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Second Half
The final whistle!
That's it! "Chelsea" in the last minute lost two points with which we congratulate, "Wigan". The guys fought and managed to achieve a result. Bravo!

Since you were Vladimir Gubarev! I wish you happiness, health, prior to the meeting!
The final whistle!
That's it! "Chelsea" in the last minute lost two points with which we congratulate, "Wigan". The guys fought and managed to achieve a result. Bravo!

Since you were Vladimir Gubarev! I wish you happiness, health, prior to the meeting!
Child hit by Salomon Kalou - Ali Al-Habsi took the ball in his glove. The minute there is a team in order to still get the three points.
Child hit by Salomon Kalou - Ali Al-Habsi took the ball in his glove. The minute there is a team in order to still get the three points.
Two additional minutes behind. Squeezed players look "Chelsea" and the players 'Wigan' on the contrary - winged success rushing forward.
Two additional minutes behind. Squeezed players look "Chelsea" and the players 'Wigan' on the contrary - winged success rushing forward.
Additional time
4 minutes for ... "Wigan".
Additional time
4 minutes for ... "Wigan".
And now the fans and players, "Chelsea" may wonder: "And there was a need victory over the" MC "if you immediately lost points in a match against an outsider?". It is difficult to answer, it is difficult.
GO-OO-OO-OO-OO-O-AL! Chord GOMEZ! This is how! Too early to relax the players and the London club have received a serious face. Thus, half-face, and even with his fist. Petr Cech made ​​a mistake, the ball popped out of his hand, than took advantage of Jordi Gomez, breaking even in an empty net. 1:1!
Florent Malouda - meanie. First took the ball from Salomon Kalou, and then failed to comply with the transmission line to the penalty, breaking the uncomfortable position of not the best way.
"Wigan" today, to be honest, nothing inferior to "Chelsea". "Blue" are about 30 percent of its capacity, but this does not prevent them produce results.
Martin Atkinson, as I said, worked for twelve matches of English Premier League, which showed forty-seven yellow cards (four of which were second), twice removed players directly, and three times a penalty. Harsh, is not it? But today he has no chance "carousing."
The little girl - cheerleader "Wigan" - sits and sleeps already. Dad she said something, she looked at the camera, smiled again and lowered her eyes.
Ashley Cole has moved from the left flank to a different penalty area, shot in the area penalty spot, but the side has shown that the shell flew over the front line of the field.
Yeah, even easier. Florent Malouda replaced the author's goal scored - Daniel Sturridge. Kalou now go to the right flank.
Daniel Sturridge got on the back of Meynora Figueroa. At this time, is preparing to appear on the football field Florent Malouda. Perhaps he will change Drogba and Kalou go to the center. Look, look.
FANTASTIC! Branislav Ivanovic completed sloppy transfer back to Petr Cech, who has managed to beat Hugo Roddalegu and make a shell from the penalty and the bottom to the center. Ball player, "Wigan" quickly brought back to the "hell", punched the empty gates Franco Di Santo, but the truth, he made a round head Branislav outside the field.
All is well with John Terry, that should please fans of the London club and England. And now was an incredible time at the gate "Chelsea!"
Landed badly, John Terry, but he managed himself up from the lawn and use a light running now, he leaves the field of play to come back again.
John Terry was on foot, or maybe just landed badly. Do need to replace? Do trauma? Now we look only at the doctors, "Chelsea".
Instead, David Jones and Conor Sammon went Franco Di Santo and Hugo Roddalega.
6.5 the angular already. "Chelsea" is to retain the account, for which he may be punished. Petr Cech has played at the output is now very confidently, taking the ball in his glove.
Daniel Sturridge got the ball on the right flank, moved to a different penalty area, shot in the area penalty spot, where one of the guests were not.
James McCarthy received the ball on the right of someone else's penalty area, broke through on goal with his right foot, but the shell went inaccurate. Petr Cech cursing the defenders, who have overlooked the connection opponent.
