Stadium: ONO Estadi
Second Half
The final whistle!
That's it! "Real" managed to take three points in this game, although we can not say that guests are not as fortunate refereeing. Goal net in "Mallorca" side stole.

Since you were Vladimir Gubarev! I wish you happiness, health, prior to the meeting!
Gradually comes to an end our fight. "Mallorca" in the next round of play on the road with a newcomer this season - "Rayo Vallecano," and Jose Mourinho's boys will compete at home with "Athletics" from Bilbao.
And I admit Kalehona best in this match. Here you can be do not agree, but I think he was pretty good. By the way, Mourinho has again passed a note through Pepe some of his players.
Yellow card
Yellow card received Ogunzhimi.
Tissone went to rest, and went Alfaro.
GO-OO-OO-OO-OO-OO-AL! JOSE KALEHON! That's nachudili now hosts! A Kalehon - just clever! At the exit unsuccessfully played goalie, he was able to still hit the ball after hitting Benzema but penalty just on the line, where Kalehon volley shot a neighbor in the top corner! 1:2!
Received a yellow card for a bad tackle Castro against Kalehona. Arbiter of rights to the full. Violation was failure of the attack. "Gorchichnik" fair.
Kasadesus gone out Marty.
A free-kick earned a football club in Madrid. Xabi Alonso at the ball. Jose Mourinho has shown that there are all the forces to attack. 20.05 Violations.
In a counterattack now fled to the players, "Mallorca", however, who replaced Marvin Ogundzhimi overexposed ball did not pass in the left flank.
Pedro Jesus Perez Montero, as I said, worked for eight matches Spanish championship, which showed forty-six yellow cards (one of them became the second player to), once directly and twice removed the player a penalty.
There are fifteen minutes from the "Real" in order to snatch victory and continue the successful series of matches against the strongest competitors do not.
NO GOAL! 1:1 not scored balls! Offside at Ramos.
Pau Sendros could get a second yellow card, after covering the lawn of Cristiano Ronaldo, but the referee spared now, "Mallorca".
FIRST TIME I Ronaldo! With twenty-seven feet, he struck the crossbar! A great blow. Well, anything we have seen today from the Portuguese wizard.
Instead of Chemed out Marvin Ogundzhimi.
GO-OO-OO-OO-OO-OO-AL! Gonzalo Higuain! Gonzalo was a luxury transfer from Ozila in someone else's penalty area, broke through on goal, hit the opponent, the ball bounced and managed to get over the Avata Doudou. 1:1!
TIME! Kaka struck the gate with a twenty-six feet, the ball flew under the crossbar, but was able to stretch Avata Dudu in strunochku and move the ball out of the field. The corner.
"Mallorca", incidentally, has recently demonstrated good results. In the past seven bouts team scored ten points, having won twice, four times and tied once lost ("Getafe" home - 1:2). Will today hosts present sensation? I do not know, I do not know.
Yes, anything "Real" in those moments can not do. I deliberately took a couple of minutes break to see who is where, but each attack in Madrid football club act differently.
Not bad like! Michelle Pereira took the ball on the penalty shot from the left foot into the far bottom corner - Iker Casillas managed to save his team. Corner!
By the way, look to the TV picture on Kaka and think, 'Why is it so big? " Indeed, in stature, it is identical with Ronaldo. Maybe white makes itself felt? Oh, I do not know, I do not know.
Three defenders in the "Real" remained. From left to act Koentrau, right - Pepe, and in the center - Ramos. But the protection of all time are grouped. Falls and Xabi.
Kaka has accelerated on the left flank, completed the transfer to the opposite curb, where there was nobody. Brazilian winger was mistaken "Real", well, nothing.
Referee our meeting - Pedro Jesus Perez Montero from Seville. This season, he worked for eight matches in La Liga Spanish. Quite a good referee, but so far tried only matches the average rank. Once caught, "Barcelona" and today "Real". All.
Yes, if today, "Mallorca" will lose points, then put the blame on the lateral will need to judge. There's even a blind man would see that there was no offside. Strange, of course.
Arbeloa and Marcelo left the field, left and Kaka Koentrau.
The ball is now scored Victor Kasadeus, but it was the "offside". And the offside was not! NO! That's it. Goal away from "Majorca".
Yellow card
Yellow card for hitting behind the legs got Pau Senderos. Went to Cristiano Ronaldo.
