Stadium: Badenova-Stadion
In the battle duel "Borussia" still managed to win again and get closer to the "Bavaria" at a distance of one victory. The match turned militant, not stingy in goals. So that we can congratulate Dortmund club-deserved victory and wish them success in the fight for the championship. At this point we will say goodbye to you. With you was Nikita Gromov, see you soon!
Second Half
Neither the minute the referee not added. The match is over!
One can only applaud the efforts of Cisse in this match. Suppose he did not score, but this did. And even now, he's running tired of every ball.
Confident players "Borussia" combine in their half of the field and the "Freiburg" this is not much to resist.
Kagawa now departed for a meeting with the goalkeeper but hit the post. And besides, was he offside.
Tired Grosskroyts now passed from the left flank and made the bottom chamber in the penalty area to Barrios, but before he did not get the ball - intercepted by defenders.
Immediately a good time at Lucas. He received the ball on the flank, and made friends with a free kick and decided to break into the far corner. The ball was cut off from his feet and rolled in the hands of the goalkeeper.
Leaves the hero of today's match Robert Lewandowski. Instead, it leaves the star of years past - Lucas Barrios.
Dortmund is very confident the club. Now a good attack clocked Kagawa on the left flank. I gave it to the center by Lewandowski, but this time not destined to score Robert - well played Baumann.
Replacement of the hosts: Kalidzhuiri off, Dembele on.
Omovoyela now caught a nice pass to Cisse in the penalty area. Is boring and uninteresting ending the match.
Perisic now famously filed for Lewandowski's flank to the center of the penalty area but the defender managed to jump out and touch the crown of the ball, thereby removing the head oc er the Pole.
Yellow card
Lewandowski is held by the nose. Struggled with Ferati and even broke the rules. Shows him a yellow card the referee.
Oh, Putilo! On the backswing now perfectly removed to Cuba, but he accidentally touched the ball with his foot. One awkward been played.
Again, the aggravation is exactly the right wing attack hosts. Flyum beat an opponent and threw into the penalty area, but none of the partners in his pass is not tempted.
Cisse was now at a good position on the flank of the penalty area after a throw-outs. But once deployed to face the gate did not want to and as a consequence, he ran back and knocked the ball.
Dortmund team safely bring the game to its logical conclusion. Guys Klopp now clearly stronger than their rivals.
"Freiburg" tries to find the moves to the opponent's penalty area and again rests on the same wall of the finest defenders of the "Borussia".
Santana leaves the field, instead Perisic.
2 goals - double
T-OO-OO-OO-OO-A! 1:4!
Grosskroyts Lewandowski and flew together on a date with the goalkeeper, defenders using an error. Kevin made ​​friends with the goalkeeper and decided to give Robert. Pole calmly drove the ball into the net!
Classroom attack the left flank could be obtained from Grosskroytsa! It is true of a good position just as well apply to the penalty he could not.
Blashihovski now ran perfectly on the right flank into the penalty area, Kagawa gave it a pass, but Cuba was not able to stop the ball as it should.
Santana is now writhing in pain on the lawn. It seems he can not continue the game.
Intensified after the team hammered the ball guests. It is not clear why, but the effort "Freiburg" is now seen more clearly.
Cisse would score today! excellent presentation followed him into the center of the penalty, he played ahead of the curve and hit right in the corner of the goal, but goalkeeper played in this situation, simply brilliant!
Omovoyela out on the field, changing it Schmelzer.
"Freiburg" is not discouraged. Guests continue to attack the gates Vaydenfellera despite the fact that almost the entire match they have nothing.
T-OO-OO-OO-O-R! Pockets "Borussia"! Lewandowski now got a great pass in the penalty of Kagawa and decided to give in to the center Grosskroyttsa! Kevin calmly beat the goalkeeper!
Referee makes a mistake! Krmas now pulled the shirt and threw it Lewandowski on the lawn, and the referee has fixed a foul by the player "Borussia". By the way, Robert, even T-shirt torn. not himself, he broke it himself?
Dry the game without scoring chances. More control over the ball owners, but nothing comes.
Gyundogan cool figured out in center field with two rivals, and gave to the flank Pischeku, but he was offside.
The ball is kept in very good hosts, but again the problem with scoring chances. Now they need to do so, as is the case with the first pocketed ball into the goal guests. Individual actions may reveal more experienced players great defense, "Borussia".
Cisse threw on Kalidzhuiri and the gathering broke on goal from outside the penalty area, but "round" was cut off and flew away into the stands.
Oh, Kagawa! Could get very dangerous, if he could stop the ball on the right flank! "Freiburg" may pay dearly for this attack, their whole team.
Rosenthal is now trying to throw the ball head to the far post, but did it just awful - the ball flew into the stands.
"Freiburg" while confidently holds the ball on the opponent's half of the field, but closer to the gate is observed.
Classroom attack the left flank was now "Freiburg"! Excellent Bastiaans filed with the flank into the penalty area flew Kalidzhuri and struck his head, but the ball missed the gate.
Judging from the comments confident, goal after all was clean. The ball bounced exactly from the player, "Freiburg," so that the judges have worked very professionally!
Second half has began
The second half began!
Second Half
First Half
Half time
Additional time
Compensates for a minute the referee.
T-OO-OO-OO-A! 1:2! Something incredible is happening on the field! With the explicit provisions of the "offside" slaughtered guests Obscure German repeat show producers, but appear to have an arbitrator is a strong argument, because the goal still is recorded on Gyundogana!
Dortmund is trying at this moment to bring down such a pace of play, translated into more convenient for the channel, but nothing comes out. and advocates are now more confident and attacking.
