Stadium: Fritz-Walter-Stadion
Second Half
The final whistle. "Kaiserslautern" was unable to score, "Bremen". The final result - 0-0. No goals today, "Fritz-Walter-Shtadion"

Since you were Tsapkin Ivan. Thank you for your attention. Take care of yourself.
Additional time
One minute, the referee adds to production time.
Really want to beat the home team. Bugera was now already in the attack, namely the penalty, from which dealt a serious blow to the gate, but it turned out exactly in the center. Wonderful time.
And here's another change in the composition of the home team. Oliver instead Tiffert.
Absolutely nothing is left to play players. Perhaps today will be a draw. I'd be right, but I thought it would be pocketed balls today. Probably a mistake. But there is still some time.
What is now done by Kevin. Pizarro from close range to beat the goalkeeper failed to pass after a fine of Papastatopulosa, which has a yellow card. This was the final assault in performance reviews?
Absolutely nothing dangerous happens on the pitch. Teams in the attack in no hurry. Store power for the final assault. Very soon we will see him, and the account still has not changed - 0-0. The game is equal to the second half.
Yellow card
Once again, the yellow card. And now for the "mustard plaster" wins "Bremen". Schmitz got it for the failure of the attack.
And now some statistics. Shock win by "Kaiserslautern" - 13.11. But by the shots fired in the gate at this point wins, "Werder Bremen" - 3-4. And on the football field a little lull.
Yellow card
Bargfrede Philip receives a "yellow card". Now, two-two on yellow cards. Very little time left to play the teams in this match. The account still has not changed.
But now it was necessary to score a goal against the hosts. A little wrong they are. Pizarro burst into the penalty "Kaiserslautern" ramp jeopardize their partner, it was Marcus, but the latter struck exactly at the goalkeeper in the penalty mark.
Good speed show both teams. Nobody wants to play today. Yes, and draw one of the teams are not satisfied. Come on, guys. We need goals. We can only wait and hope.
And here and send a replacement. The first after the break took place in the "Kaiserslautern". Instead, the field appeared Fortunisa Jorgensen.
Yellow card
And again, "yellow card". Tiffert hit the opponent's feet - a card for a foul.
Long in the making to the players of this standard. The result was very dangerous. So-and-a-k .. We read. Tiffert struck on the "wall", but got into woodwork. The crossbar is today for the home team.
Yellow card
But a second yellow card of the match. Only now in the "Kaiserslautern". Svirzhok received it for a rough tackle near the penalty the hosts. Once again, the penalty would be dangerous.
But the story was a beautiful moment in the long run. Pizarro himself has earned and he decided to fulfill this standard, but it turned out exactly the "stenochku," which stood 5-Th man.
Violation of the rules of the arbitrator recorded near the penalty the hosts. Pizarro was on the lawn after a collision with a defender. It is a dangerous free kick from Bremen players will perform. A good chance to run the story.
Here again the moment the guests at the gate. Florian from the penalty and sent the ball under the crossbar, but the missile flew a little above the gate. Two points in two minutes. Do not want to play the hosts. They need a victory in this match.
And here again dangerous moment at the gate of Tim Wiese. Bugera did shed a corner in the district goalie, there is "up" won Simunek, which struck a little above the target. This is the first danger in the second half.
All is well with the player, "Kaiserslautern". He was already on the football field. I hope more of them did not happen. Injuries do not want us to start the second half. By the way, the football player for two minutes, got help from physicians.
Simunek was injured in a fight with a rival. It will take him to medical help he gets behind the field.
Substitutions at half-time was not, so teachers rely on their artists, which they put at the beginning of the match. About change in the composition can be forgotten in the 60th minute. By the way, those who have forgotten, then the 25th minute was the replacement of part of visitors. Prödl injured.
Second half has began
The second half began. Now we will deal with the trains.
Second Half
First Half
Half time
Nothing dangerous team created for this moment - a break. Score at halftime 0-0. But the first segment of the match for the hosts.
Additional time
Three minutes added to referee the first half.
And here is the dangerous moment. Right at the end of the first half. Dorje struck from the penalty kick is very strong, but Tim Wiese chose the position well and was able to reflect this powerful blow from an attacker.
And again a little lull. Slightly less than five minutes to play ostetsya teams. It is already possible to make small findings. In the first half we saw a good football played by both teams. Well done, the players today are configured only to win. We are waiting for a break and then continue the most interesting match.
Once again, a wave of attacks. Only now attacking football, "Kaiserslautern". Svirzhok shot along the gate Wiese, and none of the partners could not close this transfer, the defenders prevented, and in fact was a perfect moment to open an account in this match.
