Stadium: Estadio Santiago Bernabeu
Second Half
The final whistle!
That's it! "Real" continues to lead in La Liga, ahead of the "Barcelona" by five points!

Since you were Vladimir Gubarev! I wish you happiness, health, prior to the meeting!
Our game is gradually coming to an end. In the next round of Madrid "Real" will play at home too. At this time - against the "Zaragoza". "Athletic" is on the road will battle with newcomer La Liga "Rayo Vallecano."
So what? "Real" deservedly won "Athletic" by powerfully conducted the second half. The guests were not ready for such eerie pressure. But this is their problem. Go to the "Real" still traveling.
The last time the "Athletic" beat "Real" in the 2004/2005 season. And it was on the "Santiago Bernabeu". 0:2 - so that ended the fight. And the most effective match between the teams went into the season 1946/1947. Then, do not believe it, "Athletic" defeated "Real" in a foreign field with the score - 3:6. Cool, is not it?
AND MORE KALEHON! The irrepressible Jose! On the line, he shot a goalie above the bar, but before it seem to be hooked round opponent. Corner!
GO-OO-OO-OO-OO-O-AL! JOSE KALEHON! I am a fan of this guy's talent! Just gorgeous! Excellent Higuain played by giving an excellent transfer of the bottom diagonally Kalehona, who struck with an acute angle with his right foot into the far bottom corner. 4:1!
"Athletic" crossed midfield for the first time in the last five minutes, immediately reactive defenders of the Club of Madrid striker laid the sole guest.
Kalehon broke through on goal with goalie - round off slightly above the crossbar! Not bad in play linebacker now, "Real".
Antonio Miguel Mateu Laos worked for eight matches of the championship, which showed twenty-eight yellow cards, three players directly removed from the field and appointed four penalty kick. That's it.
Incidentally, the first match between these teams played in the season 1928/1929 period. Then the Madrid club without any problems today defeated their rivals - 5:1. Distinguished Lozano, Morera, Laztsano (double), and Lafuete Rubio. Unfortunately, I have these players even admit that I do not know.
Kalehon instead of Kaka. The Brazilian was seen in the first thirty minutes, and then somehow got lost.
Not bad in the second half are the defenders of Madrid club. At least now there are fewer failures. I think it's Jose Mourinho has already worked during the break.
WARNING! Higuain jumped on a date with the keeper managed to circle the Iraisosu Gorka, with a sharp angle shot on goal but hit the bar! Make a mistake now advocates "Athletics."
It is worth noting that the "Athletic" from Bilbao in the last five matches is not lost. It is necessary to take note of Moscow "Lokomotiv", which play with the Spanish team in the 1 / 16 of the European League.
Yellow card
Arbeloa got a yellow card. Something he said, it seems, the chief referee, as violations of the rules had not been.
Diarra went instead Granero. Esteban spent today is not the best match. It should be recognized.
Nuri Sahin today is not even in the application. One of the most promising playmakers in the world is a cage "Real" and does not get a chance. They say Jose Mourinho does not like it.
The only defeat in this tournament, "Real Madrid" on September 18 20 011 years has caused "Barcelona." That was three games ago, when the "Santiago Bernabeu" wards Josep Guardiola was dismantled piece by piece, and most players Jose Mourinho - 1:3.
In Ozil was offside. No goals here.
Peres instead Susaety.
Iguian Benzema instead.
2 goals - double
GO-OO-OO-OO-OO-O-AL! Cristiano Ronaldo! Now Cristiano has struck in the same left-hand corner, but only the bottom. 3-1!
Benzema scored, but no! Penalty at the Gates "ATHLETICS"! Immediately the red for a foul was Haran.
Why? Fernando Lrente had a pretty good match, scoring the ball, and in general has been very active. Oscar Arana shot from twenty-six feet - Casillas is not reached for the ball, which flew by.
Instead Llorente appeared Toker, and instead of Amorebieta - Ibay.
Today, as you already understood, not on the football field, Pepe, who is rude entered the Cup match against Spain's "Barcelona", deliberately stepping into the hands of Lionel Messi. Although opornik-back "Real" saying that he did not do it on purpose, it was clear that Pepe had seen everything. This does not characterize his best. Is this true?
Referee our meeting - Antonio Miguel Mateu Laos. Lucky me to the matches of the arbitrator. This season, he worked for two games in Madrid "Real". First wards Jose Mourinho on the road without any problems overcome "Malaga" - 0:4, and then smashed home "Athletics" - 4:1. Lucky for "cream" the referee.
Kaka struck for some reason, very high. Now a logical question. "Why do you, Kaka, broke so high?"
Whatever did not speak, but the game of "Real" is now being built by Casillas, Ramos and Alonso. It's like Xavi, Iniesta and Messi in the "Barcelona". No one else can fit into this "divine three."
Yellow card
Ramos received a yellow card for rough foul in midfield. Do not even argue one of the leaders of the "Real" now.
Needless to say, that in the last five-person meetings, these teams Madrid "Real" to win five times? At the same wards Jose Mourinho scored eighteen goals and five missing. Interestingly, a lot of chances today, "Athletics"?
