Stadium: Estadi Cornellà-El Prat
Second Half
The final whistle!
That's it! "Espanyol" did incredible! Four minutes to score three goals - well worth it, right? Well, in "Mirandesa" will be more home game. There will also be all very much interested. King's Cup is burning in the cold season!

Since you were Vladimir Gubarev! I wish you happiness, health, prior to the meeting!
JUDGE! Penalty not raised, in an offside position in the Weiss case for the first pocketed ball is not noticed. Horror easy. Unbelievable.
Until we have skukota on the football field to your attention an interview granted the chief mentor "Mirandesa" - Carlos Pawsey: "We have nothing to lose, so we will continue to enjoy every minute of this campaign. Our team believes in a strict work discipline and understand its benefits, so Our success can be attributed to luck, - he said. - Victory over the "Villarreal" and "Racing" - it's not a miracle. Nobody gave us nothing. We know that the "Espanol" is a favorite of this team superior to us in all components - added 51-year-old. - Whatever it was, we were waiting for two matches and we need to do their job perfectly well. Then perhaps we will have a chance. It seems to me that against weaker teams, we may would have to be even more difficult. Then, as in games, "Espanyol" We certainly will not be lacking in motivation. "
"Espanyol" - ninth team in La Liga after a half season. The team Paurisio Pochettino just lost seven times, and in eleven games managed to take points, which is a good result for the average performance of Spanish championship, I think so.
Yellow card
Yellow card, apparently for talking was Mikel Iribas.
GO-OO-OO-OO-OO-OO-AL! Vladimir Weiss! He scored his own! And now, although there is intrigue! Counterattack from "Espanola" turned exponential. Vladimir Weiss ran away from the left flank, beat out-of-gates and Peres Nauseta from the penalty and sent the ball into the empty box already. 1:2!
About ten minutes before the end. Given the extra time it is. I'm sure the referee will add three minutes. And now the corner at the gate owners.
But what a feast is the guest on the podium. I remember, as was the case when the Ukrainian team in Dnepropetrovsk, the tenth in October 2007 and beat England got a chance to enter the Euro, which is not used well.
And the fans leave the rostrum. What they have done? The team has not been studied opponent. Did not know that Pablo Infante has the speed, and even very high. He now creates all.
It's unbelievable. I do not even know what to say, you guys. That I do not know. "Mirandes" - well, just handsome. Each year, in some cup, or England, or Spain, there is a club that will do the trick. It is fantastic!
GO-OO-OO-OO-OO-OO-OO-OO-AL!! GO-OO-OO-OO-O-AL! I say! TOLD IN FACT! Pablo INFANT! Scored, scored, he scored! And how did it? Beautiful! In a sense, sensibly, with the arrangement! How did wrong now, Jordi Amat, performing "trick Zidane" about his penalty. Do not hit the last time on the ball, Pablo Infante took the shell, entered the penalty area and someone else threw Kasilya Kiko! 0:2!
Danger! Vladimir Weiss once again in this match broke the gate of the killer position, but he did not score again. Now bomb went higher.
Aytor instead Blanco's goal scored - Alain Arroyo.
Raúl Baena Forlina instead.
"Marca" on my site published the picture, which shows that the arbitrator did not deliver a net penalty. The third time I remember this moment, because it can influence the fate of the guests.
WOW! Truncated masters, Pablo Infante got the ball on the penalty, in the back was a very free-mate, and Pablo decided to break, it did not work very well.
Yellow card
Yellow card for the failure of the attack has Huang Forlin. Just "yellow card".
Incidentally, the repetition can be seen that the arbitrator did not put one hundred percent penalty kick in the gates "Hispaniola" twenty minutes ago. This is how it is. And very often, unfortunately.
Twenty minutes of normal time still ahead of us, plus a three minute add the chief arbiter of the meeting.
Mate change at home! Rui Fonte Villa Didaka instead. In the "all-in 'Mauricio Pochettino is.
Anderson Lambarri instead of Mujica Aricia.
Juan Albin shot from the left flank to a different penalty area - the defenders of the guests carried round at the sideline of the field. Out for the hosts.
Two sixes on the board - then I will not rhyme. Many are beginning to foul players' Mirandesa. " I think as long as they have something to solve. Or miss, or even score.
So, instead of Ignacio Garro Anchona Muneta. That's it.
0:1 - few would think of another fairy tale "Mirandesa", but apparently, this time just the team from Segunda B. In this beautiful and cups, right?
Thirty minutes before the end of the match, this time Tevi Bifuma from the right edge of a stranger struck penalty five meters from the far post.
Please draw your attention to the linebacker, "Mirandesa" Pablo Infante, who with five goals leading scorers in the Spanish Cup dispute. This football player recently focused much attention, but does not want to allocate Pawsey someone from their friendly team.