Didier Drogba kicked Gary Caldwell, seeing the latter. Now place a couple of substitutions in "Wigan". Look, look.
"Chelsea" in the league will not play with the twentieth of November. Three meetings in the English Premier League ended for the "blue" very well: defeated "Wolves" and "Newcastle" and beaten for the first time in the season championship leader, "Manchester City".
John Obi Mikel has replaced Juan Mata. Well, it was predicted. He will now play on the spot Meireles, Raul and leave in a couple of Frank Lampard. Everything is logical and understandable.
Pressed the "Wigan" guests to their gate, now even blow turned out at Victor Moses from the penalty - Petr Cech came to the rescue, by reaching the ball with the tips of gloves. And someone said it would be the mass of goals scored ...
John Obi Mikel is preparing to enter the football field. Chances are now gone from the field of Frank Lampard, but there is an option if you go to rest or mat, or Sturridge.
Picked up the ball in someone else's penalty area, David Jones, then struck the gate with his right foot - round off in millimeters from the far post.
Daniel Sturridge, incidentally, scored his eighth goal this season (considered to be only Premier League). For this indicator, Daniel is the best in the club (at Lampard's seven goals).
By the way, guests stir when it was not Frank Lampard on the pitch. Now the London club legend has returned to the lawn. Hope everything is fine with the Englishman.
GO-OO-OO-OO-OO-OO-AL! DANIEL Sturridge! Ashley Cole completed the transfer of the central part of the field on the far corner of the goalie, Daniel Sturridge has a shell with his left foot and struck exactly the right into the far bottom corner! Ali Al-Habsi not saved. 0-1!
Frank Lampard hit a elbow, which was cut lip. In place of a tooth? That's interesting. Hopefully nothing serious.
Jose Bozingva prokinul ball himself on the course, but he ran into a lock, but the chief arbiter of the meeting saw no violation of rules. Strange, but oh well.
Salomon Kalou beat Antolini Alcaraz on the left flank, entered into a strange penalty area, shot at the near corner of the goalie, where in contact with uncomfortable feet pierced Didier Drogba - the ball hit the net, but from the outside.
"Wigan" after the break, played a much more interesting. Perhaps the team is now up and running and to win, which really must be confessed? "Chelsea" now is not himself.
FIRST scoring chances! Jose Bozingva carelessly made shell from the penalty on the opposite side from where Victor Moses from a few meters punched with his left foot - round went above the bar!
Salomon Kalou is now playing on the left flank attack on the right - Sturridge in the center - Drogba. A opornika plays Meireles. Juan Mata and Frank Lampard midfield divide for two.
Angle played football in London "Chelsea", long possessed the ball in the center of the field, and then Didier Drogba gave the ball Meynoru Figueroa.
The second shot on goal of Cech in the second half the game: it Meynor Figueroa decided to fire a shot from twenty-six feet - no problem, Peter took the shell in his gloves.
Frank Lampard's corner hung in the near corner of the goalkeeper, from the gathering punched Didier Drogba - a very inaccurate. By the way, Antolini Alcaraz last episode of the hit in the elbow straight leg Ivorian. Drogba hurt.
The first "warning bell" for Didier Drogba: Fernando Torres went to warm up. At that time, Salomon Kalou earned a corner on the left flank attack "Chelsea".
As dangerous! How did wrong now Branislav Ivanovic, followed by a kick from twenty five yards from the player, "Wigan" - Petr Cech spent shell eyes for the front line of the field.
Andre Villash-Boash released Salomon Kalou instead of Auriol Romeu. Now Juan Mata drops into midfield - namely, in the central zone.
Second half has began
The second half started! Let's go!
Second Half
First Half
Half time
The first half is over! 0:0 - rest in the hope that the second half of the game will be fun first. Break!
