Stadium: Anfield
Second Half
The final whistle!
That's it! "Liverpool" was released in the League Cup final, where he played with "Cardiff City"! Congratulations, fans of "red"!

Since you were Vladimir Gubarev! I wish you happiness, health, prior to the meeting!
Gradually, our game is nearing the end. What I want to say? Well, let's say, if anyone knows, the next round of the championship is played in England next weekend, since then the matches will be played the FA Cup. "Liverpool" is waiting for a home match against "Manchester United" and "Manchester City" will have a rest, because it is "red devils" knocked out "citizens" of this competition.
Aguero! Through a punched Coon - Pepe Reina took a shell in his gloves. Little remains.
And another interesting branch of statistics. "Liverpool" - the most successful club in the history of the League Cup. The team won the trophy seven times, and the reigning champion is modest, "Birmingham", which now stands in the Championship.
First in the League Cup teams met three times. In nineteen hundred seventieth year in the third round of "citizens" beat "red" with a score of 3-2. In the 1980/81 season, "Manchester City" lost "Liverpool" in the semifinal on aggregate, and in 1995, Liverpool celebrated the success of the "Enfield", winning 4-0 in the third round.
Carroll instead of Keith.
Additional time
So, there are four minutes of the guests.
Craig Bellamy left, left, Martin Kelly.
Ugh! Immediately two defenders of "Liverpool" rushed in jeopardy Dzeko from ten meters. And now getting ready to appear on the field, Martin Kelly.
By the way, for the first time in its history, the team met in a distant one thousand eight hundred and ninety-third year, when in Manchester, the "Hyde Road", Liverpool managed to win with a score - 1:0. Just think of it. More than a hundred years already this confrontation. Brilliant!
Offside, offside Jack. De Jong at this time sitting and chewing fingernails.
We are now seeing one hundred and sixty fifth match between these two teams in all competitions. "Liverpool" defeated eighty-one time, "Manchester City" - forty-two, and the forty-one duel ended in a draw. Well, here the story makes itself felt, is not it?
Failed "Liverpool" in the defense, Adam Johnson got the ball on the right flank, moved to a different penalty and shot on goal with his left foot into the far bottom corner - Pepe Reina easily picked up a shell in his gloves.
In the last round of the English Premier League, "Manchester City" managed to beat the London "Spurs", and then a match with an incredible story. First, "the townspeople" scored twice, then "spur" the efforts of Defoe and Bale revived the intrigue, and in stoppage time Mario Balotelli first earned a penalty and then he and implemented.
By the way, doctor, "Liverpool" won the award. Zaf was one of five nominees for the award "Football behind the scenes" in the category of sports physicians and their colleagues ahead of the "CRC", "Wolverhampton", "Wigan" and "Birmingham" during a ceremony at the stadium "Wembley" last night. Congratulations to him and the club!
Dzeko played up his hand in someone else's penalty area. Phil Dowd had seen everything. Phil Dowd did everything. Sipping while Pepe Reina. He did not forbid anyone to do.
Kate was offside. He seems to be the applicant for a replacement. You can, for example, Shelvey release. In the center of the ball he will be hooked.
Johnson instead of De Jong.
Bellamy was on his neck, it seems. Need medical attention. This is Richards accidentally caught an opponent. It's okay.
3-2 on aggregate. At this time, Bellamy earned a corner, which is "Liverpool" played not the best way. Oh, what a game!
GO-OO-OO-OO-OO-O-AL! Craig Bellamy! Cool! It's unbelievable!
Johnson was on the lawn, Jack broke the rules on it. Fifteen minutes before the end of regular time.
Yeah. Carroll still warming up. I do not understand Kenny Dalglish. But that's okay. Who is he? Great football player in the past, now - the coach. And who am I? Commentator. That's the difference.
Counterattack with "Liverpool" lumbago over the left flank, where the best play Gareth Barry, knocking out shell of bounds. 1:2 and 2:2 in general.
Who can increase the attack of "Liverpool"? And there is not much choice and wide. Maxi Rodriguez. That's it. Andrew Carroll for this game? Do not laugh.
But now there is more chance of winning the guests. "Liverpool" is clearly not in the spirit of today. Gerrard must lead his team in a sense.
GO-OO-OO-OO-OO-OO-O-AL! Edin Jack!
How is now playing well, "Manchester City" without Savic. Oh, did not work for Stephen to gain a foothold in the starting lineup. Well, nothing can be done. By the way, Aguero is not visible.
And what was it? I liked it! Craig Bellamy, De Jong rubble, lay on him, then hugged each other poulybalis, talked and left. Handsome easy!
David Silva punched into the far corner from an acute angle (pardon the tautology), but the ball flew off into the side. "Sly all, is it?" - Kazan said today. Judging by the first part of the championship of England - trickier.
Yellow card
Enrique for something that does not let his opponent in the penalty area, using his hands, received a yellow card.
Now started "El Clasico", there are also very much interested. So you can watch the match and for those on our website. This is allowed and quite free.
By the way, "Liverpool" four wins in a row in the League Cup. "Manchester City" can also boast of only three wins in a row and one defeat. Well, you already knew who and when it struck.
