Stadium: ONO Estadi
This Spanish drama came out today on the "Estado IT!" Praised for playing football, "Mallorca", probably today just is not their day. Well worth congratulating "Athletic" who consistently went to his goal and achieved it. With you was Nikita Gromov, see you soon!
Second Half
That's it! The final whistle!
What passion! Spanish TV series! At first, coach, "Athletics" grabbed an innocent Chico for a t-shirt and pushed him so that he almost fell. And then the player was furious, "Mallorca" with all his might banged his fist on the shed, where sits the 4th referee.
Additional time
2 minutes add the referee!
Yellow card
Yellow for calls cut off and Ramis.
Red Card
Direct red Chico Torres seemed normal for a sliding tackle!
On the lawn is Javi Martinez. It has something to a person holding at least he's a knockout.
On the lawn is Javi Martinez. It has something to a person holding at least he's a knockout.
A "Athletic" meanwhile, calmly rolling a ball into center field, skillfully avoiding the pressure from the opponent.
A "Athletic" meanwhile, calmly rolling a ball into center field, skillfully avoiding the pressure from the opponent.
Alfaro himself took two men climbed to the third and stumbled. He was immediately booed rostrum. A little too presumptuous act bosses in this game.
Alfaro himself took two men climbed to the third and stumbled. He was immediately booed rostrum. A little too presumptuous act bosses in this game.
Well, that's coming to an end this strange, but quite an interesting fight. Especially good second half. In "Mallorca" still have a few minutes for what would play at least one goal and not to lose face in front of their own fans.
Well, that's coming to an end this strange, but quite an interesting fight. Especially good second half. In "Mallorca" still have a few minutes for what would play at least one goal and not to lose face in front of their own fans.
Substitution in the "Athletics". San Jose Llorente leaves instead.
Yellow card
Gorčičnik Iraisosu for zatâžku vremeni.
He will score today or not?! With the killer breaks head position Castro, but the ball flies past again!
But what is to happen then! "Athletic" was about the second goal did not score! Fortunately, the time came for the ball and gave Kalatatyud Llorente to score.
Replacement of the hosts. Joao left the field, instead it leaves Marty.
What a surprising and unfair sport - football! Well done all players "Mallorca", but failed to score. But the "athletic" in front of practically attacking and then to you!
Announce ball
T-OO-OO-O-R! "Athletic" goes forward with the terrible mistake goalkeeper!
Guest shot on goal causing Candela, but the ball flies higher.
After a corner Castro struck his head! He was close to that would open an account in this match, but the ball flew over the crossbar.
Even tried to organize a counter-player "Athletics." Arana decided to go it alone and all the defenders, not noticing the partners dug into the center box. The ball had immediately taken away.
Aurteneche lying on the lawn, holding his leg. In tough football players began to play "Athletics". It is perhaps now the only way.
Pereira-ah-ah-ah! What a pass he gave to Castro in the penalty area! Whether that little porastoropnee would be true goal!
Pereira filed a corner from the right flank, but to break its partners failed.
Castro wins the applause again! Sam picked the ball and managed to make a difficult situation out. but where are the beats? No punches are no goals
Castro immediately enters the game! very sharp, he has performed starting from the left flank into the penalty area but unable to penetrate the Candela on goal!
Sendros leaves the field, instead it goes Gaonsalo Castro.
Very much value the ball owners. So cautious transmission in this situation - it's already too much.
Apparently, the fuse "Mallorca" was enough for 20 minutes. A little harder on the defensive and began to play guests acute attacks immediately ceased.
Writhing in pain on the lawn Susaeta. It is true that as soon as the referee came up, but immediately got up and came into the game.
Bielsa is very nervous. Despite the fact that his team's advantage to two goals in less than half an hour before the end of the match, but still understand that this "Mallorca" can play two balls.
The hero of the last episode leaves the field of Herrera, instead go Perez.
Yellow card
Herrera yellow card for the failure of dangerous attacks.
Chemed leaves the field, instead it goes Kasadesus Victor.
A Pereira continues to break the right wing! It now, in my opinion, no one will stop. Incidentally, he fell again, this time in front of the penalty area. Arbitrator and this time it's falling ignored.
E-ah no, this will not work. Pereira feigned the most brazen manner. So, we had him another yellow card and give it.
Pereira falls in the penalty guests! The arbitrator does not set a penalty! It seemed to me that Michelle is really brought down. We look forward to repeating the stadium angry!
This is certainly a good thing, "Mallorca" caught on and thought that they needed to play at least 2 goals. But time is not so much.
Tissone gave a pass to the flank jewelry Pereira, the sweep to the center by Chemed, but Tomer took care of several defenders.
Herrera tried to get himself right flank, but flared up players "Mallorca" are very confident!
Iraola is trying to have their partners and fans in the stands and he did it turns out! Now the right wing sweep it into the center and earned a corner.
On the right flank sweep Alfaro, but to Chemed ball never arrived. The game became very animated, "Mallorca" looks at the moment quite well.
"Mallorca" is much better than the beginning of the first half than the first conducted. We see that the players have not lost hope of victory in this duel.
Pereira! After the rebound the ball, he picked up the ball immediately and gathering broke into the corner, but goalkeeper pulled the ball.
Second half has began
The second half began!
Second Half
First Half
Half time
Iraola threw back heel the ball to a partner, but not so elegant fold will be done. Only "honorary" whistle awarded him the platform.
Additional time
2 minutes compensates for the judge.
