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You can establish the fact that the "Mestalla" happened a little sensation. "Real Sociedad" very confident had this fight and the victory they deserved so to speak, with which it and congratulations. Since you been all this time Nikita Gromov, until we meet again!
Second Half
The final whistle!
Tired players "Valencia" the last effort to flee the attack, but nothing they have not obtained. Are very confident defenders.
And here is the replacement. Martinez goes instead Grazmanna.
Additional time
Three minutes of added arbitrator.
Vela is now very wisely pulled the time. like and lull the defender, but then abruptly decided prokinut ball and obbezhat it. It is true that the Mexican did not work out.
Very little time is left in "Valencia". I wonder how many will add an arbitrator? It seems to me no more than three minutes.
Ah, yes Banega! Well done! I did not notice it open partners, and none of the players it is not running. I decided to punch the ball and Ever flew straight into the far top corner, but at the last moment somehow flew up. That goal would have made!
Adurits now fidgeted with the ball on the flank, but he still managed to take the penalty and file, but no problem for the goalkeeper, "Sociedad."
Nothing in these moments do not get the players, "Valencia." Jonas with a cool beat on the gate position. but does it hit? Very weak and straight at the center.
Claudio Bravo is now very confidently played at the output. And pass a bad cut on the album Bangea, but goalkeeper reviews yet perfect.
A lot of players today slips from both teams. That is all together not wearing those shoes, that is the field that something is not right.
Replacing a part of visitors. Aranburu from the field goes, instead Mariga.
Another drop in the penalty area, "Real Sociedad" is accompanied by a whistle and roar from the stands, but the referee did not pay attention even at this moment.
Good for visitors, do not say anything. "Valencia" is trying to portray the pressure, but the forces have not really, but with a second wind as long as "bats" really bad.
Jonas runs along the flanks, to find at least some small holes in the defense of "Sociedad", but everywhere it stops two, and sometimes three defenders. Guests are very balanced in these minutes.
At the retreat now playing guests and it is paying off. During the last minutes of a single shot on goal by Claudio Bravo was not applied.
Foul against Estrada Banega. The victim threw the ball into the penalty area, but it does not exacerbated game.
Wow what a blow to the gate of the home team does Grizmann! Twenty meters he hit - the ball was above the crossbar.
Well, lucky players today, "Sociedad"! Every rebound, every bounce - all the visitors.
And here is the news. Figuli limp leaves the field, instead vyshhodit Alkaser.
"Valencia" finally takes matters into his own hands and flies in the attack. Until the ball rests on the right flank.
Replacing a part of visitors. The field consists of Carlos Vela, he changes Agirreche
Figuli lies in the heart of the opponent's penalty area, holding his leg, and his partners continue to attack, not paying attention to it. One ugly turns.
And one more shot on goal Diego Alves! Agirreche went to the penalty area, he could give to the right, but he decided to strike. Approximately three feet from the gate flying ball.
Bill on goal Elustondo, but the ball flew wide.
He earns much needed penalty Agirreche! It is very hard now play football, "Sociedad"!
Finally enters the Jonas. Dani Parejo alter it.
But why such a poor Jonas and probably froze to stand on the edge. The ball is 5.4 minutes kept within the field. While at the center of the ball guests.
Tellingly, the "Real Sociedad" is not going to sit back on defense. They begin to counter all with great force and it can not disappoint the fans in the stands.
The reaction of the head coach of "Valencia" is not long to wait. Jonas is ready to enter into the game.
It is interesting that now take Unai Emery? Of course, Jonas is needed on the field, but also can not change Aduritsa, so he played very well today.
Replay shows that hammered the ball, the ball really got to hand Griezmannu, but the referee did not record a violation. I think he acted absolutely correctly, because the arm was pinned to the body and was in the usual her position.
All sorts of things, but we expect that you just could not! This slap in the face of "Valencia". Hopefully, the owners now to really run up. That's why we love this beautiful game!
T-OO-OO-OO-OO-A! 0-1!
Griezmann very technical Diego Alves swung forward and brought his team!
Yellow card
Jordi once actively entered the game and broke the rules against Xabi Prieto. During this arbitrator awarded him the mustard plaster.
Mathieu takes the field, instead it was an album.
Fig earns another corner. Banega filed on Aduritsa and the well struck from nine yards, but the ball went above the gate.
Banega oh how wrong! From its cutting-ase in the center of the field could turn out very good attack ratings, but the technical capacity and culture pass guests do not allow.
On the lawn, now is Xabi Prieto. Immediately rushed out to eat a lot of doctors that would give him first aid.
Another submission from the right flank of Figuli the penalty area, but this time it was Adurits below their opponents and win the ball but could not.
Agirreche could now escape himself to himself, but at the crucial moment slipped and fell to the turf. The attack rate in second, "Sociedad" failed.
That's it, "Valencia"! Figuli powerfully hit the bottom from the right penalty area but the ball missed the post. It is very dangerous there!
Well done Pablo Hernandez! Beautifully won two on the right wing and shot on goal from close range, but hit a defender.
The beginning of the second half repeats the beginning of the first. "Valencia" again confidently controls the ball in midfield, but much closer to the gate there.
Second half has began
The second half began!
Second Half
First Half
Half time
Pablo Hernandez, with great effort, was in the penalty area, but he did not pass out, or rather prevented him back. True, the result of one - the ball is lost.
