Stadium: DW Stadium
Well, I, Artem Savosik, say goodbye to you! Until we meet in the margins of Europe! (And not only!)
Second Half
That's it! Sorry, but the expense of our game so open and was not! Clearly, this result - only the merit of the Al-Habsi! "Wigan" 0 - 0 "Liverpool"!
The next corner at the gate, "Wigan" to anything useful has not resulted. Countless shelters for Carroll himself has not yet justified.
Shelvey got the ball on the front line in the box, but McCarthy has managed the same at the last moment the ball out of the field to bear. The corner.
So Bellamy said the first blow. Craig got the ball right in front of the penalty, has shifted slightly to the center and hit the left corner, but the projectile with wings missed ...
Additional time
Ali Al-Habsi was named man of the match. Fourth referee informs us also that the time is now to the main second half was added 4 minutes!
Roddalega moved the ball from the left flank to the right to Di Santo, but Pepe Reina, with striker poborovshis opponent have, could make a shell for the side!
That's change! Instead, Luis Suarez has appeared on the Andy Carroll!
TIME AGAIN! After a pass from the corner flag the ball was on the line goalie, from Moses, breaking, failed to reach the target by sending a projectile to 20 inches from the left bar.
RODDALEGA! Moses hung from the right flank to the far corner of the goalie, where Hugo had struck his head, but saved his team's Glen Johnson, smahnuvshy forehead round the corner.
Thoughtfully stands at the edge of the field Kenny Dalglish ... One change he has yet. Option one: release Carroll.
Figueroa decided to strike from the penalty but the ball came back into the hands of Pepe Reina. I do not know why, but I think by the end of the match and will not change ...
Downing and Suarez played in stanochku on the right flank, but the second on the throw first in the end was interrupted Meynorom Figueroa, against whom they were soon violated rules by Jordan Henderson.
Show us a smiling Phil Daoud! Let me remind you that he is the fourth referee today!
Enrique was under pressure from two opponents on the left flank, but a jerk to the front line still managed to escape and shoot, but the Spaniard's cross was not successful: Alcaraz simply passed the ball outside the penalty area.
Yellow card
Glen Johnson piled Di Santo on the left flank, for which he received a deserved yellow card! 1.1 now on this indicator. Then draw ...
Dia led to a breakthrough on the right flank of Moses, but of the chamber broke into the penalty area in Martin Skrtel subcategory! Out on the right wing will throw the owners!
Again folyat Jose Enrique! Pulled away the ball on the left flank Spaniard then forced himself to break the Dia rules. Let's see what will result from this standard.
Just over 15 minutes left before the end of normal time the first half. It seems that the entire offensive game, "Liverpool" broke down from time missed. Hopefully I'm wrong.
The next change! Ben Watson appears on the field instead of David Jones, and Hugo Rodalega instead Jordi Gomez!
Downing, once on the right edge of the penalty for a long time trying to beat McCarthy, but in the end otpasoval almost back to Henderson, a blow which has fallen by the first touch past the limits! From the gate!
That and the "castling"! Instead, Maxi Rodriguez on our television screens will play Craig Bellamy and Dirk Kuyt instead - Jonge Shelvey.
Luis Suarez is nervous. This time, his breakthrough was blocked Meynorom Figueroa, but Michael Oliver violation of the rules did not commit. Tired already, "Liverpool". We need change!
STILL TIME! Corner on the right flank earned visitors. Suarez scored with his left foot on the far edge of the penalty area, where the line goalie shot Kate, but Maxi Rodriguez had not set foot in order to close the cross-partner! Xx!
KATE! Suddenly played penalty guests Adam scored from the point of the line goalie Dirk, whose strike in the fall came a little above the gate! Moment the defenders slept cross!
Yellow card
And here is the first yellow card in this match! Gary Caldwell gets her a rough foul against Luis Suarez at 5 meters from his own penalty. This is the 7 th "yellow card" for the defender of the season!
Stands revived after missed ... Meanwhile, at the edge of the field warming up smiling Craig Bellamy.
Skrtel! Jose Enrique hung from the left flank, but the kick from the penalty and performed by Martin, came just over the crossbar! Moments a lot. That's where the goals? ..
The next corner at the gate, "Wigan" to anything more or less dangerous does not. Surely now play tsentrbeki owners, except the episode with the appointment of a penalty.
Henry pulled the ball from the center of the field almost to a foreign penal, but pass on the contrary Suaresa left was inaccurate. Confident on the interception played Ronnie Stam.
So the first replacement! Conor Sammon instead appears on the ex-player of London "Chelsea" Franco Di Santo!
Stam hung from the right flank, but did it on the leg of Johnson, who once unsuccessfully makes the ball outside the penalty area, making it directly to Gomez, struck exactly in the back of Agger.
That and a second position out of the game in this match. He gets to Luis Suarez, who has over 5 seconds after the whistle broke through on goal. Oliver Maykl could show a yellow card, but I think eight games disqualification Uruguayans enough with a vengeance ...
Jones played a risky their gates, giving a pass through three players rival goalkeeper, but good for the hosts the ball to the goalkeeper was taken.
