Stadium: Estadio Santiago Bernabeu
My congratulations to the fans of "Barcelona" with a local victory! We are waiting for a response meeting, but for you I commented on this match, Karen Adamyan. All the best!
Second Half
The match is over! But some intrigue still is, the second leg will be in Barcelona. Meanwhile, the Catalans 1-2 win in Madrid.
Nothing even approximately similar to the final assault on the part of players Mourinho we have not seen.
+ 3 minutes.
Ends regular time. Perhaps all today it is logical on the scoreboard. "Bars" is actually better.
Cuenca instead Fabregas. Here is a third replacement "blaugrany."
Yellow card
Receives another blow to Leo Messi - now from Ricky Carvalho. Portuguese punished yellow card, but after playing Massey probably want a pretty examined by doctors.
Xavi sent a rest, instead takes the field one of the most talented young footballers in the world - Thiago Alcantara.
Lighter found Fabregas on the pitch and went to look for an arbitrator to award it to him. Given that the stadium can not smoke, it is unlikely to appoint a lighter trying to use my master.
Adriano instead of Alexis, the first change in the "Barcelona."
Kalehon appeals to the conscience of the referee, who does not show a yellow card for Alves swinging elbows in air combat.
Granero change Pepe. Well, true, because the "Real" Pepe stay on the field, could well be a minority. This would mean not only that today would be difficult to level Madrid. Pepe failed - and in the return game it would not be, but there is much more complicated can be everything. And so, 1-2 - not critical.
Yellow card
Carles Puyol is booked. So, as for that? For unnecessary talk, apparently after a collision with Ronaldo.
That's why he gets the Golden Balls! GO-O-O-O-AL! 1:2! Abidal! INGENIOUS PAS Messiah!
Leo got the ball in front of someone else's punishment from Busquets, some held the ball until Abidal tugged open the left edge of the penalty area and then sent the ball to Messi on the left it tochnehonko! Abidal out one by one, stopping the ball and rolls it into the bottom right corner!
15 minutes before the end of regular time, Kalehon fouls against Sanchez. Generally, a player who came out on the field, but so far no foul was marked.
Eighth corner now filed Catalans! After a pass from the left flank from the corner flag out of Casillas's great gate, and took the ball in his hands.
"Barcelona" is better, of course, today, and if the "Real" did not take to change a drawing game, and guests can snatch victory. Let's see how will show up replacing Mr. Jose.
Carvalho somehow did not run for Busquets, who after a pass with a penalty kick from the left flank of 7 feet head struck the corner Casillas - just above the crossbar!
What gets up Pepe? What did he get up? From the mind is to get off! Messi is on the lawn, and a man came up to him and comes to hand - this is what it is, in general?
Yellow card
Well, just a great appearance in the game! Messi ran away from Pepe, as immediately it crashed at a speed Kalehon! Just released and already received a yellow card!
Here's how! Instead Diarra on the field appears Mesut Ozil. Immediately change Kalehon Higuain. Gonzalo today was really noticeable. Absolutely.
Finally, the game resumed after the horrific appearance of torment Pepe, who decided to fall and grab the face for no reason. "Real" returns the ball to opponents.
Back in the limelight, Alexis Sanchez, Chilean fouls against Koentrau Fábio, who tried hard to go forward on the left brow.
Alexis Sanchez on the right flank broke forward, but tightened with the transmission and eventually released the ball beyond the front lines of the field.
Hour of playing time in history, "Barcelona" holds the ball in center field for a powerful hiss of local fans, who obviously disapprove.
Yellow card
Fábio Koentrau very rudely struck on the legs Messi - immediately the referee shows him a yellow, all right.
Rod! 2.1 for the posts! Benzema struck on the right after a pass by his head to the left corner - in the bar from the outside gets the ball!
Yellow card
Busquets overdone in center field, knocked Shabi - yellow card for "mustard plaster" 1-2 is already through.
What? No corner? Oh-oo-oo, clear corner, the referee did not notice, apparently touching Ramos, Sergio and in fact simply saved his team.
Sergio Ramos helps out your team! Just helping out! Iniesta gave the ball to Cesc, he threw a perfect ball back to him at the opening of the left edge of the penalty, from 8th issue of "Barcelona," shot from the left of the summer - from the feet Ramos ball hits the bar and flies away to the corner.
No, no, Pepe will not allow Fabregas to the ball in his penalty after a penetrating pass partner. Casillas Pepe leaves the ball, good job.
Well what to say. "Barcelona" in the first half, did almost everything well, a lot, that's just not scored, with major advantage in possession. In the second half, already at the very beginning, this advantage is embodied in a goal. It is logical.
But this is no time for Pepe Puyol in the story of missing a goal. The dispute between players occurs after the junction in the center of the field, the referee calmly in all it looks.
GO-OO-AL! Here's a head! Puyol! 1:1!
Second half has began
The second half began.
Second Half
First Half
Half time
Properly killed this last minute Madrid. The first half finished - a break! Ronaldo scored the only goal on an error by goalkeeper Catalans.
Additional time
+ 1 minute.
The main time of the first half is completed, the referee shows Ronaldo that he should rise from the lawn as soon as possible. And how much time offset?
Fabregas. In vain. "Real" is already forgotten what the attack, "Barca" confidently holds the ball for a long time, and then Cesc decided on long-range strike, deciding not to go to a point shot.
Very little time left to play players in the first half, "Barcelona" continues to press, continues to escalate the situation near the penalty area, the "Real".
Altintop today not to say that the active, on the contrary, it may even. Much more often it can be seen at the ball of the stuffing out, not when some connections, and so on.
