Full Time
Second Half
That's it. Ended the match. "Celtic" won "Falkirk" with a score of 1-3.

Since you were Tsapkin Ivan. Until we meet again. Take care of yourself.
Substitution in the "Falkirk". Higginbothan left the field. Instead, Sibbalt.
Additional time
Two minutes of added time the referee to the main game.
Here is the answer from a teacher "Celtic." Author double left field. Instead, Chris Commons.
And here's yet another change in the "Falkirk". Vearetston left the field. Instead, White said.
T-OO-OO-OO-OO-OO-L-L-L-L! Clog visitors third goal. All. All questions about the winner of the shot. Stocks cool "wall" played with a partner. That led him to the shock position, and Anthony designed the double in this meeting.
A free-kick earned the players 'Celtic' in the 25 meters from the goal net. First Goalscorer Brown Scott decided to break on the frame, but the projectile did not want to fly to their intended target. The goalkeeper will perform a free kick.
Now positional attack players went "Celtic." For a long time they played the ball into center field. Then he was cast into the box to Anthony, but the ball from the defender's head off on a corner kick. Who did not bring anything dangerous players in green and white form.
But now the goalkeeper, "Celtic" played very well. Coach guests even got to his feet. Until that time, he sat and suffered for his team. It was a very dangerous kick from 20 meters to the right "nine", but the goalkeeper saved in a wonderful leap from their partners 2-2. MOLODCHINKA!
Right now these attacks have borne fruit. Earned the hosts a corner on the right flank. Followed by a canopy in the area of ​​the goalkeeper, but none of the partners could not break through on goal. With the ball players "Celtic." Even in the counter is not running. They are trying to keep score.
That's it. We ended the center of the field. By all means go ahead players' Falkirk. " They do not want to lose. But nothing they can not get to the penalty guests. Advocates competently play defense. Perhaps this is the final assault in the performance of the home team. "Celtic" are absolutely not the ball.
Equal playing field for us. Absolutely equal. None of the teams did not want to cede center field. First, the ball has a team, then another. Goalkeepers with a rate can fall asleep. Need a little break on goal. And then in truth zadremlyut. I'm kidding.
Now looked at the site statistics forecasts LiveResult. A total of 20 users and diamonds for "Falkirk". Do not they believe in a miracle which can make the owners. Although it will be very difficult. Slightly more than 15 minutes and diamonds is to play players.
And here's another change in the "Celtic." Korean midfielder left the field, namely, Cha Du Ri. Instead, Adam Matthews. Came back from Wales. Mentor makes bets on defense in the end of the match.
But now it was very dangerous at the gate "Celtic." Earned a corner kick the home team. Followed by a canopy on the line goalie, where he was head-butting, but the goalkeeper well chosen position and took the ball in his glove. Bravo, shouting goalkeeper.
And here is the change in the composition of the home team. Fulton left the field. Instead, it appeared Alston.
Yellow card
And here's another "yellow card" for the hosts. We must not make cards, and goals to score. Maybe they think that a 3-0 win? Millar broke the rules in the middle of the field. Grossly violated. He waved from the opponent.
T-OO-OO-OO-OO-O-L-L-L-L-L-L! Slaughtered guests and comes forward.
Now caught a glimpse of bookmaker Cantor. Odds for winning "Celtic" give 1.6. Here's how it was. I wonder who else will be put on this team or not.
Fifteen minutes of the game in the second half behind. Will change? It is interesting that teachers come up with? After all, play is not so much time and expense of an equal.
"Fa-and-a-l-l-k-k-i-p-k" now heard from the stands, just in a different language. Fans are driving the team forward. They want to see their favorites in the finals. Really want to. But while the owners forced to either defend.
Absolutely no moments on the football field. Then you'll keep statistics of previous games these teams. "Falkirk", in his last match played in a draw away from the "Flight Rovers." But the "Celtic" with no problems beat "St Mirren," with a score of 0-2. The game was also on the road. In the match was able to distinguish himself, Scott Brown on 88th minute and James Forrest on 71st. That is, all the goals were scored in the second half. Let's see, as long as "Celtic" in no hurry to attack.
Now owned by the ball players "Celtic", but without much progress. They do not realize they continue the attack. Advocates have covered all the players in white and green uniforms.
And on the field until the silence. Then see what's with the statistics of the games between these teams. Previous match was held in this stadium. Then "Celtic" scored two goals without response in the gate "Falkirk '. The last match between these teams was March 7, 2010.
No, no. Only now we have shown that the break has been replaced. Namely, it was part of "Celtic". I decided to refresh the midfield coach of this team. Instead Izagirre Emilio, appeared on the Korean midfielder Ki Sung Yoon
Let me remind you that this League Cup, which is decided, who will come to the final of the Cup, and possibly win it. Who needs this trophy more? A? "Falkirk", or "Celtic". I think the owners need it anymore.
Apparently, during a break in his mentor did not dare to do the replacement. So you can forget about them until the 60th minute. They hoped for their performers, who play with the starting minutes.
Second half has began
The second half began. I wonder what will change after 45 minutes of Th. I think the owners would benefit.
