Stadium: Stamford Bridge
Second Half
The final whistle!
That's it! Football in 2011 ended with what I have you and congratulations! It remains until the New Year a few hours, I want to congratulate you and wish you happiness, good health and every success. Fans of "Chelsea" - do not worry. "Aston Villa", "Spurs", "Arsenal", "Liverpool" and all the other teams - congratulations!

Since you were Vladimir Gubarev! I wish you happiness, health, prior to the meeting!
Stopped players "Chelsea". Fans are gradually leaving the stadium. They can understand. For them, the holiday is spoiled. And for fans of "Aston Villa" on the contrary - this fight is real decoration of the New Year's table!
Additional time
Four minutes. Why?
Who now needs this victory over the "Manchester City"? Who? Then another team could compete for first place. Now the staff is on the fifth line, and nothing positive in this is not visible.
A special match today for John Terry, who spends four match for the London club as captain. He was the first captain of the team that reached the record. In addition, John is the most successful "commander", he lifted up his head three trophies Premier League, three FA Cups and two League Cups. Now he does not think about it ...
GO-OO-OO-OO-OO-O-AL! Darren Bent!
If so, and will remain, "Arsenal" is on the fourth place, and "Chelsea" go to fifth place.
Bennan out instead of Petrov.
GO-OO-OO-OO-OO-O-AL! STILYAN Peter! That is fantastic! It's incredible! The first time, "Aston Villa" in the second half ended pocketed ball. Stilyan Petrov received the ball on the penalty. Where were the central defenders?? WHERE? Where was Bozingva? No one knows. Stilyan neatly punched into the far bottom corner! 1:2!
"Aston Villa" in recent times is negligible scores. Trust Alex McLeish did not differ in five of last seven matches of English Premier League. Today, visitors will need to be healthy sweat at the end of the match, to take away points from the "Stamford Bridge".
Fernando Torres has completed the transfer of hinged on Frank Lampard, who is not reached for the ball near the penalty spot.
Birmingham club completely gave the central part of the field competitor, nothing can take advantage of the owners have about twenty minutes, probably.
Double substitution of the guests. N'Zogbiya Olbrayton and left the field, instead they are bent and Gardner.
Raul Meireles shot from the right foot with twenty-four feet - the ball went a foot of the far post.
"Aston Villa" is death. All field players "Chelsea" are in a strange half. Several consecutive corners they earned.
How could include the replacement players today, "Chelsea!" Bozingva with his left foot from twenty-eight feet struck the gate - Brad Guza in an incredible leap forwarded a projectile from under the crossbar for the front line of the field.
And another prediction come true. Bozingva instead of Ferreira.
TIME! Fernando Torres has done a great pass on the penalty line, Didier Drogba was alone and shot on goal - a millimeter from the rack near the shell off.
Yeah, Bozingva out on the football field. Already changed it, and receives instructions from Andre Villasha-Boasha.
Our game is gradually coming to an end. "Aston Villa" in the next round, which will be the second of January of next year, will play at home, "Swansea", and "Chelsea" on the same day fight at a party with "Wolves."
Jose Bozingva and Salomon Kalou warm up. Some of them will enter the field, since Andre Villasha Boasha-left-most, only one replacement.
Stilyan Petrov was left lying on the lawn. At this time the fan ran onto the lawn, "Stamford Bridge". It quickly brought the stewards.
Raul Meireles got the ball thirty yards from the front of goal and struck a very, very well fail. Brad Guza is in a hurry.
Didier Drogba has performed chamber from the left flank on the line goalie, Frank Lampard was ready to score, but it was ahead of Richard Dunne, breaking the shell at the sideline of the field.
Juan Mata hung from the left flank, broke through on goal, John Terry - the projectile went far above the crossbar. By the way, Terry scored the same as Drogba and Torres this season. I do not know what to say.
Yellow card
Didier Drogba got the legs on the left flank from Carlos Cuellar, who received a yellow card. Juan Mata is being prepared to hang.
Ashley Cole received the ball on the left edge alien penalty area, carried out the transfer to the gate, but got into an opponent. Perhaps, even in the hand. Penalty no.
Today we are witnessing one hundred and forty third meeting of the two clubs. Prior to that, "Aston Villa" came out the winner of fifty-five matches, "Chelsea" - fifty three victories, and yet thirty-four match ended in a draw.
Fernando Torres came into the game perfectly. The last time he scored three months ago. Incredibly disgusting figure for world-class striker.
The cross! TORRES! NANDI! Fernando Torres first touch the ball sent it to twenty-six feet in the bar! Fantastic! That was a gun!
Fernando Torres has appeared on the football field instead of ... Daniel Sturridge. Sturridge - the best scorer of "Chelsea" this season.
As dangerous! Juan Mata completed shed from the left edge alien penalty and Daniel Sturridge could not punch your head through the gate with the goalkeeper.
