Stadium: Loftus Road
Second Half
The final whistle!
That's it! "Chelsea" is not in the best match for a beat, "CRC" and went into the fifth round of the FA Cup!

Since you were Vladimir Gubarev! I wish you happiness, health, prior to the meeting!
Young at the last second shot from the penalty into the far bottom corner - Petr Cech saved his team! That's it.
Yellow card
Fernando Torres has once again failed to score. Meanwhile, Romeu received a yellow card. Roughly it went opornik "Chelsea".
Players already calmed down, "Queens Park Rangers." Who do the fans need to boo this team, so it's only his players and head coach.
And the next game, "Chelsea" - against "Manchester United". Cool, is not it? Maybe the players themselves a match is not for the sake of chasing a duel? I do not know, I do not know.
Essien instead of mats. The author only goal of the match left the field to the applause of the fans of "Chelsea."
Additional time
7 minutes. Hmm, I thought the maximum - five.
Juan Mata took the ball on the left, for some reason climbed up on the opponent, but still left a shell for his team. "Queens Park Rangers" on itself does not look like.
More recently, it was announced the signing of Alex "PSG". The transaction amount - five million euros, or four and six-tenths of one million pounds. The contract is for three and a half years.
By the way, "Chelsea" is not lost in the last seventeen games of the FA Cup (with the exception of a series of penalties), the last defeat was on the "Barnsley" in March, two thousand eight - 1:0.
David Louis broke the rules by Rob Hulse. It will be a free kick from the right flank. There is a moment in "Queens Park Rangers." He would have been realized.
On another side of the field owned by the ball players, "Chelsea", yet do not wish to go forward players, "Queens Park Rangers." Strangely, with such a game can not go far.
Previous to meet in the FA Cup fifth place teams of January two thousand and eight. Then in the third round victory Avram Grant's wards. Then the only goal in their same gate he sent goalkeeper Luigi De Canio - Camp.
"Chelsea" and "CRC" found in the fiftieth time in all competitions. The "blue" in four of the previous six meetings in the Cup played up the enemy. That's it.
Rob Hulse Buzhaki instead. Another striker appeared on the field. Mark Hughes has to go into "all-in '. Nothing can be done.
Romeu appeared in place of Ramirez.
Ramirez claimed. We wish him a speedy recovery! If this is a serious injury, the "Chelsea" without greatly weakened in the middle of the field. This is how ...
Is delayed, we pause in the game. Ramirez is about to be blown off the field. From the side it is not clear at all the damage. Oh, one more player in the infirmary, "Chelsea" will be.
Ramirez is all the time and kept the leg. All of them in order? I hope so. No need to injuries in this game, right? Romeu now appears.
Ramirez took over the shot Ferdinand. Torn up his leg badly, he lies on the lawn, getting medical help. Movement on the bench, "Chelsea" no.
Yellow card
Ashley Cole received a yellow card for a tough game against Shaun Wright-Phillips.
So where Lukaku? I really want to look at Romelu. A real fan of his case. And he must give a chance, right?
They remembered the fans that need to boo John Terry, but the English captain and the team, and "Chelsea" it did not bother. Or vice versa - amusing.
Mike Dean went to talk with the employee the stadium, as I understand it. I wonder what the referee said this fight? I do not know, I do not know.
On the right flank Shaun Wright-Phillips released the ball over the sideline of the field. Do I have to say that Ashley Cole was the initiator of this action?
Referee meeting - Mike Dean, who removed Fernando Torres in the first of three matches, "Chelsea," he judged. All three "blue" won. Not bad for a team referee Andre Villasha-Boasha.
Fifteen and a half thousand people attend this match. "Chelsea" is already in a hurry. Goal is - you can bring and to win.
As luck would have us do not show the replay of episode when it was earned by a penalty. But I think still we have yet to demonstrate.
Frank Lampard misses. His dad is dressed in civilian clothes, and the legend "Chelsea" - around the club. It is also an indication, is not it?
Strange, of course. Sturridge has never stood simulation, as well as any football player, "Chelsea". But this time, I think (we need to see another repeat), there was no violation.
GO-OO-OO-OO-OO-O-AL! JUAN MATA! Juan easily pierced with the left foot into the right corner, Paddy Kenny fell in another direction. 0-1!
Sturridge faked? It is strange. I do not know. In my opinion there was no violation of rules. Contact was, but the shock was not. Mat at the ball.
Penalty at the Gates "CRC"!
