Stadium: Stadio San Paolo
So ended this exciting match! Broadcast you had Nikita Gromov, thank you!
Love football and to meet again on
Second Half
The match is over!
That would be too much! Bojan went to goalkeeper from the right side, lured by a goalie, and gave a blow Osvaldo. He powerfully struck the empty goal, but Cannavaro in a heroic jump ball parried.
"Roma" calmly controlled the ball in their half of the field, bringing the match to finish. A very tired team.
Cavani shoots from the right flank to the center by Inlera, but before the ball arrived. Corner for the Neapolitans.
Additional time
5 minutes compensates for the arbitrator.
T-OO-OO-OO-O-R! 1:3! Incredibly lucky "wolves" in today's match!
Simplicio decided to strike from outside the penalty area. He struck himself, but Cannavaro touched up the ball into his own goal. Sadly, "Napoli" is desperately unlucky today!
Well, how can that be? Pockets "Napoli"! It's a shame, but the referee right. Cavani is in the "offside" when Zúñiga discounts!
Totti a deafening whistle stands leaves the field, instead it goes Viviani.
Somewhere 40 seconds the referee was trying to explain exactly how to perform Aronike penalty near the center circle. Rostrum at this time were ready to join the game, literally!
Inler now decided to still apply to the penalty box to the far post. There accumulates his two partners, but none of them break through on goal but could not.
Cavani could now compare the account! A good time was, he burst into the penalty area and was ready to punch, but at the last minute the referee has fixed the "offside".
Zúñiga now got the ball in the penalty area, turned and gave a very thin at the free Hamshika. Slovak took the ball and with such fury broke into the near corner, even if Stekelenburg and touched the ball, he would just hand blown off! Large forces had a stroke!
Zúñiga now began to wonder voditsya with two others by the Romans in front of the box. Immediately it was necessary to give Cavani.
The impression is that the owners have fully accept their defeat. There is no such dramatic and caustic counterattacks, without enthusiasm, and they act in defense.
That is now a good counterattack could get the Neapolitans, but again intercepted a pass brilliantly Juan Mascara in Cavani. This black defender "Roma" is one of the best in today's match!
Osvaldo was somewhere in another minute penalty lies, writhing in pain. On level ground, he fell and could not yet own feet.
Rosie is very nice plays on his right flank. and failure to protect was not, and now that's cool and beat the opponent shot. It is a pity really, no one in his chamber did not respond.
Taddei could now score the third goal! On the right edge of the penalty area, he punched in the corner, but missed! Everyone is able to decide, could only get in the gate.
Instead Kampanyaro goes Doss.
At last we saw of the Cavani. He, it turns out, even on the field! Two consecutive shock inflicted: one head after the filing of Zúñiga, the second leg of the angle of the penalty area.
Bojan goes along lamella.
Vaught is yes! Juan on pure speed played against Zúñiga, but the referee still recorded violation. Straight leg play-back.
Pandev broke into the penalty area from the right flank, he stopped the ball right on the front line and he wanted the ball past goalkeeper prokinut and score with a very acute angle, but it does not work.
But, in spite of these developments in the match, I would not venture to predict the outcome of the meeting. Footballers "Napoli" had a good match. so it may not yet have this match was not played.
Nice to see that Mazzarò not lose heart, but still hopes to get the ball and earn at least one point!
Maksarov out on the field instead of the Gargano.
Well, that's the same! A little is not enough owners to goal scored "Hamshik famously went into the box from the right side, touched up and the ball struck strongly, but Stekelenburg was again on top.
Clearest manifestation of football injustice. A lot of dangerous, beautiful, thought-out attack had players "Napoli" and the first and second half of the meeting. They played better than their rivals, but for some reason lose, and even 0:2.
A "Roma" on the wings of rushing to score the third goal! Confidently play Totti, works well with the ball slats.
Pandev received the ball from the left edge of Hamshika penalty area, power, shoot through the center, but there again Juan knocks the ball into subcategories.
T-OO-OO-OO-OO-A! 0:2!
Totti is now famously gave the right flank in the goalmouth, where Osvaldo calmly beat a defender and drove the ball into the goal!
Powerful punches from the bottom Hamshik outside the penalty - the ball confidently captures Stekelenburg.
Zúñiga is now filed at the far post from the left edge. And then a couple of familiar - Maggio and Taddei. Now the winner turned out to be a player "Roma".
