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The second time on "Dee Double U" was released today is much more interesting than the first. Dzeko goal has remained the only one, so congratulations to "Manchester City" and their fans with a victory. With you all the time was Nikita Gromov, until we meet again!
Second Half
The final whistle!
Meanwhile, "Manchester City" still continues to defend himself in cold blood, leaving no chance to the opponent.
Fight until the last out of the fight do not shut down football players, "Wigan"! Even for this you can earn the applause.
Aguero leaves the field, instead it goes Adam Johnson.
Additional time
4 minutes there is still a "Wigan" for that would try to recoup.
Milner filed in the center with a penalty kick, but the defenders back on top.
Yellow card
Laughter, and more! Figueroa just in the style of LeBron James jumped over an opponent and hand the ball forward forwarding itself. Yellow card, of course.
Ah, yes Al Habsi! Cool now on the backswing, he removed any pressure Aguero than applause from the stands!
A lot of casting flies into the penalty Hart in the last minute, but the protection of the "City" works quite reliably.
Moses makes a promising free kick on the right flank in front of the line of the penalty area.
Aguero went into the penalty area, went on strike position and beat with a very advantageous position the bottom - but the ball flew wide.
Now on the field - two absolutely equal teams. Interestingly, there will be enough strength in "Wigan" for the final assault.
Responsible for the replacement of Martinez. Instead, Gomez goes Makmanaman.
Replacement of Mancini. Instead of David Silva out Onuoha.
Yellow card
And one more yellow card. De Jong, without yellow - not De Jong. He is once again confirmed.
Yellow card
And then for the same foul, but on the other side of the field, receives a yellow McCarthy.
Yellow card
Tears Sabaleta very dangerous attack an opponent, for which he receives a yellow card.
Oh, well now pinned to the gates of visitors to its competitors. Several dangerous runs on the right flank and center aisles Aguero strikes did not end, but the situation was injected fairly.
Barry earned a penalty again, but this time it is very dangerous. Position for a direct strike on goal. But, apparently, so it seemed from the outside. Townspeople played ball without a second thought.
On the left flank of the good angular Roddalega filed, but Moses was not able to win the fight riding Savic. "Wigan" continues the attack.
Nasri goes off the field, instead of De Jong.
Put an elbow in the fight against Barry MacArthur. The arbitrator may for a yellow card and display, but so far only limited verbal warning.
Di Santo is feeding from the right flank in the center, but the ball flew just into the hands of Hart.
Rained down moments. Apparently, due to fatigue of both teams. Too much energy they spent on the fight for the center of the field in the first half, so that now the concentration is not the same.
McCarthy! How is that? Classroom counterattack "Wigan" over the release of a very dangerous James almost one on one, but Joe Hart was able to repel this attack.
The first replacement in the match. Krusat leaves the field, instead it goes Di Santo.
Could put a penalty the referee! Nasri handed from the right flank and the ball at Jack in the head at Bosniak literally vanished Caldwell!
Attacking the townspeople, but do not do it very strongly. Last bit of strength worn Roddalego trying to take away the ball.
Good Figueroa, is not afraid to go into combat with technique and fast forwards opponent. Now very confident of Otter Ball housing Nasri deserved applause.
Again after a citizens actively take action to attack some breathing room and rolled the ball to his own penalty area, avoiding rather than pressure from the opponent, but only a simulation.
Again, some heavenly powers interfere, "Man City" double bill! Clichy gave the right flank, but Aguero failed to correct the "round" in the gate, and Jack was afraid to pierce with a sharp angle and fired the ball to the corner.
So many programs marriage in "Wigan". You can not blame them in a bad self-giving, but that's a really really bad pasami. Yes, and often take on the game itself quite unreasonably. The only protection that lasts long.
Not a bad pass on the course gave Sabaleta Aguero. Be the Argentine is not "out of the game" could have been in and out one by one to organize, but unfortunately for the guests, the attack stopped the raised flag of an arbitrator on the line.
David Silva will perform standard. The Spaniard just filed a center of the penalty - the defenders repelled the ball calmly. Attack of the citizens continues.
Figueroa now knocks enacted Nasri. The Frenchman can not yet rise from the lawn. Meters to the gate 27.
Where is the goal? What are you doing, Aguero? Right in the penalty area beat several rivals already scoffing cleaned on the backswing all as many as you can, and punch and could not! Well, how can that be?
Which attack "Man City"! You can stand to applaud Al Habsi! Initially, with Nasri transfer punched Jack - goalkeeper, "Wigan" in a brilliant jump ball rescued, and after beating Silva, almost back to back, Ali and with the forehand.
Well, we can say that, "Wigan" very well kept in a match against Premier League leaders. "Manchester City" - a club with the best protection and the best attack this season in England, and while the owners are very nice to deal with it.
MacArthur escaped to a good impact position and struck the bottom on goal. Not a bad episode, but the blow was fairly weak.
To the applause of the stands fourth official box changes laynsmenov. I wonder what happened to him could happen (with the flag, of course)?
MacArthur tried to break through on the right flank, but ran into cliché, and stopped the attack hosts.
The ball falls into the hands Sabalete in the penalty area! Stadium Requests penalty - the referee is silent!
