Stadium: Villa Park
Perhaps we should admit the score correct. Both teams are dangerously attacked, a pronounced advantage of any of the groups was not for the full 90 minutes. Together with you the progress of the match followed Artem Baranov. Good-bye and good luck!
Second Half
All the game is over. Mark Klattenburg records through 1-1.
And commentators channel Sky, speaking of this moment, remember that Diniyar got straight red card not so long ago. As this is the place, is not it?
Baines hung in the penalty area, no one could break through on goal, the ball bounced to the corner flag, where Bilyaletdinov was unable to earn a corner, losing to combat Bento.
Alan Hutton was not lazy and ran into a strange penalty to gasp at the feet Heitinga. Alan got off the conversation with the referee.
Additional time
4 minutes of added time the referee to the main game.
Yellow card
Robbie Keane went to the penalty, earn yourself a ball under his left foot and shot on goal but hit the defender. In response, Mark lunge Olbrayton "cut down" in the center of the field Donovan, for which he was punished. Now Klattenburgom, and in his corner, apparently, then put.
Paaren from Argentina with the simple name of Dennis and beautiful name Strakkualursi replaced Louis Saha in the Everton.
Several chances to strike it with players from Liverpool. Bill and our Diniyar, and Donovan, but the ribbons to the gates and the ball did not reach, sinking at the feet of defenders birmingemtsev.
And the play after all! Fellaini picked the ball in their half of the field and gave it to Donovan! Landon passed further to the right to Anichebe. Victor entered the penalty area and cutting off the corner struck the gate! Brilliantly played today Shay Given reacted and moved the ball to the corner. In general, both goalkeepers played today at the lovely sight.
Last minute hold the ball more hosts that do not interfere with play on the counterattack, "Everton".
Darron Gibson slammed his hands on Bilyaletdinov, and Diniyar went to the left side of midfield.
Angle earned Robbie Keane, barely leaving the field. Unfortunately, no harm as a result of a corner did not happen.
Hmm, forecaster from me, "just a class," although the casino go. Well, there is another match today, but then fell flat to win. Diniyar Bilyaletdinov, meanwhile, is preparing to leave for a replacement.
Replacement of the hosts: Robbie Keane came out instead of Stephen Warnock.
Agbonlahor on the left side got the ball entered the penalty area and shot on goal, but Howard was waiting for the blow. Did not catch, and moved to the corner.
Donovan took advantage of his speed and had first to the ball, ran to the front line and gave the penalty area, but Given is not going to miss more clearly and to work, coming out of the gate.
Dresses up Robbie Keane. Any minute he appears on the field. Who will replace: Agbonlahor or Bent? I put on Bent.
Positional attack "Everton" does not end, and Darren Bent got a nice pass on the course in the middle of the field, swept Heitinga, but Heitinga just no go. Elbow to the chest, breaking the rules, the lack of yellow cards. Well, not beauty?
The hosts are eager to score a try, but the defensive play liverpultsy very clear at this moment. It should be noted that until they hammered the ball to protect it was a lot of free zones.
Foul line saw the referee on Anichebe, what began struggling Klattenburgu signal. Will feed from Donovan. What do I need? The ball is mounted on the right flank near the penalty area and, in fact, Landon Donovan.
Mark Olbrayton dared to strike from 20 meters, time was taken to strike partners - need to be beaten. Mark did not get this time.
Anichebe returned to the field, all right, let's wish him, and along with all the other good health.
While a pause in the game, the fans decided to remind his team that "It is great that we are all here today."
And the next moment, Anichebe was injured. On level ground it was the Nigerian striker, trying not to let the ball go out of the field.
GO-OO-OO-OO-OO-AL! Victor Anichebe compares the expense! Carried away a corner birmingemtsy, lost the ball, and Darron Gibson flew to the attack, gave a cool pass on the cutting jumped out from behind the defenders Anichebe, Nigerian and calmly katnul ball past out-of-doors Givena neck. 1.1!
"Everton" possession of the ball, which allows you to "Aston Villa" to play on the counterattack. As a result, one of them broke Neville shed from the flank, having decided that the corner in this situation is not the worst result.
And we never tire of showing warm up Robbie Keane. Laurels Thierry Henry did not give rest to the Irishman.
Agbonlahor has lost a competition to choose the position of defensive line "toffee" - "offside."
Alternating angular earned masters from different flanks, but the shot on goal, and that inaccurate, were able to inflict only the second attempt.
