Stadium: Molineux Stadium
The match is over! "Chelsea" won "Wolves" at a party with a score of 2-1. Alex has worked for you Antonenko. Thank you!
Second Half
The final whistle!
CZE! Goalkeeper saves his team after hitting his head at point blank range from the player, "Wolves"!
TIME! After lumbago from the left flank player hosts nearly struck on the run at goal from outside the penalty area guests, but he could not do it.
Safely see out players met "Chelsea", having a ball. It remains a half minutes to play teams.
Additional time
+ 3 minutes for the second half.
The last minute of the match comes to an end. It seems that "Chelsea" did celebrate a victory today.
GO-OO-OO-OO-OO-OOOOOOOL! Lampard! 1:2!
All ingenious is simple. Cole on the left flank performed chamber in the area of the opponent goalkeeper, from Lampard in the fall literally brought the ball into the goal! Again, "Chelsea" in front!
Transfer ahead of the players followed the hosts, but right at the defenders of "Chelsea" has turned a pass.
"Chelsea" is now a large force rushed to the attack. But the "wolves" have a chance to count on the successful conclusion of the meeting at counterplay. Yesterday both won the "Sunderland".
INCREDIBLE! Jarvis performed a soft throw into the penalty area to rival Fletcher, who threw the ball into the center of Ward. Followed by a heavy blow on the fly - the ball in the net! That's it! Draw!
Mata goes to rest. On the pitch goes Makichran.
Torres in the penalty area, the opponent has the ball, covered his body, but still issued a circular to the front line of the field.
Ramirez received a transfer of the right wing, moved to the penalty area and gave the transmission of "shovels" in the area penalty spot where the ball took possession of the defender.
A corner kick met the guests. There was a presentation, but does not remember an interesting situation.
WARNING! Mata from the penalty area on goal punched an opponent with his left foot - the ball hit the back of the defender and the hosts went down to the upper net.
Mata deduced Torres hit the line's penalty area, but the Spanish striker beat the defender, who knocked the ball into touch.
Keep the ball players, "Chelsea", vymanivaya players, "Wolves" is closer to the midline. Do not rush to attack guests, because their account is fully satisfied.
Not much time left to play the teams in this meeting. And in a parallel match, "Swansea" play on "Aston Villa" on the road with the advantage of a two-goal - 0:2.
Edwards changes Foley.
Torres broke into the penalty area to the right opponent, but in this case violated the rules. The arbitrator saw it all.
Louis gave the transmission to the attack on the mat, but he could not win a horse-fight. The ball is again intercepted football owners.
Not yet made changes in this match mentor "Chelsea". And it's not clear who can strengthen the team game.
Play the ball on the opponent's half of the field players, "Wolves," but to create something dangerous at the gate Cech fails.
Mata in the penalty area, opponents received a transfer from Torres and shot with his left foot into the near corner of the goal - the ball was three feet off the rack! Not bad!
Lampard got the ball in the penalty plschadi rival, turned around and donated to the center by Torres, who beat several opponents, but let the ball from him, which prevented him to break through on goal.
Torres famously passed on the left edge of the opponent's penalty area and carried out starting at the far post to Meireles, but ahead of the defender who knocked the ball head.
Jarvis from the left wing completed canopy at the far post, but too much fly ball - the projectile has left the field. There will be a goal kick in the performance of Chuha.
TIME! Ramirez went out on strike in a position of an opponent's penalty area and pierced with a sharp angle, but Hennessey has reflected the ball in the corner near the gate! Wow!
For the second time coming to the equator. Meireles performed chamber at the far post but the ball was cut from the leg football and just went for the front line of the field.
Ramirez got the ball on the right edge of the opponent's penalty area and to transfer to the outer side of the foot to the center by Torres, who somehow managed to break through on the rival's goal but the ball was above the target.
Jarvis plucked attack "Chelsea", knocking Ramirez, who was eager to speed on the attack. The arbitrator decided not to show in this episode, a yellow card. Already played the free kick guests.
Torres made a minor foul in midfield. The arbitrator saw and recorded a violation of the rules. Quickly played the ball to the home team.
Properly arranged the players 'Chelsea' on their half of the field. Will be very difficult, "Wolves" to create something in attack.
Fletcher replaced Frimponga.
Guests try to bring down the pace of the meeting. Of course, it is to their advantage. Torres ran just now put pressure keeper of the home team, trying to make that mistake.
Another long stem in half of the field of "Chelsea" is now gone in the hope that someone from the players, "Wolves" catch hold of the ball, but just came round to the goalkeeper.
A "Chelsea" will now try to score the second goal, after all, a very minimal advantage slippery and you can miss it.
