Stadium: Stade de la Mosson
Second Half
The final whistle! "Montpelier" will win this match in "Lion," with a score of 1-0. Oliver Giroux scored.

Since you were Tsapkin Ivan! I wish you happiness, health, prior to the meeting!
The last change in the "Montpelier." Geoffrey left the field. And the moment came for three Bengali-Fode.
Additional time
Three minutes of added time the referee to the main game.
Forward "Montpellier" Oliver Giroux already very tired. Large volume of work he performed today. Perhaps, scored the winning goal at the Gates "Lyon" and brought his team three points.
Giroux could take issue at this point, but let the ball too hard on yourself, and the goalkeeper picked up a shell in his gloves. By the way, Ait Fana made luxury transfer to Oliver.
Ait Fana punched on goal with a 25-meter, but the ball went straight to the goalkeeper, who transferred him to a corner kick. Too little time is left in football, "Lyon", and they are forced to either defend and.
Bastos wanted to break through on the right flank, but he "flew" two defenders and easily picked the ball, which is at the center of the field.
Gradually calmed down, we play, the ball slowly moves mainly in the central part of the field. Mentor, "Lyon" very nervous. By the way, both coaches left for one replacement.
Michel Bastos has earned a corner kick, which was played fast, but not very successfully. Continue to attack the guests. They do not want to lose today. They still have 8 minutes of myoglobin.
Footballers of the home team left a large force on the defensive, trying by all means keep the winning score. Let's see whether the owners will be able to still win unaccommodating "Lion," which leaves no attempts to win.
Yellow card
Remy Cabello received another yellow card for rough play in center field. You have to be careful players from both teams.
And here's the answer from a teacher, "Lyon." Jimmy Briand left the field. Instead, Jeremy Pied
Marco Estrada has appeared on the football field instead of Istanbul. This change in the "Montpelier."
How is the defense has played host. Was broadcast on Lakazetta if it fails, the player, "Lyon" went one on one with the goalkeeper, but the advocates of "no dozing."
Now the "Lion" would make a great effort that would get even, while for visitors it will be very difficult to do. Because time is less and less.
As part of "Lyon" replacement. Ederson left the field. Instead, Lakazett Alexander.
"Montpellier" held fast attack, but the attempt failed and Hugo Lloris took the ball in his hands. Immediately attack players had "Lyon" and earned a corner. That nothing dangerous is not over. Begin our attack from the visitors.
Yellow card
That's the first "yellow card" in the "Montpelier." Giroux received his vigorous celebration of a goal. He won the ball.
Does not stop this dangerous corner. Submission was made to the near post, where the referee has fixed a foul by the guests.
The hosts went ahead and immediately retreated to defend the much larger forces. Now a corner kick on the right flank earned visitors.
GO-OO-OO-OO-OO-OOOO-O-AL! 1-0! Giroux, Oliver!
Could not save this episode the team goalkeeper, who played so beautifully. Oliver Giroux struck between the legs of the goalkeeper. 1-0. In general, a goal quite logical.
Substitution in the "Montpellier"! John Utaka left field, his place on the left, Karim Ait Fana-
Yellow card
Fofana gets a "yellow card". Rough now playing in midfield player, "Lyon."
And again at the gates of dangerous people. Marwa punched from the penalty, but Lloris Hugo does not want to take out the ball from his goal nets. Perfectly valid goalkeeper "Lyon". This should "charge" of partners.
Lisandro took over. He wanted himself to beat all the bosses defense, but he did not have the technology. Again with the ball players, "Montpelier."
Once again Giroux in the spotlight. Now he got the ball from a partner and immediately struck the gate, but had not enough accuracy that the ball was in the grid with the right side. Credited for a dangerous moment.
And the minutes could not hold the ball guests. The hosts continued to actively attack and put pressure, but to a dangerous point in the gate Hugo Lloris, it never comes.
Filing with the angular Dernis carried to the far post, where he was Giroux, but he did not have enough growth to smuggle the ball into the net. Ball players, "Lyon." For how long? What do you think?
Can not start playing football in his guests. Now they want to calm the pace of play the hosts, but ended up with a counterattack from Bedimo. Players pass on their half of the field, and Henry intercepted a missile and hit the gate, in the end - the corner. 3-0 - on the corner.
Carried out the attack players 'Montpelier', but Hazardous to deal blows until it reaches. Footballers 'Lyon' waiting time for a counterattack, probably. We will watch this "hot" game.
So began the second half of the scheme first. First, the players, "Montpellier" in the center of the field rolled the ball, and then Olivier Giroux decided to break on goal from distance, but got a little above the target.
We shall see in the second half a lot of dangerous moments and goals. What do you think? I think that the "Lion" is about to be attacked. We will see.
Substitutions at half-time was not, so the coaches are hoping for their artists, which they put up with the starting minutes of the match. And we look forward to them.
Second half has began
The second half of this meeting. Now we will deal with the trains.
Second Half
First Half
Half time
Nothing dangerous was added for this moment. The first half ended. The score 0-0. Meet 15-Th minutes.
Additional time
One minute, the referee compensates for the first half.
