Full Time
Second Half
The final whistle!
That's it! "Celtic" got very necessary victory in the derby and led the standings Scottish Premier League.

C was Vladimir Gubarev you! I wish you happiness, health, prior to the meeting!
Yellow card
Anthony Stokes got a yellow.
Three minutes behind. Two more await us, but somehow it seems that the guests will not be able to even the score.
Fans of "Celtic" is already celebrating victory. "Rangers" was fixed on another side of the field, but dangerous moments at the gate of the owners does not arise.
Additional time
Five minutes.
Thus, the end most of the time of our fight. "Rangers' struggles to equalize, but strikes at goal, we have not yet seen.
Here's another interesting fact: Alfie Conn footballer is the only player in the history of Scottish football, who managed to win gold medals in the championship of Scotland as the "Celtic" and the "Rangers".
Gary Hooper replaced the Stoksa Anthony.
Yellow card
Another yellow, and one flagrant foul. This is Kyle Lafferty went to the subcategory of a straight leg, Adam Matthews. I am sure in Spain for a "Rangers" played vdevyaterom.
Five minutes before the end of regular time. What can I say? If the "Rangers" even the score, it will be a miracle. "Celtic", after all, is better.
And I understand the fans claim "Celtic", and the coaching staff and players, and most of James Forres, but Healy was lucky. Yellow - not red. There must be sound: "The captain obvious."
Yellow card
Healy, Healy. David went out to maim. Only a yellow card he received for his flagrant foul on the left flank. James suffered Forres. A little legs he lost. David had to be removed!
A small fire was now at the gates of the guests, but Georgios Samaras twice failed to hit the ball, while in others the penalty area.
Scott Brown was on his feet in center field. The captain stood up and continued to host the match without the intervention of doctors.
The double substitution in the guests. Lee McCulloch and Lee Wallace left the field, left Maurice Edu and David Healy.
So, now you can definitely say that the chief arbiter of the meeting will add about five minutes for the second half. Play another fifteen minutes - sixteen.
Ki Sung Yong instead of the injured Barama Kaya. Barama was performed standing ovation.
Carry on a stretcher Barama Kaya. We wish him a speedy recovery!
Do not continue the game Baram Kaya? Circling us show that the affected player, then Lee McCulloch, who allowed himself not a good effect.
Lies on the football field football now, "Celtic." He needed medical attention. It seems to have been Baram Kaya. Yes, it does not seem as though he were.
Sasha Papach ventured to make a mistake on their side of the field, but decided to pass in time Sasha back to his goalkeeper. The right decision.
The first "Old Business Derby" held on May 28, 1888. In the presence of two thousand fans of "The Celts" surely won with a score of 5-2. Today, unfortunately, the seven goals scored viewers did not see, but oh well.
Angle earned visitors. Nikica Jelavic jumped out all covered ball and shot through the body itself - Fraser Forster easily took the ball in his glove.
And now, replaced by an Samaras. George holds not the best match of his career. It must be acknowledged.
Penalty earned the players 'Celtic'. Before the gates were thirty meters, it was expected that Charles Mulgrew shelters, but he broke into the near bottom corner - Alan McGregor saved his team.
In Lee McCulloch was offside. Defenders to catch him, "Celtic." Lee is very upset by his actions.
And here is the replacement. Out Sone Aluko, and appeared Gregg Wylde.
Do not even know by what guests gather to compare the account. Perhaps now would be a good idea to release the replacement of some fresh players.
Wow! Victor Vanyama broke through on goal with a goalie's head after a pass from the corner - round off two feet from the near post.
At the gate of the population foreign players "Celtic." At the penalty and took the shell Scott Brown, shot on the line goalie - fell at an opponent. Corner!
What is it? I do not know. I assume that the side now especially wrong to make amends before the "Rangers". Or maybe just do not see it. Anyway - matches at this level should come with a minimum of errors.
Wrong side. And again, one that is not credited in the past half a goal. Samaras has not been offside.
Yellow card
Where is this species? I do not know. In this derby yellow card only at the end of hours of play. Probably a good thing. Carlos Bocanegra got the first "yellow card" in the match.
