Stadium: Stamford Bridge
Second Half
The final whistle!
That's it! "Chelsea" with difficulty, but it deals with "Sunderland," beating "black cats" with a score - 1:0!

Since you were Vladimir Gubarev! I wish you happiness, health, prior to the meeting!
Ah, Louis, you can not see the place at the base, when Cahill will play. Not cope with today David Louis Bendtner, who now rushed one on one with Peter Cech, but broke is inaccurate.
Gradually comes to an end our fight. In the next round of "Chelsea" will play on the road with the "Norwich", and "black cats" will compete at home with yet another newcomer to the English Premier League - "Swansea." Matches will be very interesting. I'm sure.
Additional time
And three minutes left to play teams.
Wow! Stephen Sessenon again as players beat the children, "Chelsea". At this time, were offended by Ashley Cole and Raul Meireles. After that, Stephen shot into the center of another's penalty - Gardner struck, but close to the near post.
That's Sturridge went to change clothes. Yes, this is striking a day. I swear I have never such was not that the five substitutions in the game I guess. Just do not themselves change, and those players who appear on the football field.
23% vs. 77% - the ball in the last five minutes. Can you imagine how is going through Andre-Villash Boash for the result?
Incidentally, last season, "Sunderland" has managed to take points on the "Stamford Bridge". Then the "Chelsea" were difficult times, than the "black cats" and taken advantage of. 0:3 - no chance for the London club. It was after this defeat, there was talk of the resignation of Carlo Ancelotti.
Raul Meireles a great blow sent the ball under the crossbar, but Simon Minole not less posh jump managed to convert a shell for the front line of the field. John Terry after a pass from a corner struck - a failure.
Instead, Juan Mata appeared Florent Malouda. And one more hit. Will I have a 5 out of 5? Come on, Boash, let Sturridge.
With the departure of Frank Lampard, "Chelsea" lost the confidence in the midfield, which was the presence of ex-captain of the team. "Sunderland" is more attacking now.
The last match of the teams went to Sunderland and ended in victory for the London club - 1:2. Then the account was opened, John Terry, Daniel Sturridge doubled it, and in stoppage time managed one goal otkvitat Ji Dong-Won.
Petr Cech catches the ball after the filing of the guests with the angular, sharply knocked him on Juan Mata, who was unable to compete with John O'Shea. Ex-player "Manchester United" bomb knocked closer to the goalkeeper.
And one well-aimed hit! Yes, today is my day! Connor Wickham appeared on the field, left Kieron Richardson. In the "all-in 'Martin O'Neill went.
Essien strike is not counted, since Michael was offside during the transfer of Fernando Torres.
Raul Meireles received the ball from Fernando Torres on the right edge of another's free kick, followed by a canopy at the far post, but there was no one at all.
"Chelsea" during a break in the championship pretty easy to beat, "Portsmouth" in the FA Cup, but in that duel Florent Malouda was injured, but this match Frenchman managed to recover. As you can see, John Terry on the field today, following the example of Captain Daniel Sturridge has gone without playing in the last two matches. Englishman on the bench.
Congratulations to captain London "Chelsea" John Terry because he is three hundred and fiftieth time left in the starting lineup for his club. An incredible figure! John - a real car and one of the strongest defenders of the last ten years. This is my humble opinion.
Not bad, not bad. First, Essien performed the transfer to Torres, Fernando unsuccessfully handled the ball, projectile flew to Michael, who published a venerated in millimeters from the far post.
Incidentally, in the twenty-one match "Chelsea" and "Sunderland" in the league goals were scored eighty, with an average of 3.81 goals for per game. Gorgeous figure. Today he is a little spoiled, but oh well.
Instead, Frank Lampard Michael Essien out! Three-fold "cheers" to the fans shout "Chelsea".
Yellow card
Meireles was yellow from the insatiable Phil Daoud. There was a foul. It's Craig Gardner successfully framed.
Here it is! Here it is! And it's not a fish dreams! It's Michael Essien! ESSE-E-EH! How long we have not seen him in a T-shirt "Chelsea", running on the field. Now it's true!
