Full Time
This concludes our broadcast came to an end. "Rostov", who played in the minority with a 27th minute winner at the "Etoile" in a penalty shootout 4-2. Worked for you: Tsapkin Ivan Ovcharenko and Igor.
Foul shot
Papadopoulos puts an end to the match, sending the ball into the left corner from me. "Rostov" wins on penalties 4-2
Penalty miss
No goals, it is not there. Slightly above the crossbar hit Tunisian.
Elson is accurate and cool. B is 3-2. Perhaps the strike will win "growth."
11-th number of football club "Etoile" by making equal. Having broken into the right goal.
Round-oh-oh-oh-oh-in ... Excellent performance. A little grid not broken player "Rostov". And it's already 2-1.
1-1. Africans slaughtered. It is not clear who it was.
Kolodin with a "point" is accurate. He scored elegkantym blow. 1-0.
Penalty miss
The first players will penetrate the "Etoile". Fali near the ball. Shot on goal and this bar, which is for "growth." There is no goal.
So-and-a-k .. Everyone expected a penalty shoot came. Let's look at it. Igor Ovcharenko joined me, it will help me. We look, first strikes ... I wonder who will be hit.
Foul shot
Second Half
The main time is up. The final whistle. "Rostov" 1-1 "Etaul." We are waiting for penalties, which will reveal the winner.
Additional time
Three minutes of added time the referee to the ground.
I guess we will have lotoreya, which will decide the winner of this match. We inspect the final minutes of the second half, which by 1-1.
Slightly less than five minutes left to play teams. Score still 1-1, by the way, the game has moved completely to the center of the field.
Very few teams left to play in the second half. May already be waiting for all the penalties, but maybe someone does not want her to see, because there can happen anything. Can defeat the "Etoile", which most of the match play in the numerical advantage, and maybe win, "Rostov", who wants to snatch the victory in regulation time.
Oh, what a moment at the gate "Etoile." Super-duper. I would even say. Need to score very necessary, but could not. Emelyanov joined in the attack (it himself, incidentally, created), then received a pass from a partner, and from the penalty and punched in the far "nine", but a little twisting ball, and he flew to the area of ​​the corner flag.
And now you can and score the second goal in the gate "Etoile." Runner, which is now not very active, did shed a penalty for Kruglov, but the latter was unable to transport the ball into the net. It happens. Still there is a 10-minute Th. You can lose or win.
And here is the change in the "Rostov" in the 79th minute. Mironik replaced Petrov, who was very active today. The applause of the tribunes, he left the football field. Good for you, your "bread" has completed.
And yet another dangerous attack in the performance of "Etoile." There was a quick pass through the center, and fold in trouble, which greatly struck by the gate Pesyakova, but the ball flew to the goalkeeper is not, he was stopped by a defender who currently plays for 66-th number and its name - Clerks. Perhaps the defender saved the gate from the goal.
Tunisians are very sharp attack after the break. If so, and will continue (mess in the protection of "growth") that will be a victory, "Etoile", which earned them points in the piggy bank. Well, so far without the dangerous moments is a game with us. The ball from defenders of Russia.
And that's what this attack is over. It was very interesting. We saw a short pass in the performance of players, "Etoile." Then there was not a big shift in the center and a hidden pass to a partner who went to a meeting with Petrov, but it could not beat. This is a super time at the gate, "Rostov", but a super save game for goalkeeper.
So-and-by. Now was the attack in the performance of "growth." (Interception of them the ball in midfield, I think this is similar to the counter). Petrov gave heavily grazed by Papadopoulos, but the defender knocks the ball into the subcategory of the danger zone right on your player. Now we will attack, only this time on the opposite goals. Let's see how it ends. Maybe a goal?
Let me remind you that if most of the time the match ended in a draw, then we will have a series of penalties, which will reveal the winner of this fight. So far, so for this, though, another 20-Th minutes of play. Everything can change in one day. We watch it together.
Trying to play too much football, "Etoile", but the whole team, "Rostov", which is now at its half of the field, well-protected. Let's see, we can see the hidden pass, or something new in the performance of this team, which today is reluctant to lose.
Kolodin decided to fulfill this standard. Went to the ball, held it and put in place, which have an arbitrator. Made a small run and badly struck. I wonder what happened? Me too. In general, the ball flew a little higher than the stated purpose. Goalkeeper enters the game.
Ran "Rostov" forget the second goal. There was a good attack in the performance of these players, but on the line was foul penalty. And now would be a very dangerous free kick .. It's very interesting how it will end. An excellent keeper saves a goal or missing? We look forward to.
Could not hold the advantage players "Rostov". Vmenshinstve play pretty hard. Let's see what the expense would be after the final whistle. And while it is equal. Bracamonte trouble could distinguish himself.
