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Second Half
With the statistics of the match you can find in the same section.
That's it! "Udinese" and "Juventus" in the glorious city of Udine broke the world, and not to each other after scoring a single ball.
Pirlo's great saw Vidal on the right flank, Arthur threw Domitstsi somewhat stronger than it should, Ferronetti strongly ruled out of the field.
Additional time
Three minutes of added time to the match.
De Ceglie out on the field instead of Estigarribia in the Turin club.
Four three fled the home team in a counterattack, the ball was di Natale, the tug had gone away and struck twenty yards from near the pole.
Just bored with us on the field. So many expectations were before the match and the game showed us quite rivals the other side.
Pintsi draped from the right edge of the field on foot di Natale, who from outside the penalty area struck just slightly into the hands of Buffon.
Instead, Abdi appeared on the field, Antonio Floro Flores.
Del Piero received the ball on the left edge of the penalty, said Lihtshtaynera at the far post and gave it to the transfer, but Stefan has struck very much higher goal!
Abdi did not give Bartsali to launch an attack on the gate, knocking the defender off his feet. Minor foul, but this right at the last minute.
Quagliarella received the ball in the penalty area and in touch with fifteen feet struck the gate, and emerge Handanovich had to fend off this shot!
Armeria rammed right flank, "Juventus", burst into the penalty area, but then it covered the two and were able to select ball.
Completely ceased to be prepared to attack the teams, creating a double couple of pretty good moments, and then at the gate Handanovicha. Will be enough.
Instead, Pepe goes on the Alex Del Piero.
Basta decided on long-range strike from outside the penalty area, turned out far above the target. Meanwhile, on the edge is almost ready to leave Del Piero.
Pepe was damaged in the attack and was left lying on the lawn until the attack began, "Udinese". Domitstsi played rough, but the referee decided to ignore this point.
Very little time remains before the end of the match, which is closer to the tie that into the hands of just one team - "Milan".
Wow Di Natale struck in the near corner of the "wall" just and strong, but that Buffon and waited, quietly taking in the hands of the projectile.
Marchisio not attacked by the rules Islu right in the center of the gate in meters up to thirty of these. Preparing di Natale to penetration.
Vidal from the depth of field found Quagliarella ahead at the entrance to the penalty, Fabio earn, and the second touch has struck close to the near post.
Instead Matri on hollow out Quagliarella.
Isla threw the ball from the left flank into the penalty area just to the di Natale, who was pushed back a little Bartsali, but for such penalties do not put.
Thrift to speed away from the left flank in the center and lightly struck the far corner, which was for Buffon light workout.
Again, Matri in all its glory. Got the ball, surrounded by three foreign rivals about the penalty, long feint, and then just took it and fell. The arbitrator did not see a foul here.
Already becomes ridiculous. Matri perfectly struggled in attack for the ball, processed and tried to give the course the penalty for Pepe, but instead just rolled at the feet of Danilo.
But no. This time, played ball with di Natale Isloy, he flung to the far post, where his head confidently played Bonucci.
Chiellini against the rules dealt with the Bastan flank, again preparing di Natale hang in the penalty area.
Another cross from the right flank Lihtshtaynera in the direction of Matri was unsuccessful. Handanovich out of the gate and calmly took the ball himself.
Again Matri ruined everything. Pepe from the central circle dragged the ball to the penalty, he gave the right to the edge of Matri, who shot just a foot protector.
And again, Marchisio! Matri got the ball in the penalty area with his back to the gate, processed and dropped a stroke Marchisio, whose shot from twenty yards away above the target.
Di Natale with the partners ran a quick counter-attack, Antonio decided to give the edge to the left to thrift, but Pablo somehow stopped and did not go to the transfer.
Another standard earned the home team at half the guests, Di Natale sent a strong ball back to the far post in the direction of Domitstsi, nobody touched the projectile has left the field.
It's time to change and make the head coach. Floro Flores may be able to refresh or Quagliarella game to give the necessary impetus.
We have absolutely corner kick both teams can not be obtained. Another corner was completed by anything kontrvypad, however, guests are also not released.