Incidentally, this is three hundred and ninety-seventh game between these teams! Think of it! One hundred forty-three wins today's owners have extracted a hundred and fifty eight guests celebrated the victory, and ninety-five matches ended in a draw. How to change the statistics after this fight?
With the penalty and struck volley on goal, Scott Brown, however, summed up the right leg of Captain White-green, round went well above the crossbar.
Fans of "Celtic" stood up and started singing, dancing. Naturally, fans of "Rangers" is not particularly enjoy, but what do you do?
Georgios Samaras clocked up about alien penalty opponent, hung at the far post, but the shell flew over the whole field, and flew over the side.
In general, all the logical, if not to remember the episode when Lee Wallace scored against "Celtic", but the referee is not credited the ball. Account should be 1:1.
Georgios Samaras has entered into a strange penalty area through the left flank, shot to the far post - Alan McGregor took the shell in his gloves.
On the left flank hung Gary Hooper, went round to the near post, where it was only Lee Wallace. Corner to the hosts.
Guests have earned a corner on the right flank. On the left leg hung Sonya Aluko - Scott Brown knocked his head round the field of play. Out for the players in blue.
The beginning of the second half completely for guests. "Rangers" plays well around the perimeter of the alien half of the field, but the attacks on the rival's goal, we do not yet see.
Sasha Papach picked the ball on the left flank, and then still got an opponent to make a shell for the sideline of the field. Out for the guests.
At half-time coach of the team did not do substitutions. In general, it is logical. The score from the start of the meeting is not changed, and the teams until all are satisfied.
Second half has began
The second half started! Let's go!
Second Half
First Half
Half time
The first half is over! 0:0 - rest, my friends.
One minute left before the end of the first half. Perhaps even a minute add the chief arbiter of the meeting, but it stops, it seems, have never been.
James Forrest was unable to reach the ball on the left flank. Roy Hodgson is present in this bout. Prior to the match showed Fletcher. All watching the derby.
Kyle Bartley has violated the rules in the middle of the field. On the left leg hung Baram Kaya - Alan McGregor took the shell in his gloves.
Lee Wallace has violated the rules in the middle of the field. Penalty the hosts played poorly.
Gradually the end of the first half of the game. What can I say? The game is equal. Perhaps there is a slight advantage for the "Celtic", but that's because they - the masters.
Teams have come to this fight in a different mood: "Celtic" has not lost in eleven games, the last eight of them - won. The "Rangers" in the last six matches scored ten points out of eighteen possible, but in a fight last tour group managed to lose a modest "St. Mirrenu" with a score - 1:2.
Not bad for a stranger broke the gates of Victor Vanyama - Alan McGregor parried round the line goalie. Fortunately for visitors, there was only Kyle Bartley, who passed the ball over the side.
Georgios Samaras struck in Allan McGregor in another's penalty area, but it was not in the goalie, so there was no violation of the rules.
On the right flank of the James Forrest hung to the near post, Kirk Broudfut made projectile at the sideline of the field. "Celtic" has intensified in the last minute.
To be honest, never thought that this match will be productive. So far my prediction is coming true. Most, unfortunately, than, fortunately.
Sasha Papach broke the rules in the middle of the field, could run into a yellow card, playing roughly in subcategories vs. Scott Brown, but the arbitrator limited verbal warning.
Lee McCulloch completed the transfer of the central circle in someone else's penalty area, but then again, Fraser Foster jumped out of the gate and took the shell in his gloves.
Sone Aluko from the right to transfer to someone else's penalty area, Fraser Foster jumped out of the gate and took the shell in his gloves.
Confrontation "Celtic" and "Rangers" - one of the oldest derbies on the planet Earth, and it bears the name - Derby "Old Firm". It's hard to believe, but the gap between the fifth November these two teams of fifteen points. I think now you can understand how motivated today, "the Celts", and is afraid to lose the first line of "Jersey."
Wow! Here's a breeze. Charles Mulgrew twice established a semi-circle around the ball to the corner flag, and double-shell rolling away in the direction of the wind.
TIME! Carlos Bocanegra after hitting Nikica Jelavic head of the line goalie shot into the near corner, but the shell was cut from the leg and Carlos went above the gate. Fraser Foster is indignant.
