Stadium: Villa Park
Despite the fact that Wenger went to the locker room very unhappy, his team showed character and pulled out a victory. It is also worth noting that the score was released on the player. Congratulations to the Gunners with a victory, but their opponents good luck in the next matches. With you was Nikita Gromov, see you soon!
Second Half
The final whistle registers strong-willed victory "Arsenal!"
Van Persie and Arteta played the ball on the flank. The Gunners are trying to stall for time and they do it.
Yellow, and then red
Very roughly, Hutton plays on the wing against Vermaelen, for which he receives a second yellow, which turns into red.
Yellow card
Gorčičnik Hatton for mnogoslovnostʹ.
Hatton begins to break Benayoun, some disassembly of the field. But the referee beckons for some reason he and Arshavin.
Excellent sweep from the right flank into the penalty Schyasny Hutton, and in a difficult jump Koselni still managed to knock the ball in the corner. Birmingemtsy handed corner is very bad.
Additional time
4 minutes is still a "Aston Villa", which would try to recoup.
Arteta has decided to strongly penetrate from outside the penalty area with his left foot, Guza confidently recorded ball in his hands.
Very good counterattack was now the Gunners. Walcott handed into the box from the right flank to Van Persie, but Cuellar ball head knocked out of bounds.
Delfunezo out on the field instead of Olbraytona.
T-OO-OO-OO-OO-OO-A! Benayoun!
Van Persie in the penalty fine applied to the naked Yossi and he struck his head calmly past the keeper from five yards!
Arshavin severely struck on the left flank and earned a corner for his team.
Here it is a chance! Van Persie gave the class a pass into the box on Rosicky, he took the ball and struck from close range, but hit a defender.
Not a bad attack of this birmingemtsy minutes. As for his position, the Gunners are wrong a lot.
Replay shows that Van Persie began to fall before it touches the foot Warnock. But her opinion will not give up, was shown a yellow card for nothing. As such, the simulation in action Robin was not, he fell, tripped over the leg protector.
A double substitution by Wenger. Not too late right? Ramsey and Zhervino from the field go, instead, will now play Benayoun and Arshavin.
Very much struck Petrov bottom, but the ball flew past the gate Schyasny.
and then the referee decided to put the free kick. Rosicky fouls against Petrova.
Yellow card
Oh no! Well, definitely not! The referee was wrong, as for me! Van Persie was in the penalty area, after touching down with the foot of the defender, but the referee saw as a simulation. Yellow for the Dutchman.
Van Persie earns another corner. He flew on the right flank, but nothing better to do I could not, except to make corner.
But what is! Like all well and good chance to organize a counterattack from the Gunners, but some detail all the spoils. A little bit they do not have to goal scored.
N'Zogbiya now filed by the corner flag on the left flank, but the filing does not end there. strong players, "Villa" laid siege to the Gunners in front of their penalty area.
On the left flank handed Van Persie corner at London's chants of fans, but it did not work - filing was, frankly, bad.
Coquelin famously translated into the other flank Zhervino, naturally, tried to enter the penalty area, but this time only a corner.
Hatton and Vermaelen desperately fought on the right flank, and the judge decided that it won the player of "Aston Villa". Thomas was very unhappy about this, but after he returned and worked in the defense.
Ramsey now prokidyval ball past Cuellar, but did not. The whole team, the Gunners have signaled handball but the referee did not, and he was right.
Prolonged attack London team has not ended even hit the target. Rosicky very successfully entered the game. In tandem with Arteta it can be a formidable force in the last 20 minutes.
Wow, Rosicky! Good for you! He took the ball at the right edge, slightly unwound and Clark went into the penalty area, but at the last moment the defender knocked the ball.
Walcott is perhaps the only one who constantly aggravates the game on his right flank. It should also be noted Arteta brilliant game. All passes Spaniard is very accurate.
And here they are. Rosicky out instead Frimponga.
On the right flank angle handed Van Persie, but the Gunners as punch and failed. Asking to change from Wenger.
Agbonlahor could cool attack attack his team to disperse, but at the last minute the referee whistled signaled the game at hand.
But what is! Again N'Zogbiya won four of the Gunners at the corner of the penalty, went on to the gate, but he was stopped by an excellent sliding tackle from Mertezakera.
Foul against Frimpong N'Zogbiya. Charles famously played today, often takes on the game itself and it should be noted, everything works.
Cool now N'Zogbiya played on the left flank, gave further Uronoku, but he was in the "offside". Very confident feel birmingemtsy.
Olbrayton now trying to beat Zhervino on the flank, but the winger "Arsenal" was stronger, knocking the ball into subcategories.
Came to life and fans, and players themselves, "Aston Villa". Most likely they will try to snatch victory from the guys Wenger. Let's see if agree with this visit.
Mertezaker was quick all in the penalty the hosts struck a good kick at goal, but the American goalkeeper rescued his team.
T-OO-OO-OO-O-R! 1:1! Confusion over protection for the Gunners failed to Paz from Koselni Mertezakera. German also played terribly, allowing himself to beat younger Olbraytonu and get himself to himself. Mark has played a more fun, breaking past Schyasny.
Cool football "Arsenal" to cope with pressure from the opponent! Arteta is good in the second half. Van Persie received the ball on the line near the penalty area, but abruptly slipped and lost the ball.
A good cast was now on course to Clark, but he is very confident in the defense played a young Frenchman Coquelin, who stopped the ball and knocked out.
Walcott turned on fifth gear, flew on the right flank, but the defender did not let him go ahead and knocked the ball to the corner.
I do not know what's going on in Holland, and we all quietly. On the field do not see a fight, and the usual football, though I would like some extraordinary action, but only within the rules!