Cristiano clocked up an opponent on the left flank, was on the lawn, but there was no violation of the rules. The arbitrator allowed to play. Portuguese unhappy.
Ten minutes after the break is over. Nowhere now in no hurry to Madrid club. I would place the guests now playing on the defensive, and then in the end, if you do not miss the third, went to equalize.
What I like Cristiano, so then he started to do a penalty. That does not blow, then on horseback, so as not to have a chance at keeper. This, of course, cool.
Marcelo worked great on my wing, so the counter of the guests did not work. On goal from the right edge stranger struck penalty Munyain - close to the pole.
Cristiano Ronaldo received the ball in the center of someone else's half of the field, tried to pass in the right flank - did not work. On the counter can run into the players masters now.
Koentrau rushed to greet the crest of his captain and the author's second goal scored "Real". Cristiano rejoiced, as the commentator said Ukrainian Krutorogov as if the World Cup win.
Lionel Messi today hat-trick at the Gates "Malaga." In general, "Barca" won with a score - 1:4. Now a three-time winner of the "Golden Ball" is the top scorer in La Liga (twenty-two goals), although not a he. Cristiano also scored and caught up with the Argentinean on this indicator.
GO-OO-OO-OO-OO-O-AL! Cristiano Ronaldo! From the penalty spot struck Cristiano exactly in the upper left corner of the goal Iraisosa. 2-1!
Yellow card
Yellow was Itturaspe.
At half-time coach of the team changes are not made. At this time Itturaspe brought his team a penalty! He broke the rules on Kaka!
Second half has began
The second half started! Come on, guys! It will be fun.
Second Half
First Half
Half time
The first half is over! 1:1 - and it was lucky the "Real", to be honest. Rest for fifteen minutes. Break!
It's all right with Casillas. 51% to 49% - possession. I think here you are free to draw a conclusion.
Iker Casillas rushed out of the gate and took the ball from the subcategory Susaety Markel, during which the keeper of "Real" was damaged. Does need to be replaced? Do not believe it!
No, there was a penalty. Kaka fell in another penalty against the defender, but he did not break the rules. This was clearly evident on repeat.
WARNING! Arbeloa and Varan fail all the time! Now Fernando Llorente had his second opportunity to take issue. In the penalty with his left foot struck it inaccurate, although there was one in front of the gate.
Kaka took the oversight of defenders and shot on goal from the right corner of a foreign goalie - next to the reception flew round!
That can not be called "Real" one hundred percent favorite right now. Just can not. The team seems to like and controls the game, but at the same time ignores the dangerous attacks through the flanks.
Marcelo picked up the ball in someone else's free kick, back heel otpasoval to Benzema, who with twenty-three feet in just bummed gloves Iraisose Hill. Nothing dangerous.
Today, Iker Casillas holds six hundredth match at the Madrid club T-shirt! Congratulations on a great goalie today with such notable for his birthday! Up to seven stone's throw, however, Iker? How to let Raul. He did more than 700 matches held at the "Real."
WARNING! Again, break the defense of the "Real" football guests ended up with a blow of twenty-four feet from Oscar Arana - projectile traveled to twenty inches from the far post.
Fernando Llorente is quite promising young footballer, who is about to shoot. Today, he has scored.
Benzema received after the bounce the ball on the right corner of a foreign goalkeeper, broke into the near corner head - Hill Iraisos easily picked up a shell in his gloves.
In general, the game looks. Honestly, for me the championship of Spain is somewhere between Germany and France, and Germany above La Liga. Purely my opinion. For many it is different, and it was good.
"Athletic" from Bilbao this season stands pretty well. The team is currently in seventh place, behind the "Osasuna" and "Española", which already played their first round matches, one and two points respectively. In the case of today's victory, "Athletic" will rise immediately in fifth place.
Yellow card
Cristiano Ronaldo received a yellow card for the failure of the attack "Athletics." Away from an arbitrator? Give two yellow, and goodbye. Roughly because it played. I do not understand the referee.
Now Slutsky must take and take notes all the sketches Guardiola Bielsa (last - only in part, as a result of the match is not yet known). Tell me, with the "Real" can not play? You can! And beat him to!
Yellow card
Yellow card received Oscar Arana now for a foul on the left flank of the attack "Real" against Mesut Ozila.
GO-OO-OO-OO-OO-O-AL! Marcel! The magnificent combination of the players now turned "Real" on the line someone else's punishment, which Marcelo jumped on a date with the keeper of guests and successfully defeated him, breaking under the crossbar. 1:1!
Cristiano Ronaldo on the left flank hung on the line of the penalty, from Karim Benzema struck in touch with the right foot - it is not quite hit Fernando Llorente. "Round" has gone above the crossbar.
Esteban Granero struck the gate with a twenty-eight feet - Iraisos Hill took the shell in his gloves. There is still work at the keeper guests.
Fernando Llorente is not very well turned into someone else's punishment, in consequence of that he has the ball away. By the way, unprepared for the lawn out today guests. All the while, they glide.