Bellamy did not hit the ball out of position killer! Aye, Craig Craig. Now even Hart would not have saved, I'm sure. Well, okay. We drove.
There is a "citizens' time to level the score in this confrontation. You just need to get the ball, well, do not miss, of course.
Pepe Reina took the ball into his glove after a pass from the right flank. Well, at least it will not freeze. Richards performed the transfer.
As you may have noticed, there's no application in today Mario Balotelli, who received from the FA four games suspension for his kick in the face of Scott Parker in the fight against "Tottenham". Frankly, I do not always understand the action of the FA, but now everything is just fine!
Yellow card
Kolarov earned just "yellow card" for a foul in midfield.
Well, had a bad angle. Continuing to praise Hart, I would say that I hope in the future of England Euro problems with goalies will not be.
HEART! HEART! HA-A-A-ART! Kate carried a canopy from the right flank to the far corner of the goalie, which was quite a Stewart Downing. He shot from the left into the near corner - Hart foot repulsed projectile! Corner!
This is a man? Great! After impact with the Keith-nine feet to the left "nine" Joe was able to smuggle bomb at the front line of the field! Brilliant, of course! Just brilliant!
Referee our meeting - Phil Dowd. He is such a triumphant arbiter for the Liverpool team, because under the "assignment" of the judge's "Reds" defeated "Chelsea" on the road in the ¼ finals of the Carling Cup - 0:2.
Aguero broke the rules in the middle of the field, but the chief arbiter of the meeting, much thought, decided to assign the same penalty at the Gates "Manchester City".
Kolarov and his lethal left now been in the business. In the penalty rally punched Alexander - Pepe Reina, by the way, today the game a truly and did not enter. Sometimes the same is. And now the ball went above the bar.
WARNING! In the penalty with his right foot struck the gate Dirk Kuyt (the correct pronunciation - Kyaut), Joe Hart was able to just substitute the hands so tightly as to catch this shot was just unreal.
"Liverpool" is the first time only in the second half for a long time held the ball in midfield. "Manchester City" very good place to start the second half of the game. That's guests and need to score, you know.
Yeah, I'm going to Sabaleta and Richards. So we can not say that right now is not Richards. Have decided to decorate our game this substitution Mancini. Let's see what happens.
Apparently, Sabaleta now go to the defense, he plays on the right. Richards moved to the center of defense. That's it. Suddenly, unexpectedly.
Aguero instead Savic! Beautiful, Mancini! Five of this change.
Second half has began
The second half started! Let's go!
Second Half
First Half
Half time
The first half is over! 1:1 - as long as we draw in this match. The teams went to rest, and we also take fifteen minutes. Break!
Gradually, we have completed the first half. No one anywhere in a hurry. Everybody is waiting for a break. Yes, and we already need time to rest.
Additional time
Two minutes. Lavishly.
Corner of Liverpool in the team has not turned out. Steven Gerrard completed is not the best shelter. At this time the referee explains De Jong, for which he made a foul shot.
Now it is just possible to say that extra time in this match will not be. 2-1 - on aggregate. Already waiting for the Champions League starts that they say so - on aggregate.
GO-OO-OO-OO-OO-O-AL! Steven Gerrard! Steven Gerrard completed a wonderful strike from the right foot to the lower left corner! There he put his last match. 1:1!
Of course, as it is, guys, if not a penalty? The second penalty for the second match. But ... Richards played not by design. It does not matter. Gerrard the ball.
Penalty at the Gates "Manchester City"! This is how!
And why this idea had never occurred to Kenny Dalglish? I'm about to sit on the bench by Andrew Carroll. Then, because we see a very different "Liverpool" in the attack. Or am I wrong?
Not bad! Downing on the left flank twice defeated Sabaletu, carried out on the line goalie chamber, where the closest to the ball was Joleon Lescott. I was lucky today, "citizens."
Kolarov had struck the gate, and, perhaps, it was a tent - the ball hit the opponent. Counterattack with "Liverpool" did not work.
Charlie Adam is already enough of the yellow. On the back foot now he hit David Silva. Kolarov has decided now to come to the standard. Will he break through, it seems.
Glen Johnson could not get around opponents on the right flank. By the way, today, I think, are two of the best right-back Premier League at the moment. Johnson and Richards just they rule, and nothing can be done about it.
1-1 - on aggregate. Now the "Liverpool" to intercept the initiative, as if the guests to score another goal, the "red" will have to score for two.
GO-OO-OO-OO-OO-O-AL! Nigel de Jong!
Savic, Savich. When the Company will return? For the "Manchester City" still a holiday, the team has not lost her glasses. Again, this was wrong defender, Bellamy just could not take advantage of an oversight.
Kate, of course, wrong. Lescott now earned out, Dirk why something useful to select a ball, then just do not fight ensued. Referees still in control.
Another corner earned the players 'Liverpool'. On the left flank hung Steven Gerrard, but there were only defenders of the Manchester club. It can turn out a counterattack.
On the counterattack players are trying to act "Liverpool". Why? With its nimble structure and Keith Bellamy, this tactic can be successful, is not it?
