Stadium: Stadio San Paolo
An excellent match with you today, we have observed. The team behind the game can say thank you! Well, with you over the course of events in a match watched Igor Ovcharenko. Until we meet again.
Second Half
That's it! The match is over!
T-OO-OO-OO-OO-O-AL! Good-bye "Inter"! Cavani! Beautiful!! Managed to escape in a counter-owners, and then easily beat Cavani first defender and then the keeper! The result - 2:0!
Trying hard to win back the ball players only "Inter". Now after the filing of Maicon, the goalkeeper of the owners moved the ball to the corner.
Additional time
Three minutes of added chief referee the match.
Substitution in the "Napoli". Doss went instead Gamshika.
Wow! THIS YEAR Saves! De Sanctis! What is this guy made! First he moved the ball after hitting Maicon, side, and then being reflected on his knees shot Sneijder, and only after he managed to strike Milito take the ball in your hands! Bravo!
Yellow card
Gargano, very unwisely played against Alvarez. The arbitrator decided to present a "rude" yellow card!
Pandev is now filled up in the middle of the field. And broke the rules, I think Samuel.
Milito now rages and fumes! Several consecutive blows he inflicted on target hosts, but all shots were blocked by defenders of the "Napoli"! Oh, and we expect kontsovochka!
Substitution in the "Napoli". Inler left the field, instead it went Jemal.
Mamma Mia! That's so! Garganooo! Almost the entire defensive line of "Inter" has beaten player owners, and only the goalkeeper prevented him from increasing his team an advantage.
Hugo Kampanyaro after a collision with Zarate can not get up from the lawn ... Doctors would be required? Yes, sort of not. Well, this is good!
It has long been suggested itself this change, I wonder why Ranieri had not released Zarate ... No matter how late it was not ... Thus, in the meantime, Pandev on the "first floor" is not sul peregrat opponent.
Substitution in the "Inter". Mott left the field, Zarate went on the field.
Maggio was trying to beat his opponent in the flank, but there is too well-played wing back "Inter". With the ball still for a long time are the guests.
Very long kept the ball in their half of the field visit, and you know why they are there to supervise? Yes, all because they did not allow them to owners who at this moment are brilliant!
So, while we have yet another violation of the rules enshrined in the match. True Sneijder free kick from the right executive is very bad!
It's crazy! Pandev! Ah, no matter how handsome flew ... Gargano cool translated "round" on the right flank of the Cavani, who "cut" the ball on the course of Pandev, but he struck just above the intended purpose! Wow!
Alvarez! How so?! Brought partners that player one on one with keeper! But Alvarez was unable to put a shot on goal ... Goalkeeper easily took the threat from the gate.
It is evident that he decided to calm down the tempo of the match the players "Napoli." They are trying to control the ball on the debt. While it does not go with them. Would know why ...
Clung to their goal players from Naples, now followed by reflux for Milito, who are in an awkward position by the gate struck his head. It turned out that he had failed.
Players in a hurry "neradzuri" they want to recoup as soon as possible, but while they are in attack too passive. In addition, now in the "outside game" got Milito.
Substitution in the "Napoli". Lavessi left field, instead it went Pandev.
Another good shot from distance struck half of "Inter", but no less great goalie play.
The obvious candidate to replace Thiago Motta is now, which is quite noticeable on the field ... It is urgent to change it, he did not get into the game today.
Oh, wow! With few missed shots on target in Wesley Sneijder now! Well, he kissed the ball with both feet and 20. Again, give the beat a player, football players, "Napoli".
Wow! Sneijder! "Cannon"! A powerful shot from the penalty inflicted Dutchman, goalkeeper punched only managed to hit the ball to the side! It is very dangerous there!
Yellow card
A number of violations, the two do not put a penalty ... And it's probably not a complete list of the errors of the arbitrator. So, now roughly Maggio played against Sneijder. Judge shows midfielder hosts yellow card.
Gamshik thought for a long time, where would he send the ball eventually flown Kivu, he picked the ball. Uh, well, we chudit referee, and of chudit ...
Yellow card
That's so! Milito's now down in the penalty, "Napoli", and not without labor counsel! And instead of a penalty the referee took and showed yellow card to striker ... Completely "blind" judge today ..
Maicon for a long time thought that he would do with the ball eventually came to the rescue defender was able to take away his "round", with the result that now we will see a counter-owners!
Helpless look of "Inter" after goal scored. Nothing, absolutely nothing dangerous can not understand the players in "black and blue" T-shirts.
