Stadium: Estadio Santiago Bernabeu
With the victory of fans of "Real"! With you I watched football, Karen Adamyan. Until next time, and before the new victories! All the best!
Second Half
Formal two added minutes behind - the match is completed, the "Real" is gaining confidence and winning 52 points.
Additional time
+ 2 minutes.
Less than a minute before the end of the match, "Real" frankly see out the meeting, calmly playing combinations in the center, then on another side of the field. And while in an offside position after Higuain got tossed Granero.
Now we have shown that the directors broadcast episode of the fall in the penalty area Obradovic, "Real" - no question about the penalty and could not be, Hamit Altintop played clean.
The local audience happy and already under their applause players "Real" end game in which there were only some five minutes of normal time. Nothing at all, in fact.
After a corner from the right flank was held in the fall of the penalty area Casillas, but the referee immediately signaled a penalty to put that in this episode he is going. We must rise.
Esteban Granero struck from afar - by shock, by the way, the advantage of the "Real" is as follows: 14-7. Twice they beat Jose Mourinho's wards, according to statistics.
Marcelo is already gone with his defender to the center to less run and fight for the ball - a player injury "Real" and changes in Mourinho's gone. Marcelo fighter, a fighter to the end will be forced to play.
So, ten minutes before the end of the match, in which the "Real", received an unexpected shot at the beginning of the match, surely even the account and went forward, and now holds the advantage in a sturdy two-goal lead.
Dujmovic with right-back was trying to hit the ball as far as possible, but Gonzalo Higuain to stop him in time, substituting the leg - is a goal kick, the ball bounced in front.
Madrid for a long time were busy with the ball in midfield, eventually someone decided to make cross-transmission - intercepted the ball guests, tried to get to the counter, but Pepe's on the spot!
Obradovic Ronaldo piled on the lawn in his own penalty area but the referee did not prescribe a penalty. Enjoying replay: Well, just no penalty. Referee rights, although Ronaldo not agree with him. An interesting point: the referee gave Cristiano hand, that he stood up.
And finally, a late replacement guests: Luis Garcia played his stead came Abraham Miner.
Replacing Mourinho: Karim Benzema leaves the field, giving way to lawn Gonzalo Higuain.
Elder Poshtiga jumped in shock and with 10 meters struck in the left corner, but still close to the center - Iker Casillas, who work today was not enough, to cope.
Angel grabbed Laffitte ball in midfield, ran to the penalty opponent and himself struck - the right to the right target. Well, a tall struck by the only goal, "Zaragoza."
Jose Kalehon appears in the "Madrid" and the rest goes to the bench Kaka. A good match held Brazilian. And the goal was scored, and gave a pass.
Replacing a "Zaragoza": Pablo Barrera Carlos Aranda instead. Midfielder instead of attacking.
Pay attention to his translation of directors that somehow controversial Xabi Alonso said at the hand outstretched to him, Jose Mourinho. Somehow, without a great hunt, he replied. Well, okay.
Yellow card
Cristiano Ronaldo played poorly in the subcategory on the left flank attack against Obradovic guests - he himself was a Portuguese minor damage. And after another, and yellow for a crude tackle. All of them in order.
The first substitution of "Real": Xabi Alonso leaving the field, instead it goes Lassana Diarra. Spanish game for me personally very much. It is possible that just gives Mourinho a rest Shabi.
Well, an hour behind the game in the last minutes of the match particularly interesting to watch, but also because the players did not give the audience bored. All of the attack, all and all. Half an hour to finish.
Wow! Laffitte was well ahead on the left flank, shot through the gate at Casillas Aranda, but Carvalho played great at catching, but he could into his own net and score - higher than the gate, luckily for him, the ball flew.
"Real" in the second half is much more concrete in front of goal, this was not enough in the first half, Jose Mourinho wards. Now the Portuguese coach has more or less calm.
GO-O-O-O-AL! Mesut OZIL! Much! In the melee! 3-1!
Kaka received a pass in front of someone else's free kick from Granero, immediately otpasoval in touch at the left edge of the penalty on Ozila opened, and already Mesut punched exactly to the near left - very much like a grid with 7 feet!
The first substitution of the match: Elder Michael Reuben Poshtiga changes in the "Zaragoza".
Well, well, listen: Spanish experts believe that at the moment Cristiano lumbago is in line with the ball, ie, referee rights, according to the Spaniards, that did not record an offside position. Ok.
Cristiano, of course, well done, he managed to get through the empty goal from two meters, but I did want to mention Ozila. That's fine, he shot to the right, plus it was he who caught the ball in their half of the field, starting this very attack an assist his team.
GO-O-O-O-AL! 2-1! Ronaldo!
Benzema threw the ball head Granero, he found on the diagonal at right Ozila and Mesut already raked in goalkeeper, he brought the ball from Ronaldo in the empty net!
At the same minute Kaka had fallen on the lawn in a strange penalty area - had contact with an opponent, but nothing serious, it's not a penalty, despite the outrage of fans at the "Santiago".
Do you step forward - and score! After a pass from the left flank to the far post Ronaldo did not run to the counter and left only to watch as the ball flies past everyone, and yet be able to write his team go!
Second half has began
Let's go for a second time!
Second Half
First Half
Half time
That's it, finished the first half - a break!
Additional time
+ 1 minute.
But just before Pepe missed the ball over the front line of the field, but that's the side that was almost close to him, has shown that it is necessary to play, so that the final arbiter could only agree with him.