Kaka and Koentrau will now on the football field. Who will replace? Well, most likely will replace Kaka Kalehona and Koentrau - Arbeloa.
Yellow card
Yellow card for time delay, which was not, was Fernando Tissone. Well, okay.
Ten minutes had passed. By the way, refreshing. In "Mallorca" will now be even chances to double the advantage, as the guests will go ahead by all means.
On another side of the field players hold the ball club in Madrid. While the gate Avata Dudu remain inaccessible to the "cream".
With a twinkle in his eyes went to the football field players "Real". They have another forty minutes to score two goals.
Benzema took the ball on the penalty, turned around and punched well above the crossbar. Avata Dudu enters the ball in play strike from their gates.
Offside in Ozil.
Gonzalo Higuain completed the transfer of the right wing, hung on Kalehon nearest bar - the hosts without problems repulsed. The corner.
By the way, "Mallorca" plays pretty well with "Real" in recent times, if you look at all the teams in La Liga, not including "Barcelona". Team in the last five matches lost three times, played a draw and won, and victory was in 2009 at the "Santiago Bernabeu" - 1:3.
Higuain instead of Lassana Diarra. That's it.
Second half has began
The second half started! Let's go!
Second Half
First Half
Half time
The first half is over! 1:0 - rest, my friends.
WHAT A BLOW! In the bar after the ball hit Sergio Ramos header (shed from the right flank from Xabi Alonso). On finishing one of the players of "Real" was not.
Before the break, apparently, the guests will not be able to even the score. Ozil now lay on the lawn, had violated rules against him, he simply waited for the yellow, but the referee did not give his opponent. That's an insult.
Kalehonu today to demonstrate their best qualities to come out in a match against the "Barcelona" in the starting lineup. And then there can and Di Maria will recover from injuries.
Thank you, "Majorca"! Perhaps now we can see from the terrible football club in Madrid, rather than simply moving around the pitch with unknown meaning.
GO-OO-OO-OO-OO-AL! Tomer Chemed! Logical! Angle earned masters, Castro Chori played this corner, moved closer to the corner of the penalty area, hung in the area penalty spot, where Xabi Alonso lost Tomer Chemed, which ferried her head round to the far bottom corner! 1-0!
Benzema struck on goal from the penalty - Avata Dudu without any problems in the fall took the ball in his glove. Counter-owners will not.
"Mallorca" - not the best place for Madrid's rival team, but one disadvantage in today's owners could be found: a team of incredibly low scores. Sixteen goals in seventeen matches - not the best indicator, right?
Cristiano Ronaldo went to lie down, although it does not touch anybody. Portuguese pretended now, then his team intercepted the ball and he got up and ran. Ugly to do so, not good it is.
Closer to a break already opened more free zones at the Madrid club. Generally, a dream for the defender to play "Real". Except for two or three games a year no one will pressure at a rally, stand yourself and roll it gently.
"Real" if it continues to show such results, can win the championship, even if she loses in another "El Classico". The Club de Madrid ahead of "Barcelona" has five points, what will happen next? No one knows?
Ronaldo struck exactly, but rather weak and in the center. This was prepared Avata Dudu, taking the shell of the gloves. In a hurry keeper owners.
For the first time in this match was on the feet of Cristiano Ronaldo. Before the gates of thirty meters. Now either he or Xabi Alonso strikes on goal.
Close-up showed us Higuain. Gonzalo sits, yawns, disguised with the right eye. Jose Mourinho at this time is on the verge of the technical area.
Boring game, of course. To say there is no Jose Mourinho, but his team now plays with an eye to the future, "El Classico". There is a chance for "Mallorca" to cling to the result today.
Broke through the gates to strangers Chori Castro, breaking the fall with the penalty - the ball flew to two meters from the far post. Iker Casillas in control.
Arbeloa today is not particularly active on the right flank, as well as Marcelo on the left. In general, the Club of Madrid players try to break the gates to strangers through the center. While it is impossible.
Cristiano Ronaldo is the third time in the match failed to pass an opponent, moving at breakneck speed. The numbers do not lie. And Messi is really better in the stroke. Just do not Lionel, but his percentage.
Mesut Ozil hung from the right corner of the field with his left foot, but the defenders in red T-shirts were able to win the fight riding a "creamy".
