Stadium: San Mamés
The first match in dvuhraundovom opposition remained for masters of the field. But nothing has been decided before the match in the stadium "Iberostar". And now - all the attention on the main match of the week! A monitor of this meeting Artem Baranov helped you. Good-bye and good luck!
Second Half
Jose Luis Gonzalez Gonzalez energetic breath whistle heralds the victory of the "Athletics" from Bilbao!
Ends with a match, threw the team to play all of their suits.
Llorente got the ball, looked around, realized that he was alone, and around four opponents and shot on goal. Above. Well, that should have been done? A complete must attack strikes. Always. And this is precisely Fernando was in a football school.
Additional time
Three minutes of added time to the main game.
Replacement of the owners of fields: Gaiska Toker released under the end of the match instead of Markel Susaeta.
Llorente with Munyainom jumped together on the goalkeeper Fernando showed a healthy ego and shot into the far corner. GOAL! NO! "Offsayd"! Although, on repeat shows that the wrong line arbitrator stayed back, gape.
Rough and tough play guests. Do not paint it's their team. We must beat the opponent, but they all secretly butting only spoil the impression of football in their performance.
San Jose Miguel replaced Ander Herrera.
Yellow card
Joao Victor still got his card. Rushed to the ball now Javi Martinez and Victor Martinez crossed the path of running and his elbow hit him in the chest. Concrete yellow card, medical care is provided by the Spaniard.
Amusing episode on the right wing attack "Mallorca" Jose Luis Marti put the ball in the angular sector, and then builds up hill and the ball always rolls with it. As a comedy, I promise: only he retires and begins to diverge, as the ball rolls. Times in the fourth can give him. Not surprisingly, the canopy turns ugly.
Now play a more diverse visitors, through both flanks develop their attack. "In time awake," - I want to say.
Again, the siege of angular applies "Mallorca", 9 times already filed with the angle of this team. And nothing at all dangerous not appeared at the gates of the owners.
The atmosphere at the "San Mames," as in the theater, I promise. Like I've seen on "Stamford Bridge". No coherent songs, chants, only applause for the excellent episode played, and groans, sighs after the attacks on goal.
Some sort of commotion in the ranks of the Basques in his own penalty. The third row angular flying in the penalty Iraisosa Hills.
A rare foray guests finished corner. Standards in modern football - the main weapon of such teams, which initially are not favorites. They should be treated carefully. By the standards, not to favorites.
Yellow card
Iñigo Pérez hard to meet their side of the field defenders of the "Mallorca" and then rushed to the counter, Munyainu had enough on his sleeve Ramis, tearing off the attack. Yellow, and where to go?
Another standard in the gate, "Mallorca", which brought Joao, by the way, ended in nothing. A bill by folam 7-20. Guests are breaking the rules is 3 times more often!
And the players are increasingly communicating with each other in a raised voice. Especially trying to Joao Victor. Manages and foot strike, and communicate with the referee, and to prove its case almost the entire opposing team.
Hard pressure offered guests 20 minutes before the end of the match. Highly welcome opponent, try to eliminate the free zones in their own defense. Not too late right?
Referees, and this Jose Luis Gonzalez Gonzalez, recall, extinguishes any sparks. Playing some rough, I would say, sometimes it's nervous, elbows are arranged at the feet beat. The arbitrator sees all, keep everything under control.
Angular gate Calatayud was played, but too beautiful to paint like a combination of "lions" in the penalty opponent - lost the ball.
At this point, the game slowed down. All satisfied with 2-0 or something? No, guys, need a third scored by the ball. As you wish, in which you want the gate, and needs.
Michelle Pereira got in the middle of the field. He was preparing to punch, but it held the flick, which was sufficient for loss of balance Frenchman.
Chori Castro went to rest, courtesy of his place on the field, Emilio Nsue. This, I now about the "Mallorca" leading the conversation.
Llorente great otborolsya in the box, earning a corner. He asked in the counsel of despair swept out and knock the ball away from the valley.
In those rare moments when the ball reaches the goalie "Athletics", it behaves meekly, as a young man in the military.
Angular gate Iraisosa. Long time we did not recall something. I suppose, as many muscles are stiff, warm, not really.