But Maggio continues to seek his fortune feeds from the flank. Now, though, Taddei adapt to them and can safely neutralize these casts.
Goran Pandev goes to eat instead of Lavessi, which leaves the field limping and holding his thigh.
Yellow card
The legendary Totti gets yellow card for rough foul against Zúñiga.
Gargano, now gave a brilliant pass into the box, it immediately responded Lavessi which instantly flew to the ball, but really get on it but could not.
And here is the decisive action of Mazzarò. Pandev sent it to warm up. And suddenly, it will replace some of opornikov? Oh I did not envy the protection of "Roma"!
Cool play in protecting the Neapolitans. Not only do all the martial arts benefit as more and none of the free zone do not leave. The case for small - to score a goal.
Totti decided crowded between two players, "Napoli" and, after she realized what he was doing it for nothing, I decided to fall. The arbitrator in this bait is not swallowed.
Yellow card
Here Zúñiga, again fueling the situation at the gate "Roma"! Broke with the left edge, but he was hit Rosie. Gorchichnik counsel guests.
The ball flies into the gates of "Roma"! Cavani scored, though from the "outside game". Before hitting the referee whistled, allegedly because there was someone for whom a T-shirt pulled. Nonsense and nothing more. Football - this is a sport where should fight!
Maggio again at the speed was Taddei, made in the chamber center, but this time the corner.
As has been repeatedly mentioned in the first half, the score does not answer the question: "Who is stronger?". "Roma" defensive back, "Napoli" confidently attack.
Second half has began
The match is resumed!
Second Half
First Half
Half time
Whistle for a break!
Osvaldo is now well-necks in the ball and managed to earn a penalty. For the most part painted, but still a dangerous free kick. Near the ball Totti.
Additional time
One moment the referee adds.
What is wrong with the Gargano. Roughly against him played Rosie. Rather, Walter can continue to play, just complaints of pain. Doctors now freeze his leg.
Zúñiga! Again, a cool moment from him! Filed Lavessi penalty from the right side, Camilo ball stopped there and powerfully struck the gate with eleven feet, but higher.
Zúñiga was angry! Now the ball scratched, beat an opponent, shifted to the right and hit the cool corner - by.
But what is! Who will look after the slats? He now quietly received the ball in the penalty area from the Greek rival, powerful shot from the left into the far corner and the ball, catching the bar, left-of-bounds.
Absolutely blankly played by the Romans. There is not a tactic, or any individual action. At the level of Totti, but he has the speed and capabilities are different. The score is absolutely not reflect the situation on the field.
Osvaldo-oh-oh! Could bury an opponent already! Totti gave a brilliant pass from the depths of Pablo, he went himself to himself, but could not get to the gate! That's attack hosts, and then bang, and an attack could have and keep all the efforts to "no."
Lavessi now famously gave to Cavani in center of the penalty, but Edison stopped by the "round" just awful! It would be possible now to score! How many moments of losing the Neapolitans.
Taddei calmly beat the wall with a partner, went into the box and gave it to the center by Osvalbo. He beat a defender and kicked the ball into the near corner - past the gate.
Rosie is now made friends with a free kick from the right flank, strong shot at a Osvalbo center of the penalty, but the striker to the ball not reached.
Lavessi now again rushed into the box from the left flank and decided not to share with a partner, and he powerfully struck into the near corner and hit the bar! Ah yes, "Napoli"! This is an attack!
But the defense fails and "Napoli". Osvalbo hit badly from close range but the ball flew into the stands.
What creates Hamshik! Bravo! How easily he was now Taddei, entered the penalty box and shoot through the center, but there was no one. Where is the Cavani? He never falls into the camera lens.
Wow! Excellent played Maggio! Brilliantly to beat Juan speed and powerful rally broke into the near corner! Stekelenburg decided not to pick up the ball and parried for a corner with his fists.
Roughly knocks Cannavaro Totti now in the middle of the field. These actions are understandable - he tore a dangerous counterattack the opponent.
Slats calmly walked into the penalty opponent, he was ready to strike at close range, but in a brilliant Aronika subcategory ball from under the feet of the Argentine knocked out.
Already half of the half, behind and in front of the players still "Roma", thanks to De Santksia error. The hosts are trying to change the situation, but so far no luck.
