Stadium: Stade Marcel Picot
Second Half
That's it! The final whistle!
T-OO-OO-OO-A! 1:3!
Classroom counterattack "Marcel"! Valbuena walked into the box from the right flank and gently rolled the ball under the line of attack Lucho penalty area. Argentine calmly with his left foot struck, spreading the goalkeeper and the ball in different corners!
Additional time
3 minutes add the arbitrator
Aija on the field goes, it changes the Remy.
Cool now Valbuena struck from the penalty and the ball flew just inches from the right goal post masters!
Virtually the entire command pressure the opponent players, "Nancy" on another side of the field. This is certainly laudable, but they are at risk to miss a dangerous counterattack.
Niculae was on his feet, but through the pain, rises and runs on. Owners were very close to that would make even the account, but apparently not this time.
Falls prostrate before the penalty Bakar, "Marcel", but the penalty for this referee does not. See out of the last forces team, but nobody wants to give.
Valbuena was nearly flew himself to himself. He lay in wait behind the defender and still waited until he would give to the goalkeeper but the ball Mathieu had only a second, and therefore do not have time.
What a moment! MOMENTISCHE! Cool Bakar filed on Niculae in the penalty area, he did not hit, and threw her head gently on Mukadzho the penalty box, he struck with the third contact with the reversal in the fall, but the ball flew above. And he's nobody bothered!
Deschamps still wants to finish, "Nancy" today. Lucho Gonzalez leaves instead of the tired Amalfitana.
Not bad opened on the right flank Bakar, at his touch gave Diakite, but the pass was just awful.
And we are again and again repeat the episode in violation of the rules in the box "Marcel" against Mukadzho. I think the penalty was more than not.
Jo-Gook on the leaves instead of Calvet.
Heated atmosphere to eat! Increasingly, players are arguing, or rather yelling at referees, all fouls and more controversial situations, but that's something interesting!
So what? Penalty? No! The arbitrator does not make a clear penalty in the gate Mandanda! The whole team is arguing with the judge, but he is silent.
Again, on the lawn Valbuena! Unbelievable screaming Deschamps unclear to whom, on the run out to the club doctors.
Bakar acutely lodged in goalkeeper on Niculae, he struck, but in the center. Had to score the Romanians in this episode, but the blow did not come out, and Mandanda played great!
Well, Valbuena. Raised his leg is now the home team player, to hit in the arm, and Mathieu, holding his chest fell on the lawn as, pardon the comparison, a ballerina! That's not right, you're the man!
"Marseille" probably rather want not to miss than score. But 1:2 - by then, and not very confident, so that "Nancy" is an ideal time for a goal scored.
Yellow card
Lautier gets yellow card. When the team settle down? So soon and will break his legs right on the field!
Aspilikueta the field away, instead it will now play Fanny.
Yellow card
Aspilikueta broke through on the flank, but he was hit Bakar. The arbitrator immediately shows the yellow.
How much can already? Again, the legs get Remy! Where is the yellow?
Oh, Niculae! Well, how could you? A good position was, well, beat as one who does not give you? No need to climb to the two rivals and lose the ball.
Something a lot of fouls was rude. M'Bia now lay on the lawn, rough play against him. "Marseille" continues to hold the ball, but without points.
Oh how I would like to resume intrigue! Hammer now, "Nancy", "Marcel" like a scalded cat runs on the attack!
Play too long now Amalfitana! It would be possible to file before the penalty area, but he struck up a gear and lost the ball.
Yellow card
Yellow card for a rough tackle Niculae for the rear.
Niculae cool sweep from the right flank into the penalty area at the bottom of Bakara, but the ball is not reached before, it was kept from both sides of the defenders.
Niculae ran himself to himself with Mandanda, but the referee again in the way. Again, the "offside". And who only came up with this rule?
Again, scores M'Bia! Submitted to the far post Valbuena, M'Bia stopped the ball and powerful shot from an acute angle, but the referee the ball not scored. It seemed to him that the player "Marcel" was the game at hand.
Oh, little did not have the Remi, for that would prokinut ball between the legs of a defender and get himself to himself! Beautiful was played, but still only a corner.
Classroom counterattack could come from "Nancy"! Diakite intercepted the ball in midfield and ran 40 yards and, ignoring partner, greatly struck by the gate. The ball flew away-oh-oh-oh on the podium!
Remy is very active. Then on the right, then on the left you can see it, never off from the fight prematurely.
Yellow card
Volunteered yet Amalfitana. Deserved a yellow referee shows him.
Here's passion on the field! Andre Luiz and Amalfitana foreheads collided each other and who knows what would have happened if the partners could come later.
Amalfitana well again noticed the free zone at the opponent's penalty area and then threw the ball back. Remy fought with the goalkeeper on the second floor, but he was not destined to win, you know why.
Not bad play hosts. The fans also came to life. Perhaps, with a tie we will see just the football that much!
Here it is a chance! What creates Mandanda! Famously applied from the right flank into the penalty Niculae, there was above all Bakar. He struck the crossbar and a very strong, but the goalkeeper parried the ball to jump.
The other half of team meetings started quickly, than the first. Let's see if they can please us again hammered balls.
Replacing a "Nancy": instead Karabue Mukandzho out.
Second half has began
The second half began!
Second Half
First Half
Half time
And laugh or cry! M'Bia much knocked the ball and hit the head of his partner, Aija, standing two meters away from him.
Additional time
Compensates for a minute the referee.
On the lawn Amalfitana. Got it on the head during the struggle for the ball on the second floor In the meantime, we repeat the wonderful goal M'Bia! Thus grouped, in the fall, and even in the farthest corner, sighting! Very nice goal!