Calmed down a game. By the way, we have now because fewer foreign players will be in the Premier League. I hope that the closure of the transfer window at all will not be there. This kind of dream.
Offside at Bellamy. Craig ran a little. The goal is not considered a hit you can still get a yellow card.
More than half of the first half behind. What can I say? Swiftly we came to this "cutoff" were dangerous moments, but still on zero.
The first finalist of the League Cup - a modest "Cardiff City", which is two-legged opposition managed to beat the "Crystal Palace" (in the case also came to the penalty). Who will win today, the clear favorite in the finals. I think it's obvious.
Joe Hart! Joe-oh-oh! Craig Bellamy beat Savitch as a kid then, and then struck from the penalty under the crossbar - England goalkeeper saved his team! How many times did he save the day yet? God only knows.
But it's a penalty. Do not see the judges. Charlie Adam in his own penalty zasandalil Edeen Dzeko in the leg, and there was no whistle. I was lucky today, "Liverpool".
Bellamy struck at goal from long range - Joe Hart is not in play, since the projectile went far above the crossbar. Fans at the podium came to life. They flew to the ball.
"Liverpool" only once failed to score in the League Cup matches. This happened in two thousand and seventh year, when the team lost to London "Chelsea" with the score - 2:0. Here is a statistic. Fans of the "red" hoping that it will continue to exist today.
Angle from "citizens" how to not turned out. The attack guests, but second rate. Dzeko missed the ball then.
Could be dangerous now! Silva just handsome. Turned on the right flank, put the opponent on the opposite flank completed the transfer of a bottom, Kolarov hung at the far post, but Agger has sent round a face. Corner!
Suarez sits and does what he likes of Sir Alex Ferguson. No, not helping his wife get out of the house. He sits and stretches the jaw chewing gum. Little left him to rest. Then again in the battle!
The guests are the following scheme: 4-3-3. Let's deal. At the gate Hart, defenders (from left to right): Kolarov, Savic, Lescott and Richards. The trio of midfielders - De Jong, Barry and Sabaleta. This is how Roberto Mancini decided today. Edeen Dzeko will be assisted by Samir Nasri, David Silva.
Charlie Adam with his cannon shot from twenty-six yards into the far bottom corner - Joe Hart is not easily picked up a shell in his gloves.
Craig Bellamy earned a corner on the right flank. Steven Gerrard hung on the far rack - Gareth Barry knocked the projectile beyond the danger zone. The attack hosts.
What pleased me, as a neutral person that Carroll remained on the bench, is the fact that now there will be endless canopy of the penalty on the part of someone else's "Liverpool". Will play the bottom team. This is good.
The hosts are now under the scheme: 4-4-2. At the gate of the Rhine. The defenders (from left to right): Henry, Skrtel, Agger and Johnson. Midfield (left to right): Downing, Adam, Gerrard and Henderson. The Edge plays Kate Bellamy, but I think, and Dirk, and Craig will be possible to return home and help defend.
Nasri went into someone else's penalty area, his path was three defenders of "Liverpool", which together were able to knock out round of the French winger, "Manchester City".
Yellow card
Yellow card for a dangerous foul in midfield Steven Gerrard received. Early, Gee, too early, well, he can control himself. This is not Balotelli.
Gerrard completed the transfer to center field, followed by casting into another penalty - a goal kick. Joe Hart back in the game.
HOW DANGEROUS! Joe Hart saved his team again! How many times per season? Jose Enrique line goalie punched into the near corner - an Englishman with his right foot in the fall saved his team by finishing Downing - on the podium.
Nasri can pass on the left flank, which had not Kolarov. Cool in the selection played Charlie Adam returned, but the hosts attack, we have not seen.
In the League Cup teams have already met. Let me remind you, was it the "City of Manchester Stadium" when Steven Gerrard scored the only goal from the penalty spot early in the match. 0:1 - good start for "Liverpool", is not it?
Charge, guys! Words do not know, but you would have shouted, and not because it's "Liverpool", but because it sounds cool. 'Enfield' singing, at which time the hosts had their first attack, which ended with an unsuccessful transfer Bellamy.
Starting with the minutes of the meeting in their half of the field rolled the ball players from Manchester, yet never touched the ball the home team. A support-but now what kind of "Liverpool" ... Fine.
The home team now play in red, and the players Roberto Mancini - in blue. Gates Pepe Reina on the TV picture are on the right, and frame Joe Hart - on the left.
First time has began
The match started! Let's go! We wish the teams to show a beautiful, interesting and effective game. With the center of the field began to players "Manchester City"!
First Half
The teams appeared on the football field. The traditional handshake and eternal hymn of "Liverpool" in the next few seconds.
The teams in the "About Match!" There are many interesting things. Let's Carroll and Aguero left in stock, Kate and Jack are playing.
Good evening, ladies and football fans! Italian supermatch? All right. "El Clasico"? But generally excellent. What is the League Cup and 1 / 2 finals? Not everyone will respond. "Liverpool" against "Manchester City" - a great sign, and whether the match meeting this epithet? We'll see. In the "commentary booth" Vladimir Gubarev!

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