GOMEZ! Dragged the ball from center field to foreign Jordi penalty, but his kick with his left foot from 25 yards fell into the hands of just standing in the right corner of the gate Reina.
Again, we repeat Missed Adam penalty. Still beautifully played Al Habsi, but not badly struck Charlie. It is not necessary here to blame the Scottish midfielder.
Not the best match today holds Glen Johnson. Along with the defensive errors occur and blots in the attack. Another shed right back into the penalty falls on his leg soccer "Wigan"!
Felt the power of "Wigan" and started to attack. For about two minutes perepasovyvayutsya on another side of the field players from the county of Lancashire. We look forward to the continuation!
Adam went to give this corner, but again, very confident playing goalie, "Wigan", knocking fists ball outside the penalty! It seems that Al-Habsi caught courage!
Penalty miss
NO GOAL! Adam from the point famously punched in the right corner, sending the ball three feet above the ground, but most excellent play, Ali Al-Habsi, who managed to fend off the shot did the Scot! Corner!
Penalty! Suarez, being in the center of the penalty after a pass Henderson broke the "scissors" in itself, but the ball hit his hand just in Caldwell. Himself does not argue back. The undisputed 11-meter!
Moses! Organized a counterattack after the hosts failed angular played out, but Victor hit with the penalty and was again unsuccessful. The ball rolled into the hands of tochnehonko Pepe Reina.
SUAREZ! Alcaraz fouls against Uruguayan two meters from the left corner of the penalty area. The victim decided to perform standard and has not lost! Luis hit right under the crossbar, with some difficulty managed to reflect Ali Al-Habsi! Corner!
Final Cup
A 20,000 th goal in the history of the English Premier League was already packed! Its author was Mark Olbrayton, equalized in the fight with "Arsenal"! This is how! I would like to congratulate once this player "Aston Villa" for, to say the least, timely goal.
Second half has began
The teams returned to the field of podtribunnogo premises, took one minute, and began the "second part Marlezonskogo ballet!" Let's go!
Second Half
First Half
Half time
So ended the first half! Honestly, it was quite interesting that there is good news. With the statistics you will find just a few minutes by visiting the appropriate tab. Break!
The applause of the tribunes McCarthy left the field, but I think for a minute remaining changes we see. If only a break ...
Additional time
2 minutes offset judge. Meanwhile, something was wrong with James McCarthy. On the lawn of the 4th number of owners. Physicians are already on the field.
That's the magic 19,999 th goal! Rather it is symbolic that it is written on the account of one of ordinary football Premier League - Ryan Giggs. Manchester United is already at a party with a score of 3-0! The next ball - the anniversary! Let me remind you that the author of 20,000 th goal will receive a good reward.
Extremely successful canopy Charlie Adam. The ball flew high over, and all attempts to save Agger departing outside the field of missile were in vain.
Suarez, being near the left corner of the penalty, fraudulently withdrew the motion for a Alcaraz, making what fouled. Quite promising standard is planned!
Not a bad backache from the left wing failed Figueroa, unless I am mistaken, but none of his teammates could not close the cross. The ball just rolled to the opposite curb to Jose Enrique.
The second corner as nothing more or less dangerous has not been completed, but literally 30 seconds later Maxi Rodriguez loses the ball in midfield, and then appeared on the penalty Sammon breaks tochnehonko in Agger, from which the projectile body rolled over the front. Again, the corner!
Long time did not change the account in today's games. Meanwhile, "Wigan" is going to give the second consecutive goal. The first ended with the removal of a pneumatic ball in front, in the performance of Skrtel.
Here he and Luis Suarez. Did nothing Uruguayan, but the referee somewhere found a violation. In all 32 smiling hero quarterfinal World Cup 2010 in South Africa ...
Moses! Mad dash to the center circle until someone else has committed a penalty Victor, beating three players on the road contender, but hit the right corner from 17 yards with his fists seamlessly reflected Pepe Reina.
I must have been right after all. Subsided a little momentum. Here it is, and "calm." At the moment, the same attack, "Liverpool", but so far all in vain.
Johnson unsuccessfully moved the ball on the right flank, while in the middle of the field. The ball seems to have cut off his feet and simply flew over the sideline. Out.
Enrique hung from the left flank to the right edge of the penalty area, where absolutely none of his teammates were not. The ball just got Meynoru Figueroa.
Screwed up somehow in the last minute, "Wigan" on his opponent's half of the field. Position the owners are trying to play that yet bearing fruit. "Liverpool" is probably tired.
Stam hung from the right flank on the left edge of the penalty, but David Jones, lifting his leg high, playing dangerously, in the opinion of the referee. Continuation will not be. The attack stopped. Foul.
Two goals left! Nani (Manchester United) and Macaulay (BWA) to score 19 997 19 998 first and second goals. Clarify that the "United" and "Albion" now have a scoring advantage. The first lead 0-2 in a match with "Aston Villa", while the latter 1-2, playing with the "Newcastle"!
Crazy segment predpodnesli us the team that can not but rejoice. The main thing is that after the "storm" was not "quiet" ...
