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With you I watched football, Karen Adamyan. Until next time, and before the new victories, all the best!
Second Half
Fans of "Stoke City" on the legs, the final whistle sounded, unbeaten "Tottenham" frustrated!
Modric rebound was preparing to strike, but it knocked down! There is no penalty! Time is running out already!
It remains to play a little less than two minutes, the players, "Spurs" can not even pick up the ball under control ...
Yellow card
Severely punched Scott Parker's legs Crouch - yellow card appears in the hands of Foya.
Additional time
Wow, Chris Foy added more than they wanted the fans, "Spurs" even, I think: + 5 minutes.
Giovanni Dos Santos in place of Rafael van der Vaart takes the field for Londoners.
Rory Delap appears on the field instead of Jonathan Woodgate in the "Stoke City". On the right flank twice, meanwhile, performed angular owners - both times very dangerous, Friedel saved the first, and then the ball whizzed just above the alignment, catching even the crossbar.
Corner from the right flank sent the home team to perform. Later, he will be served, because Delap prepares to enter the game.
50% -50% - these are the figures for the ball. Hmm, now much harder to have "spurs" of course. Ten of them end up playing. In attack, "Stoke City"!
Yellow, and then red
I think Chris Foy got now in the black list Younes Kabul. After a series of disturbances on the part of counsel Foy never believed him, but now more and wrote a second "yellow card".
Yellow card
Now Chris Foy or Van der Vaart, or Wilson has shown a yellow card ... Still, Wilson's - you can not waste time.
Chris Foy - just a beast! Again suspected to play a hand - and again there is no penalty. Enjoying replay: Hard to say. This is Whitehead put his hands close to his thigh, the ball eventually fell into this area - hard to say, very difficult. But on set 11 meters over the "suspicion" for a long time could be given. Yes, the second penalty, and why not?
Yellow card
M, by the way, everything was going to say, after the episode, when Kabul fell on the lawn, went back to voice complaints Foyu and received a yellow.
After all this nuclear situation Adebayor finishing off the ball after the rebound, but the referee decided that he was offside. It is arguable, but we need to play again.
Shawcross returns the ball to the "ribbon" of their goal ... hand? Or ... shoulder? In general, would be something to talk about after the game experts and many others.
Sorensen is very good! Bleu-e-TSA! Now Modric struck from outside the penalty area the ball after the bounce flew into the left corner, but vratarische right!
Not the most meaningful decision on the part of Chris Foya in the episode, when the ball went behind the front legs of Shotton, and Bale went to file the corner. The referee decided that the ball should move hosts.
The right to have a good free kick masters, from 25 meters Mark Wilson broke his right foot from the standard - in the wall, from which the ball flew off to the corner.
Bam-m-m number 2! Adebayor from the left edge alien penalty with his right foot hit the far top corner - very, very, very close to the pole gate Sorensen!
The fall in the penalty "Stoke City"! Kabul fell on the lawn Shawcross, seizing of the hand! What will Foy? There is no penalty! It is difficult, of course, very difficult to assign moral February 11-foot 4 minutes to gate owners.
Bam-uh! Scott Parker from 23 yards struck the right to the top right corner - pulled out of the nine ball Sorensen! Bravo, the goalkeeper, bravo! It will be just the corner!
And now another story! Abruptly appeared in guest chances for points in this match, we look further!
GO-O-AL! 2-1! Adebayor with a "point" to competently beat Sorensen, brush sending the ball into the right corner at medium altitude - the goalkeeper generally jerked in the opposite direction!
Penalty at the Gates "Stoke City"! Luka Modric was on the lawn! So, Adebayor at the ball.
Xx! Woodgate today, many would suspect a scam! After a pass to the right, Jonathan was nearly cut the ball into his own net! Phew, near the left bar.
A lot of silly losses on foreign players make a half field guest teams. Someone a long time fiddling with the ball, someone inadvertently gives a pass and so on.
Players are nervous, "Spurs", they are well aware that the sooner will be scored the first goal, the more likely will be the second goal!
