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Second Half
With the statistics of the match you can find in the same section.
Complex minimal won "Spurs" in his field and strengthens its third position in the standings.
Bale beat Warner tricks about someone else's punishment, immediately earn for stroke and shot Makauli from which the projectile had gone to the corner.
Yellow card
Cox rolled up behind the stopped rude jerk to other people's Bail gate, for which he received a yellow card.
Served three consecutive "thrushes" at the corner of the field, on the third last Friedel successfully took the ball in his hands.
Additional time
Five minutes of added time the referee the match.
Yellow card
Warner for a foul in the attack gets a yellow card.
Assou-Ekotto made a mistake on his flank, picked up the ball Choyi entered the penalty area, where just three opponents were able to "obezmyachit" Somena.
Adebayor threw the ball at impact van der Vaart, Rafael immediately struck in the back of Dawson, from which went to the corner.
Danger hung guests to the near post, the ball was able to knock on Bassong Bale, Gareth heavily on someone else's half of the field!
Shorey received the ball on an arc of a foreign penal and then tried to break through the gathering, Kranjcar had to remove the ball from his feet and knock out your opponent in the corner.
Very little time remains for teams to change the score. Kranjcar tried to break through from outside the penalty, Warner was able to knock that back in from under the feet.
Bail was dispersed on the left flank, left little to the center and hung his head on van der Vaart, whose strike failed.
And here is the point! Choyi managed from outside the penalty is dangerous to break into the far corner of the goal, "Tottenham," Friedel was able to fall to reflect their fists to the side!
Revived "blackbirds" in the last minute, they try to recoup as they can. Cox, thirty feet from a powerful shot somewhere on the podium.
Choyi out on the field instead of the very young George Thorne.
Hara received the ball on the right edge of the penalty and immediately struck Odemwingie bottom left of the far distant boom.
Instead Livermo on the field goes Kranjcar. Perhaps this is the first time such a match when one team makes a substitution, all three and all three forced out through injury.
Morrison dangerously from the left edge of the penalty shot to the center, where fortunately for "Spurs" was not one of the partners of James.
It seems that Livermo leaves the field, and will be released Kranjcar. Three replacement will host three forced ...
Cleft lip Livermo in a collision with Kabul on the field, you need to pause the match, and medical assistance to Jake.
Walker gave to the center of a stroke Bailey, he tried to break through the Stroke in the far corner from the left, but Foster was able to calmly pick up the ball in his hands.
Bale completed a good cross from the standard to the far post, the ball darted into the penalty "blackbirds" normal Hara had the same off the ball with his feet Bassong.
Walker, in a rare case received the ball on the right flank, tried to beat Dawson, who piled on the lawn of Kyle.
Followed by the corner at the far post, managed to win the masters and the top punch, the ball soared into the air and landed just in the hands of Foster.
Defoe went on violations Morrrisona in center field, went ahead and shot twenty meters, the ball ricocheting off the defender from the corner.
Meanwhile, the attack "Spurs": Adebayor received the ball on the penalty and tried to turn around and give a pass. but he rushed the ball three and away.
Bassong out instead of Gallas in the last twenty minutes the game.
"Tottenham" already scored in the 18th and the last matches in the Premier League, which is the best result in club history submarine with which you can congratulate this team!
And then there's untimely injuries to Gallas in his own penalty, need another forced change in the "Tottenham".
Instead Dorransa out on the field, James Morrison.
This is the 108th goal in the Premier League for Defoe in the 21st century, which is 3 less on Robbie Keane who is in fourth place in an informal list of the top scorers in the new century.
1-0! DEFOOOOOOO !!!!!!!
Defoe has had class! He received the ball in the penalty back to the gate, surrounded by four, to process and roundhouse punch accurately into the far corner!
Almost without gate passes a game, I think that we should think a little and answer the following question: At what stadium this season, scored the most goals?
Cox dangerous shot from the left side strongly in the center, where Friedel has played with his fists on the rebound, finishing on no one could play the players in red.
Try the owners as soon as possible to play the pass, giving somewhere risky transfer. Modric tried to find on the flank of Bale, but Jara had quietly intercept the projectile.
Modric technically punched over the "wall" in the near corner, the ball was very close to the crossbar, which is already on duty Foster.
Warner almost on the line of his penalty blocked the Assou-Ekotto, went on to the center. Standard is the most dangerous!
Continue the "Spurs" to break into the closed door into the box "blackbirds" but simply to break through a fence legs / heads - is not easy.