Ricardo Carvalho skillful tackle - and Messi does not have time to shoot or punch! Only the corner sent the Catalans to perform with the left flank.
Piquet had his head now play in their half of the field, not allowing Benzema to reach the ball. Immediately counterattack, "Barcelona" - and an offside position. A moot point.
In building the best looking players, "Barcelona", but here until its advantages translate into anything interesting in wards Guardiola, who was 41 before the year is not obtained.
From the dome, "Santiago Bernabeu" gave us a half a minute to watch the game broadcast producers - very nice, with crazy.
I'm sorry, yes, of course, Marcelo on the bench for the time being only.
Marcelo left his flank, he immediately got an attack on the gate of Madrid - Fabregas hung on Sanchez, but Chilean and missed by a nod the ball in an offside position and, moreover, fell.
Pepe was very rough on the feet to center field. Meanwhile, half-game behind - Casillas at the exit of his penalty and plays well and helps out his team.
That score also had to be right now! Sanchez played very well in podygryshe, throwing the ball to Iniesta strike, but the Spaniard took a little unfortunate shell, releasing it a little further away, a little further laid, and even during the strike dragged on to it - at the end of 8 yards to the left of goal!
Xx! Messi Iniesta smartly brought in someone else's penalty area to the left a brilliant passing diagonally. Iniesta shot along goalie for Fabregas - the defender manages to knock the ball for a corner! Play to accurately Iniesta Fabregas or Sanchez, which opened on the far - and be a goal.
Karim Benzema went straight leg on Fabregas, I think in his own penalty, returning to defam to the rescue - be careful, perhaps it makes sense to play.
Messi left corner of the district's penalty area, "Madrid", but Casillas is confident Framed hand in the fall and moved the ball to the corner.
Corner failed Catalans, were guests on the selection, but still easy to lose the ball, allowing Ronaldo to take off quickly in kontrvypad the left flank. Here are just a transfer from the Portuguese has not turned to the center - Abidal suspended.
Nice to receive a combination of the attacking players, "Barca" but for the last time it pulled back - will only be angled from the right flank.
"Real" is not very long ago chosen to the gate Pinto, Catalans, apparently, managed to seize the initiative - for how long?
Players of "Barcelona" keep the ball in midfield and ... and knock the ball into touch. Well, in fact it was so, because Abidal had no chance to reach the ball - a marriage in a simple situation.
Yellow card
Now Pepe is in the role of victim. Pique has decided to help himself in flight in the air with his elbows - and is the first yellow card in the "Barcelona."
Says Marca, both teams are playing 4-3-3 scheme. Well, cool, offensive tactical placement of the match with the artists of this level - it's spectacular.
Yellow card
Pepe, oh, yes stop it! Here and there is nothing to debate - crudely punched an opponent, though in a case before someone else the penalty area. Rigidly. So that the referee shows him the first yellow of the match. Mourinho unhappy.
Wow! Fabregas completed a canopy in the center of a stranger at the penalty Sanchez, Alexis pulled away from the defenders, and two at once, and struck his head - in a bar, and from there into goalkeeper, there was already picked up the ball Ramos.
Marcelo past two icing ball himself on the course, shifting from the left flank into the penalty area, but found himself on the lawn. We look at the referee - silence, ca.
After a corner from the left flank very easily repulsed players "Real": defender's head makes the ball from his penalty - on the first choice of hosts.
The first shot on goal "Barcelona" from the "Real" - and the account is opened! Ran "Barca" Forward! Iniesta strikes from the area left of the penalty stranger to the lower left - on the corner.
GOAL! GOAL! GOAL! GOAL! GO-OO-AL! Ronaldo! 1-0!
Excellent counter the "Real": from the center to the left a pass for Benzema Ronaldo, Cristiano runs into the box to the left and hit the far left - in the bottom of the grid, but it is true, close to the ball flies Pinto! The goalkeeper could have saved if he were more skilled.
By the way, Alexis Sanchez, his last match for "Barcelona" held just fine, and scored more - all right. And here's what - a goal!
"Real" more fouls in the first minutes, but generally quite a bit of violations: a little before Alonso knocked Busquets, and now, here's Alexis Sanchez was on the lawn.
And yet, and not striking out, lose the ball on another Madrid side of the field near the penalty area "Barcelona." However, quite quickly, and the Catalans responded inaccurate Paz, another loss.
"Real" for the first time, perhaps, thoroughly moved on to play in front of goal, controlling the ball at half field Catalans. Prior to that, "cream" only acted on the counter.
Cristiano Ronaldo went in aggressively tackle against Peak on the left side of his team's attack, scratched still had the ball, but pass a Portuguese partner in the penalty of "Barcelona" gave in an offside position.
Dani from the right flank a severe blow on the ball moved to the opposite flank of the shell, served from Iniesta in the center of the penalty overhang "Real" - Casillas first on the ball.
Now the "Real" was very much put pressure their opponents, even before the ball reached the goalkeeper. Well, despite this, still others are chosen by the Catalans half.
First, Messi tried to pass to someone else's punishment, and then Alexis, but in the former case, protection of the "Real" played a very safe, in the second - rougher.
Players of "Barcelona" keep the ball in their half of the field, while actively moving forward not. "Blancos" pressure, but again, without knowing all the forces on it at the start of the game.
A deafening whistle goes on, "Santiago Bernabeu" the Catalans will not be easy with the whistle, but they used to, so many to see.
First time has began
The game started, let's go!
First Half
The atmosphere, as always, on a cosmic level! Football players go on the field!
Good night! I am glad to welcome you to the direct translation of a text match between the "Real" and "Barcelona" in the fourth Spanish Cup! My name is Karen Adamian, enjoy!

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