36' Penalty
Nene Anderson
65' Goal
Kevin Gameiro
73' Goal
Kevin Gameiro
90' Goal
Nene Anderson
Second Half
That's it. The final whistle. "PSG" wins a "Saber" on the road. Nene and Gameyro formalized by double.

Since you were Tsapkin Ivan. Thank you for your attention. Take care of yourself.
T-OO-OO-OO-OO-OO-O-R! 0-4! Already just finish the match. And how do you think, who could distinguish himself? A-aa?. It was not-e-ee-ee-ee-n-n-n-ee-ee. Bravo! He was able to draw a double in this match. Molodchinka. Chamber into the penalty area and Nene hits the gate. This is a rout. Cool. Very cool.
Additional time
Two minutes of added arbitrator.
Let me remind those who forgot. Today could distinguish himself: Nene on 36th minute with a penalty. And Gameyro, which has issued two minutes take.
Slightly less than five minutes to play teams. I do not think that will be added time, though, can add one minute. Let's see, very much bored by the end.
Just moments are not the team. The ball is always in the center of the field. Then one team, then another. Already everyone is waiting for the final whistle. Fans quietly leave the podium.
That comes to an end our fight. "PSG" without any problems beat players from the club "Sables". But the hosts played very well, were dangerous moments were accurate strikes. It was everything. Well done. By the way, we have not yet been "mustard plaster". A referee on the field in general is? It is strange. Or maybe it's a good thing.
Three replacement coach has done "Saber". Out: Dupont, J., Tertereau. And who came out already, I do not know. Lineups terrible. What else can I say.
And now to kick the hosts. The coach already jumped, but little did not have enough players. Who was hit, I did not notice. It was a beautiful, strong blow with a 30-meter, but the ball scribbled the crossbar and went out the gate. Do not give up "Saber". Good job, guys.
Now the last change in the composition of the guests. Author double gives way to the football field. But instead, Guillaume Hoarau. Slightly less than fifteen minutes to play teams.
T-OO-OO-OO-OO-OO-O-R! 0-3! Already you can just finish the match. Showered with owners. Already coach and accepted defeat. Gameyro Kevin scored the third goal in the gate "Saber". And draws a double. Well played by the guests in the second half. Kevin now on 25-meter broke under the crossbar.
So-and-a-k .. Forward scored. Midfielder distinguished. It remains only to beat the defender, and goalkeeper can. Again, I'm kidding. In the meantime, we have a lull in the ballpark. None of the teams is in no hurry to attack. "Saber" already knows that win or a draw is not to take the brush up and "PSG" saves power for the next fight.
And this is the first goal for Kevin Cup in France. Let's congratulate him .. Ur-a-ah-ah .. Good for you, what else can you say. Beautiful goal scored by midfielder.
T-OO-OO-OO-OO-OO-O-R! 0-2! It is already possible to finish the match. I was joking. Gameyro Kevin scored the second goal in the collar of the owners. And how do you think, who gave a pass to the author's goals? It was ... No-e-n-e-e. Goal + pass from him today. Excellent transfer to the area and the penalty mark Gameyro punches to right bottom corner. No chance.
Again, H-ee-ee-ee-n-e-ee! Already need to score. No, he just gets its way today. really wants to take issue. Much he had struck from the penalty mark, after the excellent pass from a partner, but went straight to the guard "Saber". What is the point? C-oo-oo-oo-n-e-e-r-r time!
And now a dangerous response from the guests. Maxwell found at the far post Nene, who has struck without interference to the left "nine", but the ball flew in millimeters from the bar. Good chance.
And once again dangerously at the gate, "PSG". Tertereau shifted slightly in the center and paid a tight shot on goal Sirigu, but the goalkeeper in a beautiful jump sends the projectile on a corner kick. The standard has not brought anything dangerous.
Like I said. Substitution in the "PSG". This is the second change in the composition. Shanti is giving way to Armand.
All. Calmed down a game to the 60 th minute. Excellent attack had players from both teams. Well done. Now with the ball team that plays in white, who do not remember - it's "PSG". What will change? What do you think?
He-ee-ee-ee-n-ee! Momentische! Good chance to draw a double. After an excellent transfer of a partner from the penalty and punched the man in the far top corner (right), but the ball gets in the way of the goalkeeper, who was able to drag this blow. Bravo!
And once again attack the home team. Did not want them to play today. If so it will continue (mess in the defense of guests), then just "Sables" Online Time on goal. Now Journet punched from the penalty, but in the way of the projectile was the most active player today's match - Menez. Good for you. In defense played well.
Now their first attack of the players wanted to hold a "Saber", but it was over, when they reached the penalty "PSG". Journet gave a pass just to the enemy.
In a quiet pace begins the second half. Without any points. Teams seem to have decided to roll the ball to each other. Nothing, still 40 minutes to play. Things can change.
At half-time coaches of both teams did not make substitutions. But I would remind you that the replacement was already in the "PSG" in the 26th minute. Pastore was unable to continue playing. So, for changes in the compositions to 60th minutes, you can forget.
Second half has began
Thus, the second half began. We continue. Now we will deal with the trains.
Second Half
First Half
Half time
Coffee Break. The score at half time - 0-1. Meet 15-Th minutes.
Additional time
One minute offset.
And again at the center of attention Menez. He played the perfect combination with the Nene, and bitingly struck at goal, but again failed to reach the target goal. Jeremy - the most active in the first half.