Angel Laffitte with something suddenly decided to drop the left edge of the penalty of "Real" being in the company Pepe. Of course, the arbitrator ignores this fall, although one would have to show yellow - Simulation something obvious.
Spare the "Real" active warm up, and while not a bad attack can be guests, but after a pass from the left flank Aranda's head from 10 yards struck too weak. Yes, and never inaccurate.
Well, well, the numbers! In "Blancos" significant advantage for the ball: 71% - 29%. Meanwhile, it remains to play in the first half is a little less than five minutes without the added time an arbitrator.
Oh, if not now, Maurizio Lantsaro, jumped to Karim Benzema one on one with Roberto Jimenez, but the defender - a handsome man, played until the last moments of this episode.
"Real" is quite logical continues to press, the game is the team manager Jose Mourinho, a rival of sour - all contributes to an attacking game. Generally, 2-1 before the break - it would be ideal for the hosts.
Xx! Peligrosisima, as they say in Spain! Cristiano is the most dangerous kick from the penalty - the right to execute a very strong shot Ronaldo took the ball close to the right nine.
This all went on and, in principle, but the "Zaragoza" well done, kept the guests well. The right to earn a dangerous free kick Madrid, 22 meters around the gate.
GO-OO-AL! 1:1! This COCOA!
The fourth goal of the Brazilian season. So, Kaka jumped into the classroom thanks to a shock opening and after a pass from the bottom left one on one with the goalkeeper, "Zaragoza" on the left edge alien penalty: a good ball of the foot inside of his right leg in the lower right - on target!
Half an hour behind, 7-2 in shock to this minute. "Zaragoza" carried out another attack, which became a rarity in recent times. Completed all the foul Lafite against Altintop.
Kaka is active today! Marcelo on the left connected to the great attack, so-so shot - the ball bounced off the leg protector "Zaragoza" very well, just to Kaka, who struck from 15 yards off target.
Cristiano Ronaldo after a pass from the left flank rested on the opponent and the ball jumped out: header - and much higher bar. The goalkeeper is in no hurry to enter the ball in play.
Mesut Ozil from the right flank for a long time thought it would do in the end gave the ball to Altintop, whose canopy blocked Dujmovic - sent out to the ball again, "Real" will attack.
How not? Momentische! Moreover, the goal and could get extraordinary! After a pass from Ronaldo free-kick into the center of someone else's Kaka penalty area struck the ball back of the head - in the left top corner that went, but whizzed next to the reception!
Long time no players in attack, "Zaragoza." Now decided, finally, the guests and the stranger side of the field popinat ball in the end, Carlos Aranda got into an offside position. The first of the match, by the way.
Xabi left completed a good tent, but the guests were repulsed. In the end, Karim Benzema on the right edge of the penalty area the ball picked up by someone else, moved to the front and hung on the far - again, the defense in place.
No penalties, no! The goalkeeper played very good output, neutralizing the threat from the gate after the outburst, Marcelo - is just a corner on the left!
Shed from a corner from the right flank was very nice, even, the ball was flying at a great height for the attackers, but the air still won guests.
Mesut Ozil worked on the right flank, fiddled with the ball, tried to deliver the ball into the penalty area, but failed, but got right on a corner kick.
Esteban Granero decided on a long-range strike, struck the left half-back, swinging the defender, who was standing in front of him - to the left and slightly above the alignment swept shell.
A kind of healthy nerve to be felt in the actions of the guests come, they feel that they can compete with the "Real", especially with a goal to his credit. For the last command table is a good reason to lift the spirit.
Well, okay, let's not make any conclusions, think of it, "Madrid" missed the first - even ahead the whole game, "Real" yet to score today. Possible, and not one or two even.
God are you mine, but what's the ratio was at goal guests? Now someone has made a fortune, I think! GO-OO-AL! 0-1! Laffitte!
Karim Benzema opened again to the transfer of Cristiano from the left flank of the opponent goalie, but this time to get the ball failed to forward - a goalkeeper at the output of the procedure, he picks up a shell.
In attack, "Zaragoza"! After lumbago from the right flank to the goalie missed the ball with Real Madrid player in a game that even Vinnie Jones recalls its glorious days of football. Well, it missed by Pepe the ball, but the opponent still not got it.
Kareem! But why is not that it? Ideal Ronaldo hung from the left flank to the far post where Benzema was obliged to shoot the goalie, "Zaragoza", but, breaking the head vprotivohod not hit the gate - the left wing.
The coefficients in the bookmakers seem intimidating to "Zaragoza." An away win is considered quite cosmic factors, but on the "Real" bets are accepted with CF 1.07.
The pole. Today in Madrid first team to play in La Liga and the last one. Here's an observation, no, no, no genius at all, just. It says only that "Real" is, in principle, must now break the "Zaragoza".
Well, until I put the icon "dangerous moment" - There will be more dangerous, I hope. Cristiano Ronaldo on the left flank free-kick from 24 yards struck the right to the bottom right - next to the pole.
The first shot on goal took place already in the 10th second - separated player guests. But in general, from the very beginning of translation you want to write about cool cameras on "Santiago Bernabeu" - very convenient for the TV picture, on which, by the way, the gate of "Real" on the left.
First time has began
The match started!
First Half
Good evening or good night, dear lovers of Spanish football! I welcome you to the direct translation of a text match in La Liga between Madrid "Real" and "Zaragoza"! I will comment on the game, Karen Adamyan. Enjoy!

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