Stadium: Stadio Olimpico
With you I watched football, Karen Adamyan. Until next time, and before the new victories, all the best!
Second Half
The end! "Roma" surely wins at home, "Udinese", showing great football! Totti - take! Compactly!
Jumped off the bench De Rossi - young Caprara did not score from 8-9 meters, missed by the lower-right corner!
Hurrah, comrades! Not a single match in this round, with no heads! All have pocketed balls!
Additional time
+ 3 minutes!
The mood at Daniele De Rossi just phenomenal for some - people just can not help but laugh on the bench. So, Danny, to renew the contract?
A young student of "Roma" Gianluca Caprara changes Francesco Totti, who, leaving the field, was not only a portion of applause from the "Olympia", but also embraced by Luis Enrique.

1. Silvio Piola 274
2. Gunnar Nordahl 225
3. Giuseppe Meazza 216
4. Jose Altafini 216
5. Francesco Totti 209

Francesco Totti is still in fifth place in the list of top scorers in Serie A in the history of the league. Well, I think the second place he still fully on the shoulder.
As a result, American Bradley still has struck - the right and slightly above the target. By the way, last summer active rumors that Bradley, ostensibly, could go to the "Roma".
Yellow card
Gabi Heinze knocks Sergio Pellisse before his penalty - Argentine yellow card. Meters to the gate Stekelenburga 35, probably in the ball and Luciano Bradley.
Two replacements for the last two minutes took place in the team of Domenico Di Carlo: Uribe replaced Tero, but someone has replaced Rigoni, I did not notice.
De Rossi, leaving the field, bleachers applauded, and then he, and stood, clapped from the stands himself James Pallotta, who are going terribly much.
Daniele De Rossi now worked for two or three! Removes it from the game Luis Enrique, Daniel earned rest. Instead, it enters the pupil of the other team, Leandro Greco.
GO-O-AL! Francesco Totti! 2-0! With the "dot" ball sent exactly in the lower right corner, Sorrentino guessed the direction of impact, but did not save the team! Emotional all at the stadium celebrated a goal Totti Totti, Christian, son of Captain.
Penalty! "Finally!" - Surely it screams Bojan! He removed the defender on the backswing, and then the ball hit him in the arm. He just stopped out on strike Bojan, played up his hand lying on the lawn.
In stock at "Roma" Cicinho from the field, and Kjaer, apart from them - all students: Greco, Viviani, Caprara. The last two - very young children already, although Viviani in recent times on a permanent basis with an adult trained team.
Totti! Heel! Hey!
Yellow card
Already the third or fourth card was supposed to be a passive "Chievo," but only now, Rousseau shows the "yellow card" for the apparent failure Hetemayu attack on the center. On the lawn Pyanich.
"Rhodri, Rhodri!" - Luis Enrique cries, trying to reach out to Taddei. He is now the corner on the right to work, that's just so-so shed turned out at Francesco.
In the spring of last year was a match between the "Roma" and "Udinese", and then match ended 1-0. The only goal scored in the fourth, it seems, Simone Perrotta minute. That's not all. During that game I was on a plane to Moscow, Rome. Ready to play in shows.
Bojan Bojan from the left edge of the penalty gave the stranger pass back under the blow Pyanichu, but Miralema shot obviously will not work - the right of the target ball flies.
De Rossi gave the ball to the penalty for Bojan, he did not beat, rolled a pass partner on the right side of attack, where Taddei nevertheless decided to break - above.
Everything is logical, Fernando Gago Fabio Simplicio changes in "Roma".
After a pass from the corner from the left wing the ball flew to the far post - Stekelenburg knocked the ball with his fists, he immediately tried to attack Bojan his team, but was hit by a rival.
Juan went to great Pellisse, having a powerful blow to the captain, "Udinese" from the left edge of the penalty on himself! There will be only the corner.
Pellisse already got up and went so far over the side line of the field, but eating time on the field getting ready to leave, Fernando Gago. Who will replace? Simple?
Is 25 minutes of regulation time, passions are! Sergio Pellisse an injury, clinical Gentlemen of Verona has appeared already in the field.