Score 2-0. Do you think the game is done? This, perhaps, yes. But before the meeting mate. In the last round of the Mallorca lost "Real Sociedad" 0-2 on the road, at home and won 01.06! So in general opposition had not yet been decided.
GO-OO-OO-OO-OO-AL! Iker Munyain double advantage Basque team! Susaeta promenade handled the ball on his own prokinuv move at the right edge, and carefully carried him to the front, as if carrying a bowl of soup from the kitchen into the room, and softly hung in the center of the penalty. And if attention was distracted by all the defenders themselves Llorente, then his place was Munyain! Header into the top corner of the goal! Calatayud, sorry, no chance today. 2-0!
Yellow card
Ugly now played Michelle Pereira, just awful. The ball has already left for the front line, put Itturaspe Corps, and Pereira back on his feet sadanul. Phu. Yellow no questions asked.
Jose Luis Marti went instead Fernando Tissone the guests.
Perez struck with the left foot to the corner where the keeper, but Calatayud did not move, though he knew in advance, and recorded the ball as if it were a vase of Chinese Tang dynasty.
Yellow card
Munyain cleverly slipped by two rivals, but hardened captain Nunesh not give offense to his defense and offered his shoulder Munyainu - Iker flew 2 meters to the side and saw a Nunesh yellow. Meters to the gate 25, the ball slightly shifted to the left. Some sort, the point of Beckham.
Perez and Munyain were together on the penalty, but have not decided who will kick the ball, and hit two. Of course, nothing good came of it - above the gate.
Munyain well casing hid the ball and made smart use Pereira wrestling technique. Wrestling, because it was an instant Iker on the lawn. A smart card because the match referee Michel did not show.
Broads! Iñigo Perez just left the field with a brilliant left foot looked around the wall and sent the ball just very tightly to the pole. Do you know who has played even more fun? And I'll tell you - Calatayud! Reached for the keeper to the ball and moved it to the corner.
Yellow card
Fernando Tissone got a card for a foul against Ander Herrera 25 meters from the gate.
In "Mallorca" Alejandro Alvaro went instead Tomer Chemed.
Replacement of the hosts: Iñigo Perez replaced at half-time Andoni Iraola.
Second half has began
Resumed our game. I look forward to active operations in the first place by guests and heads of both teams!
Second Half
First Half
Statistics of the first half expect everyone in the relevant section.
Half time
Nothing happened at that moment. Well, nothing at all! Well, at least to that, do you not finish the frankly. "Athletic" ahead 1-0, a goal at the expense of Llorente. We have a rest.
Yellow card
Sendros received a warning for the failure of the attack Iker Munyaine in the middle of the field. And we have added 1 minute.
Castro on the left flank, rushed to the front line and then hung in the penalty area, but could not get Chemed the ball.
Susaeta perfectly hung on the outgoing trajectory, so that the goalkeeper was very difficult to get the ball, projectile landed on his head Amorebieta, but he struck wide.
Another standard brought his guests. And again with the right edge. The right flank today uncontrollably.
Rolls-rolls to a close the first half, and while the hosts scored closer to the second ball than "Mallorca" to the second leg. "Athletic" attack interesting, all combinations of one way or another pass through the careful feet Oscar Arano, and ends with Llorente.
Pereira (as guests of the most dangerous as long as it is) once again beat the defender on his right side and shot along the goal but the ball went behind the front line. We must do something about Bielsa, protecting the left flank while the weakest link in his team today.
Scoring the ball, the hosts eased a little pressure. Judging by Marcelo Bielsa satisfied mind, the game plan was just that.
Not for nothing that this player more and more interested in big clubs. Perfect scoring flair that player. No wonder they are more and more interested in big clubs.
GO-OO-OO-OO-OO-AL! Fernando Llorente opened the scoring! Oscar Arana, one of the best players of the match until the confused defender on the right edge and hung on the line exactly on the head of goalkeeper Llorente, and Fernando at point-blank shot the goalkeeper. 1-0!
Castro famously passed on the left flank, beat a defender and gave the penalty, but the great advance has worked Amorebieta.
