No matter how trying "hornets," even the score they did not. Londoners are also not able to double the advantage, although the points for scoring both the team had enough. "Tottenham" goes further, and rightly so, given the composition of "spurs". Together with you watched the match Artem Baranov. Good-bye and good luck!
Second Half
The match was over. 0-1 victory, "Spurs."
Its Mark decided that shot will be the ornament of the game. That he would save his team from defeat. is it tasty shot plunge in ecstasy all the fans to "Vikireydzh Road." No, well, blow, of course, left exact, but it was too weak to run Cudicini could into the locker room and take a shower during the ball flight.
The latter standard, the time has expired. Before the gates of "Tottenham" 35 meters.
Owners can not really catch on a ball to fall on the entire team at the gate Cudicini.
Roman Pavlyuchenko replaced Adebayor, who immediately went to podtribunnogo room. 2 minutes, Roman. And we are bigger and do not.
Additional time
3 minutes added. 3 minutes is a "Watford" to even the score, and 3 minutes there is a "Spurs" to remove all questions.
Yellow card
Chris Foy decided to remind myself. Rolled back waited and waited. And wait! Hodson plaited his legs at full speed in feet Lennon, for which he was punished.
"Watford" in a businesslike way located in the penalty guests. I have the feeling that Londoners and this need - ambulance delivery round objects trademark "Jet Lennon" is always at your service!
Parker brought in from outside the penalty kick, but Loach fists hit the ball, because the blow of such force was crazy catch.
Adebayor again lost defenders "Watford", catching Togolese. "Offside".
Eustace innocently spread his arms in hand after fouls on Adebayor. This fellow looked at the referee's eyes, the cat from the cartoon "Shrek", they say, Your Honour, I happened to be here at all, pigeons fed next.
"Watford" were pressing, "Watford" piled, "Watford" grasps the opponent, crushing them and put pressure on the right!
And the "Tottenham" replacement. Out Dzheyrmeyn Defoe, and higher-ee-ee-ate (drums), Stephen Pienar!
It is time to replace the football. Matthew Garner Uichlou out instead.
Cudicini! Bravo, this is Save! Nosvorti and Sordello in turn struck the gate after the horse feed, but Cudicini does wonders, reflecting shocks with 5 meters!
Younes Kabul waving legs and slams into opponents. Terrifying, in a word. And now he had fouled on the right side of attack hosts.
Again, blow! Again by! Above all the world was Garner and his head struck with a 6 meters. Closer and closer.
And now the team captain Dawson forced to shift to the left flank and to help Rose, who has been terrorizing the squad Sean Daichi.
Beating and kicking at goal Cudicini owners. Of the penalty, from outside thereof, the target can not yet reach, but the clouds begin to thicken over the gate charges Harry Redknapp.
Kabul has put his foot on the path of a reinforced concrete Buabena, Ghanaian stumbled on it, but Foy and the eyebrow does not lead - all within the rules.
And here is the expense of "offsides" is open. And there was 1-0 in favor of the "Spurs" as the score.
Eustace! Again the bar! After the horse feed to the far post captain "hornets" struck his head, but hit the side stand, and then the ball went over the goal line. Cudicini had no time to cut off the corner, getting Eustace to the gate.
And another angle at the gate of Londoners. Presses "Watford", crushes.
Long-range strike from Troy Dini. Pass from the owners in touch passing game, with 20 meters can easy to beat. "Tottenham Hotspur" is arrogant in the defense. A strike by passed.
Replacement of the owners. Sean Murray went to rest, giving way to Mark on the Itsu.
Sordvell was cool on the course of the transfer of the right edge of the attack, moved forward, followed by Kabul. Not outwitted his Sordvell, Younes RC leg, she got in the way prostrelnoy transfer into the penalty - the corner.
The game was called and all offers, do not feel a draft? Sick, you know.
And now the bar has a "Watford"! Jumped five to four guests, Lennon not greedy and ball ramp van der Vaart, Rafael beat the accuracy of 11 meters, but hit the crossbar! Miraculously, by now was not 0-2!
"Watford" plays as if there was no goal in the end the first half. Viewers also are confident in the victory of their favorites.
Sad, sad eyes of Roman Pavlyuchenko, sitting on a bench and shouts: "Coach, I want to play!"
Aktivnichaet elbows Eustace. At a corner and pushed all the players tries to visitors of his penalty. Diligence in this matter, John, is superfluous. Do not overdo it.
