Stadium: Stamford Bridge
Second Half
The final whistle!
That's it! Draw the name of David Stokdeyla. "Chelsea" has lost a lot of points and not on a struggle for the gold we can not go.

C was Vladimir Gubarev you! I wish you happiness, health, prior to the meeting!
"Chelsea" in the next round, which, incidentally, will be thirty-first of December, the house will play with "Aston Villa" and "Fulham" well away from the fight, "Norwich". I think these matches will have to necessarily see. One interfere - will go at one time.
Das ist fantastish! David Stokdeyl again turned round from the bar outside the field. Didier Drogba struck very hard.
Fernando Torres earned a free kick. Meters to the gates of twenty-eight. Didier Drogba has the ball.
Paitykh Kasami popped up on Petr Cech, but struck exactly in the keeper of "Chelsea." Two minutes is a London club.
Additional time
And another three minutes.
STOKDEYL! Malouda! Florent broke badly under the crossbar from twenty-seven meters - David was able to translate the shell for the front line of the field. We look at the fourth referee.
TIME! Didier Drogba struck his head, but it was in David Stokdeyla. Well today is the keeper, "Fulham". There's nothing to say.
FANTASTIC! Florent Malouda hung from the left flank, broke through on goal Raul Meireles head - David Stokdeyl saved his team by pulling the projectile from the crossbar.
It's great to be protected, "Fulham," all the forces on their side of the field visit. Another six minutes to hold out to them, and you can open the champagne. Of course, this is a joke.
Far from celebratory mood now among the fans of London "Chelsea". The team recently played well with the leaders, but with the middle peasants and outsiders - awful.
Ashley Cole performed chamber from the left flank to the near the bar - is inaccurate. A shell flew over the front line of the field. A goal kick for "Fulham".
Juan Mata completed the transfer of a cool heel on Florent Malouda, who did not expect such actions from its Spanish partner, "Chelsea".
Instead, Ca goes Kasami.
Even so. Instead Bozingvy appeared Ferreira.
Raul Meireles shot from the penalty in millimeters from the far post. How lucky is now a London club, the players who now play in white.
"Chelsea" in "Stamford Bridge" lost "Fulham" in the last thirty-two years ago (in October 1972, when the visitors won 2-0), and that this fight took place in the Second Division. Now we realize how little chance had "gardeners" to start this fight. Now everything has changed.
David Louis completed a luxury transfer to a different penalty area, Didier Drogba broke away from the defenders, took almost a shell on the front and punched in the corner - not a problem for Stokdeyla.
Brede Hangeland and Juan Mata in the penalty area came together, "Fulham". It was like a miniature: the mouse and the elephant. Brede somewhere twice as many Spanish playmaker "Chelsea".
Less and less time is available before the end of the match. Football championship of "Chelsea" we do not see, despite the words of members of this club. There's nothing you can do.
You know, now, perhaps even "Fulham" closer to victory. Excellent team moves from defense to attack, and "Chelsea" looks like something at a loss.
Yes, and Daniel Sturridge today revealed its not the best football. Today was not his brand of acceleration on the right flank. It is through this "Chelsea" in most games procured glasses.
Even so. Wow! Daniel Sturridge leaves the field. Didier Drogba leaves.
Didier Drogba prepares to enter the football field. Substitution read, right? Assists from Torres - it is not bad, right?
Brian Ruiz received the ball after the filing of Murphy, defeated three opponents, but around Auriol Romeu Ruiz failed.
Yellow card
Jose Bozingva broke the rules by hitting the legs Kerim Frei. This is a yellow card and a dangerous free kick for "Fulham".
Jose Bozingva's probably the best in the "Chelsea", although my colleague, Gregory Seidman, highlights and also Juan Mata. Yes, I think this couple now works better than others.
It's crazy! Played soccer corner, "Chelsea", Daniel Sturridge hung in the area penalty spot where his head dropped the ball on the line goalie John Terry and Florent Malouda picked up and touch the heel struck exactly in David Stokdeyla! No luck, nothing to say.
Daniel Sturridge got the ball from John Terry on the penalty with his left foot and broke under the crossbar - David Stokdeyl saved his team. Corner!
Fernando Torres was on the lawn of a stranger in the penalty area. Referee meeting saw no penalty. Likely penalty kick was not there. Less than thirty minutes left to play teams.
By the way, Frank Lampard - one of two players who were distinguished by five times in "Boxing Day". This record, which also applies to Jermain Defoe.
Yes, it's not the best match held Lampard. "Super Frank" changes Florent Malouda.
Kerim Frei went to a stroke on the left flank, but ended up on the lawn of a player, "Fulham," it does not violate the rules Bozingva Jose.
Author Clint Dempsey goal scored struck on goal from the penalty - Petr Cech easily picked up a shell in his gloves. Clint punched in the center, all were read.
So, who can go to the football field in the "Chelsea"? Of course, Didier Drogba. Most likely will be Florent Malouda, and probably Salomon Kalou. Although it can be replaced and Meireles, and Lampard. Then shall appear on the Makichran. Difficult, difficult ...
