Stadium: The Reebok Stadium
Second Half
The final whistle!
That's it! "Bolton" did not leave a chance to "Liverpool" - 3:1! The team got out of the basement standings!

Since you were Vladimir Gubarev! I wish you happiness, health, prior to the meeting!
Yellow card
Kate received a yellow card for a rough foul on another side of the field.
Instead, the Eagles went Sanli.
Gradually ends our match. "Bolton" in the next round of play at home with the London "Arsenal" and "Liverpool" on the road immediately with "Vulverhemponom", followed by matches, note the "Tottenham", "Manchester United", "Everton" and the "Arsenal" . That's it.
Chris Eagles left the great Johnson and shot on goal from the penalty and is very inaccurate. The last minute of normal time of our match kicked off.
Still, there is a replacement. Davis instead N'Goga. Logical!
Yeah, Owen Coyle did not even think to make the replacement today. So what? The team did not look tired, and the opponent is not much running out. Little is left to the end.
And tomorrow, just can not see the last two matches twenty-second round. "Manchester City" - "Tottenham" and the "Arsenal" - "MJ". Two magnificent fight. It will be cool, I can assure you!
The only goalless match today - a duel, "Norwich" from "Chelsea", which was the opening of the twenty second round of the Premier League. In addition, the match was played six more meetings, which were culled twenty-three ball. Not bad, eh? Together with our - twenty-seven.
By the way, Kevin Freund for the first time this year working on a duel with "Bolton." About the "Liverpool" is impossible to say. This referee was working on two games, "Red." First wards Kenny Dalglish beat "Wolves," and then on the road gave way to "Fulham".
Steven Gerrard has once again broken the rules of the match on another side of the field. It is from weakness. "Liverpool" will hardly be able to score at least another ball.
Chris Eagles broke through on goal with his right foot from the penalty - the projectile went to two meters from the far post. A little luck now the seventh number of owners.
By the way, "Bolton" in the Premier League met with "Liverpool" twenty-five times, three of which ended in victory today's hosts. Amazing stats, right?
Without any problems! Craig Bellamy's shot from near the penalty in the bottom corner - Adam Bogdan managed to save his team. There was not difficult, believe me.
As I understand it, replace with "Bolton" would follow in the last minute. On the eighty-third to ninety-fourth, probably. This is my prediction.
Harry Redknapp is on the podium. Uncle Lempsa, but not if you need to prepare for the match with "Manchester City"? Apparently, Harry had already built a winning plan.
Fifteen minutes of the game + additional time. All this for "Liverpool". "Bolton" has done his job and did it just fine.
Andrew Carroll from the penalty and missed the ball, Zet Knight was the first in the selection, but Gerrard broke the rules. The captain is very upset.
In the last ten games of the teams in the Premier League certainly won today's guests, with four "Victoria" Kenny Dalglish's wards have extracted the stadium is "Reebok." Series continues today? Probably not.
With his left foot struck the gate, Daniel Agger - hit the crossbar! Adam Bogdan could not reached for the ball, fly he had the target.
Seventy minutes of the game is over. Fans of "Bolton" is already partly celebrating the victory, applauding his players even when unsuccessful transmissions.
Andrew Carroll poorly handled the ball in someone else's punishment - a goal kick to Adam Bogdan.
Andrew Carroll today not the best way is. Two goals from him this season, it is better to Torres, who seventeen games in a row does not clog. Players in general are eighty-five million. Mama mia.
Kevin Friend, as I said, worked for eleven matches the English Championship, which showed forty-one yellow card, once removed the player directly, and twice a penalty. Here's a he, Kevin Friend.
Dirk Kuyt and Stewart Downing and Adam Rodriguez instead. I'm guessing a replacement. Rodriguez was harder to guess. Well, okay.
Yellow card
Zhёltaya kartochka Jose Эnrike for Fall of powers flank against Krysa Iglza.
"Bolton" misses an incredible amount. Forty-six goals in twenty-one match - more than two per contest. With such statistics can hardly be far away. And then there Cahill sold in "Chelsea". Trouble, trouble, but not today.
Another corner earned the players 'Bolton'. 4.4 on Corner. It is unfortunate now played football standard in white-black uniform. On the counterattack might run into, but this did not happen.
Many shelters in the penalty box, "Bolton" we see today. In general, it is logical. Not for nothing that the two-meter Andrew Carroll to keep the field.
Craig Bellamy got his hand on the face, but the chief referee did not notice the incident. Since Craig is okay.
