Stadium: Stade Vélodrome
Second Half
The final whistle!
That's it! In the main bout twentieth round of the French League 1 "Marseille" has managed to beat the "Lille" in the home arena thanks to the double Loïc Remy!

Since you were Vladimir Gubarev! I wish you happiness, health, prior to the meeting!
In general, "Marcel" deservedly won the match. Now a team Didier Deschamps is two glasses of "Lille", one - from the "Lion" and "Rennes". Up to nine points leader, but the team will compete. I'm sure of. But ... There is also a Champions League. It will be difficult "Olympic." But on the other hand, who promised that it would be easy?
Instead, the hero of the meeting (guess yourself) out Jimmy Traore.
Additional time
5 minutes? The arbitrator had gone mad.
So, ahead of our match in Milan derby pocketed balls. This is called, as in geometry, as required. A couple of minutes left before the end of the match.
Is there a sense now make a change? Gianni Bruno instead Ireneusz Helen.
And the eighty-third minute of the match received a yellow card to Alou Diarra. I did not notice this, I apologize.
So. Rod Fanni left instead of Gonzalez.
2 goals - double
GO-OO-OO-OO-OO-OO-AL! Loic REMY! RESERVE! Handsome! Here is a star rising, this is it still shows all sure. Unsuccessful transfer back to the Pope fulfilled now Soiree N'Diaye, no sooner was the ball Mikael Landreau, Loic Remy beat goalkeeper Michael prokinul shell left, and then in the subcategory from the penalty and struck the empty gates! 2-0!
Brandao has escaped from the left flank forward pass in the bottom of someone else's penalty area, but it was just disgusting. At the output of Mikael Landreau played.
Yellow card
I have just received a yellow card ... Who received it? The operators have not shown us. A little later I will specify, then tell you.
Thus, the Milan derby ended. 0-1 there, "Inter" won. Our teams have ten minutes to get ahead of that match on the number of punches. I'm sure they can do it.
Ugh! GO! AH! How is chic now attached with the penalty and Mathieu Valbuena on the right foot, no he did not interfere, but the ball after hitting pleymeyreka "Marcel" fly a little above the crossbar.
Joe Cole turned in another's penalty area, punched on goal but his shot had to cover in the fall of Nicolas N'Kulu. This, of course, a great action of the player. He saved his team.
Corner guests played poorly, leading fans in ecstasy "Marcel", which are in the stands, "velodrome".
A front corner - a replacement. Ghana Gueye instead Laurent Bonnard. Enhances the center of the field, Mr. Rudy Garcia.
Beautifully figured with the two rivals on the right flank Florent Balmont, he carved a transfer to a foreign penal bottom - the defender of "Marcel" in the subcategory was able to make a shell for the front line of the field.
And here is the first smart rally in "Lille"! Substitute Dimitri Payet done an excellent short-circuited transmission in a strange penalty area, beat rival Eden Azar, but fell on the lawn of inertia, unable to penetrate.
Yellow card
Mathieu Valbuena for a rough foul on his side of the field received a yellow card. From there to argue the arbitrator is not necessary, I think so.
Thus, Dimitri Payet out, as we predicted. And he replaced Benoit Pedretti, not Ireneusz Helen.
Excellent! Leaves the field itself Loic Remy, does not need a stretcher. We do not want injuries, right? Do not particularly want to see players get injuries.
Oh-oh-oh! David Rozegnal come, it seems, accidentally spiked knee Loic Remy incident, which is now just screaming in pain. God forbid, of course, the trauma. Stretcher on the field, but the replacement does not qualify.
Very disciplined on the defensive plays yet "Marcel", relying on the counterattack, which as we have seen minimal.
The first match of the teams was just gorgeous. He passed twenty-eighth day of August last year and ended in victory "Lille" - 3:2. Moussa Owls opened the scoring at the fifteenth minute, then at the fifty-seventh and sixty-second minute Mathieu Valbuena scored, but Aurelien Chedjou four minutes equalized, and fifteen minutes before the end of the match with a penalty designed Moussa double. Class! Really?