Birmingemtsy ran! Just do not give them rest players "Arsenal" who are trying to control the ball in midfield.
Recall that given the current goal, Van Persie caught up on the balls pocketed in a calendar year with Henry, so that shares with him the first line of the club record. And that would rise up to a record Premier League, it lacks the 3 goals (First Place - Alan Shearer).
Second half has began
The match is resumed!
Second Half
First Half
Half time
The first half of the game is over!
Substitution in the "Aston Villa": instead of Ireland goes Bennan.
Additional time
2 minutes add the referee.
Yellow card
Yellow card received Mertezaker.
N'Zogbiya intercepted the ball at all stages flew to the gate, but he was hit Mertezaker. Although repetition shows that Charles himself soon came across a German foot than first broke the rules.
Cool Mertezaker threw forward Zhervino, he held the ball and gave it to the center by Van Persie. Paz was, to say the least, not very accurate.
Boring game with a minimum of strikes on goal. Many dangerous passes, lumbago, but these powerful blows we have not seen, unfortunately.
Frimpong is now famously knocked the ball out from under the feet of Agbonlahor, which led to disapproval response stands. But the referee waved his hands - a violation of the rules was not.
Yellow card
Clark earns yellow card.
What a moment loses Ayrlend! Again, he lacked a little bit, that would close the transmission from the right flank of Olbraytona.
Continuous attack "Arsenal" until no end. Aktvino birmingemtsy pressure, but Wenger's wards work very well with the ball.
Walcott gave a good idea from the left flank to Van Persie, but that is very tightly held Cuellar.
The ball rolls into the center of the field, without much progress in one of the parties. While the Gunners controlled the ball.
Very good point in Ramsey! At the time opened the defense of "Aston Villa" Gunners! Van Persie gave the class a pass to move to Aaron, he powerfully struck, but the gate did not hit.
Cool to pass the course Agbonlahor gave Cuellar, Gabi fought for the ball and fight Koselni lost.
Slowly begin to dominate the Gunners in the game. Not by the number of moments, and in the possession of the ball. Even now, at the London team game leaves much to be desired.
Agbonlahor was very close to the scored ball! On the right flank of the strong bottom Olbrayton shot, but Gabriel did not get the ball.
Yellow card
Wraith is now roughly Coquelin played on the wing against N'Zogbiya, for which poulchil card.
The impression is that fans of "Arsenal" on a 5 match prissutstvuet, and even 10 times. Chants and songs can be heard in support of the gunners.
What creates N'Zogbiya! Cool tricks he prokinul ball between the legs of a young Coquelin passed on, but the transfer of the penalty does not come out.
It is unclear why the referee put the free kick into the goal now, "Arsenal!" Mertezaker purely absolutely played the ball, even harsh, but all within the rules. The arbitrator, however, a different opinion.
Oh, how dangerous! Olbrayton sweep in the center goalie in Ireland, but he reached out to the ball on! Just a few inches was not enough midfielder owners.
Again, a little hooked Gunners. I can not see these brand combinations, from which the defenders dizzy. Arteta and Zhervino lost on the field.
Protracted positional attack "Aston Villa". Gunners a good pressure, but to no avail.
Ayrlend ran well to the left, the center of the chamber made by N'Zogbiya, but the ball before he came.
A "Arsenal" on courage continues to attack! Wolcott flew again with the right edge, punched, throwing the goalkeeper, but fell to the right in the forehead!
T-OO-OO-OO-A! Could Van Persie fluff?
Robin struck heavily at the center under the crossbar. Unexpectedly, but the Gunners go ahead!
Penalty for a foul against Walcott! Bravo, Theo! He elegantly prokinul ball between his legs, leaving the right edge of himself to himself, but his hand held the back.
Right now Kouassi sweep all with the same left flank, but this time the corner for Arsenal, he has earned.
Well Zhervino. how much more he would take the game over? Now worth just shoot much at the center of Van Persie and all! No, he started to beat a defender in one, and even the corner did not work!
Very unusual to see such gunners. Not to say that obviously pressured the hosts, but the London team also does not do anything in front. Van Persie, probably, in general, the ball never once touched.
N'Zogbiya cool shot again, this time from the left flank to Olbraytona. Mark played the lead with Vermalenom, but broke above the gate with a very close distance.
Now even the Gunners earned a corner. Arteta gave the penalty to Mertezakera, he could not break through, but only took off the far post. There is already out and the ball took Guza.
While the "Arsenal" does not control the ball. Scared to even look at the percentage of ownership, there will be a distinct advantage the hosts.
Plays well on the right flank young Coquelin. High hopes for this young touring places Monsieur Arsene. When not now win their trust?
Wow, what a moment, "Aston Villa"! N'Zogbiya handed from the right flank to Agbonlahor, he won the fight on the second floor and famously broke the gate, but Schyasny was on the spot and the ball is repelled.
Petrov was now on the right flank, made submission to the center, but the ball hit the foot Koselni and flew to the corner.
Koselni now caught the ball, passed on to the center, and gave a cut to Walcott, but Theo reacted to the ball late and in the end the Gunners lost the ball.
Some problems with Warnock. He made a rough tackle against Walcott, the chance to fight stepped on his foot. Stephen receives medical assistance.
Things are going quietly into the match. The first two minutes, holding the ball players, "Aston Villa", now the Gunners took the initiative in their hands.
With the center of the field played ball owners. They will protect the gate on the left, while their opponents on the right. The Gunners are in the form of exit (the blue).
First time has began
The match began, the teams good luck!
First Half
Good evening, dear friends! We invite you to visit the text-broadcast bout with "Villa Park" between "Aston Villa" and the "Arsenal". Together with you the events of the match will follow Gromov Nikita, a successful show!

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