We decided to visit to go ahead just ahead. It did not leave it in Charlie Adam. I would like to ask Kenny Dalglish: whether a replacement today? And how many? Kate is needed on the field. This is completely accurate.
Not really envy now fans of "Liverpool", which are now supporting his head and plucked uncivilized words in my head. All of this happened.
"Liverpool" this season, scored twenty-four ball, except for this match. One of the worst performance of the Premier League this year. By the way, for the "red" this season in terms of goals scored - the worst of the last twenty. Impressive, is not it?
We allude to the operators that the ball after a pass from the corner of Martin Petrov flew to the front line of the field. Frankly - went out. All these excuses.
GO-OO-OO-OO-OO-OO-AL! GRETAR STEYNSSON! Martin Petrov hung at the far post, a shell flew from there to the area of the penalty spot, where Gretar Steynsson, fell, struck in the left bottom corner Pepe Reina - 3:1!
On the left flank took the ball, Martin Petrov, he tried to get around an opponent. It did not work. Angle at the gates of Liverpool team earned a masters.
Fifty minutes, fifty minutes. That's a lot or a little? Appropriate to be sung - and forty minutes, forty minutes ... Well, okay.
A small fire broke out at the gates of "Liverpool", but in time realized the players to make the guests round for the sideline of the field.
"Liverpool" was released in the second half is loaded into the struggle. What can I say? I think guests will be able to save the match, but this is only my humble opinion. To bet on that, "Bolton" yet to score.
Second half has began
The second half started! Let's go!
Second Half
First Half
Half time
The first half is over! 2:1 - coming sensation, but "Liverpool" there are forty-five minutes in order to prevent it from happening. And yet - a break!
WARNING! Martin Petrov's free-kick struck from twenty-four feet - Pepe Reina saved his team. A "earned" this standard is Charlie Adam.
Again Bellamy offside.
Mark Davis went to a different penalty in the left flank, shot to the near rack - Pepe Reina played a great outlet. Counterattack with "Liverpool" did not work because of offside Bellamy.
Craig Bellamy sped up the left flank, performed chamber-kick - with gloves of Adam Bogdan shell.
Referee our meeting - Kevin Friend from Leicestershire. This season, he worked for eleven matches of English Premier poured. Not really, he stands out for its rigor. But this by looking which way you look, right?
Forty minutes of the game is over. What can I say? "Bolton" hooked. Seriously hooked after the second goal scored. Owen Coyle made a mistake here. He is not jumping on the verge of the technical area, urging his boys.
Now after all is interesting. I'm sure. "Liverpool" will run through the comparison, the guests will appear holes in the defense than the players can take advantage of "Bolton".
GO-OO-OO-OO-OO-O-AL! Craig Bellamy! Bogdan made ​​a bomb from the gate, Charlie Adam won the horse fighting, then head in center field played Carroll, doing the exact an assist on Craig Bellamy, who ran away from defenders and sold out one by one. 2-1!
Craig Bellamy struck the corner from the right corner of a foreign goalkeeper gloves just in Adam Bogdan. As is now rubbing their hands ominously fans of "Arsenal", relying on his team, which will tomorrow oh how hard it is.
Instead, let Adam Downing, and instead Carroll - Keith. And, perhaps, was the result. At least I would have done. But Kenny Dalglish his vision of the game.
Despite the huge amount of high quality midfielders, the "Liverpool" obvious problems in midfield. What should I do? Oh, I do not know. Oh, I do not know.
For half an hour of "Liverpool" was not a single chance to get the ball into the goal, "Bolton." I would like to compare the total cost of the players hosts and guests. I think the difference would be dolled up.
That's how it is, dear friends. The team, which is the nineteenth in the standings, replays English nobleman with a score - 2:0.
GO-OO-OO-OO-OO-O-AL! Nigel Reo-Coker! Great! On the right flank of the Eagles played in the wall with Reo-Coker, followed by transfer to Davis, who from the penalty and sent a shell near the penalty spot area, where there was Nigel, who easily beat Pepe Reina! 2-0!
Knight was able to pick up Zet ball from Maxi Rodriguez in the penalty area, "Bolton", but before it was the hand of the player's owners.
"Bolton Wanderers" in this season does not look like himself to himself. Owen Coyle is already beginning to be afraid of in his work. Nineteenth place in the standings - a terrible outcome, is not it? To the zone rescue a pair of glasses, but they still have to earn it.
More than half of the meeting is over. You know, even without Harry Cahill defense, "Bolton" looks pretty good. Although this is probably because the "Liverpool" little attacks.
