Stadium: The Hawthorns
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The match is over. "Everton" in the end snatched victory from the "West Brom". Goal counts Anichebe. I was with you, Alex Antonenko.
Second Half
The final whistle sounds!
Yellow card
Strakkualursi receives a yellow card.
Brant changes Dorrans.
Brant leaves the field, accompanied by doctors.
Upset mentor "West Brom". It is understandable. His team did not look like today is weaker.
If a match is so complete, that "Everton" will pass in the standings, "West Brom" and can climb to ninth place.
Additional time
+ 3 minutes for the second half.
Went to the last minute of the game. The hosts now and then load the ball to the gate of the opponent, but "Everton" closely valid defense.
That's it. At the end of the game skips the "West Brom". "Everton" once again shows that the team spends much better second half the game.
GO-OO-OO-OO-OO-OO-O-OOOOOOL! Anichebe! 0-1!
After filing with the right flank of Hibbert ball "stuck" in the penalty area, "West Brom", where Warner made ​​a mistake by dropping the ball in the center. And Anichebe was the most agile, crossing the ball into the goal from close range.
Brant performed starting with a penalty kick. Feeding was quite spicy, but nothing serious has happened. There was a whistle who committed the violation of the rules in the attack.
Yellow card
Baines pulled counterattack "West Brom" and receives a yellow card. This is just the first warning in our match.
Hibbert completed filing an opponent in the penalty area, but it was unaddressed. Let me remind you that the owners still play without replacements.
Casting the line of the penalty area, "West Brom" went, but they did not give opponents the defenders to create anything, knocking the ball.
Anichebe to the right edge of the penalty area trying to do a canopy, but the ball hit the defender, who then took possession of the projectile.
Suitable slowly to the end of the game. Now the team will certainly be afraid to miss. Because the attack by the big one will not go.
Distin fulfilled soft canopy opponent in the penalty area from the depth of field, but there his partner failed to catch the ball. Foster is preparing to perform a goal kick.
Acute lumbago from the left flank in the goalkeeper's area, "West Brom" was followed, but there is little guest player is not reached for the ball, allowing the defender to knock the ball in the fall.
Odemwingie got the ball on the left side of penalty opponents mercy and shot - the ball flew above the gate. Absolutely the wrong decision was made by the player. From such a position to score very, very difficult.
Attack "Everton" now was the right flank but fired the ball over the sideline, "butterscotch."
An interesting statistic: 70% scored "Everton" scored in the second half. Meanwhile, the ball was delivered into the penalty area the hosts, but the defenders managed to dislodge it.
And here is the mentor "BWA" show us now the operators. Very thoughtful mentor the hosts.
Warner completed a soft canopy of depth of field to the gate of the opponent, where the shot on goal, none of the players and owners did not do the ball rebounded to the same Scharner, who punched the move, but the ball was above the gate!
Equal to the game we see today. By the way, there is a match for a little over 23 thousand fans. Stadium "West Brom" contains about 26-thousand.
Baines received a transmission on the left flank, broke into the opponent's penalty area to the left and bottom of the chamber done - the defender knocked the ball over the front line. Angle does not remember interesting.
Operators have shown us the bench, "West Brom". Let me remind you that the owners have not yet had not a replacement.
Shorey performed starting from the left flank - the ball was cut off from the foot and the player went down outside the gates of Howard.
Show us the operators of a mentor, "Everton". He is very unhappy player of their wards, it shows. Meanwhile, the attack "West Brom" was completed submission from the left flank directly to Long, who struggled in a shock position and tried to break through, but failed.
Interesting game in the second half we have seen. Now mounted transfer into the penalty area, "West Brom" was followed, but there are defenders fought off easily.
Morrison tried to beat several rivals, but cut off the attack. The ball is intercepted by Osman, who slumped to the owners of the penalty area and shot - the ball hit the defender and bounced to Gueye, who punched the move into the near corner, where the projectile has covered the goalkeeper, "West Brom".
Thus, even replacing all three used a mentor "butterscotch." Obviously do not like him playing his team. Let's see what will change the substitution. While it was "West Bromwich" possession of the ball.
A double substitution at the "Everton": Neville and Saha and Anichebe replaced Strakkualursi.
Throw into the penalty area, "Everton" on Odemwingie followed, but the player in combat with the defender failed to catch on a ball that just came to Howard.
More strikes on goal causing the players in the second half. Right now Warner dared to break with twenty-five feet, but the ball was well above the gate. Nothing dangerous, but the attempt is worth noting.