One of the most well-known causal relationships in football, "bad output - counterattack." Fellaini caught Ayrlenda, rushing to the possessions of Howard, and excellent otborolsya, without breaking the rules, but then he lost himself and vpolsdestvii still hit the same Ayrlendu feet.
Angle earned visitors.
Neville catapulted the ball out to the side for Saha, but forward "Everton" was back to the gate, surrounded by defenders, so that the strike capabilities not found. And when he raised his head to find a partner, lost the ball.
David Moyes organizes the first replacement. Victor Anichebe came out instead of Royston Drenthe.
Owners felt that the game is going well, what are the transfer and delivery are the recipients. Occupied birmingemtsy penalty now hoping to double the advantage!
And one more attack ended hosts almost naked! Agbonlahor was very lonely at the 11-meter mark, and went to cross from the flank. Gabriel struck his head in the corner of the goal, but Howard had to shift back and secure the ball.
GO-OO-OO-OO-OO-AL! Darren Bent opened the scoring! Shed from the right side fell just in John Heitinga, who was unable to dislodge the ball flew in the end to Stephen Ayrlendu who, without thinking twice, he gave a pass to the goalkeeper's line, where Darren Bent hit the top corner of Howard. The goalkeeper was powerless! 1-0!
"Aston Villa" is holding its 100th season in the top seasons in English football. And this is the second figure. Birmingemtsy second only to the team, playing its 107th season. And this team ... "Everton"!
And one more candle high in forced goalkeeper Howard fists to knock the ball out of the field. The corner.
Began rushing the ball on the penalty, "Everton"! At first no one dokosnulsya the ball, and threw himself under attack Bent Fellaini and then hit Hatton laid the defenders!
Angle at the gates of Howard earned a masters.
Given! No goalkeeper - the wall! I went to a shed on his head pyshnovolosuyu Fellaini, the Belgian beat the goalkeeper with the angle at point blank range, but it was a goalkeeper's shoulder, which has reduced to a minimum angle of attack!
Collins sadanul Drenthe on the legs 30 meters from the gate. You can punch and kick and.
Three minutes to keep the ball owners, not giving him a second. At the end went to feed Agbonlahor in the penalty area, but Gabriel got into the "offside".
Almost all of the break were discussing that very fateful moment when a violation against the Saha arbitrator should (according to analysts) to assign a penalty kick in the gates Givena.
Second half has began
The second half began through the efforts of players, "Aston Villa".
Second Half
First Half
Statistics of the first half is waiting for everyone in the relevant section.
Half time
Minute ride and ball players have gone to rest. Previously, they could not - would not let Mark Klattenburg. Rest for 15 minutes and return to the blue (well, or another color) screens.
Additional time
One minute added to the main referee of the first half. Under the words the speaker Royston Drenthe just from the left flank into the penalty applied to a rare visitor there is not a standards Fellaini, but could not head the Belgian strike.
"Everton" persistently attacked only through the right flank, left almost no use. Must be somehow more active and make a left edge. You understand what I am?
The first half is headed towards a draw. For lovers of statistics say that David Moyes and Alex McLeish played against each other seven times. Each has won once each, and five matches were drawn.
Showed how some viewers were drawn to the exit. Borrow up to buy a drink or some other treat. Meanwhile, their pets at the gate of the population guests.
Now Agbonlahor decided to show a healthy ego and himself struck from outside the penalty area. Bill "cheek" from 25-30 meters, but the ball still caught in his own half of the field. Howard turned in a jump ball in the corner.
Darren Bent famously beat a defender and was the first on the ball, which is carefully brought to their roof penalty Agbonlahor. Bent was hit above the gate.
Baines badly hung in the penalty area, the partners had given up his hands and ran back, they say, oh, sorry just kept going.
David Moyes gives valuable guidance throughout the composition, on the spot. Alex McLeish, unlike his colleagues sitting on the bench.
Stephen Warnock in the heat of battle rushed at the feet of Royston Drenthe. The referee did not record a violation, but the Dutchman while lying on the lawn.
Quickly, very quickly came to visit the penalty area, perepasovyvayas as a mini football. A transfer from the right side of interrupted Donovan Collins, knocking the ball to the corner.
Yellow card
Marouani Fellaini got the card, knocking Steven Ayrlenda in the middle of the field. Klattenburga patience came to an end.
Very impressively feel Saha, Cahill and Donovan on another side of the field. As if the tickets purchased to attend birmingemtsev possessions.
Got off the game on fouls in midfield. A slight advantage is still the guests.
The first corner kick of the match ended with a head Stilyana Petrova above the gate.