Adebayor skillfully took the ball in the attack on his chest after a pass from Gallas from own half, Emmanuel processed, and then heard the whistle of offside.
Dawson's great to lodge opened Korner, could reach the ball and penetrate so poorly towards the far corner of the gate.
Shorey dangerously connected to the attack, received the ball from Cox's penalty, but in time came to him and Gallas kicked the front line of the field.
For the first time in the second half Odemwingie got the ball in attack, shifted to the left flank, and then under pressure from Walker gave back. In this promotion has stopped.
Yellow card
Bale is on the right flank zaterorriziroval defense Dorransu had only a yellow card at the cost of stopping the Welshman.
Defoe! Van der Vaart with the left edge of the penalty shot to the center, where Defoe tried to break into the heel corner, the ball ricocheted from defender whizzed close to the pole!
So far, the "West Brom" with the ball to someone else's half of the field is not passed, the players in white continue to attack powerfully, but without the gate.
Continues to have the same game as it was in the first half, "Spurs" powerfully attacked a large force, guests look forward to an accurate pass to move Odemwingie.
Bail was dispersed on the left flank and very fulfilled filing penalty, the ball without touching anyone left the field behind the gates of Foster.
Yellow card
Another card in the match. Once again, Bailey. Gareth Jones has not kept on the wing and knocked in order, for which he received a "yellow card".
Adebayor received the ball in the penalty area handled the heel and retreated to Defoe, Jermain outright struck with twelve meters above the target!
Second half has began
The second half began!
Second Half
First Half
Now that we have to quickly guess I'll try something a little more complicated: in the history of the Premier League only one player managed to score three different teams at the first minute of the match. Name of the player and possibly three of these teams.
We will not be bored at halftime. The first question was about a hat-trick, now about "poker." Only two players in the history of submarines were able to score four goals in one game for two different clubs. Give both of them.
With the statistics of the first time you can read in the same section.
Half time
And we have a break. So far, the nil-nil draw.
Dangerous overhang failed in the penalty area, "West Brom", Foster is not entirely successfully played on the output, the ball hit in the head and Dawson flew to center field.
Cox broke his hand on the left flank overhang Walker, there will be more single standard gate Foster.
Hara connection on the right flank ended with angular number two at the gate, "Spurs", followed by a bad tent Dorransa outside the field.
Additional time
Four minutes added time the referee half.
This "bus" is a penalty "blackbirds," as they say in England. All fielders except Odemwingie standing at the gates of Foster, a defensive punch very hard.
Now van der Vaart tried to break through from outside the penalty area, the ball did not lie down on the foot Dutchman and flew lightly in the hands of Foster.
Dorrans intercepted the ball in midfield and immediately gave a touch to move quickly Odemwingie, Kabul ahead of Peter, and gave back Friedel.
Assou-Ekotto has once again done a canopy from the left flank, Adebayor won the upper hand and was able to penetrate far to the left of goal, but before the striker got into an offside position.
Van der Vaart from the left flank gently thrown to the far post to Gallas, Foster calmly stepped forward and took the high jump ball in his hands!
Somehow unnoticed the first half is coming to an end. So far, the zeros on the scoreboard at the overwhelming superiority of the home team.
Van der Vaart perfectly hung from the corner of the field to the far post in Kabul, who was standing at the far post completely alone, but in the processing of the Frenchman played up his hand.
Bale nice beat Warner at the entrance to a different penalty, swung to hit, but managed to throw himself at the feet of Paul and knock on the corner!
Modric could not penetrate the ball from the penalty and decided to give the flank Assou-Ekotto, Cameroonian sweep in the center, where Makauli passed the corner!
Continue the "Spurs" besiege penalty "blackbirds" should be a sharpening transfer after another, but do not make mistakes guests.
The first corner in a match earned the visitors, followed by transfer to the nearest bar to the head of Cox, he won the fight, but struck too high.
After a pass with a penalty kick Gallas was in an offside, but it still was their first jump Foster.
Dorrans gave great on the penalty line on Scharner, Austrian tried to go into the penalty area by means of tricks, but buried in Kabul and the ball is lost.
Bale and Adebayor played a great input into the penalty area, Gareth gave contrary to partner one on one with Foster, who had little did not break through on goal.
During the first half-hour game for two replacement had forced both coaches. I would like to see goals, rather than injury.
Livermo out on the field instead of Sandro, who limped away in the locker room.
Sandro on level ground pulling a muscle, it seems that soon we will have another forced substitution.