Moskardelli! What's wrong with you? I remembered that you are sick of "Roma"? Score had now David, all alone, he took the ball in the center of another's penalty after a pass to the left, but still handles the ball back protectors! De Rossi was right there again! And he helped Jose Angel.
Protection of "Roma" is collapsing! Thero are now able to score with the goalie line, but broke from the vantage point of the right of the goal. I had to just get into a corner.
By the way, is a fan of Moskardelli "Roma". In proshshlom he scored it, among other things. Meanwhile, Slats brought on Bojan strike, but he was offside.
David Moskardelli takes the field instead of completely undetectable Alberto Paloski.
Carmine Russo is doing something completely incomprehensible, and yet left healthy Strips went ahead and shot along the goalkeeper - the defender makes a hard ball.
The second explicit penalty the referee does not give the gate "Chievo!" Dupe the ball went into the right edge of the penalty area as he knocked back down, not allowing to break into an empty corner!
Thero at all stages rushed forward to the ball, but De Rossi overtook him and the ball to the goalkeeper otpasoval his team.
Rodrigo Taddei from the right flank moved closer to the opponent's free kick from 25 yards and struck right at the top right - close to the goalkeeper, not very much - everything is in order.
After a pass from the right flank in the center of the penalty area, "Roma" made a great advocates of artificial offside, leaving just three Gentlemen of Verona in "out of the game."
Very gently rolled under Tero Simplicio, who bounced a way that frightened even to describe. From the penalty to goalkeeper Pellisse hung - the second wave of attacks will continue.
Daniele De Rossi today in an attack is almost invisible, basically giving himself entirely defensive.
Sergio Pellisse after a pass from the right wing could clog the line goalie, ran away from Taddei, but before the ball has reached out!
Frey first on the ball after lumbago on the left flank with Bojan - Bojan is very active, especially in the second half, but he can not always catch the ball.
Actually, and this is also a penalty. Bojan swung in front of lumbago right, and then the defender clearly caught his leg - a pure penalty. The referee makes a mistake.
Luis Enrique is very loud about something screams from the area of ​​technical areas, while the guys continue to attack him.
Bojan got hurt in the leg, Carmine Russo did not immediately noticed. Apparently, without the help of doctors will be able to continue the game Bojan.
Second half has began
Continue! The second half began!
Second Half
First Half
Half time
We're leaving at the break, 1-0 at halftime.
Bojan! Arbitrator! Intercepted the ball on the edge of the Boian own half, rushed to the attack against a defender, "Udinese", which was in his own half, and Rousseau took the whistle and the completion of half-time! Not a second is not adding or allowing to complete the most dangerous attack Bojan.
Eric Strips of two left for the feint, but the third managed to knock the ball still in it from under his feet! If not for him, the Argentinian has already entered into the penalty would be.
Francesco Totti completed the transfer to the hinged keeper "Chievo," Caesar knocked the ball to the corner his head, but Korner will not be as Simplicio broke the rules in the fight.
Five minutes before the end of the first half, Miralem Pyanich gets on his legs at the right edge attack the Romans, to the gates of 38-40 feet, maybe. It will be shed from Totti.
Here is a devil! A sense of humor Totti was always on top! After a goal captain Romans showed a T-shirt under a t-shirt that says "Sorry for being late." "Ritardo" means it is "late" means. I am now a friend translated.
Filled with Totti penalty kick - something, of course. Strongly outer side of the foot, right foot in the upper right corner - just no chance for the goalkeeper.
Oh, how the game went! First, Bojan could have scored, but Sorrentino had saved, and later Pellisse struck just to the left goal! It seems Stekelenburg reach.
Yellow card
Yellow card for Totti that lifted the shirt to show the inscription. What the label - to understand.
GO-O-AL! The first goal of the season Francesco Totti! Captain! Strongly right to the top right corner - 1-0!
Slats on the lawn - penalty! Frey on the first attempt was not shot down, but the second - done!
Alberto Paloski falls on the lawn in another goalie after rebate from Pellisse head - need to climb, climb.
Bam-m! And "Juventus' scores on a visit at" Lecce "! The two leaders of Serie A, "Milan" and "Juventus", while lead, no one can afford to misfire. Oh, and the same passion in Serie A this year!