Zhores Marwa began to attack his team. Did he transfer to the right flank, where the first on the ball was Dernis, but the latter failed to take the ball and continue the attack.
Right now include ball control players, "Lyon" in their half of the field. I guess the score after halftime to 0-0. Although things can change. A little over two minutes left to play teams.
Grenier broke on the right flank. Beat three players, "Montpelier." Did shed at the far post, but none of the partners was not there. Probably the first attack guests.
Dernis got the ball within the penalty opponent and managed to find time for fairly dangerous attack, but Hugo Lloris and in this episode played reliably. Again, a dangerous moment at the gate, "Lyon." This is the third hit the target.
Yellow card
By the way, just before Kim Chellstrem received the first match in a yellow card for rough play in center field. Now the player, "Lyon" to be careful.
"Lion" is trying to put pressure in the end the first half, but until the players 'Montpellier' play intelligently and take away the ball. Nothing comes of the guests in the attack. Let's see what will happen after the break.
Slightly more than half an hour played football. 0-0 on the scoreboard - a natural result, though, "Montpelier" already had three dangerous moments.
Again violating the rules against Samuel. For the third time a player "Lyon" is on the football turf. This is the third foul on the part of owners and all three on one player.
For two minutes the players 'Montpellier' had managed to create two dangerous moment. In the first - frame saved the gate, while the second - the inaccuracy Giroux.
In a previous saved point bar gate "Lyon" from a beautiful header from Giroux. Now this player punched through a 11-meter, but there is already a shell flew to the podium. So the fans came into the game.
Momentische at the gate, "Lyon." There was a feed from the right flank in the area goalie, where the first was on the ball Giroux, but hit the bar, and the finishing moves from one player, "Montpelier" do not have time.
Dernis - the most active in the "Montpelier." Now he gave a pass to Giroux, who could strike at goal, but decided to give the transfer to the partner, who immediately seized.
With these speeds we do not see the goals scored. Guys, you need to move, because the fans came to watch beautiful football, but not driving the ball.
Almost all the game time the ball is half of the field, "Lyon", but to the dangerous moments until the time comes. It is better to let a lot of points and strokes than usual folded in a strange half.
Nothing dangerous is not over the standard. Istanbul has decided to break through on goal but hit the "wall" of five players, which has built goalie "Lyon".
Yangambiva faced Yumtiti to 30 meters from the gate, "Lyon." Oral, but a stern warning for a football player, who plays a white form.
Trying to players, "Lyon" to attack was unsuccessful. Transfer to Brian was good, but the player himself in the position "out of the game." But first an offside position will be for guests.
For nearly twenty minutes to play football. There was one dangerous moment at the gate, "Lyon." More than anything worthwhile, we have not noticed.
Footballers "Lyon" began their attack through the midfield, but the midfield, "Montpelier" today does not want to miss players of the guests. Well done. On the first minute it is clear that the owners do not want to lose today.
Feeding was done in the area penalty spot, where the first player on the ball is "Lyon", which dropped the ball away from the danger zone in the field. Protection of hosts will launch an attack.
In attacking players went "Montpelier." Filing was performed in the right flank, but the ball flew all the penalty area. And then Dernis earned second corner for his team.
Mistake is now the arbiter. Footballers "Montpellier" earned a corner on the right, but today's match referee did not notice the touch of the player, "Lyon." And it was.
The ball is still owned by the players, "Montpelier", quietly playing in a pass. I tried to break through on goal Dernes, but the attempt was unsuccessful. When it starts to play "Lion".
Absolutely no events in those few seconds, though, it seemed that the pressure of "Montpelier" after a dangerous hit from Dernesa will only increase.
Gradually calmed down, we play, the ball slowly moves mainly in the central part of the field. Fall velocity at the "Montpelier." A "Lion" has not yet started to play.
Great atmosphere in the stadium today, "Stade de la Mosson." Many fans came to support their favorites. We see ourselves as will lead these people.
But now is dangerous! The first time created a host team. Dernes received the ball from a partner, shifted slightly to the center, and much struck by the gate, "Lyon", but the missile flew near the left bar. The goalkeeper did not even move.
Players have earned the first corner, "Montpelier." I went to the area of ​​supply goalie, but Lloris confidently played in this episode. For a goalkeeper and guests warmed up a bit.
Simply can not catch the ball players, "Lyon." The home team started in a more active pace than his opponent. Hopefully, these rates will be with us until the final whistle.
For the goalkeeper, and "Montpelier" managed to enter the game. Went to feed from the left flank, where the output successfully played Zhurdren. Slightly warmed goalkeeper.
Stephen Lannes - the chief arbiter of today's match. We wish him well to work out on this fight. Perhaps it will be very difficult.
In a relaxed atmosphere began to team play. Anywhere they are in no hurry. The home team controlled the ball in their half of the field, and the guests are adapted to the atmosphere in the stadium.
First time has began
The match started! Let's go! We wish the teams to show a beautiful, interesting and effective game.
First Half
Commands appear on the football field! A few moments left before the beginning of the match!
Good evening, ladies and football fans! I invite you to a match in which the "Montpellier" play with "Lyon". The game promises to be hot. In the "commentary booth" Tsapkin Ivan!

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