T-OO-OO-OO-OO-AL! Trouble! The score becomes. Able to play too much football, "Etoile." Trouble got a pass from a partner on the left flank and with an acute angle put the ball exactly in the corner. Good for you.
But now is very dangerous at the gate Pesyakova. Was a blow to the head at point blank range by an attacker, "Etoile", but the goalkeeper kept his head and was able to parry the blow. Good thing I can say.
Trying to play too much football, "Etoile." While this is not very successful. "Rostov" excellent defensive and do not let the opponent break through on goal. Well done, still need 30 minutes of hold-Th.
The goalkeeper, who came in the second half almost in the first came into the game. Now been hit with an acute angle, but Pesyakov successfully played in this episode and took the ball in his hands. Let's see what today will demonstrate that the goalkeeper.
But this standard has been drawn, but still had starting in the penalty area, where the first is on the ball and the goalkeeper picks the ball in his glove. Two corners have brought nothing "growth." Now, perhaps, be an attack, "Etoile."
A corner kick earned the players' Rostov. " Feeding was done in the area goalie, but the first was on the ball the goalkeeper, who ferried the shell of the front linuyu field with his fist. And once again be the corner. We look forward.
A lot of changes occurred after the first half. You can tell, the new team came out on the football field. It will be observed. Now, the attack was "Etoile". A player who was, I had not considered. Was a hit with the penalty but the ball flew a little higher than desired.
Very roughly, played against the runner in the area 30 meters from the gate. Kruglov decided to break the goalkeeper in a beautiful style of ball took. It looked good.
Along the same lines as the first time we pass game. So, as you know, instead of Pletikosa appeared Pesyakov! Here's another debut!
Well, another change occurred. Papadopoulos instead Bracamonte, Emelyanov instead Kocsis.
Now show us a close-up of one of the novices "Rostov". This Poloz was on the screen, which was marked by a beautiful transfer in advance.
Enough players have long thought, "Rostov" that they do with the ball eventually came to the rescue shell at selected Ghazi counsel guests, after which he carried forward the transfer, but there was no proper destination.
Played a good combination for someone else's half of the field players, "Etoile." But after a number of successful programs, one of the defenders of the nominal guests could not perform high-quality transfer ... In the end, with the ball "yellow-blue."
So, while we have been a number of changes in the "Rostov". So. Left field: Kalachev, Smolnkov, Salad, Filatov, Aumada, Chesnauskis. A left: Poloz, Elson, Petrov, Kruglov, Kolodin and Vasiliev.
Second half has began
The second half of the match began.
Second Half
First Half
With the statistics of the first time you can find in the same section
Half time
The first half ended. Coffee Break.
Chesnauskis again on the flank with a partner played a combination, and again she had failed ... So, as we will soon come to an end the first half ...
Wow! Well, at least some entertainment given us Brakomonte! After transferring from the right flank through a punched Argentine! Was impressive, but without result.
If you look carefully, all your attacks players 'Etoile' lead through the center of midfield .... Rostovites obvious problems there ...
All is well with the central defender, "Rostov", he continued the match, which is still at a moderate pace ...
Kornel Salata in the fight against Junior was injured ... Most likely he will need medical care. "That is just no injuries, guys" - as he said a classic.
Wow! The first, more or less sensible blow ... But this shot Bedu not managed to achieve the alignment of the gate ... Pletikosa did not even budge.
Ali copper broke through the center of the well, but he was then "flew" two defenders Rostovites that eventually the ball away.
Here is her god, believe it or not, but on the field do not see teams ... I'm in the sense that too faded game is happening ...
Now all the attacks, "Rostov" pass on the left flank, where it plays with Chesnauskisem Filatov. While no transfer to the left, was not successful ...
Too often violate the rules of the team in recent memory. Kalachev now, and before that Brakomonte fouled in his own half of the field.
Chesnauskis well played ball with teammate, but the last pass went out too hard ... As a result, Edgaras did not have time to ball.
Pletikosa slug fidgeted with the ball, and eventually nearly gave his opponent! But everything worked out for Rostovites. In the meantime, show the head coach.
One lost his rhythm after that match a foul, team down somewhat subdued ... With the ball a little more players are "growth", but so far to intelligent action ... In general, nothing happens now, except the rolling ball.
Now for the fun, go have a game! Immediately after removal, dramatically increased the speed ... We hope that this is not the limit. So, now Chesnauskis fell on the lawn with a defender.
Very long prepared to break the standard nominal guests, and in the end ... struck! But how! Mossab fine spun the ball into the bottom right corner of the goal! Pletikosa, not without difficulty, but still managed to save his team!
Red Card
Thus, as early on the bench goes Okoronkvo! Roughly, he played against Junior, near his own penalty area.