On the left flank shot at someone else's penalty area Pape N'Diaye Soiree - Steve Mandanda, leaving little to the center of the penalty, he decided to go back and pick up the ball in his glove.
In general, "Lille" begins to push and make it very confidently. Although now, let's say, "Marcel" possession of the ball at half-field rivals. Let's see what it's all over.
Steve Mandanda! Not for nothing from him in Fifa 84 12 more efficiency! Pretty boy, you know! Eden Azar was in front of keeper, punched in the corner, and Steve read this and was able to beat off in the fall of the projectile just to keep up his footballer!
Now is good. 1:0 - we caught up with the Milan derby on the number of balls. I am sure we will fight Italian productively. A little competition will arrange.
GO-OO-OO-OO-OO-O-AL! Loic REMY! I told you so!
And we have no replacements. It's boring. Five substitutions shall see later, but now, when you need to change something in the game, the coaches are and look to the side. I would let the guests Dimitri Payet instead Ireneusz Helen.
In the Milan derby account changed in favor of "Inter" about fifteen minutes ago, how, but we do not change. It is necessary, it is necessary to please us guys precise strikes. I believe in the players.
Hour behind the game. Mathieu Valbuena from the standard from the right flank hung in the center of another's penalty - the defenders in red took the ball under control.
Got Mathieu Valbuena's leg. The yellow card again we do not see. Now a soccer player needs medical attention, "Marcel." He gets it, and. Pedretti, by the way, folil.
Joe Cole was offside.
Ruddy Bukka worked in eight matches this season championship of France, which showed attention ... Forty-two yellow cards (three of them were second to players), four times removed directly Ruddy player, with two appointed penalty kick. That's it. Today the status of severe referee has not been confirmed.
A dangerous free-kick was not there. In the counter tried to escape Florent Balmont, but it hit the back of the legs, "kindly" asked to stop Lucho Gonzalez. Yellow no.
Eden Azar again got on his legs. Meters to the gates of twenty-seven. Clings to the dream of British foot giants, and not just English. While he remains out of reach. Dangerous free kick will be. Do not leave!
It should be noted that in the second half territorial advantage remains with the guests. The home team dominated in the first half, the players, "Lille" - early in the second. As will be next?
Eden Azar now caught himself in a foreign opponent in the penalty area, then turned on the lawn. It's not even debatable point. The arbitrator immediately to understand.
Right now should be interesting. With Brandao I know for a long time. The first years of the "Miner" when he carried out, then began to closely monitor the striker, who your best not to open. By the way, was at the fight, "Metallurg" from Zaporozhye and "Miner", when Brandao scored. Then it is not the best words he called the fans "yellow-red-black." This is true, by the way.
Here Brandao. Wow. Benoit Cheyrou was damaged, and therefore went to the football field, the prodigal son. The first replacement in the match, by the way.
By the way, as we see, Brandao is on the bench, "Marcel." He was recalled from loan at "Grammy." As you remember, the Brazilian striker was accused of rape. The very ex-striker, "Miner," said: "I am coming back with only one purpose: to give the maximum for the club, for the team, as they always did before. When I phoned Anig to voice prompt Deschamps, I almost wondered. I did not have enough in Europe . This football is more suited to me. I given a second chance, so I'm very motivated. "
Not bad! Ireneusz Helen received the ball in someone else's free kick, with his left foot struck the center, Steve Mandanda managed to jump out of an uncomfortable situation and pick up a shell in his gloves.
Substitutions at half-time was not. By the way, on account of personal statistics footballer. Best raspasovschikom in the first half of the game was Nicolas N'Kulu. 93% of his broadcasts were accurate, while Azar total - 77%.
Second half has began
The second half started! Come on, guys!
Second Half
First Half
Half time
The first half is over! 0-0 - the team go to rest. Let us follow their example. Break!
Additional time
How exactly. 1 minute.
There was a chance for owners to come forward, but, unfortunately for fans of "Marseille" is not used. 0:0 - these figures are threatening to be on board before the end of the half. Another moment, perhaps, the referee adds.