That's how I talk in a little earlier. Although 80% of the ball, but this team can lose. Now ran into a counter-owners. Pizarro received the ball on the right and slightly shifted to the center, and then decided to break heavily on goal. It turned out not where methyl forward. Shot, I guess.
Yellow card
In the on-the-t. It remains only to see the goal scored in the first half. Now Papastatopulos slapped his legs opponent, for which he won the first match in the "yellow card". Another 10 minutes and diamonds play teams in the first half. Quite a bit, and then will be the 15 th break.
70% -30% - a possession for the moment. Full advantage of the hosts. But in football is not the main statistics and, more importantly how many times the ball has crossed the line of the field. Anything can happen. Teams may have 80% of the ball, and eventually lose the match.
Slightly more than 30 minutes played football. She was beaten and dangerous moments, were controversial episodes, only goals scored and "mustard plaster" we have not seen. Nothing, yet 60 minutes to play tons of commands.
By the way, today's match referee - Robert Hartmann. That he has not appointed a net penalty to the gate, "Bremen". Maybe I slept episode or not considered hand, because there were many players in the penalty guests.
But now it was a penalty. Net penalty, but the referee judged the episode on the hosts. The ball fell into the hands Ignevski. Side arbitrator also silent. Well, no, we will look further. After a lot of time.
It is. Can not continue playing back the guests. It took a forced change in the 25th minute. Sylvester, Michael appeared on the football field instead of the victim.
Prödl faced striker when he escaped the attack. The defender suffered an injury. Now he will need medical care. There is a feeling that the game will not be able to continue. Will be hoping that nothing serious had happened.
But this moment. I would even say so - momentische-ee-ee! Should be punished for such errors. Gross error in the defense of the home team. They lost the ball out of the blue. Schmitz was the first in the selection and completed a shed in the penalty area, the first was Rosenberg who hit the woodwork, and the finishing was Ignevski, but the defender was able to block the kick.
Good attack we saw. Without any center field played both teams. Well done. Two - one for the dangerous moments in favor of the guests. Now a little lull. Soon to be a continuation of these attacks. Now rested players. (A little joke).
Svirzhok now decided to try his luck. By the way, it's written in our protocol with English letters. I think that will fix later. He struck from the penalty, but the guard frame "Bremen" was canceled. Without any problems he dealt with this blow.
Come moments. Uh, like let's go. Once again, his attack had players from the football club "Werder Bremen". Pizarro would like to bring your partner to meet with the goalkeeper, but at the last moment was able to break this pass defender. This is the second error in two minutes in the defense of the owners. You have to be careful.
So begins an error in center field. It has become very confusing to me in the situation of the players "Kaiserslautern" lost ball and brought his counterattack. Of course, it does not end danger. Ekichi made a bad translation of his partner, namely the right flank, there was Marcus, but the latter was unable to continue the attack. At this point he did not have the technology to stop the ball.
Absolutely nothing interesting happens on the pitch. If this continues, then we'll criticize anyone? Whom to discuss? Someone praise? Give me. We want a lot of dangerous things and neglected animals. I understand it correctly? You support me, the fans?
Now we show the statistics operators first minutes of this meeting. 76% - is in possession of the ball players ... How do you think, who wins on this indicator? Of course, it hosts the football field. As long as everything goes according to plan Kurtz.
Previous match was over, "Kaiserslautern". Then Marco Kurz's wards have won, "Werder Bremen" with a score of 2-1. This fight took place on December 18, 2010.
Nothing we can not see the dangerous moments. Teams play very tight. Defended as necessary. Not at all the space at the attackers as a single command, and at the other. I think it will soon begin to errors in the defense.
And here is the first violation of the rules. Jan Simunek has violated the rules near his own penalty, playing roughly against Ekichi. Lucas Schmitz ran this standard, making the supply in the penalty area, but none of the partners was not able to podderzhat.Trapp Kevin comes into play.
Ta-ah-ah-to. Let's see who is the form in which today plays. Footballers "Kaiserslautern" is already running in the dark-red uniforms, and their opponent, that is, "Werder Bremen" - white and green. A little understood. It now remains to wait for the dangerous moments and goals scored.
In a quiet pace began our meeting. Teams in the attack in no hurry. Now, "Werder" control of the ball in their half of the field. Interestingly, even very interesting, with the score ends meet? After all, the team are absolutely the same. My opinion - would be a draw, but both teams will be able to distinguish himself.
First time has began
Whistle. The match started. Good luck to the teams. Let the best man win.
First Half
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