Brant performed starting from the right corner flag on the line goalie area, but there are none of the players, "West Brom" is not able to deal a blow to the punctuated the rival's goal.
Feed from the left flank into the penalty area hosts proved too strong, but still got Gueye ball, leaving him in the game, and gave back the transfer. Followed by another presentation, and even hit in the performance of the player ratings, but there was no danger of the gate of the blow to Foster himself did not carry.
Brant completes an attack hit the home team from outside the penalty area rival, but the ball hit a defender, who was already lying practically.
Statistics of possession we now report. It is as follows: "West Bromwich" - 50%, "Everton" - 50%. I recall that in the first half, the figure was in favor of the guests.
Substitution in the "Everton": Rodvella changes Gueye.
Brant have just received a transmission from Shorey and shot on the run from outside the penalty area but the ball was well above the goal net.
Odemwingie picked up the ball went into the opponent's penalty area to the right and struck the gate with his left foot - the ball caught a defender and went for a corner kick. A corner was immediate, but nothing dangerous at the gate, "Everton" is not finished - the defenders knocked the ball.
Whistle sounds again. Louis Saha made haste to the motion and received a transmission from a partner, being in the "outside game", which clearly stated the side of the referee.
But now calmed down a little game. With the ball, "Everton", but the team is in no hurry to attack.
Attack, "West Brom" interrupted the referee, who recorded the "offside" and the player in white and black t-shirt.
Heitinga performed starting from the left flank to the center of the penalty area, but there Dawson won the fight and horse knocked the ball head.
Another drop in the player, "West Brom" around the penalty area the guests just happened, but the referee did not see in this episode is nothing illegal and did not assign a free-kick.
Followed by a throw from the penalty area to the gate, "Everton", but there remained the horse fighting the player line of defense.
Another violation of the rules. In the center of Long fall, not without breaking the rules. Morrison went to the ball to run free-kick.
Attack "Everton" could now go, but Cahill lost the ball in a fairly simple situation. Meanwhile, the team quickly began to play in the second half of the meeting. Now whistle sounds. This Odemwingie broke the rules at half-field contender in the fight against Baines.
MOMENTISCHE! How not to score?! Odemwingie in the penalty area, opponents got the ball, the defender won the fight with "Everton" and shot on the run, but the ball flew over the crossbar!
Apparently, the substitutions at half-time was not. We expect the more interesting teams in the second half of football games.
Second half has began
The second half began!
Most have "Everton" in the first half run against Osman 5056 m. But the performance of players, "West Brom" is unfortunately, not shown. Meanwhile, the teams go to the football field!
Second Half
First Half
Half time
BREAK! The score 0-0. Will continue in 15 minutes!
An-not. Showed us a repeat episode of unassigned penalty. All the same arbitrator rights. Distin did not break the rules.
Additional time
+ 1 minute for the first half.
Thomas fell into the opponent's penalty area in the fight against Distinom, but the referee is not a penalty in this episode. Although the decision of the arbitrator is debatable.
Long got the ball into the opponent's penalty area, but played up his hand, which remained unnoticed by the referee.
Coming to an end the first half of the game. It seems that we did not see the goals scored before the break.
Cahill heads the ball dropped into the penalty area in the direction of a partner, but that this plan was not realized and the ball simply flew to the goalkeeper, "West Brom".
The arbitrator commits a violation of the rules in the center circle against Cahill. The arbitrator might well show a yellow card to the player.
A long throw to the penalty area, "West Brom" in the direction followed by Saha, but first appeared on the ball defender.
Not bad! Baines performed starting from the corner of the field at the head Rodvellu, which struck - the ball flew a meter away from the far goal post!
Odemwingie looking for a shock position and still struck on goal with his left foot from outside the penalty area rival, but this strike was blocked by the defensive team player.
Another violation of the rules we have. Morrison was not right in the fight against Saha. The arbitrator saw it all.
Again the ball is "stuck" penalty area "West Brom" after the free kick. The case ended with a blow on the run from Yagilki, but the ball flew above the gate Foster.
Again the whistle sounded. Violation of the rules against Cahill on half of the field, "West Brom" is fixed.
Feed with a penalty kick followed - ball "stuck" in the penalty area, the owners, then rebounded to Saha, who struck a blow on the run, but missed the ball from the goal net.
Jones did not meet the rules for Baines in midfield. Direct free kick fulfill guests now.
