Stadium: Stade Pierre-Mauroy
Second Half
The final whistle!
That's it! "Lille" without any problems dealt with "Saint Etienne"! The pursuit of "PSG" continues!

Since you were Vladimir Gubarev! I wish you happiness, health, prior to the meeting!
Fits our fight to its logical conclusion. "Lille" in the next round of play on the road with "Sochaux," and "Saint Etienne" home clash with "Lorient". Interest will be meetings.
The main problem of today's guests - instability. For example, in the last six matches, "Saint-Etienne," four wins, a draw and lost. The result is something good, but if there was no loss would be the third position. Here we must understand.
Ding instead of Azar.
2 goals - double
GO-OO-OO-OO-OO-O-AL! NOLA RU! RESERVE a minute! Dimitri Payet again participated in the clogged ball. Finished it a luxury transfer from the right wing free kick on the line, where there was nobody. Nolan Roux popped up on a date with Ryuffe and easily beat that. 3-0!
GO-OO-OO-OO-OO-O-AL! NOLA RU! That's it! Excellent transfer of the course itself was Dimitri Payet, but, as on his shoulders he had a defender to score from Dimitri from the penalty and did not work, but for finishing faster than anyone had Roux. 2-0!
Repeats the same pattern that was in the match, "PSG" from "Brest". Inferior team does not even want to go forward to try to equalize.
"Lilly", by the way, did not win once in the last three matches. Twice the team played a draw, but in the last match, "Marcel" beat this team by a score - 2:0. With a bad mood came to the team this fight.
Diomande Nikolitse instead.
Paye instead of Cole.
Yellow card
For breaking the rules on the right flank received a yellow card Albin Ebondo.
Instead Pedretti appeared Gueye.
Played soccer corner, "Lille," there is nothing interesting on the football field does not occur. But time moves to the two nights. Do not worry, we adhere to. Right?
Again, the focus was Florent Balmont, and again he hung on the far post - got the ball return, and then struck - hit the opponent. Corner!
On the right flank hung in someone else's penalty area Florent Balmont - the ball went just the gloves Stephen Ryuffe.
Illustrative statistics: strikes on goal (hitting the target), 15 (5) to 3 (2). You know, so that visitors with a chance to play there?
Referee our meeting - Pascal Villeneuve sur Vile of Law. This year, Pascal worked for nine games the French championship, which showed thirty-three yellow cards once removed football and once put a penalty.
Standard earned the players in red. Eden Azar shot from twenty-eight feet from the right foot but the ball hit the player, "Saint-Etienne."
Eden Azar performed overhang from the left edge alien penalty area to the far corner of the goalie, from Pedretti punched in falling through itself, but missed.
Twenty minutes before the end of the match, which, like the previous one, where I worked, not pleased with the abundance of scoring chances and goals.
"Saint Etienne" - seventh championship team. The team behind, say, "Lille" of something on the three points. That is, in case of defeat hosts visitors catch up with them point by point.
And another offside at Azar. However, there is also crossed the forbidden line Pedretti.
And another change occurred in the "Saint-Etienne." Yorick came Rave, who replaced Linelya Kitambala.
Batlle Guylavoguy instead.
Joe Cole! Quickly now the players have played the standard "Lille", received a ball from Joe Cole, right corner of a foreign goalie refused to English winger 'Lille' one in front of the gate, but broke is inaccurate.
Azar was offside after Benoit Pedretti transmission.
Banel Nikolitse took the ball on his chest in the center of the field, but too weak was his starting speed. Florent Balmont took his shell.
Debyushi accelerated on the right flank, tried to shoot in the penalty area, hit the opponent. Out for the home team.
A lot of us will now show the time of the previous directors of broadcasting. It was the smartest chance in this match in order to excel.
It's crazy! Eden Azar shot from thirty yards - Ruffo saved his team by finishing was Aurelien Chedjou, who shot the empty gates already, but here played by Stephen just fine. Chedjou went to the keeper opponents and slapped on the shoulder, smiling. Fine.
Pedretti earned a corner on the right flank, followed by a canopy at the far post, where the best of all was Stephen Ryuffe. The attack "Lille"!
It would seem that now the guests will go to win back, but just as well, but on the contrary. "Lille" wants to double the advantage, once again distinguished themselves.
Cool, you know! This is Nolan Roux pulled out on a date, and Kurt Zuma first recorded ball, falling between his legs, then rolled over, turned around and went by the strange goal. Oh, great.
Now, I think it should go to the game more interesting. Right now, let's say, Kurt Zuma in an incredible subcategory counterattack broke two in one host. Fans even from the "Lille" stood up and applauded.
GO-OO-OO-OO-OO-O-AL! EDEN AZAROV! Easily implemented this penalty Eden Azar, breaking with his right foot in the lower left corner, while Stephen Ryuffe went in the opposite direction. 1:)!
Penalty at the Gates "Saint-Etienne!" Azar was on the lawn after contact with Sylvain Marshal.
WARNING! Benoit Pedretti received the ball on the penalty after the passage of Eden Azar on the right flank, and then broke through on goal in the meter from the right pole. Stephen Ryuffe not even twitch.
Substitutions at half-time was not, so one can hardly expect a strong change in the quality of the game. I hope I'm still at the head coach.
Second half has began
The second half started!
Second Half
First Half
Half time
Horrible first half is over. Fifteen minutes of fresh air. 0-0. Break!