Di Natale famously threw to the far post, where passed over Danilo perevisel Chiellini and shot under the crossbar, Buffon transferred without risk to the corner.
Matri returned to his defense and threw Pintsi. Thirty meters five to the gate, a direct attack is unlikely to happen.
Extremely unconvincing today Matri. Found partners striker in the penalty area, he began to handle Alessandro, waited Domitstsi, who "obezmyachil" opponent.
Pintsi famously threw the ball into the box just to Abdi, Alma tried to transfer Bonucci, but got a pass in the opponent's legs.
Pepe departed from the left flank in the center and powerfully struck very close to the near pole, Handanovich all controlled and gave the ball to go beyond the field.
And another cross from the home team with the right wing found its final resting place in the hands of Buffon. Most noticeable di Natale.
Pintsi with Isloy fled in a rare attack in the second half, but Giampiero so poorly hung from the right flank just outside the field. We must start all over again.
Lihtshtayner could not beat on the right flank of thrift, but got right on the corner. Followed by a canopy just for Chiellini, who hit his head with a few meters could fend Handanovich!
Pirlo was not beat, and softly hung in the center of the penalty just on the head of thrift, which passed quietly to the sidelines.
Yellow card
Isla went through the legs Vidal about his penalty, there is a chance for visitors to the dangerous standard meters with twenty-five.
Marchisio gave Estigarribia on the left edge by Marcelo so poorly icing on his ball move so that it could not catch up, thus giving Asamoah.
Lihtshtayner free kick from midfield hung stranger to the gate, which was not one of the partners.
I would very much not like to tour the central match ended goalless. Let's hope that the opponents will run away and please us a goal.
Second half has began
The second half began! Without replacements at a cost of half-time.
Second Half
First Half
With the statistics of the first time you can read in the same section.
Half time
After the first 45 minutes, the scoreboard lights zeros. We have a rest!
Lihtshtayner in the attack on the flank pushed into the back of thrift. Referees violation fixed that caused a storm of emotion from the Swiss.
Di Natale received the ball in the penalty of a five-meter offside, processed and heavily punched into the net from the outside. After that, still smiling, it was alleged by the rules.
Yellow card
Vidal was wrong to attack the right flank under the pressure of thrift. Pablo could run into a counterattack, but Arthur demolished the opponent, which was awarded the third card in the match.
Yellow card
Pintsi rude jerk stopped Pepe in center field, for which he deservedly saw a yellow color.
We can say that rebound is third team in Serie A on its stadium. Each tent or chamber completes removal of the center of the field.
UV! Pirlo much either beat on the gate, or sweep, in any case Handanovich went forward a little and "fish" with their fists made in the field!
Yellow card
Quite a bit of time before the end of half time. Estigarribia got the legs on the right flank attack from Basta, for which he received the first card, Dusan in the match.
Stops at "zebra" anything in the attack. Gvidolin already picked his voice, prompting the wards, "Juventus" calmly defended.
Vidal thirty meters from lightly struck in the near corner, and dozed Handanovich not confident in their fixed shell gloves.
SUN! Vidal caught the ball in midfield, was a little forward and rolled on Marchisio hit by a ricochet from twenty yards from the defender was near the pole, but the referee did not give the corner.
Estigarribia from the left flank on Matri gave the line of the penalty, the forward for some reason decided to beat the thump of Basta, but instead failed to make even the corner.
Most games have ceased to receive. Gvidolin Conte and do not go away from the edge, constantly encouraging his children to express themselves with a more active part.
Once again, no harm could not arrange the players after the filing of the corner of the field. The ball still went back into the penalty area, where Ferronetti hit his head, though from a deep offside.
Buffon and Bartsali nearly brought an own goal, under pressure from Andrea Abdi knocked out in the field, but the rebound from an opponent to hit his leg. The corner.
Pepe's great to hang with the right edge of the far post, where Estigarribia came running and threw just two rivals. The arbitrator did not notice the violation.
Nothing dangerous could not squeeze out turintsy Corner. Repeated shed from the left flank ended with a violation of the rules for Widal Pintsi.