MOMENTISCHE! Perez Nauset now rescued his team after hitting his head from the penalty mark on Juan Forlina. And it seemed that the ball in the net already.
Vladimir Weiss has struck the gate with twenty-nine yards - shell hit the "wall" and departed for the front line of the field. Corner!
Vladimir Weiss was on the lawn. For the second time in the match, among other things. That he will now be checked with a standard readiness Perez Nauseta.
After filing with the angular Perez Nauset at the second attempt took the shell in his gloves. None of the owners to take advantage of the rebound failed.
On the right flank into the penalty area was followed by a canopy guests - the ball hit the player in red, and flew out of the field. The corner.
How is today made the podium, Vladimir Weiss. People stood up and began to shout with all his might not understand that. It turned out very well.
Vladimir Weiss has struck from the penalty and strongly centered, Perez Nauset repulsed projectile over the sideline of the field.
Angle earned the players' Mirandesa, "they could not successfully complete the rally, ran counter to ... We look ...
Ndri Romaric went bad, lying opponent, and he went and pushed him when he rose to get the ball more. Ah, the game begins to acquire rudeness.
HOW NOT TO penalties? SC-A-AA?? What is this, if not a penalty? Pablo Infante walked opponent on the left flank, entered the penalty area, behind him hooked for T-shirt, and he fell down - a penalty - and accurate! Pablo would later give and transfer .... I did not understand the arbitrator.
EXCELLENT! That's great now turned Vladimir Weiss. He took it, turned all of a sudden a stranger on the line and broke free kick into the far bottom corner - the bar, and then Perez took the ball into the Nauset their gloves.
As soon as the hosts went on the attack, "Mirandes" every effort is on the penalty, not until moments in "Espanola", but this is only the beginning of the second half.
Second half has began
The second half started! Let's go!
Second Half
First Half
Half time
The first half is over! 0-1 - a break!
Ends we have the first half. It seems that the score did not change. Very good acting guests. I never cease to praise "Mirandes"!
In a counterattack fled guests, surrendered to the transfer to the far post, where he was Pablo Infante. but there is not a shell flew.
Dangerous free kick earned a masters in twenty-five meters from the front of goal. The gate struck Ndri Romaric - Nauset Perez did not come into play, as the shell hit Raul Garcia.
Yeah, worked second prediction. Albin Juan Vasquez was released instead of the injured. We wish health Alvaro again!
Thus, only Rui Fonte could replace Vasquez, who was the only striker. Maybe Juan Albin and go, but then followed by small rearrangements.
Yellow card
Michel Martin went on to something a yellow card.
Alvaro Vasquez on level ground was injured. Just ran, limped all. Already a stretcher and appeared on the football field. He does not continue the game. We wish health Alvaro! Speedy return to the field to you, Vasquez!
Following the filing of a corner from the left wing struck his head on the gate of Hector Moreno - Perez Nauset parried round the side.
"Espanyol" in the previous stage is difficult, but it was "Cordova." The first match on the road, today's owners lost with the score - 2-1, and then on "Cornella - El Prat" team won in a meaningful match - 4:2.
Ten minutes left before the end of the first half. "Mirandes" control of the ball in midfield. The team is very confident is held, as if playing at home.
You know, the game is more fun now gone. "Espanyol" is revealed, guests have the chance to counterattack. While such was not, but still ahead.
Alvaro Vasquez jumped out to a meeting with Peres Nausetom, struck exactly at the goalkeeper, and then could be finishing moves, but the defenders of the guests played just gorgeous!
So, what do we have? And we have a goal on the road, and yet the owners will be chances to score one more goal in this game.
GO-OO-OO-OO-OO-OO-OO-AL! GO-OO-OO-OO-O-AL! GO-OO-OO-O-AL! What have I done the Spanish commentators? It is possible and so I cry. Counterattack "Mirandesa" ended transmission line to the penalty, Alain Arroyo ran away from the defender, hit the far post, a shell of it went exactly the opposite bottom corner! Kiko Kasilya could not do anything. 0-1!
Nauset Perez back in the limelight. He took the ball in his gloves after the filing with the left wing of Vladimir Weiss.
On the left flank Javi Lopez moved closer to the center, hung at the far post, but there was nobody there. Perez Nauset knocks the ball from the corner of the goalkeeper.
To be honest, getting ready for the match, did not think we will have a lot of goals in the match. "Mirandes" defended very well, and the hosts in the attack, there are some problems.
Continuing the story of "Mirandese" I will say that the team was not some sort of feeble children, and "Villarreal" and "Racing", which allowed the team to meet today with "Espanyol" in the ¼ finals in Spain. I'll be honest - with all my heart I will root for this team in the Cup. Always loved the "dark horses".