All the while, all the time in attacking football, "Napoli"! Time after time, he worried about the defensive line of guests. Bred! More than ever now bred players from Naples!
In principle, the referee had to appoint another penalty in the first half, but there it is frankly "profukannyh" episode with falling forward "Napoli." We can say that has paid off for the first time the referee.
T-OO-OO-OO-OO-O-AL! I almost broke the net! Cavani! Ok, he performed a penalty! He was able to separate the goalkeeper and the ball in different corners! 1:0.
No luck today Gargano ... How many times per game, his "beat" .. But now the arbitrator appointed penalty!
And nothing in the end this presentation with the angle of the field has not ended. Even the attack on the gate we saw, but now, catching the ball players rushed to the attack, "Napoli"!
In exactly the same pace we started the second half, as the first. So, while we have the angular earn players "Inter". Let's see what's over ...
Some of the attacking line owners to hang on the gate well, "Inter", but once again plays a high quality line of defense guests. Yet not a single shot, not a dangerous population the team will wait for change ...
By the way, their matches have been played by teams such as: "Juventus", "Roma", "Siena" and "Chievo." In the first match of the fourth Italian Cup players, "Juventus" is easily dealt with, "Roma", but the players, "Siena" is not easily outplayed their opponents.
Good players went on the attack the Neapolitans, but did not fully deploy its guests - Cristian Chivu, who played well in the selection. Today he is the best in the guests, while the best ...
Replacement took place during the break. Obi left the field, Zarate went on the field.
On the whole, quite good first half we saw with you. The only thing that would have embellished the game, so it's clogged balls! I am sure that they are obliged to appear in those 45 minutes of the match.
Second half has began
The second half started!
Second Half
First Half
The first half ended. Coffee Break.
Additional time
Yes, it is so one-minute adds chief referee the match.
I wonder how many will add the chief arbiter match? If we consider that it was not enough collisions and stops, then minutes 1-2 referee just add, though you never know, you never know ...
I wonder how many will add the chief arbiter match? If we consider that it was not enough collisions and stops, then minutes 1-2 referee just add, though you never know, you never know ...
By God, Wesley Sneijder some insane! Few him a yellow card, or what? Once again he played against the rules against his opponent. Meanwhile, midfielder "Inter" from the vantage point could not get in shots on target.
By God, Wesley Sneijder some insane! Few him a yellow card, or what? Once again he played against the rules against his opponent. Meanwhile, midfielder "Inter" from the vantage point could not get in shots on target.
Loses game chief referee the match ... A lot of "important details", he misses. But he can mend in the second half?
Maggio! Madzhooo! Beautifully he left three opponents, then become acquainted with the gate, powerfully struck! The goalkeeper played brilliantly!
Yellow card
No, well, you know, it's arrogance. Finally, Sneijder received a yellow card! After the whistle, he decided to knock on the gates of the guests.
Walter continues to lead the conversation Mazzarò backed arbiter, but to sense something ... And now his protege Gamshik, failed to competently perform the transfer on the opposite flank.
Rostrum after this episode, even more were angry! Degree of the game become heated, we hope that he will not leave the required limits.
Yes this is breaking the rules! In the penalty "Inter"! Kivu is now filled up Cavani! A judge, for some reason decided to show mercy again .. Here's to know why?
Sneijder, such as rough play ... This time he slapped his legs Inleru. So, while we had a game to join Luke Kastellatstsi. Zúñiga well struck on goal.
Obi good with the ball played Sneydorom on another side of the field, but to intelligent action, it never came. With the home team the ball.
Zúñiga was trying to do filing in the penalty area but his shot blocked back guest team, but this attack has not ended. Picked up the ball Gargano decided to shoot, that is urine, but missed ...
Decided to investigate the relationship with Sneydorom Gargano ... And rightly so! Straight leg in a hit player! It's no good to do that! The judge obviously felt sorry for the player.
Preity stadium, the players fell silent ... In general, in fact on the field now nothing supernatural going on .. It may be noted that Sneijder is now filled up his opponent.
Not bad, not bad, but it would be better to play on the flank of a combination of players, "Napoli". So, while we have a violation of rules against football owners.
As a "sour" began to play a team ... What is already tired? Yes in my life I will not believe! Let's show it, we are simply fans of great football! We are waiting, with ...
Do not be surprised if, after 45 minutes, the leader in the possession of the ball will be "Inter". Surely they did control the settlement of a minute.
Inler somehow clumsily executed starting from the penalty. So, guys, let's finish. Gargano now rode to the foot of Motta.