Rolled the ball to his own penalty area football players "Sociedad." Strange, but the owners do not pressure them. Most likely, the first half and finished, do not move players on the field.
Adurits! How so? Was asking to pass the course Mathieu, and gave him Aricia, but do we expect? A terrible transfer. Give it more precisely, Jeremy jumped to himself to himself!
Hernandez entered the penalty area from the right flank. He could punch it on goal, but decided to make a pitch. It was a stupid decision, all partners were blocked.
We see that the "Valencia" tired. Slowly began to operate in the center of the field owners, and, thus, the players reviews are increasingly counter-attack.
Grizmann again throws the ball into the penalty area, but it feeds you need at least Peter Crouch. And he probably would have reached out with difficulty.
Prieto bad breaks on goal Alves from outside the penalty area but the ball flies higher. By the way, this is the first shot on goal the hosts.
It is unclear what is missing "Valencia"? Soldado, in principle, a good substitute for Adurits. No any special courage, I suppose. Have not been dangerous attacks on goal.
Very small forces attacked Valencia. Adurits Figuli and always walk near the penalty area and enter into it can not.
Violate the rules against Hernandez. Dangerous free kick for "Valencia." Here it is a chance.
Figuli famously defeated on the flank of the opponent, but what next? Give to the Center and the attack continues! No, it was necessary to go ahead and lose the ball!
Well, where are goals scored? The third match is over, but the scoreboard still the same bad zeros. A goal could dramatically change the course of the fight.
A good counter-attack came from the guests. On the right flank in the center shot Xabi Prieto in Agirreche, but the latter was unable to stop the ball.
A strange feeling that as long as the players leave the "Sociedad." Like and counterattacks, and well protected, but the game looks so very bad.
Not a bad counterattack could come from the hosts, but the last pass from Banega was never released. Feguli true to the last fight, but a little played and broke the rules.
Ran "bats." The truth of all these attacks so far limited by the thick wall of defenders, "Sociedad."
Scores Adurits ball, but after the whistle. Famously played the ball to Valencia, but Figuli was closer to the gate, than the defenders, so that the "vein game" absolutely deserved.
Well Bangea. Against him today, two or even three opponents and act, but he and they are not afraid to go. True, the ball has lost a few times. This is not a happy disappointed Emery, who kept saying something to his wards.
Very boring game. Under the stands whistling rolled the ball into the center of the field visit, pressure from the owners leaves much to be desired.
Many riders balls flying towards the penalty area, the guests, but on the second floor we have so far all is quiet. Except for the episode Aduritsa, all balls are riding for the defenders of "Real Sociedad."
Not bad on the right flank of "Valencia" is Saltor. It feels a fuse in front of this guy. His game is somewhat reminiscent of the game Roberto Carlos, and apparently they are a little similar.
In general, nothing happens in football, "Sociedad." So helpless they look even half of the field to move the opponent can not.
Were pressing on the opponent's "Valencia"! After a corner, above all in the penalty area was Adurits. That he struck his head into the far corner but the ball, catching the bar, left-of-bounds.
Wow! Well played today hosts a ball! Adurits threw his head a ball hit by Hernandez and he struck powerfully with thirty yards! Bravo fought off the ball, but the attack of "Valencia" is continuing.
A little protection is assembled guests. Once they are separated, there is a dense, well-balanced game. Thus the rate of "Valencia" will soon lead to the account.
Parejo famously gave Hernandez on the flank. He walked closer to the penalty and strongly sweep into the center. The ball flew out of the field: out for "Real Sociedad."
Pablo Hernandez gave very thinly on the course Banega in the penalty area, but Ever failed to win a fight the case. As a result, the ball was lost.
I agree with the commentator contest: Teams look very cool, but it does not give proper fruits. Within 10 minutes of the game just two shots on goal - it is very small, as for a later time. Here you can take a nap.
The first dangerous moment! Figuli cool shot in the bottom center of the penalty on Aduritsa, he punched in touch in the near corner, but he had his leg to substitute counsel. By the way, after a corner, just hit Adurits head, but it was just a goalkeeper.
Ah, yes Topal clever! Very clever pass gave it to move Mathieu, but he started too late and, thus, the ball did not have time.
Not subside "Mestalla". In spite of such a late start the match, the stadium pretty well filled.
Very bad attack of "Valencia"! Mathieu picked up the ball on the flank and the second touch shipped it into the penalty area. From under the defender slipped and Figuli he was ready to ship with the ball into the goal line the goalkeeper but the ball was the last time knocked back.
Now the ball rests at the feet of players in yellow shirts. Valencia is not strongly opposed to this. Very viscous start the match, without any decisive action.
Mathieu kick on the left flank. Grizmann filed immediately in the penalty area, but to catch the ball guests failed. Confident enough to act "bats" to be protected.
Not a bad attack the left flank of the guests left, but Prieto supply none of the partners did not respond.
Ball from midfield played football, "Valencia." They are located on the left, judging from the television picture. The home team controlled the ball until calm in the center of the field.
First time has began
Starting a whistle!
First Half
Good evening, dear lovers of Spanish football! Today at the "Mestalla" right spot "Valencia" and "Real Sociedad." This match will be for you to comment on Gromov Nikita, enjoy!

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