No. It's all right. The game continues. With the ball now, the players, "Everton", who are looking for weaknesses in defense orders, "West Brom".
Whistle. Thomas got in the fight against Neville. Perhaps the need to help the player.
A corner kick earned the players 'Everton' on the right flank. Baines performed starting goalkeeper in the area, but there's advocate, "West Brom" hit the ball. The episode continued and ended with a blow Baines move - the ball hit a defender and went to another corner, which is nothing interesting nor memorable.
Do not show the team wishes to go forward and score the ball. Surely no one wants to win today?
Thomas from the right wing carried the canopy area of ​​the penalty spot, but there was first on the ball defender, "Everton", which hit the ball head.
During the attack, "Everton" after-ball was delivered into the penalty area of ​​the home team, but they played a good defender, knocking the ball away from the gate of his team.
At its half share blithely transfers players "Everton". No hurry to attack.
That's how "Everton" and caught up on scoring chances with "West Brom". Meanwhile, more than half of half-time had passed.
TIME! Submission of the angle of the field went from football, "Everton" on the near corner at the goalkeeper Saha, who ferried the ball touching the second along the gate. Foster made a mistake at the exit, having beaten off the ball straight at Rodvella, which immediately struck a powerful shot on goal, but goalkeeper ev here reformed, adopting the brunt.
Now the "butterscotch" longer play their attack, but Foster has not disturbed obtained.
Rodvell performed long-range strike on goal but the ball fell into a defender. On the selection was again a player, "Everton".
In the past year, "West Brom" is also held their match on January 1 the same time. Then a rival team had been "Manchester United". That match was won 2-1 guests. "West Brom" then looked very cool.
Cahill from the left wing carried a long distance in the direction of feed rod, but Foster came out of the gate and calmly took the ball in his hands. Immediately began to attack the goalkeeper of the team.
TIME! The first dangerous moment in our game there is! After a wonderful canopy of depth of field Long burst into the operating space in front of the gate and broke an opponent's head, but missed the ball with shots on target!
Feed from the left flank in the performance of the player reviews followed, but the ball was cut off from his feet and went beyond the football field.
Here's a blow! Heitinga punched from the middle distance, but the ball was blocked by one of the players, "West Brom".
Thomas gave the transmission line to the penalty area for a partner who was supposed to return the ball to Thomas, because he went out on strike position, but too weak was the transfer, which allowed the defender "Everton" ahead of the opponent and give a short pass the second defender.
Continues we wrestle teams in the central zone. When will we see an accented stroke?
But the positional attack "Everton" has passed, but this time unsuccessfully - is lost ball near the opponent's penalty area.
A lot of jokes on someone else's ball half the field in the performance of the hosts we see, but that's up to strike on goal it almost does not reach that bad. Goalkeepers so far in the game did not enter.
Again, short whistle sounds. It is a violation of the rules in an attack by the hosts. Long was not right.
Assistance provided, which means the match can continue. With the ball players, "West Brom" who try to organize their positional attack.
Saha in the center of the field faced a football player, "West Brom" in horse-fight. Medical assistance footballer.
Here is another violation of the rules. This is the Rodvell foul on another side of the field. The hosts quickly played free kick by booting the ball to the opponent's half of the field, but the recipient is the transmission is not found.
Against Cahill had been violated rules in the middle of the field. A direct free kick for "Everton".
Competently operate the team in defense, so long-that moments in our game was not.
In the standings at the "West Brom" at one point more than the "Everton". Segodnyashie owners are on the eleventh place, and the guests settled down to the twelfth position.
Thomas was able to get transfer of depth on the right edge of the opponent's penalty area, "swung" defender of fraudulent traffic and carried a canopy on a partner who still managed to knock my head, but this strike was not a proper power and precision - the goalkeeper without any problems picked up the ball in hand.
The pace of play is low at the start. Teams are looking at each other and not at risk.
So far, it is guests own ball more. "West Brom" is not in a hurry to go to the active pressure.
Immediately downloaded the ball over the top guests, but there was a shell and lost. I note that the "West Brom" is now playing in black and white shirts, and "Everton" - in yellow.
First time has began
The match started! With the center of the field played the ball players, "Everton".
First Half
Teams go to the football field! A moment later, they shook hands.
The teams are already located in the "About Match!"
Happy New Year, dear football fans! Website LiveResult.Ru the first day of 2012 offers you a direct translation of a text match between the "West Brom" and "Everton".
With you the events of this meeting will follow Alex Antonenko.

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