Let's get into the course of the case, since standings on our website is incorrect. The teams have played already for twenty matches and first place is "Rangers" with forty-eight points in the asset. In second place is another top club in Scotland - "Celtic". And best of all - the distance between these teams has a point! The third "Motherwell" behind vysheiduschey team already on thirteen points, but it has a game in hand.
Were slow, hesitant players "Celtic" in someone else's punishment, and ran into the same on the counterattack, "Rangers", which is not the end of the shot.
Yes, at the eleventh minute, Lee Wallace scored the same goal, but the wrong side, not seeing that Fraser Foster reached out to the projectile, when he was already at the gate.
On goal from the right corner of someone else's penalty struck Lee McCulloch - round off by far, "nine".
Kyle Bartley broke gorgeous transfer to Georgios Samaras, breaking the shell of the side line of the field, while in the supine position. It turned out effectively and efficiently.
Georgios Samaras was offside, and before it had a chance to Scott Brown, but the captain of the hosts got exactly Allan McGregor.
Viscous game in center field - like this one sentence you can tell about what happened on the pitch during the first twenty minutes of play.
By now entered a boorish Kyle Bartley, pushing an opponent in the back. Georgios Samaras was a rival. This is a team player in Greece, remind.
Sasha Papach pass in the left flank by Lee Wallace, he flew over to someone else's penalty area, but came across a great tackle Barama Kaya. A shell flew over the side.
Closer to the sixteenth minute of the fight game has leveled off, as a percentage of the owners a little more than hold the ball, knock on the gates of the same number as the corner.
Remember when Lee Wallace punched his head, and Foster sent a shell into the bar? So, to repeat shows that perhaps there was a goal. Fraser is due to the "ribbon" hand bomb smuggled into the rack. Well, okay.
Not very well hung Charles Mulgrew at the far post - one to the ball did not, and he departed for the front line of the field.
Sone Aluko has played a subcategory on its right flank, not very clean. Georgios Samaras was on the lawn, and is preparing to hang Charles Mulgrew with the standard.
The right flank of "Rangers" is very active. It shines Sonia Aluko. I confess I know about this football player is not so much, so it will be interesting to follow.
FANTASTIC! Attacked, attacked the "Celtic", a gorgeous moment came just at the gates of the hosts: followed by a canopy from the right flank to the far corner of the goalie refused to Lee Wallace, who struck his head into the bottom corner - Fraser Forster could hardly conveyed the projectile in the rack!
Useful to someone else's penalty area Vanyama Victor, but lost the ball. Pulled in a counter-Sone Aluko - nothing interesting on another side of the field player could not come up.
Our site is in very small quantities translates the Scottish Premier League, it is necessary to recognize and accept, but such fights as the "Celtic" - "Rangers," we rarely miss. And today was no exception. This men's football matches during the break between the English Championship - what more needs to be happy?
Kyle Lafferty has violated the rules on someone else's half of the field, pushing the opponent back. Referee meeting made a verbal warning Kyle.
On the right wing took the ball Sone Aluko, went to obygrysh, let the ball away from him, and he departed for the front line of the field. Sonia said that there was a corner, but the side did not think so.
Carlos Bocanegra played just brilliant against Gary Hooper, breaking the shell of the heel of his penalty area. Alan McGregor is yelling at his defenders. At the start of the meeting the owners look harder.
I can not understand that now fly around the pitch. Whether it's newspapers, or just some papers, but this unfortunately spoils this "green" picture. I hope the wind will calm down soon.
On the left flank free kick earned the players 'Celtic'. Hung in someone else's penalty area, Scott Brown, but the ball hit the hand of James Forrest. The arbitrator is noticed. Penalty to the hosts.
In Glasgow, this is not particularly football weather. A very strong wind, or rain, or fine snow today will disturb the players show their best game.
The home team played in white and green uniforms, and guests - in blue. Fraser Foster gate on the TV picture on the left, and Alan McGregor frame - on the right.
First time has began
The match started! Let's go! We wish the teams to show a beautiful, interesting and effective game. With the center of the field began to players "Celtic."
First Half
Commands appear on the football field! Needless to say that the stadium is filled to the eyeballs? I think not.
Good evening, ladies and football fans! It's time to see this British football! "Celtic" - "Rangers" - sign on the wall, I hope that the match will be substantial. In the "commentary booth" Vladimir Gubarev!

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