Jake Garner Livermo not allowed to handle the ball and forced to miss the fact the projectile over the front line. Confidently played the left flank "spurs." Now the center slightly podhramyvaet.
High standards of martial arts today asked Chris Foy. While he was consistent, but for an arbitrator - the main thing.
What a handsome man Scott Parker! Rushed to their gates, and pursuing Sorvella almost on a ribbon rolled up from behind penalty just played ball. But the little miss - the penalty could be dangerous. Good for you!
Adebayor wins almost all riding the ball coming towards him. The second question that is not always the ball after a collision with his head bounces off the right place. But it is fixable, Emmanuel, all right. The ball after it ... discount or something ... bounced to the left curb, and then Danny Rose badly shot in the penalty area but the ball did not touch anybody and left-of-bounds.
The response at the gate of the corner, "Watford". Adebayor after a pass from the left side hit my head, but Loach pulled out of dperekladiny.
Raphael struck, fell exactly between the heads of the defenders, but strongly curled the ball was about three meters from the nearest bar.
The right to have a dangerous standard for Londoners. The ball is set 25 meters from the gate just to levonogogo hitter. Is there such a "spur"? Of course, Van der Vaart will not allow anyone to the ball, he will be beat.
TIME! MOMENTISCHE! The bar is now saved Carlo Cudicini! Failed in the defense of "spurs", gave a short pass Sordvell to Dini, Troy retreated under attack came running along the left edge of the Murray and Sean hit on accuracy in the far corner of the penalty, but hit the bar! "The Hornets' sting!
The first corner at the gate Cudicini ended strike from 6 meters Captain Eustace hosts.
I bet it will be here for at least one more goal. In my experience, if the first half ends 0-1, the final score will be the same, only one out of ten matches.
Positional attack had the hosts, moving to strike Buabena. How many times have hit give the citizen of Ghana.
Instead, Luke appeared on the Modrica Aaron Lennon.
Second half has began
The second half! All the fun ahead.
Second Half
First Half
Statistics of the first half is waiting for everyone in the "Statistics"
Half time
Exactly one minute ran off the players, after which Chris Foy has sent teams to the locker room for the valuable guidance of coaches. We also nice to have worked, rest for 15 minutes. Coffee Break.
Additional time
One minute is added to the main time of the first half.
Confidently play guests. Quietly hold the ball past half a minute, tending to victory.
It is not that follow logically from the goal of the game, but now, what difference? Goal is, the account is opened, which means the game in the second half will be even more interesting.
GO-OO-OO-OO-AL! Rafael van der Vaart opened the scoring! Walker, who can now easily do the prefix to his surname, "Cool", famously took the ball in their half of the field and pulled to the right with a furious skorochtyu. Making his case, he gave the ball to center on Van der Vaart, Rafael had met no one, so he approached the gate with his left foot and sent a shell like a corner of the goal "Watford". Loach stretched, but not reached. 0-1!
"Tottenham," went to the finals of the FA Cup nine times. And eight of them won! "Watford" was released only once in the finals, but lost it. More "Spurs' trophy owned only two clubs:" Manchester United "(11 times) and the" Arsenal "(10).
So-so looks like attack "spurs." You know what I'm hinting at? It's time to go warm up to someone.
Many marriages in the programs of the guests. It seems to begin the attack, but lopping bad ball handling, or inaccurate transmission of a partner.
47-53. Such is the relation of possession. Sordello, meanwhile, fell into the "offside".
Despite the fact that there is a long-range strike, and getting sent to the penalty box, really dangerous moments were not.
And yet another blow from Sordello. So easy to give him a beating, while the Englishman forgives an opponent. But always the same it can not last!
Prince Buaben for one minute twice struck at goal from 25 meters Cudicini. First, with the left foot - kick blocked Dawson, and then to the right, but now hit in exactly a defender.
Equally, the fight goes the game, this apparent advantage, as were certain bookmakers, the "Tottenham" no.
Central defenders "Watford" and not to lose face, and hit the ball in his head - was not allowed to close the supply Adebayor at the far post.
And here is the first standard at the gate owners. They broke the rules a meter away from his own penalty on the left flank attack "Spurs." At the ball, of course, Rafael van der Vaart.
Stunning trehhodovka held in "spurs"! Adebayor played in stenochku with Van der Vaart, and the Dutchman threw the ball at impact Defoe. Jermaine struck from the penalty with the rebound, but Loach would have missed a ball just a dream.