Second half has began
The match is resumed!
Second Half
First Half
Half time
Additional time
Compensates for a minute the referee.
And here is the first time, rather half-time. Aguero figured out with their rivals on the wing and shot on goal, but Al-Habsi parried the ball, and after, and took in his hands.
Continuous attack "Wigan" ended a terrible shed McCarthy. Nothing interesting!
Again Nasri could organize a counterattack cool his team, but against him Roddalega fouls. Townspeople played ball.
Again pushed forwards for a long time, "Wigan" with the defenders in the penalty area, but to break and could not.
Savic violates rules against Roddalegy. Foul approximately in the same area as in the moment when Dzeko scored. I wonder how such a chance to use the hosts.
Moses from the right wing took the game over and decided to beat a feint and Sabaletu and Barry, but such arrogance citizens simply could not - the ball is selected.
A lot of efforts spent on soccer ball selection - a fun fan of the game do not. There is no dribbling, no tricks, no, the more strikes on goal.
Slowly and steadily developing their attack players, "Wigan". Pressing Silva and Jack did not help - the owners continue to own the ball.
What is missing townspeople. And indeed, the selection of players simply magical, and there is no game. But if you look at the standings and at the expense of the match, but fans of the "City" can only envy the white envy.
Barry plays rough, but it has all become accustomed. Atkinson gestures explained that this was the last verbal warning. The next such foul card will be punished.
Nasri now unexpectedly received the ball from an opponent in the penalty area. Himself did not dare to break through - gave to the center by Silva. David was preparing for a long time and eventually hit the ball hit a defender and flew out of the field.
Nothing substantial to eat is not happening. Forgive me, football fans, but under such match is possible and go to sleep. Nasri takes a lot to myself, Silva so far in the shade.
Dzeko on the lawn. Suffered an injury during the struggle to advocate for the horse-ball.
MacArthur suddenly decided to break from thirty yards. I wanted to, probably, to take a surprise and sharpness. But Hart can not take this. He, as they say, not born embroidered.
Complain about players, "Manchester City". It seems that according to the rules and fight Silva, but still a bit crossed the line of permissibility. And so could get a very good counter-attack the guests.
Classroom counterattack came from the citizens! However, not enough for the last pass. Nasri did all the mediocre and uninteresting, which gave a chance to catch it Alcaraz easy transfer to the flank Silva.
Figueroa now he picked the ball Milner, beat another player opponent and managed to earn a penalty. Attacks, "Wigan" develops a good pace.
"City" again very well-soothing game, rolling a ball to his own penalty area.
T-OO-OO-OO-OO-A! Jack! 0-1!
Penalty on the left earns "Man City". Silva and Nasri at the ball. Very good chance.
It should be noted that the captain, "Man City" in this fight - Pablo Sabaleta. This is probably a gift from the head coach. Recall him today celebrates 27 years!
And no, I'm sorry. The arbitrator set a goal kick, though, at first glance, Milner earned net goal. There may be a judicial error.
Milner earned a corner on the right flank. Serve the standard is likely to be Nasri.
All is well in "Wigan", but something was missing. And the speed is, and desire, but to the gate until Hart's approach fails, too well they are protected.
Townspeople are still very easy to respond to such attacks and the owners are in no hurry to answer, do not include the full power of their attacks.
For several minutes, "Wigan" will not part with the ball, holding it at half-field contender. True, special promotions to the gate is not noticeable.
"Manchester City" calmly defends zastraivaya not much effort in pressing the opponent, but leaving him free areas for action in the attack. Not bad in the first minutes Savic.
Aguero himself came out to myself! At the little fact that the Argentine could not score, so also was offside. Replay shows that the arbitrator has worked well. The only question is where were the defenders at this time?
Roddalega and Moses had a good counter-attack. The latter was even able to reach the impact position and the punch, but the blow did not come out clearly. The ball flew far into the stands "D Double E".
On the left flank gave good angular Nasri. Dzeko slipped before defenders at the nearest bar and managed to knock the crown on goal but hit the defender. Another corner.
The townspeople while trying to play the first number, calmly controlling the ball in midfield. Aguero turns with the ball, but still protect "Wigan" looks good.
British filmmakers constantly repeated Gomez in the penalty drop, "Manchester City". I can not say exactly, but a light push on the part of Barry's all still had a place to be. Another question is whether this set of penalties?
Oh, what a moment! Clichy on the left flank into the penalty handed famously, Jack jumped high and struck his head on goal but the ball flew near the pole. The first dangerous attack of the match.
Turmoil in the penalty kick over the guests at the gate of Hart. MacArthur beat the gate, after which the ball hit a defender and flew out of the field.
Roddalega famously struggled to free space in the center of the field, could go very bad attack the owners, but behind Hugo was shot down. Penalty, "Wigan" played.
With the bat began to football "Man City". Right flank of the attack at first, Jack, and then Aguero. The first was even too dangerous to shoot at the center of the bottom, but none of the partners to the transfer did not respond.
First time has began
Starting a whistle!
First Half
Good evening, ladies and lovers of English football! Today will be a duel, in which the "Wigan" will take the championship leader, "Manchester City" native "D Double E". This match will be for you to comment on Gromov Nikita, enjoy!

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