Yellow card
The first yellow card of the match gets Rosenthal.
There was some confidence in the actions of the hosts. Better and better, they attack! The right flank protection "Borussia" is now very lame.
Gyundogan and Kel collided in center field. The first is now on the lawn, waiting for the help of doctors.
A lot of something at the last minute whistle, more and more players are breaking the rules of today's match.
Here is an attack, "Freiburg"! 3 in the two went to the gate they now Vaydenfellera. Schmidt gave a great pass into the penalty area to Cisse, he immediately turns vlupil rally, but the ball flew near the pole. It is very dangerous!
Blashihovski now earns free kick on the right flank. Again filed Schmelzer, but was unsuccessful at this time.
T-OO-OO-OO-O-R! 1:1! Rosenthal won two rivals in front of the penalty, played in a simple wall with a partner, and went one on one with the goalkeeper before calmly sent the ball between his legs Vaydenfelleru!
Lewandowski earned penalty now. Schmelzer decided to just knock on the gates of his powerful left-wasps, but hit the wall.
Oh what gorgeous pass to Lewandowski gave Schmelzer! Robert flew himself to himself! The arbitrator commits an offside position, even though repetition shows that this is an erroneous decision. Ah, again, these judges, they may all points to buy?
Now it is clear that a counter-attack "Borussia" can virtually decide the outcome of the match. It is a pity that the guests are still slow and does not seek to attack.
Lewandowski said Blashihovski now on the right wing, gave him horse-ball, but Jakub quietly returned to the defense - he was a clear offside.
Boring things are going in the match. Advance can reward attack, "Freiburg" for effort, but nothing concrete. A "Borussia" generally stopped.
Lewandowski is now handed the ball on the left flank, but still a bit overexposed. Supported him in the center of Kagawa, but apparently not a Pole, said connection partner.
Very thin in the center of the penalty area before playing football now, "Freiburg". Large forces are to attack the hosts, but still lacks a single player at any position.
Calmed down a game. Teams with more confidence and slow play these minutes. Perhaps this is due to rain, and both can expect from each other by some sort of decisive action.
Very actively pressing visit. Kagawa do so for every ball catches, no one loses any martial art!
And here is the first blow. Makiadi punches. And all he did for Kalidzhuiri, which is perfectly entered into the box from the right flank and then rolled a partner in the center of impact. The ball went past the gate and lightly.
Putilo now stopping the ball touched his hand and the referee put the free kick. I wonder why the owners are arguing with the referee?
Something tells me that this is not the last goal in the match. The teams played well, the game looks, but the owners until the attack is very uncertain.
Schmelzer again sharpens the game on the left flank. Shot in the bottom center on Lewandowski, it was ahead of the defender, who played poorly. Robert picked up the ball and immediately decided to break with an acute angle on goal but the ball again Baumann repulsed.
Putilo now I may have to take the ball into the penalty opponent, but he managed to earn a corner.
"Freiburg" timidly goes on the attack. They are given a difficult transition from own half to someone else.
Baumann Bravo! In my Kel filed with a penalty kick to the center by Lewandowski, Robert perfectly punched right in the corner, but a tremendous leaping goalkeeper parried the ball.
A good moment, "Borussia"! Cuba famously went into the box from the right flank, gave to the center under attack Kael. Sebastian beat the half-empty goal, but came up defense.
Very confident plays "Borussia". Feel themselves masters in this field, constantly attacking and stir up the situation in the goal net.
And here is the first effects of rain. Could get a promising counterattack from "Freiburg". Putilo gave to the center by Cisse, he stepped to the ball, but slipped and as a result, the chance was lost.
Now arguing with the referee owners. Kalidzhoiri rudely squinted at the center of Gyundogana, but the blame does not charge, said that played the ball. Although, by and large, there can be and give a yellow.
Now the guests were served a corner from the right flank. but nothing came of it. In this way they only gave rise to a new attack an opponent.
Nothing comes from "Freiburg". A lot of casting flies into the box on the star Cisse, but Hummels on the second floor is as always impeccable.
Very good attack had now visiting. Kagawa strangely gave forward to Lewandowski, but Robert was able to stop the ball and nearly jumped out one by one, but the defenders managed to close the free zones.
Dortmund team plays very confident in the defense, all the moves to the penalty completely closed.
T-OO-OO-OO-OO-A! Lewandowski!
Very heavy rain began in Freiburg. While the field is not very slippery falls was not.
Continues to attack the "Freiburg". Kalidzhuiri now pierced his head at goal from eight yards, but missed, the ball calmly rolled out of bounds.
Wow! Momentische! Demba flew to the shock position, lured by a goalkeeper, the ball then bounced into the center on Putilo and the one with the killer did not get the position of the empty goal from 14 yards!
Excellent pass now Cuba has given to the penalty Lewandowski, a Pole was fighting very fiercely, but managed to knock the ball Krmas on the corner.
In the first seconds of the team at a time mutually give each other the ball. At the beginning Schmelzer unsuccessfully applied from the right side, after Rosenthal played a "rebound" and decided not to start a counterattack of their team.
First time has began
The match began, the teams good luck!
First Half
Lineups for this fight you can see already in the section "On match" on our website.
Good evening, ladies and lovers of German football! Stadium "Badenova-Shtadion" today will make the match between the "Freiburg" and "Burussiey" from Dortmund. With luck, visitors can still get the title of winter champions, but you guys Juergen Klopp need a good sweat. With you the events of the match will follow Gromov Nikita, enjoy!

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