Stadium: Stade Michel d'Ornano
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Second Half
The final whistle!
That's it! "Marseille" without too much trouble managed to beat the "Can" on the road and go 1 / 2 Cup French League.

Since you were Vladimir Gubarev! I wish you happiness, health, prior to the meeting!
Our game is coming to an end. Already this weekend the teams will come up with a vacation. "Kan" will match at home against the "Rennes" and "Marcel" fight with "Lilly" is also the home arena. That would be a match. Necessarily need to look at all.
The fourth? No, not heard. One on One escaped Billel Omrani, struck with his left foot from the penalty, but it was just up the gate keeper has withdrawn from the "channel".
Unable to earn a penalty kick Benjamin Cornfield. Did not lead the chief arbiter of the meeting on his fall. Most likely, the penalty was not. Replay shows that the contact was, but the minimum.
And here is the fun! Have you ever watched a boring movie with special effects? Or some sort of dull horror film? Here you sit and think, when something happens. You start to fall asleep and bang - a revival. And now. Lenny Nanzhis shot from twenty five yards, but hit the bar!
By the way, "Bordeaux" and "PSG" won the Cup three times, the French League, and the "Strasbourg" and "Marseilles" were able to boast of this achievement twice. And in "Bordeaux" in addition to three wins were three finals - more than anyone else.
Eighty-four minutes behind, eighty-four minutes and ten seconds, eighty-four minutes and twenty seconds ... Absolutely nothing happens on the pitch.
"Remy, Remy, Remy" - that accompany the author's fans one more goal scored. Loïc replaced Billel Omrani.
Jean-Philippe Sabo jumped into the space in someone else's punishment, is sending to the far post, where he was Loic Remy, but pass it back read, "Kahn."
Less than ten minutes before the end of our match. What to bring to your attention at this moment? The green field, a round ball and the fans chanting "Marcel." I think that's all.
Already stopped owners. And the players would try to distinguish themselves at least once in the gate "of Marseilles." The guests have just see out the fight.
By the way, "Marseille" is the current French League Cup. Last year, the team beat Didier Deschamps, "Montpelier" with a score - 1-0, and this was the second consecutive Cup. In the 2009-2010 season, "Marcel" deal with "Bordeaux" - 3:1.
So, once gave an interview gone from the field Jeremy Morel. If I knew a little French, I would have told you now what to say Jeremy. And so - I'm sorry.
Our match - the first of those will take place within 1 / 4 Cup French League. Tomorrow there will be another three fights. Do not miss out! "Nice" - "Dijon", "Le Mans" - "Lorient" and "Lion" - "Lille." Last broadcast you can watch on our website.
"Can" is a dual position. In the championship, he is the fourteenth position in the standings with twenty points to its credit. On the one hand - up to ninth place only four points, on the other - to the relegation zone a stone's throw (two points). Therefore, the team will have good sweat, so as not to fall off after this season.
Yellow card
Yeah, it seems more yellow shlopotat managed Livio Nabab before leaving the field. The difficult situation. Does not want us to help operators in France.
Yellow card
To be honest, do not quite understand, because of which received a yellow card Zhosef Hampson, but oh well.
For Dzhennnaro Brasilyano - not the best match. It must be acknowledged. Not in the sense that it is bad. In terms of what he does not do anything. And he'd better moments in the gate, and unbelievable saves. Steve Mandanda until the first keeper in the team.
Candiani Traore Livio Nababa instead.
A good time was now at the gates of "Marcel", but Gennaro Brasilyano managed without too much trouble with his fist to knock the ball out of his penalty area.
Leaves the field by double, and possibly the match hero - Gennaro Brasilyano. Just kidding, just kidding. Of course, Mathieu Valbuena. Instead, he plays Chris Gadi N'Siakala.
Recently, in fact went to the football field Nanzhis Lenny, but he did not have time for advocates of "Marcel". Sometimes the same is. Now he lost his chance to break through on goal.
Dangerous moments there - became boring. I wanted to first say that I was the first time, sorry for the tautology, the match between French teams do not get bored. Here, I say. I - not boring!
"Marseille" - one of the major disappointments of this season. The team is in sixth position in Ligue 1 standings, behind the championship leader - "PSG" - nine points. But just behind the middle of the championship, so the club from the same town will be more chances to compete for medals.
Jean-Philippe Sabo replaced by Jeremy Morel.
Very interesting to try to break Romain Amum, throwing the ball behind his back Gennaro Brasilyano, but did not get to the gate of the player, "Kahn." The projectile went above goal.
Loic Remy was offside, so its goal is not scored.
Oh-oh-oh. He ran away from an opponent now Lenny Nanzhis on the left flank, entered into another penalty, was one of the gates, but overexposed ball and heel of Cesar Aspilikueta managed to knock out round from under their feet, who replaced football.
Again, rudeness, boorishness on the part of candid football "channel." Lucho Gonzalez was on the lawn because he stepped on his foot. Thank God, no replacement necessary.
Gennaro Brasilyano well to forestall, having the ball faster than Livio Nabab. Share of applause from the fans, "Marcel," he had received.