Ghazi is now against the rules played against Kalacheva. So, while we have replaced in the "Etoile". Amin left the field, instead it went Chuchudi.
To be honest, a little larger than expected from the match. So far, except for goals Brakomonte nothing interesting happens in this match ... Meanwhile, in offsayd climbed player "Etoile."
Filatov played with Gatskonom too "complex" combination, near the front of goal ... Simply, we must do everything easier ...
By the way, today is not the captain, "Rostov" - Roman Adamov. The fact is that before the match he had to catch a cold! As a result, instead, appeared Aumada.
Gatskan doing a good transfer to Brakomonte, but also pushed back on time, which did not give the forward to get to the promised goals.
Ziyoda with Wael played good ball in midfield, but came to the rescue Kalachev able to select the ball and eventually we will now see an attack Rostovites.
Oh-oh-oh! That is just no injuries! Lassana entered on foot near the left edge Filatov. It seems to be a player so good ... Well, thank God! We do not need a trauma!
Absolutely nothing interesting happens on the field ... It is seen that for the teams is just a sparring match. Well, hope for the best!
Here is the answer "Etoile" ... Truth once again to blow it did not come ... Tunisian midfielder the club failed to beat Isaac Okoronkvo flank. Out, we will now.
Seized control of the ball players, "Rostov" and as you can see they are not going to leave it, though different opinion counsel "Etoile", which was able to get in the subcategory "shell" for your team.
Rather unexpected goal scoring, "combine." It seems to be the same place in our game ... Nevertheless, the score is already open. We look forward.
T-OO-OO-OO-OO-AL! Brakomonte! Score of the match is open! Kocsis struggled to cool the "first floor" and then unsuccessfully released goalkeeper, knocked the ball accurately to Hector, who close range struck the gate! 1:0.
Aumada not fall without his help around the center circle. Free sing "yellow-blue."
Pretty chaotic game we have going on. While neither team does not shine by their attacking moves. Unfortunately, the impact of the match "as enough to swear."
In the offseason, "Rostov" lost a lot of important players. In turn, Maxim Grigoriev went to Moscow "Locomotive", Henry went to help Hagush "Spartacus" in Nalchik, and Anton Kochenkova completed rental agreement. But the intended Denis Kolodin, Dmitriy and Sergey Poloz Pesyakov must reimburse the club.
Chesnauskis well went into someone else's penalty area after the transfer of the depth of field, but there he met a well-rated defender guests.
Here is the Rostov got out the attack. Some of the defenders of "Rostov" well done on the diagonal of the left flank, but there the ball just a little bit not have time to Filatov.
Lassana was well on the flank, went around a couple of opponents, but at the right time entangled in their own feet. As a result, the gate strikes Stipe Pletikosa.
Nice weather today is observed in the UAE. Especially in Dubai, where the temperature exceeds 23 degrees. In general, the perfect weather for football! We shall hope that the team will not disappoint us
Kalachev good fight with an opponent in the central part of the field, but eventually he had to break the rules. Victim was ninth issue of "Etoile."
Incidentally, today's match players, "Rostov" is carried out in a new form. Now Rostovites will wear Spanish Joma. Fans of La-League, just remember that the same supplier of the form is at such clubs as the "Valencia" and "Seville". But until this form is temporary, the official presentation will take place in February.
Pretty hard for the players play a combination of "growth" until we have to match anything dangerous is not observed. The ball is very often held in the center of the field.
The teams started rather quietly this match. While they do not seek to force up the pace. On the first minute we can only note that the ball a little more than hold the players' Rostov. "
By the way, just an hour ago, ended a meeting between the "Miner" and the Olympic team in Uzbekistan (under 21). In that game the outcome of the meeting, solved a series of penalties, which won the football players from Uzbekistan. Thus, the players, "Miner" received one point, while their opponents two.
I think we should submit a current rival "yellow-blue." "Etoile de Sael"-repeated champion of Tunis, Tunisia Cup and winner of the African Champions League. If you think that today has got a rival, "Rostov" light, you are mistaken.
Whistle sounds! The match started!
First Half
Still, we have time to announce the match request "Etoile de Sael." So.

Starting line-up: 22.Thabet, 3.Gazi, 4.Fali, 5.Mossab, 9.Zhunior, 13.Zied, 17.Vael, 18.Lassao, 19.Medi Ali 26.Bedui, 31.Amin
Extra large plugs are on the road. The "Etoile" literally just arrived at the stadium. Naturally, this factor will affect the protocol team, but we will try during the game to understand who is who.
Hello, ladies and gentlemen. We welcome you to the friendly tournament Matchworld Dubai Cup. Today, his first match match of conduct "Rostov" and "Etoile de Sael." Together with you over the course of events in the match will follow Igor Ovcharenko.

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