MAMMA MIA! Oh, so do not speak French, but oh well. Luxury attack turned from "Marcel." Just gorgeous! On the right flank followed by transfer to the penalty line, the center was Cheyrou, broke into the top corner - Landreau saved his team, reflecting the impact to the right itself. Second wave of attacks "Olympic", the transfer from the left flank on the line goalie again Benoit Cheyrou was faster than all but a blow in touch with the two meters was inaccurate!
Toward the close of half the owners are trying to get ahead in this game. Will he do it? I do not know, I do not know. If that happens, then the second half of the game will be much more interesting-the first one.
Well, the same handsome man! Rio Mavuba inferior to his opponent in the legs, but Morgan Amalfitana, entering into another penalty, failed to break through on goal, as the twenty-fourth number of the guests overtook his rival and offered his leg, which took the projectile at the player hosts.
On the left flank of the attack broke up the home team now, but the accurate transmission of the bottom of the penalty area with his left foot Cesar Aspilikueta failed to perform. Interrupted this pass protectors "Lille."
Generally matches "Lille" with "Marcel" very even scoring. In the last six-person matches these teams were scored twenty-five balls. The average of four goals per game. That's it. Hopefully, today statistics do not spoil.
In the Milan derby while draw - 0:0. As you can see, the central meeting of the day left much to be better about yourself. But it is now. All the fun is still ahead.
Dullish while the match. Very boring, but, unfortunately, affect it, we can not. Teams play on the result. Of course, somebody will score today. But when?
Head coach are now on the verge of technical areas. Too, they wave their hands, as for me, but oh well. Soon the break - then be able to truly make changes to the game of their teams.
Referee our meeting - Ruddy Bucca from Amiens. Incidentally, this judge was working on a single lost match "Lille" in this season (against the "Montpellier" in the second round - 0:1). "Marseille", incidentally, is already too familiar with Ruddy. This year's team Didier Deschamps at the home arena for the work of the referee lost "Rennu" - 0:1. A bad judge for today's bands, as we see.
And now the players 'Lille' own ball in the center of the field, and the owners simply hoard power, for thirty minutes to attack - it's incredibly difficult. Is this true?
Eden Azar now as a young beat Lucho Gonzalez in center field, beat an opponent in the snatch, and then prokinul shell between her legs. Effective, and most importantly - effective now acted playmaker guests.
Eden Azar from the left flank with a standard hung in someone else's penalty area, one to the ball did not, and "round" carefully dropped the gloves Steve Mandanda.
Yellow card
Yellow card shown Morel. Jeremy broke the rules in the middle, but it was a promising attack "Lille." Disruption of the attack - "yellow card".
TIME! Oh wow. Mathieu Valbuena struck volley from eleven meters - got into the back of an opponent. Here was a chance now the owners.
"Lille" turned the game for a minute on the other half of the field, but a dangerous moment, or even at all the time, we of the "dogs" are not seeing. It's a shame. The match did not live up to expectations.
Today, there are teams that have been without a long series of losses. In "Marcel" - five games (four wins and one draw), and "Lille" - seventeen matches! It's crazy, incredible figure. Nine wins and eight draws - these indicators demonstrates command Rudy Garcia. Whose series now continue?
TIME! Cut the ball in someone else's Mathieu Valbuena penalty from the left flank, Loic Remy opened and shot from ten yards - Mikael Landreau saved his team!
Half of the half behind. At this time Lucho Gonzalez piled in the center circle Aurelien Chedjou. Not in a hurry hosts and guests through until satisfied.
With twenty-five feet struck the gate of Eden Azar, bursting at the operational space - the projectile traveled in millimeters from the near post.
"Lille" flew out of the Champions League, did not get into the Europa League, and now the team will fight fiercely in the domestic championship. "Doga" lagging behind "Montpellier" (second place) at four points, but on the "PSG" - seven, but now has a chance to reduce this gap to a minimum.