Terry hit on goal after a pass from the corner of the field - the ball went too high on the trajectory. Paddy Kenny took the "round" in their ruchische.
Ramirez just fine beat two opponents on the right flank, moved vtsentr, otpasoval for Sturridge, who earned a corner.
Shaun Wright-Phillips took the ball on the right flank, shot to the near post, but there was no Macedonia. Federico was just on the way to the destination of the transfer.
David Louis went ahead in naprygnul opponent - no violation. Continued attack "Chelsea", which ended in a failed transmission Meireles.
Fernando Torres struck in the legs Joey Barton, after which the players, the attention, smiling, shook hands. Still, excellent work carried out by representatives of clubs with their teams before the match.
I wonder why no warming up, say, Lukaku. If this game continues, you will have someone from the attack to be replaced. Essien could also strengthen and defense, and attack.
Torres and Sturridge! Fernando won twice at once two of the same players, and then rolled the ball under the blow Sturridge, while Daniel's shot from the penalty will be too strong and accurate.
More interesting and quickly started playing after a break of a visit, and the players 'Kuniz Park Rangers' defensive game is still practiced.
MATA! Juan took the ball in someone else's penalty area, broke through - Paddy Kenny took the shell in his gloves. However, there was an offside position.
Ashley Cole got his legs in midfield, the visitors played the standard and keep the ball in the center of the field. That's it.
Not bad! Sturridge took the ball in another penalty after the drawing standard, making it into the near corner, but got into a field player.
Fernando Torres took the ball on the left flank of the Juan Mata, performed dummy, seated a rival on the fifth point, and then Fitz played a hand. The standard.
A special topic of conversation is a duel younger Ferdinand and Terry. Today they will meet only at the drawing of the standard. It will be interesting to look at this action. Although it is rarely encountered.
"Mister rent." So you can call Federico Macheda, who is now on loan to play against the "Queens Park Rangers." At this time, "Chelsea" the ball into center field.
Yellow card
Fitz Hall received a yellow card for talking.
Federico Macheda instead Heidari Helgusona appeared during the break. That's it. Suddenly, to be honest.
Second half has began
The second half started! Let's go!
Second Half
First Half
Half time
A boring first half is over! 0:0 - must quickly these forty-five minutes to forget. Break!
Additional time
+1 Minutes.
Malouda on the left wing did not come up with anything clever. He carried out what they do all the time players "Chelsea". Simple transfer to the far post, where there was nobody. Torres on the pitch there.
Fernando Torres is carried from the left edge of the overhang another's penalty and Daniel Sturridge could not reach the ball. Two minutes before the end of normal time in every time.
"Chelsea" is just awful. No coaching ideas, and now we need to really wonder: can a Villash-Andre Boash achieve something with your current club?
WIZARD! Juan Mata with incredible grace to transfer to a foreign penal heel, Ramirez hung from the front line at the far post, but there was no one at all.
Territorial superiority, "Chelsea" incredibly high, but no points. Now, even Louis went ahead to something interesting set up, but did not.
Branislav Ivanovic has released the ball over the front line of the field. Angle at the gates of London club nothing interesting has not ended.
Shaun Wright-Phillips shot a twenty seven meters on the wheel. Rather would break or something. Not a pleasant sight, to be honest.
Juan Mata has played well at left-back, taking the transfer of riding from David Luiz, but as it turned out, the Spanish winger guests released in the side shell.
Ten minutes before the break, and you just want to sleep. Juan Mata took the ball on the left flank and carried out some unintelligible transmission.
How did you realize today there is no legend on the "Chelsea" and at the same time the main goleadora team this season - Frank Lampard. He was injured in the fight against the "Norwich" and have not had time to recover from it.
Ashley Cole completed a chic cut transmission to the far post, Sturridge ran up a little shell.
Andre Villash-Boash and Mark Hughes at the same time looked at his watch, which is now off the number "31".
Yellow card
Wright-Phillips received a yellow card for a dangerous tackle on another side of the field in the fight against Meireles. It was not that rough, it just does not need to do. That's it.
Malouda completed the transfer to Torres, he returned again to the Frenchman, who accurately shot from the front line. A promising attack was, it is worth to say.
FA Cup - the second biggest tournament in Albion. So today, and "Chelsea", which has lost all chances for the championship title, will try to pass on. It can be said about "Queens Park Rangers."
And now, when the guests hold the ball, the whistle does not. Tired of fans "Queens Park Rangers," which, incidentally, was founded one hundred twenty-nine years ago.