"Chelsea", "Chelsea", "Chelsea" - can be heard from the stands, "Stamford Bridge". While the London club football their fans can not hear. Thirty minutes is they have to make a gift to their fans.
Gabriel Agbonlahor got the ball on the right edge of another's penalty area, struck the bottom on goal in the near corner - a little inaccurate.
Substitute Frank Lampard, incidentally, has scored five goals in his last two home games of "Chelsea" against "Aston Villa". I recall last year's "Blue" played on "Stamford Bridge" from "villianami" draw - 3:3.
Lampard instead of Romeo.
Ferreira now allows a considerable number of marriages in the programs. I think the third replacement Andre Villasha Boasha-if "Chelsea" Time will change it right back.
By the way, "Aston Villa" in the last beat of "Chelsea" Ten games ago, won with a score - 3-1 - eleventh of May two thousand two. Let's see if today will be able to visit "break" this statistic in half.
FANTASTIC! Corner guest at the gate over a counter players "Aston Villa", jumped out to a meeting with the keeper Agbonlahor, Gabriel struck from the penalty, but this attempt was very unsuccessful. Petr Cech parried round.
Fernando Torres and Frank Lampard are preparing to appear on the football field. Thus, the prediction: instead of Didier Drogba and Raul Meireles, respectively. Although Romeo and can go on vacation.
WARNING! After a standard ball hit the line exactly goalie in the stomach and went to Stephen Ayrlenda in millimeters from the near post. Petr Cech was nervous.
Ramirez broke the rules on the right flank. Daniel Starrridzh was close. From this man's attack, "Chelsea" is very dependent. Even on Drogba so do not depend on the results of the London club, both on Dani.
Only the light green boots Didier Drogba move to a foreign side of the field. "Aston Villa" is about a minute the ball in a strange area. "Chelsea" do not mind.
A bit nervous on the start of the second half minutes football club in London. Daniel Sturridge has beaten rival on the right flank, shot into another penalty - is inaccurate.
During the winter transfer window, "Chelsea" just need to fight for Hamshika. It is in the center of the field there is no creativity at the London club. There names were called, such as Cavani, Hulk, Cahill, it seems. already moved to the "Chelsea".
Didier Drogba that went to James Collins, who, beating out a projectile at someone else's half of the field, hit the Ivorian striker stop "Chelsea". Brad Guza took the ball in their ruchische.
Mentors team at half-time substitutions are not made. A could appear in the box and Frank Lampard instead of Raul Meireles. Today, ex-football player, "Liverpool" plays without much success.
Second half has began
The second half started! Clouds are gathering over the "Stamford Bridge". Maybe it will rain.
Second Half
First Half
Half time
The first half is over! 1:1 - rest, a break.
Additional time
+1 Minutes.
Didier Drogba struck at this time the bottom, hit the opponent. This corner, which the hosts played poorly. Meireles lost shell on the left flank.
Oriol Romeu received the ball on the semicircle strange penalty area. This Stilyan Petrov broke the rules. So, Juan Mata or Didier Drogba? It looks like the latter, although there Louis enters the frame.
By the way, today was the seventh penalty kick in the last five games between these teams. Many advocates in the classroom folyat matches these teams. Meanwhile, the approaching break.
Didier Drogba struck at the gate very poorly. The ball flew into the area of ​​the second tier. Too high, then really there to say?
Raul Meireles earned a free kick some thirty yards from the front of goal. Didier Drogba is prepared to break with the standard. Can again distinguish himself Ivorian today?
Paulo Ferreira hung from the right flank to the far post - Brad Guza jumped out of the gate and made his case, taking the shell of the gloves.
Paulo Ferreira is now in protective white mask. She looks like a great score. Stylish, fashionable, as the famous Sergei Svetlakov at least the famous comedy series about the truth of life.
Referee our meeting - Mark Halsey. This season, he worked for eight matches of English Premier League, which showed eighteen yellow cards or one red and only once has appointed a penalty kick.
ANY MOMENT! Didier Drogba completed the transfer from the left edge alien penalty, Juan Mata took the ball in eleven meters from the front of goal, broke even in an empty corner - got into Stephen Warnock. And if in contact bummed ...
From the right edge of another's penalty kick, performed chamber Kieran Clark - Petr Cech picked up without much trouble bomb in his gloves. Cech missed the fourth game in a row, and when a defense of "Chelsea" was the standard for all clubs in Europe.
Yellow card
John Terry received his first yellow card of the match because it drove up Gabriel Agbonlahor in the center of the field.
Juan Mata hung from the right flank to the far post, Ashley Cole broke his head, but it was just a Carlos Cuellar. Handball was not there.
Played incredibly fast, "Aston Villa". Now the "Chelsea" attack anywhere anymore. In general, this account is now on board, was reported in three previous matches with the London club.
GO-OO-OO-OO-OO-AL! STEPHEN AYRLEND! Charles N'Zogbiya walked along the left edge alien and Meireles free kick Ferreira, completed the transfer of the line goalie, from Stephen Ayrlend broke into the near corner - John Terry saved his team, but finishing again played Stephen, struck exactly between the legs of the captain of "Chelsea". 1:1!