Absolutely nothing dangerous happens on the pitch. "PSG" rolls the ball in their half of the field. Opponent has no objection. It is necessary to bring the winning score before the break. That's an order from the trainer.
It is dangerous now could be at the gate "Saber", but in time of the gate keeper came out and took the ball in his glove. Nearing the end of the first half of our match. The score 0-1. I managed to distinguish himself from the penalty spot Nene. Good for you.
This is the first goal for the player of football club "PSG" in the French Cup. Good for you, able to distinguish himself. His "bread" has completed.
T-OO-OO-OO-OO-OO-O-R! Nene! This is how!
Well struck player "PSG". Having broken his right leg. Good for you. And it's 0-1 to the hosts.
Penalty at the Gates "Saber" for a foul against Nene. No yellow card.
Fine now struck Sissoko after a pass from the right flank, but did not get bit in shots on target. Goalkeeper such a strike would not take.
Perhaps it was a blow for the statistics. A good combination of players have played. Nene entered the shock position in center field and meters with a 28-struck at goal but the ball flew to the podium. In general, this is the first shot. All is well. No need to worry about it.
I wanted to know how many fans came to the stadium today, which opened a year ago. New. 25 000 tickets were sold at today's match, in which the "Sables" accepts "PSG". Score at the 28th minute of the 0-0. There were dangerous moments. A good football team show.
And here is the first replacement is already on the 26th minute. Probably got a strong Pastore. He left the football field. Instead, it will play Zhalle Christophe.
Pastore wanted one all to do, but a little is not enough, though. Now it has passed through the center, but it stopped in a pure subcategory defender. May have been a foul, the players thought so, "PSG", but the referee does have a different opinion. Offensively, the players in blue.
As is now broke seventh room of football club "Sables". Honestly, I do not know who it beat. Since the match protocol designed badly and there is no number. But the blow was beautiful. He received a shell on his chest, then his knee played up and bounce, but the exact center. There was a goalkeeper who currently plays for the 30th number. Shot player.
And again, could be very dangerous at the gate "Saber", but the defenders do not want to disappoint his fans today. Menez played a "wall" with a partner and made a backache in the penalty area, but had to substitute the Legendre leg and knock the ball out of danger zone.
By the way, I forgot to tell you who is in what form. Who can and wants to know. The hosts are now purely a blue outfit, but the players, "PSG" a pure white form.
The first five minutes were for the owners, who have spent a good attack through the center. But all the rest of the guests who cherish the ball and so it just does not give the opponent. Well done, but we were shown a mentor, "PSG". He waves his arms and actively driving his players to attack.
Strongly goalkeeper knocked the ball out of his penalty, but was directly hit by a player from the football club "PSG". Now the other goalie in the game pasuetsya with counsel. Guests play for the eleventh, as the saying goes, but the goalkeeper does not leave his zone, in which he can play with his hands.
Again, cutting to the right flank of the players from the football club "Sables". Menez intercepted the ball and gave his partner, who dragged him to the penalty and gave it back to the attacker, "PSG", which took away the shell on the right flank. And the strong shot on goal the hosts, but the way was the defender, who saves his frame. It was very dangerous. Now the goalkeeper will come into play, to perform a free kick.
Not too many fans gathered at a stadium in the evening. But they are there. And now they are actively chase their pets in an attack that did not want to move the center of the field. Still have enough time.
Now "Sables" wanted to make his attack through the right flank, but the defender has played well in his position and took the shell. And as you know, it is guests counterattack, which ends at the gate moments hosts. Menez won the "up" from a defender and struck his head heavily, but the ball whistled over the crossbar. One - one for the dangerous moments.
Nothing dangerous place on the football field. Football players from the club "Sables" continue to play a short pass on their half of the field. "PSG" no objection, a striker only pressure defense.
Simply can not catch hold of the ball players, "PSG". The home team is confident of his control in his own half of the field playing the short pass. The goalkeeper also in the game.
D-aa. After this attack, we can immediately assume that the owners today are not going to play the favorite of the meeting. Let's see what the expense would be after the final whistle.
And here is the first time in the third minute. Footballers "Saber" intercepted the ball in midfield, after an unsuccessful pass. Then beat two defenders Journet and struck the possessions Sirigu, but slightly missed their intended target.
Footballers FC "PSG" immediately took the ball under control. Now they pasuyutsya in their half of the field. Perhaps prepare a plan of attack.
First time has began
The match started. Good luck to the teams. Let the best man win.
First Half
Commands appear on the football field. Very little is left before the start of the match. I hope he will be full of dangerous moments and scored balls.
By the way, I forgot. The composition of the football club "PSG" You can see the tab "About match." There's a brand new players. I hope they will show themselves today.
Very little time is left before the beginning of the match. After 10 minutes of Th players leave their dressing room and come out on the field.
Give your attention to the composition of the football club "Sables".
Cybill Anthony, Allan Laine, Gerald Grignon Julien Legendre Lisembart Arno Arno Billeaux, Emmanuel Taillenbous, Aurelien Tertereau, Yoni Journet, Romain Dupont, Emmanuel Thibault.
Dear football fans! LiveResult.Ru site in partnership with the Euro-Futbol.Ru resource offers you a direct translation of a text match "Sables-sur-Sarthe" - "PSG". In the "commentary booth" Tsapkin Ivan.

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