Ramirez got the legs of Michael Turner, who had shown a yellow card for this foul. Phil Dowd as something strange treats moments. Hmm ...
Thus, the first prediction came true. Craig Gardner appeared in place of David Vaughan. Strengthening the center of the field. It is now necessary to "Sunderland."
Offside in mats.
David Louis is incredibly easy to steal a free kick managed to "Chelsea" Phillip Bardsley, who could tie, receiving the ball in the center of another's penalty area.
Many players use the shelters, "Sunderland" in the hope that Nicklas Bendtner will be able to put his head under the ball. As long as Bendtner was only one moment, and then - in the first half.
Yellow card
Torres received a yellow card for simulation. I did not touch him, Philip Bardsley, though, if you look at the replay, then the leg Philip exhibited. It is difficult, it is difficult today to Phil.
Phil Dowd has worked for fifteen matches of English Premier League, which showed sixty-two yellow cards, twice directly removed from the football field, and appointed seven penalties. As I said, Phil saves the cards.
WOW! Even the two to wow! Once the owners have failed on the left flank, somewhere had gone Ashley Cole, has been taken advantage Larsson went into someone else's penalty area and shot to the far post, where Jose Bozingva tried to make the heel shell - do not hit, and James McClean simply substituted leg as needed under the ball. Fantastically lucky "blue."
"Sunderland," added Nicklas Bendtner and Frazier Campbell (in the application does not), who recovered from old injuries. But the guests relaxed Klolbeka absence of Jack, whose ailing ankle, and Wesley Brown (groin) and Titus Bramble (Achilles).
Livened up the game. It became a bit more interesting. By the way, the bench, "Chelsea" can be seen Branislav Ivanovic and Mikel Obi, who are injured.
Much! David Vaughan shot a foot from the left with twenty-six feet from the nearest millimeter rack. Petr Cech, by the way, all controlled.
And, it seems, a penalty kick in the gates "Chelsea" was. Cole pushed Bendtner in the back, so Phil Daud had put a penalty. At the moment with Torres could not understand.
Yellow card
Do Kattermoul received a yellow card for a rough tackle against Frank Lampard. A lot of talk right now. A lot.
Begin, begin. It is now a penalty kick in the gates "Chelsea" do not put Phil Dowd. Frankly, there was no repetition, so the alleged violation is unknown.
MOMENTISCHE! Torres walked John O'Shea in a strange penalty area, turned on the lawn, but Dowd did not put a penalty. Juan Mata broke out on a date, but Simon beat Minole failed.
Ugh! Frank Lampard completed translation of chic on the left flank, Ashley Cole ran to the counter, shot the goalkeeper on the line, Ramirez struck - hit the goalkeeper, the ball went into the net, but with a "ribbon" made a "round" Michael Turner.
Phil Dowd decided to do something to explain to Juan Mata. To be honest, did not show us this episode. What did the Spaniard? I can not understand. Anyway, passed. Card no.
Neatly in the middle of a field owned by the ball players, "Chelsea". Now pruning could occur, but Oriol Romeu done the same exact transfer on Petr Cech.
Substitutions at half-time was not, but I bet that today, "Chelsea" will appear in the field Sturridge, Malouda and Essien, and "Sunderland" - Craig Gardner and Connor Wickham.
Fernando Torres took the ball on the penalty, slipped, fell, but managed to keep the ball for his team. "Sunderland" is a bit livelier than the first half.
TIME! Frank Lampard is hung from the left corner of the field at the center of someone else's punishment, Juan Mata struck volley with his left foot - a bit inaccurate. But all the lost Spanish winger "Chelsea". That's it!
Strangely, we have included statements broadcast after four minutes of starting the second half. At this time, David Louis earned a corner for his team.
They say that today, "Chelsea" can officially announce the passing of the defender Cahill "Bolton." Most likely, it will be. Seven million euros - the price issue. Also, "blue" have begun negotiations on Azariah, who is interested and "Manchester United". Talented playmaker, "Lille", do not say anything.