Another minus one. Lenny Nanzhis replaced Gregory Leca.
Fans, "Kahn" was not heard. But ... Whistling they recently as happy with the result. And while the owners of the game in the first half was not.
Gently, with a wing on the flank rolls the ball players, "Kahn", trying not to be circumcised and do not get a couple more goals. However, I think the fourth goal, "Marcel" - a matter of time.
Anthony Gautier, incidentally, is pretty harsh arbiter. This season, he worked for nine games of French Ligue 1, which showed forty-five yellow cards (four of them were second to players), once he removed the direct football and four times appointed a penalty kick. Today, the players need to be careful.
To be honest, the guests began to play in the second half is even better than the first. Although the. They then all the chances to implement, but now we have once stumbled. 0:3 - gorgeous score, is not it?
2 goals - double
GO-OO-OO-OO-OO-OO-AL! Mathieu Valbuena! Twenty-nine feet were at the gate, Mathieu Valbuena threw the ball at impact Benoit Cheyrou, who bummed poorly, hitting the opponent. The second wave of attack, "Marcel" surged to the gates of "Channel": chamber from the left wing, Lucho Gonzalez missed the ball between the legs of Mathieu Valbuena, who with thirteen feet struck bottom in the near corner. 0:3!
Just not on the pitch now, "Kahn." Continue to stick to their line of players, "Marcel." Complex, but at the same time classy technique turned out at Loïc Rémy. Penalty, in general, he has earned.
It's crazy! THIS IS ATTACK! THIS IS FANTASTIC! Can I describe everything from caps include one? Valbuena and Amalfitana played several times in the wall on the right, as a result of the last transfer Mathieu Morgan flew into someone else's penalty area, completed the transfer of luxury in the bottom region of the penalty spot, where Loic Remy struck exactly the right bar! And Thomas Bosmel could be caught on protivohode ... How things have been played. Science Fiction.
Of course, the course was offside Livio Nabab. To argue with a side do not need him.
It is unlikely that owners will be able to recoup, but I still believe in this team. It's football, folks. Then anything can happen. Now a penalty and red - and all. I was just, metaphorically ...
Immediately after the break, Benjamin appeared in place of the injured Niva Gregory Prome. Once again I wish Gregory's health.
Second half has began
The second half started! Let's go!
Second Half
First Half
Half time
0:2 - after the first half. We have a break, relax, and friends.
While there is nothing interesting on the football field does not occur, it must be said that Gregory Prome already walking along the edge of the field, limping slightly. Perhaps the change is not required. After twenty seconds will break.
By the way, Gregory entered Prome on rude. He wanted to step on the foot Valbuena, he got it, but Mathieu abruptly removed his foot and leg Gregory poorly wrapped. In another hard to explain. Himself to blame.
Wow! Take away from the field of Gregory Prome. We wish him a speedy recovery. Would now appear to change in the "channel". While the team is playing with ten men.
Medical care now gets kicker "Cana" after the junction with the opponent. There is, incidentally, Valbuena was hurt.
In Livio Nabab was offside after the transfer of Gregory Leckie.
Forty minutes of the match - 0-2, in front of "Marseille", which sold two moments of the two (do not think the moment Mathieu Valbuena goal). "Kan" has lost about five incredible chance to play at least one ball.
That's the first time lost in "Marcel"! Mathieu Valbuena took the ball on the penalty and punched to as the "nine", but it is time "slid" to the side. I was lucky today, "Kanu".
It is said that England and broadcast the championship of this country are the best in the world. Nonsense it! Where else can journalists to interview during the match, if not in France? Only here.
Scary, just scary is when the chances of such players does not implement! Went leg Jimmy Traore, intercepted the ball all the same, Romain Amum, moved closer to the center, beat an opponent and punched in the style of Messi into the far bottom corner - a little inaccurate.
Basically, what I want to say. "Kan" creates good moments, but to implement them until the team can not. "Marseille" - on the contrary - is acting on a "lazy": from the minimum to get the most. Can we call this principle - the principle of "lazy"? You decide.
FANTASTIC! That's bad luck ... All done now because for Romain Amum defenders of the "Marcel": and in the wrong gear, and scattered in different directions, and Romain rushed one on one with Gennaro Brasilyano, hesitated, waited for the opponent and hit the nearest millimeter from the bar.
He told a small "path", so to speak, "Kahn", so one can not utter on the first match, "Marcel" in the League Cup. Team Didier Deschamps, in contrast to its current rivals played at home and easily disposed of the "Lance" - 4:0. According to one ball scored Andre-Pierre Gignac and Jordan Aija, and take, coming on as substitute, Loic Remy remembered.
Again, not a good continuation of the attack players choose "Kahn." At this time Romain Amum did not give the transfer to a partner, he decided to shoot pigeons on.
The third match is over. By the way, probably not the right time, but I still recall. In the case of a tie we will have extra time, and then, perhaps, a penalty, although it's hard to believe.
Faychal Fire, which is easily recognized by the haircut, pierced with twenty-six feet above the crossbar much. It is difficult to meet the owners now, but every team must be able to do it.