Gradually ended the first half, which is hardly possible to bring an asset to the "Lilly" and "Saint Etienne" did everything by the instructions of the coach.
Mathieu won Debyushi Fawzi Ghulam as a schoolboy, after which the defender Mathieu caught up and managed to make a shell for the front, so even leg of the player "Lille" projectile flew out of the field.
Mathieu Debyushi ran into someone else's penalty area, he decided to break with an uncomfortable position - the ball went in millimeters, not counting the extra five feet ...
Forty minutes of play. Nothing of interest. Already tends to sleep, her God. What a match it is? Where to drive, where the heat, where the struggle? I can not see anything.
To be honest, not really support the organizers of the League 1 (continuing the theme of the evening matches). We already 00:00 - this is the beginning of the match, and in France - 21:00. In this more fans need to get home. This is exactly midnight. Not the best mode.
On the left flank took the ball Bakary Sako, but played well against Mathieu Debyushi taking away the shell in some incredibly easy style. Gently, gently, as taught in school.
By the way, just recently realized that evening look football as something dull and dark, which prevents enjoy a real holiday. Now I do not like evening games. And you? All the same, or support me?
To be honest, want to have a break, such as watching football is not a single pleasure. No dangerous moments, not normal screams from the stands. I do not know how this might like.
Joe Cole and Florent Balmont porazvodili hands, and in fact made a mistake in this situation is not one of them, and the side that recorded in the ex-player, "Chelsea" offside.
On the left flank Zhoshua Guylavoguy hung to the near post, where with his fists and shouting "I" jumped Mikael Landreau and carried away the shell away from his goal.
And it's breaking the rules and fair yellow card. Yes, yes. Ran counter to the left flank Bakary Sako, but it is very poorly received by his side, David Rozegnal. Dangerous standard may now be at the gate "Lille."
2.5 and 2-1 on strokes and shots on target, respectively. I do not know where so many have counted my French colleagues, but because we do not conduct its own count, do not criticize others, right?
"Lille" is in third position, behind the "PSG" if you do not take into account the twenty-first round match at seven points. Now - ten, well, plus a game in hand, which is precisely in these moments. Completely clears the barrier, is not it?
Yellow card
Rozegnal for something yellow was.
From flank to flank the bottom rolls the ball players from Lille, but nothing to this team in red could not squeeze.
Pedretti, who now plays with the captain's armband, performed not peculiar to the captain's transfer to the flank. The ball flew over the sideline of the field.
More than half of the first half behind. "Lilly" has the advantage, but the team can not make normal time at the gate Ryuffe to excel. Not "PSG" is to "fool" score, as it is today, for example.
A very bad relationship with France. French TV channels forever broken off, but we're with you any time we can not miss it. This does not even hesitate. The main thing is that the account has not changed.
If you honestly do not know how to look like now left flank attack "Lille", if the team gave no Zhervino "Arsenal." It would be even better, probably.
From a far distance now struck Eden Azar - Stephen Ryuffe saved his team. Bred fans, they need goals from their pets.
"70% Time of Possession 30%" - so they say abroad, and we all just "Lille" has an incredible advantage that a team must translate into a goal. "
Possess the ball in their half of the field players from Lille. "Lille Metropole" is not filled with a hundred percent. People may even get to this scene.
One does not act very carefully in the defense of the players 'Lille', but they compensate for the attack, which is represented by Cole, Pedretti and Azar looks very strong.
Yellow card
Yellow card for rough foul against Mathieu Debyushi on the left flank was Jeremy Clement. Just "yellow card". So you can keep up to tear the opponent.
Cool, cool! Frank Azar and Beria on the left flank played a combination of heels, and then, however, went round to the defenders of the guests.
Superbly played at left-back Eden Azar, keeping the ball for his team, surrounded by three opponents, it is true then performed Roux inaccurate transmission.
We show all the time Eden Azar, who is probably absolutely nowhere in the winter transfer window will not go away. In the summer, I'm sure some of his grand and even buy it.
Ten minutes played football until the owners appear to be preferable, but some interesting attacks on other people's half of the field managed to make the guests.
In parallel, we fight are such interesting games such as "Real" - "Zaragoza" or "Udinese" - "Juventus" (in Turin). There is something to see.
I think so, "Lilly" today will be very difficult to achieve positive results. "Saint Etienne" - an interesting team, always fighting. Several commented on their games, liked the team.
WARNING! Florent Balmont missed the defenders of the "Saint Etienne" in his own penalty area, he found himself in front of a keeper, but Stephen Ryuffe played just fine.
Inaccurately on the left flank acted Roux Nolan, and so lost the ball. Counterattack "Saint Etienne" is not passed on the brow. In the center of the field was all over for the visitors.
Angle earned the players 'Lille', but none of them could not squeeze. They continue to attack indefinitely. Scoring will be as "PSG" quickly?
Eden Azar struck the gate with a twenty-four feet - the ball went far above the crossbar. Today, in all matches, which I commented on was the player who sent all of the above.
The home team now play in red, and the players Christophe Galt - a green-white. Mikael Landreau gate on the TV picture are on the right, and Stephen Ryuffe frame - on the left.
The match started! Let's go! We wish the teams to show a beautiful, interesting and effective game. With the center of the field began to players 'Lille'!
First Half
For the fourth time today I'm telling you - hello! We finish our raid on the European championship matches. Of France is not going away. "Lille" - "Saint Etienne" - the perfect end of the day. In the "commentary booth" Vladimir Gubarev!

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