Ronnie Stam hung from the right in someone else's penalty area - the ball flew over the field and flew all over the sideline of the field. Out for London "Chelsea."
All stop commands. They are waiting for a break. Looking for something Andre Villashu-Boashu change during holidays. But Roberto Martinez, I think, pleased with their wards.
But now the gates hot "Chelsea!" Victor Moses struck from the left corner of someone else's free kick, the ball fell into the hands of Branislav Ivanovic, but in their hands when they were close to the body. May have been a penalty, but maybe not. The difficult situation.
Victor Moses earned a corner on the left flank. David Jones hung on the left foot to the penalty spot area, where defenders played well, "Chelsea".
The first dangerous moment! Not bad ball players have played "Chelsea" gate "Wigan", at the end of an attack carried out Raul Meireles shed from the right flank to the far corner of the goalie, from his head in falling struck Didier Drogba - a millimeter from the rack flying projectile.
Now would be "Wigan" score by the end of the first half, then perhaps the second half of the meeting was held to much more interesting, since "retired" would have to recoup.
Victor Moses decided to simulate the left flank. Branislav Ivanovic played a very clean, taking the shell of eleven rooms, "Wigan". Martin Atkinson did not lead.
Daniel Sturridge has shifted from the right flank in the center, completed the transfer to Drogba, Didier otpasoval back to the young Englishman, but it is very inaccurate.
Juan Mata beat Antolini Alcaraz on the left, hung in the center of another's penalty area, where he again failed to reach the ball, Didier Drogba.
Wow! Mohamed Dia got the ball on the left, shifted to the near corner of the penalty area from the right foot struck a millimeter away from the far post. Petr Cech did not even twitch.
Angle earned the players 'Wigan'. From the right corner of the field hung David Jones, Petr Cech made a mistake at the exit, but it is to insure John Terry. Who, if not the captain?
"Wigan" is in the relegation zone, having to its credit twelve points: less only "Blackburn" and "Bolton." In the case of today's winning team, Roberto Martinez will be able to bypass the "Sunderland" and "Wolves", though at the time.
Very strange, but "D Double E" is not completely filled. Do fans "Wigan" do not go to the games of his team, even with such formidable rivals? That's interesting.
Juan Mata hung from the left flank to the near post, where once again failed to reach Didier Drogba. Immediately we demonstrated Operators sad Fernando Torres.
Referee our meeting - Martin Atkinson. What can I say? Controversial referee, but a judge of the Leeds trust: he was already working on the twelve matches this season. Hopefully now he will not be the focus of our discussions.
Daniel Sturridge has shifted from the right flank to the center, stumbled on a sliding tackle, but the chief referee did not notice the violation of rules.
By the way, until the silence on the football field, I remind you that tomorrow will be the central match of the weekend: London "Arsenal" will try to repeat the success of "Chelsea" in the fight against the "Manchester City". It will be fun.
Corners competed unsuccessfully. Team Andre Villasha Boasha-tries, without making any effort to score a goal, but so far, "Wigan" with difficulty, but fights back.
Not bad! Oriol Romeu shot from twenty-four yards into the far bottom corner - Ali Al-Habsi saved his team. But ... The ball seems to be no going into the goal. Angle earned visitors.
Juan Mata was offside after the transfer of Ashley Cole. Kenny Dalglish is present at this match. He came to look at the nearest contenders - "Wigan".
So, he went to warm-up Ben Watson. Perhaps he will soon appear on the football field. Let's see ... Andre Villash-Boash at that time said something to Daniel Sturridge.
That you know, "Wigan", seems to play a draw from the start of the meeting. Complete by the team moves back during the selection, the two players run forward during the counterattack ... So with the strong teams do not play.
Juan Mata hung from the corner to the near field of a bar - the defenders of "Wigan" coped, but again the selection of "blue", which today, I remind you stand in black.
Daniel Sturridge no problem running away from an opponent on the right flank, was unable to shoot, but earned a corner. It's too bad, right?