Stephen Sessenon shot from long range goal of "Chelsea" - Petr Cech picked up a shell in his gloves. No problem for the Czech goalkeeper's "blue".
Second half has began
The second half started! Let's go!
Second Half
First Half
Half time
The first half is over! 1:0 - Frank Lampard goal was the only one in the forty-five minutes. Break!
Additional time
Phil Dowd added three minutes, half of which have already expired.
Michael Turner was released instead of the injured Matthew Kilgallona. Once again I wish speedy recovery Matt.
Still, a stretcher, still litter ... Not be able to continue playing Matthew Kilgallon. We wish the central defender, "Sunderland" a speedy recovery and return to the football field!
In the fight with Fernando Torres was damaged by Matthew Kilgallon. The Spaniard immediately poloshel and apologized to his rival. Martin O'Neill is not ready to replace.
Reassured game players "Chelsea", it would be nice for the community once again to be noted precise blow before the break. Martin O'Neill is nervous.
Phil Dowd - the chief arbiter of our meeting. Pretty harsh the arbitrator, and not always it works correctly. Last season, were oversights, and this without them Phil Dowd can not. Hopefully, now he and his partners do not make mistakes in judging.
Fernando Torres has figured out two opponents in the penalty, and then struck a meter from the far post. The dynamics are much more dangerous time looked than on repeat.
David Vaughan from the center of the field knocked the ball-of-bounds, after which David had lost his right boots. Tie him to.
Andre Villash-Boash took his usual position - on the verge of the technical area, squatting - that he is trying to address? I do not know, I do not know.
British operators we catch Fernando Torres, who is trying very hard, but he has yet to score is not obtained. Three goals for the year in "Chelsea" - even more defenders scored.
TIME! Bendtner struck from the penalty in millimeters from the far post. A missed rival David Louis, who now must try hard to keep its place at the base.
Angle earned the guests on the right flank, followed by a low canopy at the far post, and catch the ball Bendtner was only able to on the sideline of the field.
By the way, our game - the only one of seven in which the account is opened. In addition, we translate the three match, which run in parallel. Also, the results of other matches that were not included in our extensive list of "Live", you can see on our website.
Ashley Cole received the ball on the left, to transfer to someone else's penalty area, where none of the players, "Chelsea" was unable to reach the shell.
Another time! Fernando Torres struck his head after a pass from the right flank of Ramirez, the ball flew into the far corner, but there is smartly played by Phillip Bardsley, who made a head ball out of their gates.
After the arrival of Martin O'Neill at the trainer's bridge, "Sunderland" began to show good results the team produced four wins and one draw in seven meetings under the mentoring of a specialist. The result - the eleventh place.
About thirty minutes of the game is over. Crushed right now the players "Sunderland", "retired." Quite invisible until Ramirez. He drops out of the game, as for me.
Juan Mata struck with his left foot from twenty-six feet from the standard - the ball flew not very much in the near corner, but there was Simon Minole, which took in the spectacular jumping round in his gloves.
Once again, David Louis was at the center of attention. He walked Larsson, and then fell to the turf. Violation of the rules, Juan Mata and Frank Lampard the ball.
David Louis, which is famous for his ability to connect into the attack, struck now with twenty-five feet is very unfortunate. The ball flew far above the crossbar.
With the advent of Cahill, of course, increase competition in the defense of "Chelsea." Only the left flank will be the same as before - there Cole in charge. A right-wing and center of the defense will be reconstructed.
For the first time in the last ten minutes, "Sunderland" a large force crossed midfield. "Chelsea" was no longer allows to reach the penalty area, Petr Cech.
At this time, "Wolves" comes out ahead in the fight to the "White Hart Lane." Good news for "Chelsea" came also from Manchester, where Rooney did not realize a penalty. Bogdan has saved his team.
In a counter-ran players, "Sunderland", Sessenon completed the transfer of the right flank, where Philip Bardsley tried to get around Ashley Cole - unsuccessfully. It is very unfortunate.