"Novara" missed the home of "Fiorentina" and "Milan" at a party with a penalty opened the scoring in the fight against the "Atalanta". Ibrahimovic scored.
Italian captain, "Udinese" Sergio Pellisse now dealt a blow with 17 meters to the bottom right - not really a strong and has turned out, Stekelenburg easily covered.
Eric Strips on another side of the field fouls against Caesar. Well, well, gaze ... like, no trace is left on the quarterback, "Udinese" after last year's push Eto'o's head against his chest.
In the arbitrator have any claim to the Roman captain, he had already discussed with them all. Incidentally, the judges met Carmine Russo, the referee of Nola. Rousseau - delete the last letter. Because that's the sound of his name, and "Rousseau" in Italian - is a "Russian."
The counterattack by the Romans throw the ball to someone else's punishment - Bojan picks up a shell in the line, turns the defender and hit the bottom - close to Sorrentino, the rescues! A very long pass to Bojan gave De Rossi. Can.
How does Francesco Totti beautifully heel throws the ball partners ... Just for that, you should have to watch Italian football and track personally for this genius.
Against Luciano on the right wing attack Gentlemen of Verona had been violated the rules. Penalty so-so out of the guests, and the Romans, in turn, demonstrated a quick exit from defense to attack in one touch. Here are just moving to the rival's goal was not followed.
Yellow card
One moment in time the problems with the picture broadcast the game, I still miss: Bojan Bojan at 13th minute of a yellow card.
Jose Angel made a great raid down the left flank, but obviously tightened the transfer to the slats and then had to give back already.
There is. "Cagliari" scores at the Gates "Genoa." This is the first goal of all games that are currently on tour in Serie A play along.
Pellisse collided with Juan on another side of the field, all within the rules. Well, that did not match held in England, Chris Foy Brazilian defender "Roma" is deleted to.
Cover the Romans attack by changing the flank attack: Fabio Simplicio did a couple of steps to meet the ball, but gave little slats pass to the right - that's all.
Oh, those eternal problems with broadcasts of matches "Roma" ... Pellisse now reaching out to the ball after a pass by his head on the left - Juan's first air.
Disciple of "Milan" and now attacking "Chievo" Alberto Paloski decided to volley from 24 yards - strong, but far above the gate.
There is no better striker in Roman team, Pablo Osvaldo injured thigh and will miss two months. It is now being actively searching for a new striker. New headache for sporting director Walter Sabatini.
Well, the second corner at all so-so turned from "dzhallorossi" on the transfer of Francesco Totti from the right flank of the line goalie nobody really twitched - so past all the ball and slipped.
Sorrentino! Vratarische! Played his corner by the Romans, Totti finally rolled the ball under the blow Pyanichu that from the area left of the stranger struck free kick much right to the far corner with his right foot - it seemed the ball is about to flies to nine, but managed to reach Sorrentino and translate it into corner!
Sorrentino rescues "Chievo!" Eric took the ball in front of slats foreign penal and struck in the lower left corner of the left feet of 22 - dragging the goalkeeper!
James Pallotta is the first time at the stadium as the head of the Roman club. Meet, actually. And learn it little by little new names. Franco Baldini, of course, also today at the stadium.
It did not happen to find NTV Plus broadcast, so look for Sky. So, there commentators today Delvekko Marco - "SuperMarko", who got the "Roma" third Scudetto club.
First time has began
Let's go! The match began, the players, "Roma" played the ball into center field.
But no, not all! For the beginning players "Roma" on a new tradition again stood in a circle, something called Francesco combat - now, like, everything is ready.
First Half
Two true Italian - Francesco Totti and Sergio Pellisse - divided between the ball and gate, ready to start the match!
The stadium played the hymn "Roma", the fans are singing, there are players on the field.
Tours in Italy so far - just wild! 3 matches played, and scored 14 goals already! 4-0, 5-0, 4-1 - well, that will continue if assists extravaganza in Rome? We'll see.
Good day, dear fans of Italian football! I welcome you to a live match in Serie A between the "Roma" and "Chievo." I will comment on the game, Karen Adamyan.

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