Juan Mata was wrong position, followed by transfer into the penalty area "Chelsea", which is easily interrupted by Jose Bozingva. To be honest, it is clear that the "blue" a little tired. Four days ago, they played with "Manchester City", if anyone remembers.
"Wigan" appears on the following scheme: 3-5-2. At the gate of Ali Al-Habsi. The trio of defenders on the left - Meynor Figueroa, in the center - Antolini Alcaraz, right - Gary Caldwell. Midfield (left to right): Victor Moses, James McCarthy, Mohamed Dia, David Jones and Ronnie Stam. Offense: Jordi Gomez and Conor Sammon.
John Terry has decided to break through on goal from thirty yards - Ali Al-Habsi did not reach the ball, which flew three feet from the far post.
"Wigan" the full defensive, even not thinking about the attack. "Chelsea" - master of the situation in the first fifteen minutes of play. It should just accept.
Juan Mata done an excellent transfer from the left flank on Ashley Cole, who shot to the goalkeeper's line in the hope that there will be head of Didier Drogba, but the Ivorian there is not rushed.
Daniel Sturridge walked without any problems on the right flank, performed chamber at the center of another's penalty area - hit the opponent. The attack "Chelsea".
Jose Bozingva received the ball on the right flank, carried either overhang, or a kick to the near corner of the goal - Ali Al-Habsi had come running to the bar and pick up a bomb in his gloves. I still think that the Portuguese defender of "Chelsea" the ball was cut off from his feet.
Juan Mata done a good transfer between the two rivals, but Didier Drogba was left to stand still and wait for the shell arrives at his feet, and took advantage of these defenders of the "Wigan".
Do not we see today in the application of "Chelsea" neither Ramirez nor David Louis. Both players minor damage. To fight against the "Tottenham" players need to fully recover.
Juan Mata broke up the attack on the left flank. Ashley Cole received the ball, moved to the center and performed an unsuccessful transmission. Counter-owners did not follow, as Jose Bozingva violated the rules.
The first corner in a match earned the players 'Wigan', he was drawn, followed by passage Jordi Gomez in the penalty area and others fall, but the main arbiter of our meeting did not see the penalty.
"Chelsea" is played on the traditional pattern: 4-3-3. Let's deal. At the gate Petr Cech. The defenders (from left to right): Ashley Cole, John Terry and Branislav Ivanovic Jose Bozingva. Poluzaschitnaya line consists of: Frank Lampard, Auriol Romeo and Raul Meireles. A pair of wingers on the left - Juan Mata, right - Daniel Sturridge. At the edge of a Didier Drogba.
Very quiet pace of the game, not in a hurry players from London, and the hosts with a rather strong support of their fans are not thinking about the attack.
Slippery turf at "D Double E" today. Footballers 'Chelsea' forever slipping, but the hosts were able to prepare and put the correct shoes. Apparently, they knew about it beforehand.
"Chelsea" is gradually coming to life. Team-Andre Villasha Boasha is the fourth in the championship, behind the "Manchester City" for seven points. Roberto Mancini is not considered "Arsenal", "blue" and "Liverpool" contenders for the championship. Is it?
15-0 - overall score of the last three meetings, "Chelsea" and "Wigan". Guess who wins. Of course, the "blue". Previous match these teams ended with the score - 6:0.
The home team now play in blue, and the players Andre Villasha-Boasha - in black. Gate Ali Al-Habsi on a TV picture are right, and the frame Petr Cech - to the left.
First time has began
The match started! Let's go! We wish the teams to show a beautiful, interesting and effective game. With the center of the field began to players "Chelsea!"
First Half
The teams are in the "About Match!"
Good evening, ladies and football fans! I invite you to match the sixteenth round of the English Premier League, in which "Wigan" Takes London "Chelsea". In the "commentary booth" Vladimir Gubarev!

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