Quietly in the center of the field now. "Chelsea" slowly rolls the ball from flank to flank. "Sunderland" is not in the active selection. It also can be understood.
Twenty minutes of the game is over. "Sunderland" has lost the starting self-confidence. "Chelsea" of the whole (without Petr Cech, of course) is located on another side of the field.
After another raffle ball Corner departed from the penalty, "Sunderland", and Oriol Romeu bummed from long range and hit Lee Kattermoula.
Angle earned football "Chelsea". From the left corner flag hung Juan Mata, Frank Lampard shot from the left leg in the near corner - hit the competitor. Another corner.
Now, "Sunderland" will doubly difficult. Nicklas Bendtner managed to still punch your head from the penalty after a pass from Larson - Petr Cech took the ball in his glove.
Frank Lampard played well today, by the way, he scored in a match with "Portsmouth" at the last minute, and this goal was one hundred and eightieth of the "blue". And today, he scored again. Now Frankie just 12 Scoring draw from Kerry Dixon in second place most prolific goleodorov. Today's goal was for an Englishman 124th in the Premier League, which allowed him to share third place in the ranking scorers in the league with Jimmy Greaves.
GO-OO-OO-OO-OO-O-AL! Frank Lampard! FANTASTIC! Fernando Torres after a pass from the right wing struck the side of the line with scissors keeper exactly the crossbar, the ball with incredible force jumped from the gate frame and got up Lampard, who scored his next goal for the "Chelsea". Cahill also pleased. He was already in the stadium.
Now it is an initiative owned by football players, "Chelsea", they rolled the ball is on their own, then in a strange half, but dangerous moments at the gate Simon Minole we have not seen before.
Fernando Torres struck his head after a pass from Ashley Cole's a little inaccurate. The ball went to two meters from the far post. Fans of "Sunderland" very happy.
Sebastian Larsson shot from twenty-four feet with a standard ball flew under the crossbar, but in a place where there was Petr Cech. No problem for the keeper, "Chelsea".
Yellow card
David Louis broke the rules near the left edge of his penalty area, for which he received just a yellow card. Bendtner because he could run to the front.
"Chelsea" is on the fourth line in the standings, behind the championship leader - "Manchester City" - on eleven points. To the other Manchester club - "United" - as it was before, "Spurs" - eight points. Quite a lot, right?
"Sunderland" is now probably a little more possession of the ball in the center of the field. Looking at the names of players in the central part of the field at the "Chelsea" becoming a little embarrassing, but oh well.
Gianfranco Zola is present on the podium, "Stamford Bridge", and this time, another legend of "Chelsea" - Frank Lampard - twice struck the gate, "Sunderland", but the first ball hit the opponent, and then flew above the crossbar.
MOMENTISCHE! It's crazy! Stephen Sessenon on the right edge of the penalty as a young stranger beat John Terry, performed chamber on the line goalie, from James McLean was unable to break out of the finest action Bozingvy Jose, who was able to knock out an opponent like a projectile. Goal kick.
The ball does not hold any one of the teams. It is also worth noting that there are still some empty seats on the "Stamford Bridge". Fans have not yet caught up. I am sure will be a full house today.
"Chelsea" today is the scheme: 4-3-3, and the role of the right will carry forward Ramirez. Guests stand on the traditional pattern: 4-4-1-1. No surprises there.
Today, as we see on the bench, "Chelsea" emblazoned Michael Essien! As long as he did not run on grass greens ... Since his recovery, Mike! Of course, smart news for fans of "blue."
The home team now play in blue, and the players Martin O'Neill - in red and white. Gates Petr Cech on the TV picture are on the right, and Simon Minole frame - on the left.
First time has began
The match started! Let's go! We wish the teams to show a beautiful, interesting and effective game. With the center of the field began to players 'Sunderland'!
First Half
The teams are in the "About Match!"
Good evening, ladies and football fans! Most of the twenty-first round matches of the English Premier League will take place at one time, and I invite you to see the central match of the tour: "Chelsea" against "Sunderland". It will be interesting, in that I'm sure. In the "commentary booth" Vladimir Gubarev!

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