Lihtshtayner opened under a pass from Pepe in the box, processed and then broke through on goal, the ball of the foot Domitstsi flew to the corner.
Another attack the guests had come to nothing after a series of programs around someone else's punishment, the owners strongly carried to the center of the field, where Di Natale lost the fight Bartsali.
Armeria gave to Di Natale on the left flank of the attack, but the striker got into a bit offside, enraging the stands, the player himself, and Francesco Gvidolina.
Ugh! Pepe's great with the right wing has left little to the center and hung on Matri, Danilo had to remove the ball with his head Alessandro at the last moment.
A small segment of activity "Udinese" ended, once again, "Juventus" actively went on the attack. Where are the goals?
Abdi's great opened at the left edge of the penalty, got the ball and then shot at a comfortable height along the goalie, but no di Natale, or Isla closed chamber could not.
Passed an initiative in the match to turintsam that much and often attacked on all fronts, though, the score and remains zero.
Pirlo threw well on the course Estigarribia in the penalty area, but it was a little harder than it should. As a result Handanovich quietly took possession of the projectile.
Matrix obtained from the legs Domitstsi in the attack, but a foul was not locked. Alessandro could not easily get to his feet, had to beat Pintsi of bounds under the whistle of the stands.
Pirlo picked up the ball near the penalty and others his whole appearance indicated that it would be beat, but instead gave an amazing transfer into the box on Matri, forward outright tried to break through, but got into a defender, rushed his opponent's feet.
It is interesting guests played corner: Pirlo shot into the center of the line of the penalty, which pierced Marchisio, but got into his head to some of the defenders.
Pirlo hung a 11-meter mark. where above all played Basta and knocked his head on the corner.
Pintsi behind hit an unprotected part of the shin Marchisio, guests are prepared to submit the standard.
What to say in the first minute? The game is completely equal contenders, who are eager to win no matter what! Awesome game!
Isla was nearly did not run away on the right flank in the attack, but time ran into a sliding tackle Pirlo and knocked on the corner!
Interesting game went! Almost without a cent of the field, but at the same time without the gate. Actively fleeing opponents of the penalty to the penalty, and then - a void.
This is Buffon! Di Natale was one on one with the goalkeeper at the right corner of the penalty, threw Antonio Buffon, but the keeper was able to help out on the corner.
Vidal, who missed last game through suspension, came out en field charged into the struggle. Now this is why some rough play in the attack on the thrift.
Pepe received the ball from Matri at the entrance to the penalty box, did not go any further, and much struck with the head almost in the center, Handanovich rescued.
Asamoah again dispersed the attack on the left flank and hung in the penalty area, where there was no one at all of the players in black-and-white T-shirts.
SUN! Estigarribia from the left flank retreated under attack Marchisio, he beat his touch in the corner, but slightly missed the target! Claudio and could easily handle, and punch accurately.
Asamoah now from the left flank saw excellent acceleration di Natale, and would be trouble gate "Juventus", if not a great leap Chiellini, otbivshy ball in the air.
Chiellini joined in the attack on the left flank and dangerously hung in the center of the penalty on Matri, but failed to break through Alessandro, Danilo passed far away.
Domitstsi mistaken about his penalty, Pepe was able to intercept the ball from an opponent, almost jumped out to a rendezvous with Handanovichem, but managed to catch up Mauritstsio and knock on the corner.
The most that on is intelligence on the field. Teams do not try to go headlong into the attack, combining for a long time in center field.
In the first positional attack crossed guests Lihtshtayner hung from the right flank, the defender made for the side. Here in the continuation Marchisio struck from outside the penalty area with almost no swing above the gate.
So far, the first few minutes pass with some advantage, "Udinese", which is understandable: they play in their stadium and have to go forward.
In its traditional form of home playing "zebra", "Juventus" as the guest of pink. We wish to see the game, a team of decent places.
First time has began
The first half has started!
First Half
The teams are already in the section "About the game."
Good evening to all lovers of the game's number one on the planet Earth! LiveResult.Ru with represent a direct translation of a text match between the Italian Championship "Udinese" and "Juventus". 90 minutes with you I will, Mr Kolosvetov.

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