Oh, Llorente! This gave him a pass on Susaeta! Fernando got the ball in the penalty area, but just did not dare to break through, well, then it was too late. A very good chance lost forward "Athletics."
Now detained by the hand protector Aran "Mallorca". Penalty makes an arbitrator. good chance for the guests.
Possession: 34-66%. As it is not surprising, but in favor of "Athletics." All they are right guests.
Penalty for "Mallorca". to gate 25 meters in Tyssone ball.
Yellow card
The first yellow card. On the lawn just 2 players kept their heads, but it gets one yellow card - Amorebieta.
Forced to be replaced by an "Athletics". Limping, left the field Munyain. Instead it goes Toker.
Good for Herrera! In the style of Ronaldinho turned around and with the second contact angle shot from the penalty! I must say that Calatayud parried the blow is not without problems.
5 times in a row Munyain departing from the "outside game" shot in the free zone, but his partners attack front of goal, apparently, do not care.
Herrera now fallen on the lawn, portraying terrible sufferings. A Tissone only slightly touched his back rkoy. The arbitrator makes a foul, but I do not understand why.
With the speed of the runners are running pretty good Jamaican doctors "Athletics" to help one of his players. This Munyain stumbled upon an opponent. Replay shows that nothing serious was not there.
Joao went to the opponent's penalty area, rolled under attack and that Bigasu struck. Defenders kick blocked - will be the corner.
Llorente falls before the penalty area but the referee did not whistle a foul. Oh, we could have put the standard and may be at least something interesting happened to.
"Athletic" is clearly on the account. Quietly, not galloping ahead, and your opponent does not attack. Such a tactic on their part is absolutely correct. But he thinks Caparros, I do not understand. There is nothing to lose, the return match of the Cup.
Here he shot on goal! Let loose, but at least something! Chemed went to the penalty area, got into the penalty area and shot from the defender, but at the last moment the ball was cut from the leg and flew into the stands.
I would venture to predict the outcome of this fight: a dry draw, which is likely, or minimum 1-0 "Mallorca". Now even polumoment its weight in gold, the team does not want disclosed.
Tissone now well played with Chico on the flank, went further, he wanted to do filing, but the ball hit the foot protector. Just a touch.
Llorente gets a pass back from the depths and back it offside.
Good for Pereira, somehow revives the game in attack. Himself, though brazen, but he held several opponents, gave to the partner. For a game like this is an incredible feat.
Amorebieta fouls against Tissone. So far, a verbal warning from the referee.
If you try to give preference to one of the teams, the best looks Mallorca. Especially good Pereira, who constantly pressure the opponent in all areas of the field. But the "Athletic" is also not far behind, scoring the time already was.
Mistaken advocates of the owners, making it possible to get himself on Aran himself! But the chance he did not use - with the killer has struck straight at the goalkeeper position.
Wow! As many as two shots in 10 seconds caused the players, "Mallorca" by the rival's goal. The first blocked Llorente, and the second and flew past the gate at all.
Something resembling a poorly performed starting now in the penalty guests Alfaro. But the referee spotted it ricochet. Corner for the home team.
Kick Iraola. But he decided not to immediately submit to the penalty box for high-Llorente, the visitors played the ball.
Good for Chemed. he picked the ball in their half of the field, pushed his way among several contenders, and gave the course of their partner, but he immediately lost the ball.
Oscar Arena was able to earn second corner at the gate, "Mallorca", but he does not aggravated game.
Amorebieta boldly hung from his half right into the box to Llorente, but he was offside.
Few ran the team. Provoke Chico ran down the right flank and managed to make out near the corner flag, but his partners lost the ball immediately.
Chico returned to the field a little limp. Angle at the gate, "Mallorca". The first of the match, by the way.
For 12 minutes, and we have not seen a single blow. The second match of the day between the "Barcelona" and "Real" is sure to be much more interesting. Although it may come to their senses and the team gave us a feast of football?
Lying on the lawn of Chico, holding his leg. Apparently, he is really very painful. Now he gets help off the field.
The massive pressure applied to the selection of ball players, "Mallorca" and it gives off. The ball is now in the home team. Let's see what they can do at this time.
Herrera could disperse the counter of his team, but he fouled against. He hit him in the legs Michelle Pereira.
The right wing broke through all the same Candela, but it fed into the center did not have enough accuracy.
Now a counterattack could catch the opponent players, "Mallorca". Tissone threw the ball to move Candela, but that the ball did not, he beat the goalkeeper.
Under the whistle a few fans, "Athletic" is trying to develop his positional attack, but they do it very reluctantly guests without much speed or proactive on the front lines.
A very quiet start the match. Now with the ball players "Athletics." They calmly rolled the ball to his own penalty area. We hope that the teams only come into play and further events will develop more interesting.
Owners were able to bring the ball to the penalty area. Pereira prokidyval ball on the course itself, but some of his defenders ahead.
Footballers "Mallorca" calmly controlled the ball into center field. You can feel the contrast: in Spain it is still light, all the players running around in t-shirts. In comparison with our frosts, it is certainly the ideal conditions for playing football.
Recall, first leg soccer players won the "Athletics" 2-0. So the "Mallorca" to try hard, that would go further.
First time has began
The match started!
First Half
Good evening, ladies and lovers of Spanish football! Today will be the match in the Spanish Cup between the teams, "Mallorca" and "Athletic Bilbao". This match will be for you to comment on Gromov Nikita, enjoy.

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