David Louis picked the ball on the right flank, he went to the penalty, and then performed an inaccurate transfer of Fernando Torres. Able, moget, as they say.
Helguson broke the rules against Ramirez in the middle of the field. Boring game. Few moments, the low speed. Not what anyone expected.
David Louis punched in falling through itself from the penalty - the ball flew to the second tier of the stadium. And again. Smiling players. A good derby. So far, even without the cards.
Ashley Cole has earned a corner for his team on the left flank, carrying on the transfer of Fernando Torres. Anton Ferdinand interrupted this pass.
As a friend it's all just happened. Shaun Wright-Phillips on the left flank just saddled Branislav Ivanovic. Players fell, almost hugging up from the lawn and keep playing. That is correct.
Mark Hughes is going through more than Andre Villash-Boash, but in vain. Portuguese coach "Chelsea" in this season must necessarily anything to win, not to lose credibility with fans.
Meireles on the right flank just ate Jamie Mackie, who ran to the counter. And we already have twenty minutes behind. While the zeros.
Low speed. Nobody wants to be wrong. I think that in this game everything will be a good ball. Maximum - two. Plus, a high percentage of replays.
Calmed the London club players. By the way, perhaps Lukaku Torres would have been better now. It can pobodatsya with rivals, and is a sincere fan of the "Chelsea".
Without Frank Lampard little fantasy in the middle of the field at the London club. "Queens Park Rangers" also plays on defense, trying to catch an opponent to counterattack.
Joey Barton took the rebound and shot with his right foot from twenty-four feet - the ball flew three meters from the nearest bar.
One-third of half behind. She passed a good first attack "QPR," performed an unsuccessful Helguson transfer to the far post. Cech in the game.
Juan Mata hung to the near post, Malouda on the left foot immediately struck in touch - not very successfully. The ball went into the stands.
MATA! Juan Mata took the ball on the left, moved to the penalty line and struck a left foot that the center - Paddy Kenny saved his team by finishing off a Ramirez, but he was in a rival. Corner!
The home team played under the scheme: 4-4-1-1. At the gate Paddy Kenny. The defenders (from left to right): Clint Hill, Fitz Hall, Anton Ferdinand and Luke Young. Midfield (left to right): Tommy Smith, Akos Buzhaki, Joey Barton and Jamie Mackie. Under Helgusonom located Shaun Wright-Phillips.
The first shot on goal came from Daniel Sturridge on the left foot with twenty-seven feet - the ball flew way too high. Daniel wants to play a central striker. Why Andre Villashu-Boashu not provide an opportunity for an Englishman? Torres on the bench in the center of Essien, right in the attack - Mata, and the left - Malouda. It would be interesting.
But David Luiz less boo. It seems that everyone likes Brazilian defender hairstyle London "Chelsea." This is my vision of the situation.
Now the ball is intercepted in midfield players in the white-blue uniform. Malouda went into the selection, shell knocked over the sideline of the field.
Guests today are in their traditional pattern: 4-3-3. Let's deal. At the gate Petr Cech. The defenders (from left to right): Ashley Cole, John Terry, David Luiz and Branislav Ivanovic. The middle line is from the left - Malouda, right - Ramirez, in the central zone of Raul Meireles. In the attack (left to right): Juan Mata, Fernando Torres and Daniel Sturridge.
All the players, "Chelsea" fans boo "Queens Park Rangers," as well as the guests are still number one, we always hear the whistle.
On the right wing took the ball, Daniel Sturridge, performed closer to the center aisle, but there was Anton Ferdinand.
On the right flank Heidar Helguson took the ball, beat Ashley Cole, after which the shell itself fails prokinul on the course. Petr Cech will introduce the ball in play goal kick.
Fans of "Queens Park Rangers' all the time whistle against John Terry when he was with the ball. Understandably, to talk about it, I think, not worth it. Maybe when the time comes, and I'll say.
The home team now play in white and blue uniforms and the players Andre Villasha-Boasha - in black. Paddy Kenny Gates in a TV picture are right, and the frame Petr Cech - to the left.
First time has began
The match started! Let's go! We wish the teams to show a beautiful, interesting and effective game. With the center of the field began to players' Queens Park Rangers! "
First Half
The teams appeared on the football field. Handshake does not take place. That's it. Not only Ferdinand and Terry refused to do, and all the players. Strange ... Frank Lampard with his father at stadium. They are very similar.
Good afternoon football fans! I invite you to the London derby to be held in the fourth round of the FA Cup. "QPR" against "Chelsea!" In the "commentary booth" Vladimir Gubarev!

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