Twenty minutes of the game is over. While the advantage of "Marseille" is simply not to challenge, but one thing is not happy - the fans in the stadium all the time are silent.
"Lille" a very good defense. Closed the team in their half of the field and did not miss until any danger of attack "Marcel." Although the "dogs" had so far only one chance to open an account. Azar then fell in another penalty.
On the left flank received the ball Loic Remy, performed canopy - got into Laurent Bonnard, from which the missile flew out of the field. Out for "Marcel."
"Marseille" currently is the seventh in the standings, behind the "Paris Saint Germain", which goes to the first position, at twelve points. In the case of today's victory, "Olympic" will fall by nine points, as the leaders of the championship is played in the twentieth round.
By the way, Eden Azar is on the football field. Froze him that part of the foot, which was sick, all right. While replacement is not needed. God forbid, and will not need later.
By the way, show us now a football player, who could replace Eden Azar. As I understand it, this player midfield. From a distance I could not see who is getting ready to go to the football field.
Very, very controversial issue. Azar was on the lawn of a stranger's penalty area, Nicolas N'Kulu, according to an arbitrator, completed a successful tackle. Need medical care footballer guests.
Through the left flank pulled Jeremy Morel, but after transfer to Lucho Gonzalez's attack bogged down as the eighth number of the owners stopped and turned to their gates.
Eden Azar was on the lawn, it violated the rules. Now lies footballer "Lilly" on the lawn. Do not be surprised if the "velodrome" present scouts "Chelsea" and "Manchester United".
Eleven minutes behind. The advantage of "Marcel", but so far we have boring zeros on the scoreboard. By the way, "Velodrome" one hundred percent is not filled. High - eighty-five, but I said this at a stretch.
Guests are on the scheme: 4-3-3. Gates defends Landreau. In defense, are (from left to right): N'Diaye, Chedjou, Rozegnal and Bonnard. The trio of midfielders on the left - Balmont, right - Pedretti, in the center - Mavuba. In the attack are: Helen, who will act seems to have left Eden Azar - right in the center - Joe Cole, but this trio is always changing.
Danger! Benoit Cheyrou got the ball in someone else's free kick from ten yards decided to fire a shot, but the missile went a little above the crossbar. Not bad, not bad.
The leg was Cesar Aspilikueta, but again the referee decided not to whistle. Today, he is not particularly want to use his whistle, but oh well. So far we have not seen yellow.
Not bad like! On the left flank forward players went "Marcel", Mathieu Valbuena got round in a strange penalty, but thought a long time, so that the projectile has lost.
Florent Balmont broke the rules in the middle of the field, but the chief arbiter of the meeting allowed the owners to continue the attack, which nothing interesting has not ended.
Lucho Gonzalez made a mistake now to transfer to the center of the field. "Lille" caught the ball, but once the attack guests are not rushed. Apparently, this is an indication of the coach.
The hosts are now under the scheme: 4-2-3-1. Let's deal. At the gate Mandanda. The defenders (from left to right): Morel, N'Kulu, M'Bia and Aspilikueta. Couple opornikov - Cheyrou and Diarra. Trio attacking midfielders on the left - Amalfitana, right - Valbuena in the center - Gonzalez. At the edge of a Remy.
Very carefully in the center of the field while playing football in white. "Lille" mostly defensive. Very allocated at the start of Joe Cole. His race should not be left unnoticed.
The home team now play in white, and players Rudy Garcia - in the red. Steve Mandanda gate on the TV picture on the left, and Michael Landreau frame - on the right.
First time has began
The match started! Let's go! We wish the teams to show a beautiful, interesting and effective game.
First Half
Our French colleagues simply handsome. Low bow to them. An hour before the game there are always lineups. You can watch them in the "About Match!"
Bonsoir, as they say in France, but this is our way - good evening, ladies and football fans! Milan derby - the Milan derby, and the central twentieth round match French Ligue 1 miss is undesirable. "Marseille" - "Lille" - sign on the wall, but whether it will confirm the status? In the "commentary booth" Vladimir Gubarev!

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