Here is the answer guests! Pereira nobody met when he was walking on the right flank, and an old Spanish proverb says, "I do not meet Pereira - to be struck." It happened. Michelle entered the penalty area and shot into the far corner. Iraisos responded, though hit the ball in the center, rather than to the side, so that whether someone on the selection from "Majorca", could easily crush the ball into the empty net. And so in the box was empty, as in a library in the new year.
And yet another blow from Oscar Arano, and again from 20 yards, but this time with a bar next to the ball whistled. I do not think that the goalkeeper would have had the ball, he fly on target.
Oscar de Marcos Arana, without handling the ball, broke through on goal from the penalty after the transfer of cool bottom of the right edge of Iraola. Calatayud played very well in this episode and firmly grabbed the ball!
a lot of spectators at the match, do not be surprised that a full house. Nice to see such an attitude to the Cup.
No, I started early panic in the ranks of people - even kicking and swinging, but retain the maximum concentration at defending their own goal, "Lions" have to throw the ball to the top of Llorente, but it is not always.
Frantically kicking guests. And it is in the middle of the first time! And what will happen next?
Right on the corner were the hosts. So "on the sly," they come to the downtrodden ball closer and closer.
Llorente got about 35 meters from the goal net. From here you can punch and that is urine, the ball is set exactly in the center.
Llorente received a pass on the course, but just a little did not have time to ball - Calatayud ran out of the gate on time and in possession of a brave jump ball.
Finish of the trophies. Footballers "Mallorca" won in the Cup only once, "Athletic" won the trophy 23 times as much! More possessed only "Barcelona" - 25.
TIME! The hosts had a great chance to open an account! Arana from the right edge clocked counsel, entered into the box and hung on the far corner of the goalie, where the wily Llorente was waiting for the ball. Fernando struck in protivohod goalkeeper, but Calatayud had time to react!
Both teams had already won in the Cup of the King. And if the "Mallorca" owned the trophy relatively recently - in the year 2003, the Basques last won in 1984.
Nothing we do on the field does not occur, the Basques methodically poddavlivayut "Mallorca". And I will remind you that at the last stage of "Athletic" was the command of the Segundo "Albacete," and "Majorca" was stronger than the "Real Sociedad."
Another angle at the gates of the owners, they are inferior in this index to his opponent 0-2.
Dali Javier Martinez stomach, it hurts the defender, punishment for this act was not followed. Apparently, because the author went to the judge and said that it did "not specifically".
Best on aggregate team in the semifinals will play the winner of "Espanol" - "Mirandes," which was played yesterday. "Espanyol" proved stronger than the 3-2, though the 85-minute "burn" 0-2.
Yellow card
Fernando Llorente in the central circle out to prove that his elbows - the best in the world. And that others, in particular Ivan Ramis, who appreciated it, he brought them closer. Well it is not calculated. And finally broken nose and Ramis himself Fernando card.
Nothing dangerous has not been completed this standard, the Basques and again took possession of the ball.
Owned, they are confident, yes then missed a counterattack! Pereira was right and gave the penalty, the ball bounced to Chori, who, without hesitation, the move struck at goal - Iraisos managed to touch the ball and put it in the corner!
Captain "Athletics", by the way, Andoni Iraola. The ball confidently speak hosts the first few minutes.
Llorente struggled at the corner flag, but the episode ended in a goal kick, but on repeat shows that last touched the ball captain Jose Nunesh guests.
The home team played today in the red and white shirts and black shorts, guests completely in white. The Basques, meanwhile, have the right to a standard from the right flank.
Munyain passed to the left and shot in the penalty area, but too late, frankly, had earlier served in the thick of partners, as well as goalkeeper Juan Calatayud guests was the first on the ball.
First time has began
Started the first time!
First Half
Team on the field, great weather, "the most gusto," as they say, before the main match of the week. The team captains, along with the referee Jose Luis Gonzalez Gonzalez play "toss".
The teams settled down comfortably in the "About the game."
Hi all, amateurs and professionals of football. Together with you the progress of the match in Bilbao, where local "Athletic" will "Mallorca" in the first leg quarter-final Copa del Rey will follow Artem Baranov.

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