As was Andrew Carroll offside.
Fans of the club need to be patient and just enjoy their football players. Yes, they now show is not the best football, yes, no heads, yes, there is beauty in the game, but it's still building the team, which will take probably a couple of years.
Craig Bellamy pulled the center of the penalty to a stranger, but Zet Knight was able to knock out the same shell in the subcategory for the sideline of the field. Not bad, not bad.
While completely invisible Andrew Carroll. At a time when everyone laughs with Fernando Torres and his goalless drought, everybody forgets about this young man. I knew that it overestimated the time, so forgive the fans of "Liverpool".
Pepe Reina is now well out of his start his goalie in the penalty line, managing to knock out round the side of a failed transmission Henderson.
Charlie Adam is very often mistaken in the first twenty minutes. His company can not get the transfer. Great masters still active.
Starting line-up of "Liverpool", except for the suspended Suarez, probably the strongest of the season. Kenny Dalglish at this time does not have to replace Carroll, releasing it instead of Keith. "The great Kenny" has decided not to depart from his favorite circuit, releasing players for 4-5-1: Reina in goal, defense (from left to right) - Henry, Agger, Skrtel and Johnson, the middle line (left to right) - Rodriguez , Gerrard, Adam Henderson and Bellamy. The Edge - Andrew aforesaid.
David N'Gog has a shell on the penalty, broke through a - round went well above the crossbar, and flew it is not particularly strong. Pepe Reina controlled the situation.
Gretar Steynsson received the ball on the right flank, hung on the nearest bar - Jose Enrique has a shell on his chest and began to attack his team.
Owen Coyle's great works on the edge of the technical area, beckoning his players to act better in the attack. Where else better? Early goal was a success? Was a success. That's it.
Owen Coyle has released the exact same structure that was destroyed by "Manchester United" in the last round, namely (Scheme: 4-4-1-1): Bogdan at the gate, the defenders (from left to right) - Ricketts, Knight, Wheater and Steynsson; midfield (left to right) - Petrov, Muamba, Reo-Coker and Eagles, in an attack a N'Gog, and under him is Mark Davis.
Maxi Rodriguez got a gorgeous transfer in a strange penalty, earn himself the head shell, after which he got in his hand. A direct free kick.
By the way, "Arsenal" is a game in hand, but it is opposed to "Manchester United". But the "Newcastle" has been destroyed, "Fulham" - 5:2. There is a chance for visitors to climb to sixth position.
"Liverpool" is in seventh position in the standings, behind the "Manchester City" by sixteen points. The nearest competitors - "Newcastle" and "Arsenal" - around the corner. One point is - is this distance in football? No, of course.
As dangerous! Wow! Chris Eagles robbed Jose Enrique on another side of the field, raced to the gate on the front lines shot along a frame - no one touched the ball.
Agger completed pass on the left flank, moved to the center, where he received his legs. Dissatisfied footballer "Liverpool", but the violation of the rules - an important part of football as ... as the errors of judges, I guess.
Quite unexpectedly opened an account in our game. In "Bolton", incidentally, is the highest in the Premier League on the number of punches. Today, he is already confirmed.
GO-OO-OO-OO-OO-O-AL! Mark Davis! Martin Skrtel was wrong position, has missed the central part of the defense, which broke Mark Davis and accurate blow with his left foot from the penalty and sent round to the lower right corner of the goal Pepe Reina. 1:0 - this is so here!
David N'Gog, who now plays for the first time against his former team, broke the rules on the left, dropping onto the lawn Jose Enrique.
Five minutes of the game is over. While there is a fight for the ball. Despite the fact that the "Liverpool" incredibly strong today mean line, the owners of well controlled bomb in the center of the field.
Adam Bogdan, who recently missed a ball from the goalkeeper, picked up a shell in his gloves after a failed transfer of Craig Bellamy.
Immediately followed by the transfer of the right flank of Mark Davis, had not the ball, Martin Petrov. Out to wards Kenny Dalglish.
The home team now play in the white-black uniforms, and players Kenny Dalglish - in the red. Gates Adam Bogdan on the TV picture on the left, and the frame Pepe Reina - on the right.
First time has began
The match started! Let's go! We wish the teams to show a beautiful, interesting and effective game. With the center of the field began to players' Bolton! "
First Half
The teams are in the "About Match!"
Good evening, ladies and football fans! Our website continues to report the news twenty-second round of the Premier League. Now we will gradually end the match Saturday program, "Bolton" - "Liverpool." In the "commentary booth" Vladimir Gubarev!

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