Agbonlahor got the ball on the left flank of the attack, hung in the penalty area, Bent was unable to penetrate properly, and Drenthe decided to knock the ball on the corner of harm's way. In the role of sin made by the incoming Mark Olbrayton.
Phil Neville fouls Gabriel Agbonlahor on the left flank attack birmingemtsev. Well, we found that Agbonlahor and Bent played today. Up to this point they were the invisibility cloak.
Leighton Baines on the left leg twisted under the crossbar, but did not calculate the force and the ball was above the gate.
And one more attack visitors passed through the right side. And again foul. The ball is almost at the point of the angle of the penalty area.
Now shown when Saha had not the ball. On the replay it is clear that his hands held the Richard Dunn. If desired, can be seen here Klattenburg violation.
"Everton" vigorously attacked the right flank. Forcing Donovan fouled Warnock now. Nervous now number three hosts.
Again Given! Brilliant response from the goalkeeper, "Aston Villa". Serve with the left side seemed to be safe, as there was no one in the box, but Stephen Warnock knows that any attack should end with a blow. And without a difference - for your or someone else's goal. He decided to stretch his own keeper and shot into the near corner! We understand that he was trying to throw the ball the goalkeeper's head, but took off too much.
Tim Cahill gave a great pass to Donovan, Landon raced to the right and gave the penalty for Saha, a little Louis had not the ball. It is very dangerous!
"Everton" possession of the ball 59% of playing time. Intercepted the initiative squad David Moyes.
Calmed down after a fantastic game from Seiwa Givena. It definitely should give confidence to host defensive line. Knowing that behind you is Shay Given, you can play more relaxed - it will rescue.
Saha! Leighton Baines his magic left foot hung in the exact center of the penalty by Saha and Louis head is very dangerous to hit the bottom corner of owners. Shay Given has once again confirmed its impeccable response and saved from the true goal birmingemtsev!
And here is the chance for guests return to a dangerous attack - the standard of 30 meters to the gate, the ball near the left corner of the penalty area.
Alan Hutton entrusted the right to hang in the penalty area, but cross at Hutton turned bad and the just-in-hand Howard. Another is likely to be feeding on the flank in "villeins."
Cool cast was at the center of Gibson penalty for Cahill, but against the defender was unable to Australian not that punch - angle to make failed!
Bad that no points so far is a match. Petrov's free-kick is still too dangerous should not be considered - such class goalkeepers have (at least for the sport and that word is not applicable) do take hits.
Klattenburg gracefully handled the ball and broke off the attack, "Aston Villa", leaving "Everton" in the attack.
Presses now "Villa" is closer to the ball birmingemtsy scored. In Bookmakers, by the way, the hosts were a favorite with a small margin. This is understandable - and returned to the main goalkeeper came stellar rookie of Los Angeles.
Drenthe made a mistake in a long transmission and rapid counter-attack took place at birmingemtsev. Stephen Ayrlend know that all attacks must end strike on goal and shot. Unfortunately for fans of the hosts past the gate.
Stilyan Petrov on the right foot well looked around the wall and sent a ball into the near corner of the goal, but Howard controlled the flight of the ball and beat off in the direction of the projectile!
John Heitinga "cut down" Darren Bent 25 meters from the gate, the exact center of the ball is set. A short speech Heitinga listened to the referee.
With a swoop dangerous moment did not happen, so guests slowly poddavlivayut. Now the game is like the development of rugby in attack: advanced to 10 meters - a foul, another 5 meters - foul.
Well, the first positional attack ripe guests at the 4th minute. Drenthe and Gibson led the attack, joined Phil Neville on the right, left Leighton Baines.
"Villain" yet possess the ball more. This is understandable. In England, the home field factor as high elsewhere. The ball can not leave half of the field the Liverpool team.
The hosts now appear in the familiar form: maroon shirts with blue sleeves and white shorts. Guests in white shirts and black shorts. The first standard earned a masters of 30 meters from the gate.
First time has began
The game began! Footballers "Everton" began with the center of the field and possess the ball the first few seconds.
First Half
The team captains, and it's Shay Given from the owners, and Tim Cahill in "butterscotch" with the ultimate arbiter - Mark Klattenburgom play in the middle of the field in the "toss".
The teams are in the "About the game."
Hi all, amateurs and professionals of football. Very soon will match the "Villa Park", which is located in Birmingham. "Aston Villa" will "Everton" from Liverpool. Together with you the progress of the match will follow Artem Baranov.

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