Could run up to the counter-attack football guests, but Stephen Warnock with difficulty, but still managed to otpasovat back Brad Guzanu. Daniel Sturridge had not the ball.
Once hooked now football club in London. "Aston Villa" more attacks, which guests have earned the right to perform the second corner in this fight.
"Chelsea" will not play in the league for six games, three of which - has won and the rest - a tie, all of these fights were in a row.
By the way, Didier Drogba was the author and one hundredth the ball, "Chelsea" this season. Two anniversaries today Ivorian striker London club. He certainly deserves it.
GO-OO-OO-OO-OO-OO-AL! Didier Drogba! 150 ball for "Chelsea"! A handsome, do not say anything! Didier has struck bottom in the right corner - Brad Guza could not save his team. 1-0!
Penalty at the Gates "Aston Villa"! Didier Drogba was swamped by Richard Dunn. The last bad tackle fulfilled .. Sam Didier, it seems, and strikes.
Daniel Sturridge took the ball on the right flank, and clocked up a rival goalie hung on the line, where Didier Drogba was not even fought for the projectile. It was clear that Brad Guza will prevail.
Andre Villash-Boash drives his team forward. I think he knows that "Manchester United" lost houses "Blackburn". May be close to the leader of the "Chelsea" today.
Boring match, except for wild fun scrap rate in the programs. This football not look very priyatno.Tem more in the performance of such teams, right?
Daniel Sturridge struck from the penalty slightly above the crossbar. Brad Guza control of the situation. Advocates of "Aston Villa" made a mistake in this episode.
Made a mistake in the central part of the field players "Chelsea", followed by a counterattack, "Aston Villa", which was interrupted by an unsuccessful transfer of Gabriel Agbonlahor.
David Louis got the ball in midfield and ran to another's penalty area, but the transfer of Brazilian defender run "Chelsea" has failed.
"Aston Villa" in recent years appears not very good. The team is at the twelfth line in the standings, behind the vysheiduschih "Norwich" and "Everton" at one point. If guests today will win, then they might go up to the ninth position.
Raul Meireles completed shed from the left flank to the far post, where no time did Daniel Sturridge. Counterattack guests, we have not seen.
Brad Guza dropped the ball from his hands - the corner. Juan Mata hung in someone else's penalty area, defenders carried the projectile, but just to keep up Meireles. Raul bummed failed.
Raul Meireles to transfer to the bottom of the line of the penalty, Didier Drogba completed a pass on the idea of ​​a good shell, but no one was there.
"Aston Villa" full membership in their half of the field. "Chelsea" is trying to actively use the left flank, which is played Ashley Cole and Juan Mata.
At the moment, "Chelsea" is in fourth position, behind the "Spurs" on four points, plus a Trust Harry Redknapp is a game to spare. Andre Villash-Boash already said that his team was eliminated from the championship race. Catching-up to eleven points, I think, confirm the words of Portuguese expert.
Another corner earned a football "Chelsea". Juan Mata hung from the corner of the field - hit the opponent. Another corner for the "blue". Andre Villash-Boash nervous.
Gabriel Agbonlahor beat on the left wing David Louis, and the Brazilian decided to break the rules by hooking an opponent's shoulder. No yellow card.
"Chelsea" seized the initiative from the starting minutes of the meeting. "Blue" fine control of the ball to someone else's half of the field, but dangerous moments at the gate Brad Guza until we saw.
Thus, the bench was Bozingva Jose, who had health problems. Instead of playing the Portuguese Paulo Ferreira. Also resting Frank Lampard, who served a suspension and was replaced by Ramirez. The rest - to predict.
Now guests have earned the first corner in the match. Followed by a canopy from the left flank, Petr Cech has played excellently at the exit, taking the shell of the gloves.
Juan Mata completed shed from the corner flag, the guests got out, picked up the ball Meireles, completed the transfer of luxury in the subcategory on the right flank. Spanish winger "Chelsea" hung again - failure.
Immediately went forward players, "Chelsea," Ramirez completed the transfer of the right flank, Daniel Sturridge hung in someone else's penalty area, and Juan Mata earned a corner, and although he could score.
The home team now play in blue, and the players Alex McLeish - in white. Gates Petr Cech on the TV picture are on the right, and Brad Guza frame - on the left.
First time has began
The match started! Let's go! We wish the teams to show a beautiful, interesting and effective game. With the center of the field began to players "Chelsea!"
First Half
The teams are in the "About Match!"
Good evening, ladies and football fans! Kind, smart, New Year's Eve! The evening is full of football and other interesting programs. I think they can be put aside and watch the English Premier League. "Chelsea" - "Aston Villa" - like you? Suitable as a Christmas gift? Some - yes, some - no, it's a matter of taste. In the "commentary booth" Vladimir Gubarev!

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