Already it seemed that "Marseilles" scored the third goal, but this time the referee was absolutely right, fixing the offside at Remy.
T-OO-OO-OO-O-R! 1:2!
Bravo "Marcel"! Deschamps played guys instantly! On the right flank into the penalty handed Amalfitana. They flew to the ball and in the fall M'Bia great blow his head drove another "plyushechku" the gates of N 'Dee!
Oh, how nice handed Valbuena! Right in the thick of the players of both teams in penalty, "Nancy." True, M'Bia before the ball has reached out. Attack of visitors continues.
"Marseille" catches the attack. Valbuena clocked two opponents on the wing, went ahead and did filing center for Remy, but managed to return to the defenders and the ball knock.
T-OO-OO-OO-O-R! 1:1!
Error judges! On the replay shows that the linesman made ​​a mistake, do not fix the offside! Calvet filed from the right flank for the bored at the far post Lemaytra. He did not spoil the moment, and calmly struck his head in a corner. Mandanda even did not move!
Not sinless defense "Marcel" in today's match. always alone there is one, if two players of the opposing team, that gives a lot of free zones to be protected. True, most likely, the technical potential strikers "Nancy" does not give opportunities to use these mistakes.
Almost in tears, clutching his head Niculae! But really, stop it this transfer from the depth of field, one would immediately be shot with the second contact Mandanda gate!
Good for Remy. Passed on the right flank, well prokinul on the penalty area, but this time the ball did briefly crossed the field.
Begin to whistle rostrum. Dull and uninteresting game, there is such a bright football, which can show these two teams.
Despite the fact that the "Marseille" is a game, their game looks absolutely incoherent. where the ball will fall - the flank of the attack and evolves, and straight - pass on the flank and feed in the center.
Good for Remy! He received the ball on the penalty, turned and struck a blow woven into the far corner. goalie did not see impact and, perhaps, would be the second goal but the ball hit the defender.
Feeding was just awful, no aggravation at the gates of the guests were not. Absolutely helpless look stadium owners.
Finally, the players, "Nancy" could do more than 5 accurate transmission of a single attack. This resulted in a corner at the gate Mandanda - after hitting the ball hit the Diakite M'Bia head and flew into the stands.
Could in fact Niculae now decide the fate of the moment! 3 to 2 has been out in a counterattack! Romanians but somehow hastened with Paz, and the broadcast was not.
M'Bia got the ball in front of someone else's punishment at 27 meters from the gate. Ride, he decided to break, but the ball flew so low that the spruce-fir has come to the front line.
Frenchy filmmakers show us that the "Marseilles" possession of the ball 57% of playing time, while their opponents only 43%. Visually, the gap seems to many more.
Too big players are protected by "Nancy." One wanders sadly Niculae in the central circle, while its partners have lined up a wall in front of his own penalty area.
Deschamps did not sit on the bench, constantly urged by their boyfriends, arguing with referees.
Not enough of "Marcel" on goal scored, but that's something interesting. Otherwise, the 35 minutes we went to sleep all together, along with the fans in the stadium.
T-OO-OO-OO-O-R! 0-1!
Valbuena approached the gate, beat in a simple wall with Remy, then flew himself to himself and calmly drove the ball into the goal, breaking past the goalie! Attack as a textbook!
Aija now long spun the ball from the corner flag on the left flank, after all still decided to file with your eyes closed and miscalculated, his partner was not there.
Boring game without any special moments or passions. Teams are solved only at the farthest throw in the penalty area, which were later quietly disposed of goalkeepers.
And here is the players 'Marcel' show individual class. Kabore gave a brilliant pass to the Remy toe, he entered the penalty area in the fall and sweep into the center, but this time the ball was already out of bounds.
Do not rush to force the team event. Confidently play the home team, but this is, that does not make them special dividend. Sweet filed a penalty right now Sana'a in the penalty area visitors, but the defenders managed to fight back.
One-third of the first half is over. According to the present scoring chances the team did not have, so that we can say that the game was equal.
Cool from the right flank to sweep Niculae Diakite, but before the ball has not reached - Mandanda time left and the ball is intercepted.
Meanwhile M'Bia for the second time violates the rules. not if it had a yellow, the referee would surely warn him again. Red, of course, would have been overkill, but a verbal warning to the judge still awarded.
Slowly, step by step, the home side pressed against an opponent to begin the penalty and play the first number. We'll see, will you?
Yellow card
Yellow card for rough foul gets M'Bia.
A great time was now, "Nancy!" Niculae jumped into the penalty area, in response to filing a partner from the right flank and beat his head, throwing the goalkeeper, but missed. Besides, was he offside.
Active in the first minutes Valbuena. He has already given some good forward gears for partners, constant pressure on the foreign side of the field.
Very tight defensive guests. Aija now walked quickly down the left flank and made a very acute lumbago in the goalkeeper's area, but the goalkeeper came out on time and caught the ball.
Bakar is now well intercepted the ball in front of someone else's punishment, but the contenders for the three decided not to go, and give back to the partner. Positional attack "Nancy."
With the center of the field played football in white shirts, with which today are the masters. "Marseilles" at once shows his teeth. Very confident start to the guests, rolling the ball in front of someone else's box.
First time has began
The match began, the teams good luck!
First Half
Good night, dear friends! site invites you to a text broadcast of the match between the "Nancy" and "Marcel", which will be held at the stadium, "Marcel Picot." Lineups are already on our site. Together with you the events of the match will follow Gromov Nikita, enjoy!

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