pause in our game.
Robinho again shifted to the center of the gate and gave a pass to the incoming partner, but it came out very strongly. The result - the ball was behind the front line. Goalkeeper guests will enter the game.
That this attack bore fruit. Guests have earned a corner kick. Followed by a canopy in the goalkeeper's area, but Christian Abbyati played without any problems at the exit and took the shell in his gloves. Now we will attack in the performance of the hosts.
Five minutes behind. Seized the initiative now, the players, "Cagliari". I wonder for how long? Now they carry the ball from one flank to another. Perhaps this is the beginning of a positional attack.
Right now Robinho showed his Brazilian technique. Shifted to the center of it without any problems, I deal a severe blow to the gate, but the defender managed to substitute his leg and stop the danger.
And here is the first attack on the "Cagliari". Ekdal wanted to make a soft canopy into the penalty area on a partner, but before it became the Mesbah, which blocked the chamber. Now a counterattack owners. Look, look.
Substitutions at half-time was not. Strange, so I made a mistake. I thought that in the "Cagliari" will be replaced. Indeed, nothing in front of them does not work. So coach hopes his music.
Second half has began
The second half began. Now we deal with substitutions.
Second Half
First Half
Half time
That's it. Coffee Break. 15 minutes Yield is a mentor, "Cagliari" to change the course of the meeting.
Additional time
One minute, the referee adds to the first half.
At the beginning of the match seemed to be a difficult game for players of FC "Milan". But no problem, they did not see before you. And scored two beautiful goals. Well done, what else can I say.
Guests today's match is waiting for a 15-minute break. Absolutely nothing they fail in the attack. Urgently need to change something mentor "Cagliari". Perhaps a break would be a serious conversation and replacement.
Here's another situation "out of the game." Got it now Brazilian, who has absolutely nothing happens in the attack. Robinho received a pass from Zlatan, but linear arbitrator commits an offside position.
Nearing the end of the first half. It is already possible to make small findings. "Milan" in full control of the game. I do not think that "Cagliari" can work wonders. With this game they have no chance. They even center field can not move. Cool now play hosts.
Once again, the attack on the "Milan". Had a soft cast on for Robinho Zlatan, Zlatan Ibrahimovic broke the rules but against the defender. This is the first foul on striker from FC "Milan".
Continues, "Milan" attack. Nothing happens in "Cagliari". They are forced to defend. Now Ibrahimovic would like to enter a speed penalty, but was stopped by a defender. Zlatan wants to take issue.
Djamel Mesbah left connected to the attack, shot in the penalty area, turned back the ball to the corner. This is the second corner. Played football this standard of "Milan". Then followed a shed in the penalty area, but under pressure from defender knocked the ball out on.
T-OO-OO-OO-OO-OO-O-L-L-L-L-L-L! Ibrahimovic! Goal from 30 meters!
The attack on the "Milan". Zlatan Ibrahimovic has moved to center field, gave a pass to a partner, but the defender stopped the transfer. And to goal is not far.
Once again, players hit from "Milan". Van Bommel is now struck with the feet 25, but turned back above the gate. Just do not get in the attack at the home team. Ready to win in the class? I do not think that today to get it.
And here's another hit from players of "Milan". Ibrahimovic played in a "wall" with a partner, then went out on strike in a position and force struck the possessions Agazzi, but got a little above the gate.
But now the counterattack guests. Not bad it started. There was a passage through the center of the field, then transfer the ball to the right flank, but Ibarbo who took the ball perfectly in the position "out of the game." Already 1.1 on an offside position.
Christian Brig. - The chief arbiter of today's match. At the beginning of the fight no claims to it. Let's see, today will be an error from the referee or not. We will see.
Indeed, "Cagliari" is the first number. The hosts are only on the counterattack, but it to dangerous blow or lumbago not get it. Teams get used to the atmosphere at the stadium? I can not understand. Strange, very strange.
That's the first corner kick earned the home team. Robinho played it with a partner, then followed by a canopy in the penalty area, but well played goalkeeper at the output, which today is not going to miss goals of "Milan". This can be seen on his face. He's very confident.
But now the ball was Ibrahimovic, he wanted to knock on the gates, but in the way of the projectile was a defender. The first choice of players for "Milan". Now the ball rolled to half of the field owners. We look forward.
The game is being held in center field. First ball players hold "Milan" and then "Cagliari". As the saying goes - "swing" in our fight. Almost 20 minutes played and diamonds football players, but nothing dangerous created.
Not at all dangerous moments, beautiful passages. A boring game with us at the beginning of the match. The team will not rush. All attention is paid to protect. Even Robinho and Ibrahimovic in attack opponent's back to the half. Well done, what else can I say.
Now, "Milan" is already won for "Cagliari" on a yellow card and an offside position. It remains only to score a quick goal to guests. By the way, today defends his possessions, Michael Agazzi.
And here is the first position "out of the game." In a counter ran the owners of this beautiful stadium. There was a hidden pass to Ibrahimovic, Zlatan but was offside.
Absolutely no moments on the football field. Then I'll tell you some statistics from the previous games these teams. "Milan" to "San Siro" won "Lazio" with a score of 3-1. Then able to distinguish himself Robinho, Seedorf, Ibrahimovic. But the "Cagliari" tied with "Fiorentina".
Yellow card
And here is the first yellow card in our game. Van Bommel has stopped a dangerous attack "Cagliari". The arbitrator now very strict. By the way, Mark did not even argue with the referee. Good for you, extra words in football.
But now was a passage from Robinho. He moved to center field, gave a pass to Emanuelson, who could not properly take the ball and continue to attack their team. But could it happen is very dangerous. Look further, now counterattack guests.
Seedorf plays today at the attackers. Now he entered the horse fight in midfield, but lost it. Now the ball players took possession of "Cagliari". At its half of the field they control it. Opponent has no objection.
And here's another attack on the guest today's match. Chamber was from the right flank of Ibarbo, but well played goalkeeper at the output of "Milan", which is recovered from his injury. We wish him luck.
And here is the first strike on goal. And struck his players, "Cagliari". Ibarbo meters with 25 heavily struck at goal but the ball flew in the direction of the angular flank. The first hit for the guests. For statistics and the shooting will go.
Once again, the attack on the "Milan". Robinho was on the left flank. Beat one defender and made a soft canopy of a penalty for Emanuelson, but the defenders were able to cope in this danger. Now we will counterattack the guests. We look ...
Now his attack like the players to "Milan". Was to break through the center of the field from Robinho, but back in the pure subcategory knocked the ball out from under his feet.
Now with the ball players, "Milan" in their half of the field. In attack they are not in a hurry. That's right, only the first few minutes of the match. Strain at the beginning is not worth it. Command center of the field do not cross.
In the first round of the "Milan" won with a minimum score of "Cagliari". I wonder what will happen today in this ballpark. Clear favorite of the meeting ... It hosts. I am telling you this with great confidence.
First time has began
The match started. Good luck to the teams. Let the best man win.
First Half
Commands appear on the football field. All ready to start the match. Very soon he will start.
The teams are already in the section "About the game."
Dear football fans! LiveResult.Ru site in partnership with resource-Euro Futbol.Ru offer to your attention a direct translation of a text match "Milan" - "Cagliari". In the "commentary booth" Tsapkin Ivan.

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