In Oscar Arana was offside. 1.1 under the provisions of "offside".
They say that there are certain problems in the locker room at the "Real". For me it was a candid news, as Jose Mourinho - a great psychologist, and his ex-players are very fond of. But the "Marca" has published a rather interesting conversation. Here it is.

Mourinho [Sergio Ramos before all the players and coaches], "You in the press just killed me."
Ramos: "No, coach, you only read what is written in the press, but not what we say."
Mourinho: "Yeah, now that the Spaniards - the champions of the world, you protect your friends are good journalists ... protect both goalies."
Iker Casillas: "Coach, we have actually decided to say everything in person."
Mourinho (Ramos): "Where were you when scored the first goal?"
Ramos: "I covered the Pike."
Mourinho: "And Puyol had to cover."
Ramos: "Yes, but they changed places with Piquet, so we decided to change trustees."
Mourinho: "What I hear? Now you have a coach?"
Ramos: "No, but depending on the situation, sometimes it is necessary to change position. You do not know this, because you never played football."
What is it? Oscar Arana now did not get the ball off the line goalie after a shot Munyaina. Casillas was on the lawn. An empty net. 0:2 should be. "Real" lucky.
Kaká received the ball in front of someone else's punishment, rushed in and struck with his right foot slightly inaccurate. 04.02 in shock. In this case the score is 0-1.
Despite today's victory, "Barcelona", the Madrid team continues to lead in the Spanish La Liga. The distance between these teams has two points. Therefore, in case of victory the hosts' cream 'get ahead' blue garnet "at five points.
Fernando Llorente got the ball on the right edge of another's penalty area, pushed it towards the penalty spot, and there's great safety net to play Sergio Ramos.
I have never seen such an unorganized game of Jose Mourinho's charges. The "Chelsea", "Port" and "Inter" was not like this. But this is the "Royal Club". It's all in a special way.
Llorente did not have time for the young Raphael Varan, Arbeloa also lost his position. But the attack came through the zone of Marcelo, who lost in a strange half.
Seriously, is typing, which meant that the right flank of the "Athletics" in the starting period of time is very active. And then bam - a goal.
GO-OO-OO-OO-OO-AL! Fernando Llorente!
Cristiano Ronaldo struck the gate, a shell went over the "wall" and a meter from the right rack. Hill Iraisos all controlled.
Cristiano Ronaldo was on his legs from Ander Itturasle. Meters to the gate about twenty-five. Maybe a bit less. Now would be dangerous. It is very dangerous.
Xabi Alonso suffered in center field. "Athletic" is trying to play on the counterattack, and the team played pretty good defense in these minutes.
Mesut Ozil has shifted from the right flank to the center, with his left foot struck Esteban Granero - Iraisos Hill took the shell in his gloves.
Jose Mourinho laughing hysterically right now with his assistant. Good mood - it's great, really. At this time, "Athletic" poorly played corner. Counterattack owners.
The home team played under the scheme: 4-2-3-1. At the gate Casillas. The defenders (from left to right): Marcelo, Varan, Ramos and Arbeloa. Couple opornikov: Alonso Granero. Trio attacking midfielders on the left - Cristiano Ronaldo, right - Kaka, in the center - Ozil. In one attack Benzema.
Mesut Ozil received the ball on the penalty, turned around and tried to transfer Karim Benzema - did not work. Defenders in the striped form great play.
Very confident the players are "Athletics." "Real" started the game in his trademark style: carefully, slowly, with awareness of his greatness.
Guests today are the following scheme: 4-3-3. At the gate Iraisos. The defenders (from left to right): Amorebieta, San Jose, Martinez, Iraola. The trio of midfielders on the left - Arana, right - Herrera, in the center - Itturasle. The attack is as follows: left - Munyain, right - Susaeta, center - Llorente.
Not bad on the right flank has accelerated Markel Susaeta, followed by transfer to the near post, but the ball flew over the front line of the field. Goal kick.
Karim Benzema hit the dubious offside.
Angle did not come from players of "Real", but they keep possession. On the selection of cool himself played Mesut Ozil.
In the first attack Kaka managed to earn for their team a corner on the right flank. Mesut Ozil ran implement the standard.
In the center of the ball players own the "Athletics". That's it. "Real" is still in its half of the field. "Santiago Bernabeu" is not filled with one hundred percent.
The home team now play in white, and Marcelo Bielsa players - in the red and white. Gates of Iker Casillas picture on the TV are on the left, and the frame Iraisosa Hill - on the right.
First time has began
The match started! Let's go! We wish the teams to show a beautiful, interesting and effective game. With the center of the field began to players "Athletics"!
First Half
Moment of silence ... Touching on music, "Santiago Bernabeu".
The teams are already in the "About Match!"
Good night, dear football fans! After two supermatchey in the championship of England, we go with you to Madrid, where the local "Real" will try to break away from the "Barcelona". Contestant - "Athletic" from Bilbao. In the "commentary booth" Vladimir Gubarev!

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