Transfer half of the field on horseback, "Chelsea" has gone now, but there's Luis's head knocked the ball right over the side line of the field.
Now, the owners need to recoup. Meanwhile, in the "outside game" has got now the player "Wolves."
Torres was now on the point of attack, but fell near the opponent's penalty area without breaking the rules.
Following the filing of the angle of the ball field "stuck" in the penalty area of the home team, where Ramirez was able to catch the ball, and irresistible to break into the far top corner!
Torres on penalty area line at the opponent's backswing laid defender and went into the penalty area, but there is a subcategory of the players hosts still managed to knock the ball in the corner.
Mata tried to beat Frimponga and enter the shock position, but the opponent is not allowed to do so. The ball fell to Meireles, who shipped him into the penalty area, but was not broadcast.
After drawing a penalty kick Hammill dragged the ball to the penalty area line, "Chelsea" and shot at goal but the ball flew above the crossbar Cech.
Satisfactory speed enabled the team to start the second half. Now Doyle pushed Ramirez almost near the left corner flag. A direct free kick will play hosts.
MOMENTISCHE! Jarvis was on the left flank and met the delivery into the penalty area rival, Edwards was unable to penetrate the head and the ball fell to Hammill, who on the run "shot" at goal, but hit a defender!
Doyle played roughly in the center of the field against Louis. Quickly played the ball guests. She went to Cole's transfer to the left flank, but the player failed to get the ball. There will be a goal kick right now.
Of course, "Chelsea" will try to win this match, because the team has four games can not win. The same problem applies to the "Wolves", which last won on December 4 in a match against "Sunderland". A series of victories without the "Wolves" is one more game, five games.
Feed into the penalty area of ​​the home team was followed by the right wing - the ball flew straight at the opposite edge of the penalty area to mate, who was unable to stop the projectile.
Second half has began
The second half began! We continue.
Ford changes Jarvis.
Second Half
First Half
Half time
BREAK! The score 0-0. Will continue in 15 minutes!
Doyle punched with his left foot from the penalty area - the ball went wide. Almost all went to the first half stoppage time. Now would be a whistle.
Bozingva completing a protracted attack of his team's kick from outside the penalty area - Hennessey moved the ball to the corner. Following the filing of the angle of the field, Terry won the fight in the air and struck at goal - the ball flew over the crossbar owners.
Additional time
+ 2 minutes for the first half.
Lampard struck quite close to the rival's goal from the middle distance, but the ball flew straight at the center, not becoming a problem for Hennessy, climbing ball in his hands.
Nearing the end of the first half of the game. Most likely, the team will take a break during "dry" run. At least in the attack, nobody is eager to go to these minutes.
Ward completed a very high pitch in the penalty area rival, but Cech took the ball to the exit without any problems. Attack of the "Chelsea" has gone now.
Ramirez tried to pass along the right edge of the penalty area rival, but Henry knocked the ball into the subcategory on the corner. Filing an interesting angle does not remember - the ball was knocked out by defenders.
Mata completed pass on the left flank, and then performed the chamber at the center of the penalty area, but there was first on the ball defender who knocked the ball into touch.
Terry joined the attack and his team's opponent in the penalty area trying to create something, but Johnson figured in an episode, and knocked the ball from Terry who went for the front line.
There was a presentation with a penalty kick at the far post, but this time the horse was fighting for the defender of "Chelsea", which soared into the air and knocked the ball head of the penalty area.
Possession statistics now show us the director TV broadcast. She has this form. "Wolves" - 38%, "Chelsea" - 62%. And now again whistle. Terry played a hand.
Against Romeu in the center of the field violated the rules. Arbitrator on this occasion pass without cards, although we can not say that this violation was drawn to the warning.
The long transfer half of the field followed by the hosts on Torres, but the ball just left the field. However, the forward thanked team-mate for this pass.
Ten minutes left to play teams in the first half. I want to say that the referee is now important not to lose the thread game, because such a danger right now is the place to be.
TIME! Again, the standard position is in danger. Once mounted on the transmission line area goalie Ward won the air and struck at goal - the ball missed the purpose!
Yellow card
All the more interesting it becomes for us. In the last minutes of "Wolves" is trying to equalize the game. Now Romeu has violated the rules near the penalty area, "Chelsea". Yellow card.
MOMENTISCHE! After filing with the free kick Johnson won the fight against horse and broke his head into the near corner - the ball hit the post and flew out of the field!
Yellow card
Again, some of the proceedings. Now the referee spoke to Cole, who seems to have deliberately violated the rules. And Doyle is booked.