Yellow card
That first corner, the players filed "Inter". It is true that nothing dangerous is not over, the goalkeeper after hitting his head, calmly took the ball. So, now receives a yellow card Kivu, a blow from behind.
Gradually increased to the match. Become more active play teams closer to the middle of the first half. Now, we can note only that the ball more often owned by the guests.
Gamshik too glamor to play now. Why is he trying to pass the ball heel? Well, okay. Meanwhile Inler unsuccessful shot from the right flank.
Garganooo! As I predicted! Nice shot on goal was followed by Luke Kastellatstsi, but the ball unfortunately for the hosts do not hit the shots on target. Still, it was dangerous!
Well, why? Why?! Samuel rudely played against Lavessi near his own penalty area. Now, we are likely to see opansy blow!
Zúñiga! Ah what a handsome man! Wow it took a couple of oppnentov on the flank, the whole truth of his beautiful dribbling over a corner kick. What has failed.
These are shot from Sneijder and! Not bad kissed the player with the average distance on goal, but goalkeeper shots are "eating for breakfast."
I wonder how soon we will see hammered the ball? So far, there are no prerequisites for this no. And yet, with a few owners did not score! Maggio took the ball near the gate, well-struck at goal, but goalkeeper rescued his team! This is the moment!
While the owners of the field can not stop all attacks "neradzuri." So, now Gamshik not managed to get the ball accurately, upon the filing of the right edge. Rather it was dangerous.
Lavessi now not satisfied with the decision of the arbitrator. He shows him that against him violated the rules. But judge him like a fish, but threw up his hands.
To be honest, was expecting a little different ... Too passive in the attack are the two teams ... Nothing dangerous nor those of any other can not think of ... A pity, because you want a spectacle!
Maicon now catapulted out ... Once we have skuchnavato runs a game. So, now Zanetti earned a good standard for your team.
Wow! Zdorovooo! Maggio with Gamshikom played just the perfect combination, but the pass went forward to the not entirely successful. And besides, the player was in offsayde.
Commentators of this meeting to discuss the game fiercely Diego Milito, who has recently not particularly impressed them. So, while we have carried out an unsuccessful Gamshik feed into the penalty area "Inter".
We decided to roll the ball calmly into midfield players, "Inter." As you can see, it's just like the fans. Hum, oh how much buzz now stands.
Wow! Milito now mysteriously appeared on the left flank, then he performed the accurate transmission of the leg opponent good for guests, that football was at a loss.
Sneijder tried to break with Milito's penalty area in the center of De Sanctis, but there have already met their experienced players, "Napoli". As a result, the attack guests "choked."
As before, the team does not want to print the gate. So, now Lavessi rough play against your opponent in a strange half. Most likely we will see a free kick.
In this match the majority of bookmakers have suggested that most likely will win the victory of the players, "Napoli". But this is only the bookmakers and their predictions ... And what will we find out the result after 90 minutes. In the meantime, we can say that the match takes place in a rather quiet way.
Excellent broke through on the right flank Maggio, but also qualitatively stopped Kivu. The player was trying to scrounge a penalty, but the judge too easily reacted to his demands.
By the way, the team is not the first time meet in the Cup of Italy in recent years. Thus, in the 2010/2011 season teams just under 1 / 4 Cup of Italy have already met, then winning the penalty shoot-out won the players 'Inter'. I wonder what will happen today?
Are now trying to develop the right flank of all their attacks home side, but it was too well-played defensive players in the guest team. While the impact of the match is not observed.
Played a good combination for someone else's half of the field players, "Napoli". But after a number of successful programs, one of the defenders of the home team could not perform high-quality transfer ... In the end, the ball will now dispose of guest players team.
The stadium wonderful atmosphere prevails. Quite a lot of fans there today in the stands, which of course can not but rejoice! Straight Champions League match held today, and no match in the Cup!
Pretty hard for the players play a combination of "Inter" and "Napoli", until we have to match anything dangerous is not observed. The ball is very often held in the center of the field, which frankly is not very happy. But I think the team will soon show us the speed and "powerful" football!
By today's clash both teams fit in completely different mood. So "Nerazzurri" not lose points for five consecutive games. But their opponents have two games in a row can not win. In turn, hardly have been compiled into a draw matches with rivals such as the "Florence" and "Bologna."
First time has began
It sounds a whistle the final arbiter! The match started!
First Half
Since the composition of teams you can find in the "About match."
Hello, ladies and gentlemen. We welcome you to the next match of Italian Serie A. In today's match, "Napoli" will take at home, "Inter." Together with you over the course of events in the match will follow Igor Ovcharenko.

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