Second Half
First Half
Half time
That's it. Whistle sends players on a 15-minute break. Waiting for the second half.
Additional time
One minute, the referee adds to production time.
Nearing the end of the first half. There were moments, not to say that there were many, but they were. Two of them turned into goals. Account equal. The game is also absolutely equal. No one is inferior to today. Only here for yellow cards win the masters. But the main account.
That's it. Were able to equalize the owners. Well done. Slightly less than five minutes left to play teams in the first half. The score 1-1. Fulton and Scott Brown managed to distinguish himself in this part of the match.
GO-OO-OO-OO-OO-OO-L-L-L-L-L! All the same, I was wrong. 1.1!
Compare the expense of the owners. Well done, what else can you say. Bravo! Fulton fine shot from the penalty.
We'll see dangerous moments or pocketed balls into the goal? A? What it seems to me that we go to break with the score. Although, I would like to be wrong.
For two yellow cards in a portfolio of football club "Falkirk". And this is only the first half, which is not over. Roughly play football, it is very rude.
Once again, the ball falls into the center of the field. Apparently, most of the match he will stay there. Now with his football players "Celtic." Prepare them their positional attack. I wonder what it will end.
And once again dangerously at the gate "Falkirk". Now Scott Brown could make out a double, but the hosts keeper is reluctant to pull the ball out of the gate a second time. There was a strong kick from the penalty, but in the way of the projectile was Dodds. Bravo, shouting rostrum. And we slap this goalkeeper.
For nearly thirty minutes behind. The game is completely equal. Nobody wants to give the statistical indicators, but the "Falkirk" already conceded the bill. Generally, in Gol and blame the defenders. After all, they gave out one on one with the goalkeeper.
That's it. Led the guests are already on the 25th minute. It's very interesting answer than the home team. Maybe too bare? Or do not answer anything? Let's see what this team.
T-OO-OO-OO-OO-L-L-L-L-L! Scott Brown!
Scott easily implemented penalty. He threw the ball and the goalkeeper to different corners. Bravo! And it's 0-1!
And here is the "yellow card" was the goalkeeper of the football club "Falkirk". Not according to the rules he has played at this point. This penalty, dear friends.
Played football this standard of football club "Celtic." Then he was cast the lone forward Hooper, who was waiting for a transfer, but he was unable to stop the ball and continue the attack.
Yellow card
And here is the first yellow card of the game. Murdoch received it for a rough tackle, which he performed at the center of the field. The victim writhes in pain. Apparently, the well hit him forward. Urgently need help of doctors.
Nothing comes in front of the guests. Just go on the attack, as once they had the ball and take away the home team this beautiful stadium. Hooper - the most active in the "Celtic." He manages to return and to protect and accelerate the attack. Well done, good striker.
The match takes place at the stadium, "Hampden Park". This is also in Scotland, namely the city of Glasgow. The stadium has a good capacity. This may come 52 063 fans and support their team.
By the way, today's match referee services from Scotland. Ewan Norris - he. Completely unfamiliar with the referee. Let's see, he may very well judge the match. What do you think? And on the complete calm.
That all came to points. Now the ball in midfield already owned by the owners, who in no hurry to attack. They try to play the first number, which is pretty good they do. Well done, what else can I say.
Now get a good response from visitors. There was a prolonged attack by the right flank, but eventually feed into the box was from the left flank, but none of the partners could not break through on goal. Advocates have coped with a canopy, which carried the captain "Celtic." Today he plays in all positions.
But already in this dangerous moment at the gate "Celtic." Pruning was in center field. And the striker ran two in two. 9th room received a pass, gave the ball a little left and struck a powerful shot on goal, but a little inaccurate. Fans of the game.
I quite forgot to tell in what form are the team. In white and green is "Celtic", but in purely black play the home team. Gates "Falkirk" is right on the TV picture.
All. We calmed down a game. Now the ball in midfield players hold the football club "Celtic". Opponent is not pressure, so do not mind. By the way, a couple of seconds ago, Brown was on the lawn. The arbitrator placed free kick in the gates "Falkirk"
And once again attack the owners of the field. 10-th number would break through the center, but was stopped by the captain, who plays an 8-m number and his name was Brown. At first I thought that the player is "Celtic" against the rules to stop the attacker.
The rights of the owners immediately rushed to the attack "Falkirk". 7th room wanted to break through on the flank, but the defender stopped him. Nothing, earned offensive player out. Let's see what happens. I believe that the "Celtic" favorite of this match. We will see.
First time has began
The first half began. Good luck to the teams. Let the best man win.
First Half
I present to you the composition of the "Falkirk". Unfortunately, the English language.
Dods (goalkeeper), Weatherston (defender), El Alagui (defender), Fulton (defender), Duffie (defender), Higginbotham (midfielder), McGovern (midfielder), Millar (midfielder), Wallace (forward), Murdoch (forward) Scobbie (attacker).
Dear football fans! LiveResult.Ru site in partnership with the Euro-Futbol.Ru resource offers you a direct translation of a text match "Falkirk" - "Celtic." In the "commentary booth" Tsapkin Ivan.

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