Adebayor gave the left edge of the Bailey, and went to the center. Gareth tried to immediately return to your partner, but had to Makauli subcategory removed from opponent's legs.
Thomas received an injury in the first half, forced instead to the field came Hara.
TIME! On the left chamber in the performance of Bale responded van der Vaart and tangency hit under the crossbar, Foster was able to save the team!
Van der Vaart with his left foot badly punched on the "wall" and landed just in her guest counterattack failed, losing the ball in midfield.
Yellow card
Bale nice tricks beat Thomas at the entrance into another penalty had Gareth Jerome fell on the lawn that was not very dangerous. Nevertheless, acute standard!
And now Coke from the right wing gave the leg Odemwingie, bumped from behind Sandra and without the slightest sign of foul purely picked the ball from a Nigerian.
Fast attack had guests from the left flank: Odemwingie opened in the center at Cox pass, but returned in time Assou-Ekotto and knocked out of danger.
And while we continue our quiz: try to name five of the best strikers in the Premier League in the 21st century, that is, with the 2000/01 season.
Few guests have removed the game from their gates, but to create something at the gate Friedel does not work, confidently played defencists "Spurs."
Defoe could not get the ball in attack, once I got a little back and back in the subcategory has violated the rules against Thorn.
Defoe started in center field quick counter-attack, and gave to the center by Bale, who decided to break itself, for left-and earn a shot at Warner.
Gareth Bale from the right flank done an amazing transfer into the box to Defoe, Foster stepped forward and punched the jump shot shell with feet forward.
And now Bale checked his kick with his left foot with twenty-five yards, the projectile did not lay down on the foot of the Welsh, the bottom just flew into the hands of Foster.
Dorrans completed the transfer of riding in the penalty area to head Dawson, whose kick out of not the most comfortable position passed by the alignment.
Sandro has not given himself to beat Odemwingie in center field, making that bandwagon. There is a chance for guests to move in a massive attack.
Nothing happens in "blackbirds" in the attack, but the defense are just fine, though not in the center of the field the most experienced 18-year-old Thorne.
Modric took the ball from Bale near stranger penalty on his chest and gave a touching forward to Adebayor, but the pass was a bit stronger than expected forward.
Warner piled Modrica in his own half of the field, quickly played himself as Luke shell on the right flank, which had already begun to shift Bale.
Modric gave excellent Paz against the left flank of the course Assou-Ekotto, who was ahead of Jones and was able to take off in high-risk subcategory of the ball with his feet at an opponent.
Quietly played "Spurs" at the beginning of the match, possessing the ball for a long time on another side of the field and combining it.
Odemwingie for the first time in the match got the ball in someone else's punishment, but then he leaned back and Kabul without breaking the rules purely picked the ball from Peter.
And now Defoe checked his long-range strike. He played at the entrance to the penalty box in the "stenochku" with Van der Vaart and then punched in the bottom corner, but getting a bit but could not.
Besieged the penalty area, "West Brom" home team! After another Korner van der Vaart was able to knock his head against the defender, the ball passed close to the pole!
Served twice in a row the home team a corner kick from the right flank, but so far that the defense team confidently defends guest.
Very poorly played "blackbirds" in London, in the last two games in the capital of the UK, this team has won only once, losing as much as 13 times.
And here is the first time we have a match: Defoe punched from the right edge of the penalty area failed along the gate, picked up the ball and Gareth Bale shot to center on Sandro, whose strike from ten yards was blocked by defenders!
The white shirts are the masters of the field, and the guests in the red, so mix up the team will be quite difficult. We wish us all a good game and a lot of goals!
First time has began
The first half has started! With the center of the field lit football players "West Brom".
First Half
And the third question time were talking about a hat-trick, try to name the player who made the most hat-tricks in the history of submarines in the guest boxes.
Question number two of our Quiza before the meeting: During yesterday's game at "Craven Cottage", "Fulham," repeated the record of another team, which in the Premier League was able to beat the "Arsenal", losing to the 85th minute. Name the team and score.
As I promised earlier, we draw in this match a little quiz on knowledge of the interesting facts of English Premier League. So, the question number 1: Only four players in the history of submarines could make a hat-trick, going to change the course of the meeting. I will name one of them - Robert Earnshaw ("West Brom") March 19, 2005 at the Gates "Charlton." Name the other three.
The teams are already in the section "About the game."
Welcome to the "White Hart Lane," where in the 20 round of the English Premier League will meet the home team, "Tottenham Hotspur" and "West Bromwich Albion." The events of this match will help you follow Vladimir Kolosvetov.

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