Cole knocked on the flank of the opponent, but the referee did not see in this episode of abuse. Increases the intensity of the match. I think the most interesting part is yet to come.
Unsuccessfully. Lampard has decided to put through on goal hit the bottom, probably in the hope that someone from his partner to substitute a leg, but the ball just fell in Frimponga.
Yellow card
Once again, the yellow card. Henry broke the rules to Torres on the corner of his own penalty area. A dangerous free kick can now be for "Chelsea".
Yellow card
Hammill now account for violations of his foul against Lampard Cole. The arbitrator, and this time cautions.
Yellow card
Lampard is literally "cut down" player "Wolves" is now, for which he received a yellow card.
Torres decided to strike from the penalty area - the ball hit the player's defensive team.
Torres received a transfer to the opponent's penalty area from Ramirez, but he could not keep the ball against a defender.
For the first half at the equator of our game. Ramirez performed starting from the right flank, but too high fly ball - a shell landed outside the field.
Look for weaknesses in protective orders "Wolves" the guests, playing the long ball. But the bill has not yet been opened.
Try and owners to create something in attack, but too many inaccurate transmissions allow the team.
Sharpening the transfer of the right edge of the penalty area, "Wolves" was followed, but they cleverly set back the case and pushed the player's "Chelsea" from the ball, allowing to leave the field.
Now the game has moved slightly in center field, where a lot of fight in us. But the attack ended with a good shelter guests to the far post from the mats, but the ball to his teammate did not get - got in his way back.
In parallel with our match is the match, "Aston Villa" - "Swansea." There the guests already have an account. Direct Broadcast text of this match is also on our website.
"Chelsea" continues to quietly keep the ball around the perimeter of the field, but the "Wolves" is trying to put pressure.
Passing on the right flank of the attack, "Chelsea" went, but it was very inaccurate - the ball took possession of the owners.
Mata performed starting from the corner flag in the center of the penalty area, where the first ball was on the upland defender. In the continuation of an episode in the fall punched Ramirez on goal but the ball fell into the hands of the goalkeeper.
RIMIRES! Could now footballer to open an account. He passed himself to the opponent's penalty area and shot - the ball hit the side net. Dangerous blow out at Ramirez.
MOMENTISCHE! Torres again brought a partner to the shock position in the opponent's penalty area. this time that player was Lampard, but prevented the footballer to break back!
Ramirez performed starting from the flank, trying to aggravate the situation in the opponent's penalty area but the goalkeeper came out of the gate and calmly took the ball in his hands.
A long throw in the Torres went to the penalty area right now, "Wolves", but there was a ball at first goalie picking up ball in his hands.
While it was "Chelsea" is the first number. The team could have come out ahead in the score. But the hosts to create chances to score so far failed. We look forward.
DANGER! Transfer in the line of attack was followed by Torres, footballer after rebound from the defender gave a cool transfer into the penalty area in Mato opponent, who was one on one with the goalkeeper at an angle, but still could not beat the goalkeeper. The ball jumped from last to the gate, but the defender arrived in time the first and knocked him out.
Sally hosts on the opponent's gate and so does not over, because there was a whistle, which recorded a game of hand by the player in an orange shirt.
"Wolves" is trying to actively put pressure on their opponent's half of the field. And now Cole knocked Frimponga. Roughly player played "Chelsea", but the referee did without a yellow card.
Mata in the central zone on opponent's half of the field got the ball and gave an elaborate transmission mounted on the right edge of the penalty area to rival Ramirez, but the ball left the field.
Not a very high rate took command at the start of the match. At least, not in a hurry to attack anybody. Meanwhile, against the mats were violated rules that clearly stated by the referee.
A free-kick earned a visit in twenty-five yards to the goal net. Mata decided to punch straight at goal but the ball was above the target. No problem for the goalkeeper.
Rimires on the right edge of the penalty area took the ball and the opponent is donated to the center, where his partner was unable to catch the ball and the shell went on to Mata, but the player did not hit a goal, giving the transfer back.
And as soon as the first strike on goal. Edwards was able to break through the feet with twenty-five - the goalkeeper picked up the ball. Note that the blow was not full force and not become a problem for Cech. Also tell friends that "Wolves" now playing in the orange T-shirts, and "Chelsea" - in blue.
First time has began
The match started! With the center of the field played the ball players, "Wolves."
First Half
The teams are already located in the "About Match!"
Good evening, ladies and football fans! We continue in the early days of the new year to follow the ups and downs of the English Premier League. At the turn straight text broadcast of the match, "Wolves" - "Chelsea".
View and comment on this game for you I will, Alexei Antonenko.

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