And now it will be interesting to watch. Thirty minutes is the teams in order to identify the strongest. Now "Fulham", inspired by the success, flies forward.
GO-OO-OO-OO-OO-O-AL! Clint Dempsey! It's great to play on the right edge of the penalty area, a stranger, Brian Ruiz, he won easily and Ashley Cole's shot on the goalie line, where Louis and Cech ahead of Clint Dempsey, punched accurately into the net. 1:1!
Oh, yes. Forgot to say. Andre Marriner, as I said, worked for eight league games, which showed thirty-four yellow cards (one was a football player for the second), has also appointed two penalty kick.
I'm sorry. Not even for the ball flew to the side and behind the front, but the result of an attack, "Fulham," it made no difference. John Terry played very well on the "first floor".
Good attack, "Fulham" lumbago over the left flank from Jon Arne Riise, - the ball hit the Bozingvu Jose, from which flew over the sideline of the field.
Does not end corner. "Fulham" trying to control the ball on another side of the field, while the London team (in blue) took a moment of rest.
Kelly won the "second floor" in Torres, pronouncing shell for the front line of the field. Corner kick by John Terry is over - from Jon Arne Riise, the ball flew out of bounds. another corner.
Ended in a corner kick at the gate, "Chelsea", but Petr Cech to control everything, he had the ball glance at the front line of the field. A goal kick for the hosts.
On the left flank John Arne Riise tried to beat Jose Bozingvu, failed, but the angular ex-player of the Roman "Roma" for his team earned.
Now guests have to think what to do in the remaining approximately forty minutes. "Summer Residents" relied on the defense in the first half managed to play well, but at the start of the second half of game masters excelled.
GO-OO-OO-OO-OO-AL! JUAN MATA! Ashley Cole performed at the canopy line of the penalty, well played by Fernando Torres, closing the ball from Philippe Senderos housing, and Juan Mata and took a shot from the left leg in the bottom right corner! 1-0!
Raul Meireles caught the ball near the penalty area, a stranger, completed the transfer of riding on the left edge, where Juan Mata could not handle the projectile.
Second half has began
The second half started! Let's go!
Second Half
First Half
Half time
The first half is over! "Chelsea" and "Fulham" play a draw - 0:0. Rest for fifteen minutes. Break!
Additional time
One minute replay command.
David Louis shot from long range on goal, "Fulham" - David Stokdeyl easily picked up a shell in his gloves.
Frank Lampard completed a luxury transfer to Torres and Fernando did not expect this. In general, Lampard scored seven goals in the gate "Fulham" for his entire career. Let's see if I can distinguish from Frank today.
David Louis went to a stroke on the left flank, but he could not beat Moussa Dembele, earning out for his team.
Jose Bozingva broke the rules on someone else's front line, catching Moussa Dembele hand on his shoulder. Meanwhile, the first half coming to an end. Heads, unfortunately, we have not seen.
Frank Lampard pass in from the left corner to the far stranger penalty stance, but Juan Mata failed to reach the same missile, firing it at the front line of the field.
"Chelsea" is not lost in the championship already in five games in a row, and "Fulham" in the last match was defeated by the "Manchester United" with a score - 0:5, but today, these teams are on equal footing.
Frank Lampard has not yet demonstrated the best football. Many programs marriage, common cause loss of a legend of London "Chelsea" glances at the bench.
Referee our meeting - Andre Marriner from Birmingham. This season, he worked for eight league games, and they were all giperrezultativnymi. To think that were scored forty-two ball (if the round of four at least, that's a Tie "Liverpool" and "Manchester United"). Hopefully, today will continue this tradition, which bears the name Marriner.
Jose Bozingva again into the limelight. Finished, he tended to Raul Meireles, who shot from twenty-four feet a bit inaccurate.
Danger! Jose Bozingva off on the right flank to another's penalty area, shot the goalkeeper on the line, broke through on goal from Daniel Sturridge - failure. True, the ball hit the opponent. The corner.
Fantastic sliding tackle in the penalty area alien performed Raul Meireles, the ball got through to Lampard's Romeo and Oriol shot from the left leg slightly above the crossbar.
David Louis, despite his injury, playing very well. While he never lost a single combat Orlando Sa. This can not boast of every defender of the English Premier League.
"Fulham" - the middle peasants. So it was almost always, and probably will in the next couple of years. The team is the fourteenth place, behind "Swansea" on goal difference, conceding a goal.
Juan Mata got the ball in midfield, pass in the left flank, where not able to shell left-back, "Chelsea" - Ashley Cole.
Juan Mata has played a dangerous, Moussa Dembele almost lost teeth, so the chief arbiter of the meeting decided to whistle. Penalty guests played poorly.
For this fight, "Chelsea" came on the fourth line in the standings, behind the "Spurs" by two points. Prior to "Manchester City" over eleven points, so that the victory over the club-wards Andre Villasha Boasha already depreciated.