TIME AND AGAIN! Poorly played liverpultsy corner, resulting in "Wigan" organized rapid counter-attack that ended a dangerous kick from the penalty and Figueroa, who managed the Rhine still parry. Corner again!
JOHNSON! Glenn played in stenochku with Maxi, unless I am mistaken, then, rushing to a rendezvous with the goalkeeper, broke in to protivohod, but Ali Al-Habsi still managed to pull his left foot hit the Englishman, moving the game on the corner!
Agger! Unsuccessfully carried the ball after the filing of Corner protectors "Wigan", making it the line of the penalty for Agger, who hit the ball came flying at just above the crossbar!
Kuyt! Henderson was on the left edge of the penalty area after a remarkable cast of Maxi, followed by a chamber from the front of the line goalie, from Dirk Kuyt struck exactly a keeper! Corner!
Adam Johnson ("Manchester City") doubles the advantage of his team (MC 2 - 0 "Stoke City") and scores have 19,996 th goal in the history of the Premier League. Meanwhile, Maxie, being right in the center of the penalty, loses the ball after losing a power struggle Alcaraz.
DIAM! A quick free kick in midfield played the host, resulting in Diam, being slightly left of center, a shot from 28-yards into the left top corner but the ball flew in a few inches from the bar! Xx!
Scored two goals in a row! Nicklas Bendtner and Demba Ba built for two 19 994 19 995 first and second goals. There are only a-5.
MAXI! On the left flank of the line came the penalty ball. Rodriguez is a long time without thinking, put the body and struck by a flying ball, which eventually flew in from two yards right nine gates of Al-Habsi.
The bottom of this standard have played football, "Liverpool", they did not bring any dividends: Stam brought the ball over the side. We are waiting for an attack rate of the second "skauzerov"!
Quite a good cross Scot failed, but one of the defenders of the "Wigan" was able to still make a ball out of bounds. Corner! Downing has already run to the check box.
Johnson was on the right flank, left Figueroa made a sharp jerk to the left and hit a leg Jones. Penalty from the front line will carry Charlie Adam. We are waiting shed.
19993rd goal! He recorded at the expense of Sergio Aguero, who takes his team ahead in the home match against "Stoke City"! Now there are 1-0 in favor of the "citizens"!
Oh Moses, Moses, ... Victor turned to the left edge of the penalty area, went abruptly to the left and pretended to hit a leg Skrtel, although there is clearly no contact there. Simulation!
Often, the flanks are guests that yields results. Either three, or four corners, we have seen, some of which have been relatively successful!
Another corner earned visitors. This time, Charlie Adam cross erected, making it the right flank, but directed at the goalkeeper's ball confidently brought his fists Ali Al-Habsi.
Moses! After casting the right flank with the ball darted on the line goalie, which jumped to the 11th number, the owners, who was about to strike at goal, but a little earlier arbitrator recorded abuse by Victor.
The same corner at the gate of Ali Al-Habsi to nothing more or less intelligible not lead. "Wigan," he began to develop his attack rather, what a rare sight today.
As a result, the angular Jose Enrique was on the left flank in the front line, but the chamber at the Spaniard into the box did not work. Alcaraz played confidently, rolled out with the ball outside the field. Corner again!
Henderson! Once on the right edge of the penalty Downing heel rolled the ball slightly back in Jordan, which kick into the near corner under the crossbar with confidence reflected Ali Al-Habsi! Corner!
"Liverpool" also earned a free kick two yards from another "box", but Luis Suarez hit, if I remember correctly, came tochnehonko the wall.
Peter and Danny Welbeck Odemwingie same scoring 19 991 19 992 first and second balls in the Premier League, respectively. It is possible that this figure will reach 20 thousand, so about every gol I'll keep you informed.
Quick play "Liverpool", which pleases. Henderson received the ball on the penalty, was the first touch of the projectile shipped ahead to Kuyt, but the pass did not work. Surely played defense, "Wigan"!
Downing scored to the near post, but Ronnie Stam standing there seamlessly passed the ball outside the penalty area. Poorly drawn first corner in this game!
Suarez got the ball in the penalty area to the front line otpasoval at Downing, backache which came in Alcaraz, from the hull shell and skidded off the field. The corner.
Meanwhile, Robin van Persie is again different for the "Arsenal"! This time he made a guest match against "Aston Villa", scoring 19,990 th goal in the history of the English Premier League!
Henderson hung from the right flank in the center of the penalty, but standing there under the ball Suarez failed to adapt after losing the fight Caldwell.
The first minutes start to foul players. On the left flank for themselves Figueroa obbezhal Kuyt, but the latter eventually threw his leg to the left, violating rules against Meynora.
First time has began
Operators strongly suggest to us one of the major newsmakers of the last week of Luis Suarez, who, remember, was banned for eight matches for racist remarks, but the decision has not yet entered into force. And we also started the first half. Let's go!
First Half
The teams have been announced. More about them you can find out by visiting the tab "About Match!"
Greetings to all sports fans number 1 in the world! Today I, Artem Savosik, will together with you to monitor the match between the "Wigan" and "Liverpool"!

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