On the right flank Jose Kalehon shot in someone else's penalty area, Pau Senderos easily passed round for the front line of the field. Corner!
Very organized today defended hosts. Perhaps, perhaps, it is up to the first goal conceded. Now, however, about the players, "Mallorca" not even think they want.
Xabi Alonso hung from the right flank to the center of another's penalty area, where the fastest Chico was Jose, knocking out shell of the central circle.
Again, good acting when you search the free zone Cristiano, but Ronaldo again failed to beat an opponent one to one. Not often does it meet.
Ozil received the ball in midfield, carried on the transfer of Ronaldo, who was unable to beat an opponent, which attack the guests interrupted.
First Junior Marcelo interrupted the transmission of a rival in his own penalty, and then head back to otpasoval gloves Iker Casillas.
Jose Mourinho put his team under the scheme: 4-2-3-1. At the gate Casillas. Defence (left to right): Marcelo Rapos, Pepe and Arbeloa. Oporniki - Alonso and diarrhea. Players of midfield, which aim to attack the left - Cristiano Ronaldo, right - Kalehon in the center - Ozil. At the edge of a Benzema.
Gradually incorporated into the game the players Madrid club. Finally, remember that they are on the football field. Play with a huge stock, thinking it will still score.
Gradually incorporated into the game the players Madrid club. Finally, remember that they are on the football field. Play with a huge stock, thinking it will still score.
Jose Kalehon was a little offside, and the ball he managed to score, breaking into the net, but from the outside.
Victor Kasadesus went one-on Lassana Diarra and Arbeloa, resulting in a lost ball, lay on him and not give. The arbitrator in time whistle.
Penalty earned a football club in Madrid. Xabi Alonso hung with thirty feet in someone else's penalty area - the owners have coped with this transfer.
Benzema in the conception of an attack carried out on an unsuccessful transfer of Cristiano Ronaldo, the Portuguese did not expect this. The ball is in touch field.
On the right flank has accelerated Pablo Caceres, completed the transfer on the bottom right corner of a foreign goalkeeper, Victor Kasadesus carried farther heel pass, but Tomer Chemed was not ready.
Cristiano Ronaldo sped up the left flank, carried out the transfer back and stopped. Attack of the "Real", as well as Portuguese and stopped. It's okay, I think not.
On the right flank followed by filing with the standard of Michelle Pereira, the ball flew to the far post, where he was only Pepe. Attack of the hosts failed.
Even last season there were rumors that Karim Benzema will leave Madrid "Real", but this year he defeated outright Higuain. Now Argentinean polish the bench next to Jose Mourinho.
Not bad right now would jump at the transfer of Sergio Ramos, Karim Benzema, but the French striker Madrid club to reach the ball failed.
On the right flank failed to take the ball after the transfer of Jose Kalehon Xabi Alonso. Apologized for the young hope of the "Real" for making a faux pas it.
Can not get his half of the field players "Real", on the left flank, Joao Victor shot in someone else's penalty area, Pepe was first on the ball, but he completed the transfer of inaccurate.
Today's owners are under the scheme: 4-4-2. Let's face it. At the gate Doudou. The defenders (from left to right): Caceres, Ramis, Chico, and Senderos. Midfield (left to right): Chori, Joao, Tissone and Pereira. In the attack, and settled Kasadesus Chemed.
Five minutes of the game is over. "Real" is not yet able to win the center field. Very good players are, "Mallorca" on the start of the meeting minutes.
Lassana Diarra has violated the rules in the middle of the field. Referee meeting immediately made known to the French oporniku "Real", and that after the whistle and did not want to stop.
By the way, who do not remember, say, at this same stadium he made his debut in La Liga as the chief coach of the Club of Madrid, Jose Mourinho. Then there was the incredible number of photographers and journalists. Until now, remember it.
The home team now play in red, and the players Jose Mourinho - in white. Gates Avata Dudu on the TV picture are on the right, and the frame Iker Casillas - to the left.
First time has began
The match started! Let's go! We wish the teams to show a beautiful, interesting and effective game. With the center of the field began to players "Mallorca"!
First Half
The teams are in the "About Match!"
Good evening, ladies and football fans! We continue to wander in the fields of Europe. The next goal - La Liga, the stadium "Iberostar", which will compete today, "Mallorca" and "Real". In the "commentary booth" Vladimir Gubarev!

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