Not bad! Moussa Dembele took the ball to thirty meters from the front of goal has shifted to the line of the penalty, struck from distance in millimeters from the rack. But he could correct and Orlando Ca projectile into the net, but oh well.
And now the players, "Fulham" have decided to roll the ball in their half of the field. Next is another London club shall enter into the selection and does not translate to a foreign shell of the lawn.
Two minutes on another side of the field players stayed in London "Chelsea". While brand owners do not have enough gear Frank Lampard and Juan Mata. Although Meireles can insert into this list.
Confrontation "Chelsea" and "Fulham" called Zapadnolondonskim derby. On that day, police in London are following closely the procedure, because it matches the "blue" with a "Fulham" very dangerous. I remember as a little Huey Gallagher has not received from the fans of today's guests. Fortunately, the police quickly intervened.
David Louis broke through on the right flank, but done transfer to a foreign readable penalty area. David Stokdeyl again excellently played at the output.
With a bandage on his right knee playing Louis David. The Brazilian completed the transfer to a different penalty, Fernando Torres struck in the left leg - very inaccurate. Well, just so.
Jose Bozingva received the ball on the right flank, carried the line goalie canopy, where David Stokdeyl jumped and took the shell in his gloves.
Kerim Frei acting very boldly to the attack. I ran it now for three opponents, beat Terry and Louis, but Ashley Cole was able to still show your class and do not give your room twenty-first knock on the gates of Cech.
Daniel Sturridge took the ball from Fernando Torres and with his left foot from the penalty and sent a "round" in two feet of the far post. bad happened.
FERNANDO! Fantastic! Juan Mata completed shed from the right flank in the area of ​​the penalty mark, Torres took a shell and a second touch of the breast, fell, just sent the ball into David Stokdeyla. I was lucky, "Fulham," like "Chelsea" a minute earlier.
Not bad! On the right flank of the completed shed Stephen Kelly, Orlando Sa won the "second floor" and struck his head a little above the crossbar. Petr Cech somehow did not come out ...
Juan Mata got the ball on the left edge alien penalty area, broke through on goal with his left foot working - the shell was cut off and flew to the second tier, "Stamford Bridge".
Kerim Frei today debuted in the "Fulham" starting with the minutes in the Premier League. That he is now performed on the transfer of Ca, but Orlando was unable to break from the penalty.
"Fulham" played by the scheme: 4-1-4-1. Let's deal. Gates defends David Stokdeyl. Defence (left to right): Jon Arne Riise,, Brede Hangeland, Philippe Senderos and Stephen Kelly. Opornik - Danny Murphy. Midfielders (from left to right): Moussa Dembele, Clint Dempsey, Kerim Frei and Brian Ruiz. In one attack Orlando Sa.
Not in a hurry the players of both teams. We can not say that the match started with a high velocity. Daniel Sturridge still silent. Juan Mata has more in the center than on the edge.
Clint Dempsey requested from distance - Petr Cech easily turned round to the front line of the field. Corner played guest was not very successful.
In the central part of the field does not hold the ball in football, "Fulham". Very motivated today several football owners: it's Frank Lampard, and Bozingva, and Romeo, and Torres.
Frank Lampard, who now plays in place of the suspended Ramirez performed a failed transmission from the left flank in someone else's penalty area. David Stokdeyl missed the projectile for the front line of the field.
Yellow card
Yellow card received Clint Dempsey, trying to stop Raul Meireles, who played great in the lead in the center of the field.
Daniel Sturridge got the ball on the right flank, hung on the near corner of the goalie, from Fernando Torres struck in touch with the right foot - round off to the nearest millimeter from the rack.
The hosts are now under the scheme: 4-3-3. At the gate Petr Cech. The defenders (from left to right): Ashley Cole, John Terry, David Louis (still managed to recover) and Jose Bozingva. Center field: Frank Lampard and Raul Meireles are closer to the attack, and in the reference area Oriol Romeu works. The Edge of the trio players left - Juan Mata, right - Daniel Sturridge in the center - Fernando Torres.
"Chelsea" control of the ball in midfield, a very active left flank, which as always "lit" Juan Mata and Ashley Cole. Today must cope Stephen Kelly with this pair.
Fernando Torres took the ball in midfield, completed the transfer of the right flank, where there was nobody. A shell flew over the sideline of the field. out for the guests.
"Boxing Day", probably the most beautiful period in English Championship season. It is in these two or three weeks the fate of the coveted trophy. Last season, this piece turned out just great. I hope this year - is no exception.
The home team play in blue, and the guests - in white. Gates Petr Cech on the TV picture are on the right, and David Stokdeyla frame - on the left.
First time has began
The match started! Let's go! We wish the teams to show a beautiful, interesting and effective game. With the center of the field began to players 'Fulham'.
First Half
The teams are in the "About Match!"
Dear football fans! All championships are quiet and give time better - English Premier League! I invite you to Zapadnolondonskoe derby in which the "Chelsea" accepts "Fulham". In the "commentary booth" Vladimir Gubarev!

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