Ha-ha-ah-ah-mshik! Again, does not clog! Famously applied from the right flank of 17 rooms, "Napoli" and that somehow awkwardly shook his head and the ball flew into the opposite side of the gate. By the way, he was offside, but the score is still needed!
Zúñiga now hit with all the anger from twenty-five feet - the ball flew into the stands.
Ah yes Lavessi! That's fast! Including the fifth, he burst into the penalty area and is on the front lines doing shot to center. Well, there, as always, took the ball Stekelenburg
How so, Hamshik? When the score, if not now? Zúñiga was brilliant, no less famously shot to the center line and then with the goalkeeper beaten Hamshik area and did not score! Holding his head Mazzarò. Very good point.
Another awful canopy Maggio's flank. He is cool, but with the filing until the stick - all caught goalkeeper guests.
Osvaldo is now trying to cheat the opponent on the left flank. After several unsuccessful tricks he had struck his last legs and then his expected failure - the ball flew far into the stands.
Very good with his left foot broke right now from 17 meters Cannavaro. He beat the near corner and managed to earn a corner for his team.
Lavessi handed penalty, Cannavaro could punch, but hindered the captain Heinz Neapolitan team to score.
So they are jogging along the flanks! Maggio is now on speed ahead Taddei, was ready to submit to the center, but the player is "Roma" flunked an opponent on the lawn. Penalty for "watered."
Rosie could well apply to the center by Totti, he just chose a good position to strike, but the defender of "Roma" delivery failed.
Any attack "Roma" is accompanied by a deafening whistles from the stands, "Sao Paulo". They head into the game, responsive to every whistle.
Again, a dangerous counter-attack "Napoli." Lavessi rushed to the gate in the center of the opponent, on each side with him at full speed flying partners, but he decided to climb on two opponents and the ball is lost. Heinze played flawlessly.
Excellent point! Huge holes in the defense of a "wolf!" Maggio, calmly got the ball on the right wing free kick, he had plenty of time to make a decision, but he decided to simply apply the penalty. And there Stekelenburg acted flawlessly, fixing the ball in his hands.
Ah yes Juan! Beautifully played, really. Hamshik now caught the ball in midfield and decided to immediately return to the course Cavani. Pass out a very sharp, but Juan subcategory could still catch the ball. "Roma" attacks.
Taddei now joined the attack of his team and its not nearly ripped off. Very bad pass he gave to the other flank. Totti had to go back and fix the problem partner.
Lavessi now struggled on the left crest of the penalty with his rival, the ball is selected and already ran one on one with acute flank, but the referee decided that the player "Napoli" violated the rules. Very unhappy with the judge's decision this rostrum.
The impression is that the teams were tired. Speeds are very low and this is primarily not like the Neapolitans. Some of the best strikers in Europe, yet miss the gate Stekelenburga.
"Napoli" calmly controlled the ball on the foreign side of the field for several minutes. Wolves do not prevent this, they have just closed the free zone of protection.
Not bad attacking players in the blue shirt. We must pay tribute to the stands: despite these developments, they still confidently support their favorites.
The Neapolitan club a little more active in the attack. Lavessi hesitantly gave the left flank in the center, the ball somehow flew low, but the corner still earned the hosts. Sam Lavessi filed, still failed.
T-OO-OO-OO-OO-O-R! 0-1! Slats broke into the box from the left flank, strong shot to the center. They tried to knock the ball Aronika, but he went out on strike its own goal. "Round" bounced just in the hands of De Santkisu, but he could not fix it, and as a consequence, the ball flew into the net. Such is the curious ball scores a "Roma" at the beginning of the match.
"Napoli" is now nearly missed a dangerous counterattack the opponent. Zúñiga fouls in midfield, but the referee did not give a yellow.
The hosts played the ball to center field. Judging from the television picture, football players, "Napoli" will protect the gate on the left, while their opponents on the right. Domenico Kelly - chief referee of the match.
First time has began
The match began, the teams good luck!
First Half
Good evening, dear friends! Welcome to the Serie A match between Naples "Napoli" and the Club of Rome "Roma"! The match promises to be very interesting, considering that the "Napoli" is still struggling for a place in the Champions League zone, well, "Roma" to quickly vylazit of mid-table. Together with you the events of the match will follow Gromov Nikita, enjoy!

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