Referee our meeting - Anthony Gautier. He is one of the city Seklina. This season has not worked for the French League Cup matches. So congratulations to this judge with his little debut.
Posh missed the chance to Livio Nabab! Just gorgeous! They did not understand one another defender and the goalkeeper, "Marcel", and Livio punched out of an uncomfortable position on goal - hit the keeper.
Whistling fans, show us the coach, "Kahn", but what to do when an opponent to three heads stronger than you? Clench your teeth and finish the game match. That's right!
GO-OO-OO-OO-OO-O-AL! Loic REMY! Fantastic! How things are done the guests! Benoit Cheyrou done an excellent transfer from the top center of the field to the line of the penalty, the ball did not have time to drop on the lawn, as Morgan Amalfitana, breaking away from defenders and beating keeper, otpasoval left to Loïc Rémy, who with the second contact sent the ball into an empty net. 0:2!
On the right flank Romain Amum hung at the far post - Gennaro Brasilyano who replaces Steve Mandanda, jumped out of the gate and took the shell in his gloves.
"Kan" to 1 / 8 finals managed to beat the French representative of the League 1 - "Auxerre", and this was the "Abbe Deschamps,". Regular time ended in a draw - 1:1 (for the team scored Nabab Patrice Garand, but five minutes later, Ben Sahar was able to level the score.) Defender "Auxerre" Viyi Pain decided to help you, retiring from the field to the fifty-first minute. Three minutes before the end of extra time the match, the same Livio Nabab managed to snatch victory for his team. Today, Livio is on the field with the starting minutes.
Twenty minutes of the game is over. Mathieu Valbuena was on the lawn. Not the most accurate way he played against Gregory Prome. The arbitrator has made a verbal warning football player, "Kahn."
Aggressively now play the home team. They can not because they are in front of their fans to stop after the first goal conceded.
Jimmy Traore figured out a rival on the left flank, was ready to break into someone else's penalty area, but decided Zhosef Hampson did break the rules, after covering left back, "Marcel" on the lawn.
In the French championship teams met in this same stadium in the sixteenth round, which was recently. Then the visitors won by a score - 1:2.
After a corner was able to still play on the rebound Jeremy Sorbon, but its impact did not have so good - a shell went into the stands.
French League Cup was founded in 1994 by the French Professional Football League. In this Cup are eligible to participate only professional football clubs, and the winner gets the right to play in the Europa League. It is more appropriate, "Kanu", right?
Loic Remy has accelerated on the right flank, entered into another penalty, to hang at the far post, where Mathieu Valbuena is incident, but the transfer turned out incorrect, so the impact was not followed.
What can I say? Just out of luck now, "Kahn." The first time, even dangerous it can not be called, ended in a goal for the visitors. 0:1 - recoup always very difficult, especially in matches against club of such high rank.
In general, they stopped visiting. Now the players, "Kahn" hold the ball in midfield, though the penalty for "Marseilles" until they can not come up.
GO-OO-OO-OO-OO-O-AL! Mathieu Valbuena! Wrong now goalkeeper. Oh how wrong. Thomas Bosmel placed in the wall of seven teammates, and Mathieu Valbuena hit in the corner, where stood a keeper, and the thirtieth number of hosts jerked the other way, so not able to ship missile from under the crossbar for the front line of the field. 0-1!
And here is the first dangerous moment can now be at the gate, "Kahn." Lucho Gonzalez penalty earned twenty one meter to the gate. Or Valbuena, or Gonzalez strikes. Although there still and Loic Remy hiding.
In the last recording Gregory Leca was unable to escape a counterattack, and in this he is sending to Amum Romain, who was in the "offside". The first offside in this match.
Another corner earned visitors. Mathieu Valbuena hung from the right corner flag, but the hosts managed to beat off, but a counterattack Gregory Leca was unable to escape.
Not bad after all! Began to play defense, "Marcel", missed Jimmy Traore Nababa Livio, who entered the penalty area by a foreign right side and struck with his right foot in millimeters from the near post.
No special interest defensive players, "Kahn." The fans are silent so far, I hear only guest fan sector. At this time, "Marcel" owns territorial advantage.
On the right flank to the far post hung Nicolas Seube - projectile carried defenders of the "Kana", but the selection of the players were from Marseille. The attack guests.
Now the attack moved the guests, but the result of this was not much better. "Marseille" has earned the right to the first corner in this fight. Look, look.
Footballers "Kahn" immediately rushed to the attack on the right flank, but Zhosef Hampson after the transfer of Gregory Prome hung not the best way.
The home team now play in blue and red uniforms, and players Didier Deschamps - in black. Thomas Gates Bosmelya on the TV picture on the left, and Gennaro Brasilyano frame - on the right.
First time has began
The match started! Let's go! We wish the teams to show a beautiful, interesting and effective game. With the center of the field began to players "Kahn!"
First Half
The teams are in the "About Match!"
Good evening, ladies and football fans! I invite you to match 1 / 4 Cup French League, in which the "Kan" adopts "Marcel." In the "commentary booth" Vladimir Gubarev!

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