Quietly eliminated the threat to their goal of his team captain Michael Dawson. The ball of the guests, have them hold it, to gain confidence.
The first dangerous standard at the gate of Londoners. This is Rose liked it so much pushing, but this time Chris Foy found a violation of the rules.
I take my words back about Rose - it is now cool shoulder Otter Joe Garner in his own penalty area.
Troy Dini from the summer hit on goal after a soft draped with (guess what?) Flank. Hit the ball well - blow out would be biting. But he missed and the ball rolled into the hands of Cudicini.
Danny Rose in the attack is much better than the defensive, he received the ball from the penalty on its left edge, and shot at Adebayor, but the transmission was interrupted by the defenders.
And the audience on the edge Turns another man in a suit hornet.
A Lee Hodson all loads and loads into the penalty area. Any good it will not (for the guests, of course).
Again, the right wing attack swept "Watford", but having learned from bitter experience has helped Rose Kabul, and they took away the ball. Next go to the transfer of Modrica, and Luke drove forward diagonal Defoe, but the transmission went out too much - do not have time to ball striker Londoners.
Kyle Walker was dispersed to the right, but submit to the penalty box just did not have time - in the struggle with the defender missed the ball out of bounds.
Redknapp with his usual kind of slightly puzzled person a little perplexed at the edge. Sean Daichi driving their boyfriends to come.
Prince Buaben decided to strike from 25 meters, well, then pull something? In the upper corner of the yard away from the ball went. Dangerous and more dangerous attacks "Watford".
While the left flank protection "Tottenham" fails, and the owners feel it - through it in the ground and attack.
Troy beat Dini Rose on the right flank, came to the front line and shot at goalkeeper, where already flew Sordvell, but the blow was off target - Cudicini takes a break before entering the ball.
Loach ran outside the penalty area and, stretched at attention, his head knocked the ball ahead of Jermain Defoe. Bravely, the goalkeeper.
For the first ten minutes of game design emerges. Wards Harry Redknapp will operate the first number, a "hornets" to catch the guests on the counter.
Very long cross flew just down Adebayor, Emmanuel won the duel (well, who would doubt), but no punch or throw your partner really did not work - knocked the ball into the middle of the field.
And now Danny Rose wisely framed housing and took the ball from Troy Dini. Nervously the game is played when the ball reaches the punishment Cudicini.
If the first few minutes were more active guests, and now much more diverse and acute effects of the home team.
Again, blow! It is much more dangerous! Shed from the right side of attack hosts readily liquidated defense "spurs", the ball bounced to Modric, who hesitated with the ball, and here, as there was Sean Murray, who firmly and hit the shots on target, but Cudicini and here took the threat from their gates.
But the first shot on goal - a Prince Buaben entered into the box to the right, removed on the backswing and Rose's shot from the left leg near the bottom corner. Blow out accurate, but weak - not in vain Kudichchini warm up, confidently fixed ball.
But until Carlo came Kudichchini ball. Warmed up goalie, well, that's enough - again through the shell Modrica was in a strange half.
Delayed fans hosts "When the saints go marchin in". Meanwhile, their pets are forced to defend themselves, "Tottenham" fully seized the initiative.
Danny Rose very well take care of the right-back "Watford" and gave it to the center for Adebayor, but the attack is not possible to develop Lloyd Dawley, well met Togolese.
"The Hornets' today appear in yellow shirts and red shorts," spurs "in white shirts and black shorts. The arbitrator, if anyone interested, all in a stylish black uniform.
First time has began
The match started! From the center of the home team lit.
First Half
Slightly delayed the beginning of the match. Cool in Watford.
The team captains, accompanied by the chief arbitrator, whom today is Chris Foy, plays in the "toss" in the middle of the field. At this time the field passes man in a suit directly to the senior club tournament of the Old World.
Состав "Уотфорда": Scott Loach; Nyron Nosworthy - Lloyd Doyley - Adrian Mariappa - Lee Hodson; John Eustace - Prince Buaben - Sean Murray; Joe Garner - Troy Deeney - Marvin Sordell. В запасе: Jonathan Bondin, Carl Dickinson, Mark Yeates, Craig Forsyth, Ross Jenkins, Matthew Whichelow, Chris Iwelumo.
Hi all, amateurs and professionals of football. After a few minutes at the stadium "Vikereydzh Road" will match 1 / 16 finals of the FA Cup, in which "Watford" from the same city will "Tottenham", that of London. Together with you the progress of the match will follow Artem Baranov.

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