The first corner in a match earned a visit to the twenty-fourth minute. On the left flank followed by transfer to the bottom line of the penalty Anchona Muneta, followed by a shot, but very inaccurate.
Antonio Miguel Mateu Laos today a lot of talking. He speaks, so to speak. Javi Lopez at this time broke the rules - again, not yellow.
Referee our meeting - Antonio Miguel Mateu Laos. He's from the famous city of Valencia. This year has already worked on the Spanish Cup match. In 1 / 8 finals met "Albacete" and "Athletic" of Bilbao, the match ended in a draw - 0:0, and Antonio showed it four yellow cards.
Alain Arroyo eternally before our eyes. Do not show us repeat track, but oh well. The guests themselves are not strongly argued. Apparently, was a simulation.
And it's not a penalty? No. Okay then. Now simulated penalty Alain Arroyo. Defender seems it does not touch.
Eighteen minutes visit lasted. Let me remind you that the Spanish Cup, to be exact round of the tournament consists of two games - home and away. "Mirandes' home is always better, just like any team, of course.
Danger! On the left flank followed by transfer to the area of ​​the penalty spot, where Alvaro Vazquez struck exactly in the center. Perez took the Nauset projectile in his gloves.
Mikel Iribas broke the rules to thirty meters from the gate to Vladimir Weiss. By the way, Michel apologized to Vladimir, not what Weiss when he folil.
One-third of half behind. At that time, Pablo Infante appeared offside.
Not bad! Javier Lopez opened on the left, moved to the penalty line, broke through on goal with his right foot to as "nine" - a little missed.
Villa Didak time put housing on the right flank and fired the ball over the front line of the field. From the gate to "Hispaniola."
And again, followed by shot on goal "Mirandesa" from the uncomfortable position, and again Nauset Perez, who is now at the last line of defense guests did not come into play.
I was lucky today, "Mirandesu." In carrying-lo! Tevi Bifuma shot from twenty-six yards with his left foot, went round in millimeters from the far post.
Truncated in the middle of the field visit, immediately followed by a counter-attack "Hispaniola," which can be easily managed to stop the defenders' Mirandesa. " In the center of the game is played in these minutes.
A good idea after all! On the left flank now rushed forward players' Mirandesa ", Pablo Infante played a bit, but in time otpasoval back and Aricia Mujica yet released for the side shell.
In the center of the ball players hold "Hispaniola." An organized defensive players of today Segundo B. That's how guys are burning. Nothing to say.
Seven minutes of the game is over. At that time, Vladimir Weiss broke the rules by Pablo Infante at the right edge. Weiss hit a good foot, but did not even apologize. Rudeness. During this respect is not worth it.
"Mirandes" - a very interesting team. She is from Segunda B. Who is new to the hierarchy of football championships in Spain, saying that this is the third force in the league a warm country. This team never went to Segundo and has never played in the example. Maximum team squeezed in the last year - second in their league. But now things are different.
He ran forward Ndri Romaric, it stopped with a foul by Raul Garcia, who plays at number "6". No yellow cards yet.
Own territorial advantage players "Hispaniola", but so far nothing good in front of goal they can not create. It's no secret that the players' Mirandesa "today will always defend.
Not filled by one hundred percent, "Cornella El Prat" in general, the fans still do not know to what this team (the guests). "Mirandes" today, pretty good support.
The home team now play in white and blue uniforms, and players Carlos Pawsey - in the red. Kiko Kasilya gate on the TV picture on the left, and Perez Nauseta frame - on the right.
First time has began
The match started! Let's go! We wish the teams to show a beautiful, interesting and effective game. With the center of the field began to players' Mirandesa "!
First Half
Anthem "Hispaniola" sounds in the stadium. The fans are singing actively. Great atmosphere to "Cornella El Prat."
Composition "Mirandesa": 13. Perez Nauset, 2. Iñaki Garmendia, 4. Cesar Kaneda, 6. Raul Garcia, 19. Mikel Iribas, 21. Alvaro Corral, 7. Anchon Muneta, 15. Michel Martin, 9. Alain Arroyo, 11. Aricia Mujica, 14. Pablo Infante.

The bench: 25. Adrian Murcia, 22. Aytor Blanco, 5. Ignacio Harry, 10. Anderson Lambarri, 20. Asier Barahona.
Composition of the "Hispaniola" is already in the "About Game" and the players' Mirandesa "a couple of minutes you will see the broadcast.
Good evening, ladies and football fans! Copa del Rey (King's Cup, or as you like) will make us happy in the next two hours. "Espanyol" meet "Mirandesom" in the quarter finals. Will be oh so interesting! In the "commentary booth" Vladimir Gubarev!

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