It is interesting to watch the second half, both with each other in this difficult situation will interact with Defoe and Adebayor.
"Stoke City" was rarely attack, but some Londoners do not exacerbate the game, holding the ball, then it makes no sense to control!
Corner from the right flank performed Londoners - after a pass to the goalkeeper Sebastien Bassong line struck his head a little above the crossbar!
Acute attack of the home team held the right flank, followed by a nice even canopy, but the defenders of the "spurs" managed, just barely ..
During the break, Defoe and Bassong came on the field instead of Assou-Ekotto and Lennon.
Second half has began
The second half began!
Second Half
First Half
Half time
In the attack had more time Londoners, like most of the first half, but the outcome of the first half of the meeting - 2-0 in favor of "Stoke City"! Break!
Additional time
+ 2 minutes.
2 goals - double
GO-O-AL! 2-0! Etherington - take!
Shotton from the right wing put the ball in play in his style - as far as possible - and then threw the ball Walters head on, closer to the far post, and only meters from 8-9 Etherington sent a missile into the right corner of the goal!
Emmanuel Adebayor 25 yards from the right well by the power and precision punched in the bottom right corner - no, still weak, Sorensen easily covers the ball.
Players 'Spurs' powerful attack in the last minute, repeatedly bursting into the penalty area homes! Have more to blows!
About the last situation. It is almost the same as if the defender has violated the rules in his own penalty, but referee did not give a penalty, would continue the attack. Well, the same delusion. All this may explain another - possibly, Foy felt that there was no foul, but it's even more nonsense already.
Chris Foy, are you here? Jonathan Woodgate brought down Scott Parker in front of his own penalty area, the lines almost! The ball stayed in the guests, but fell off the attack on the left flank! The arbitrator, rather than to give the right to a promising free kick gave continue the attack. It ended badly, but because the penalty could punch ...
By the way, today in the first round match of the day submarine "Sunderland" won a victory over the strong-willed, "Blackburn", scoring 84 and 90 minutes. So that, "Spurs" is a great example!
Well, that is to play in the first half, a little over ten minutes, "Spurs' confidence began to act on someone else's half of the field, but that's not enough beats yet.
John Walters has decided to knock in his own penalty area by Scott Parker during positional control at the time of a corner at the gate Sorensen. Foy and could give a penalty.
Luka Modric with 26 meters famously broke his right foot strongly in the lower left corner - a small rebound from Shawcross that the trajectory of the ball has not changed much, and goalkeeper shell dropped on the corner!
It turned out a disappointment for "sink" after a pass from the corner flag on the left flank, but still got out the home team.
Standard did not come out successful in "spurs", flew the ball to the corner. On the first attempt to play it did not work, Chris Foy whistles - need more time to file.
Yellow card
Aaron Lennon on the left flank of the attack was on the lawn after an unsuccessful rolled Jonathan Woodgate - and even a yellow card shown defender Chris Foy.
26 minutes behind, but it's a little more than half of the first half. "Spurs" Is that a sensible attack carried out, remember the one that ended with lumbago Bale on the left? Well, then broke Huth pass. Well, but now even Van der Vaart struck a good distance to the lower right, but there goalie is in order.
In Stoke-on-Trent, it seems very even football weather, fans rustic, but the main thing. Well, the players comfortable, like.
Minor foul in attack from Rafa van der Vaart - and again the ball leaves the guest team. Londoners do not value the ball, oh, they do not cherish!
Ryan Shotton perfectly introduces the ball in play because of the side with his right wing, very far away to other people by sending round the gate!
Benoit Assou-Ekotto put his elbow and rushed into the fight with a rival for the top - ay-ay-ay. By the way, I told one of my good friend, supporter, "Spurs' Benoit - a rare mod! Hairstyle she has, of course.
Excellent acting now on the right flank Shotton, with Ryan is not easy to account for the defenders of "Tottenham".
Ryan Shotton from the right flank done an excellent transmission in the center of the penalty area, "Spurs" - too much.
William Gallas kick on the edge, even on someone else's half of the field. It can not be fixed permanently at the ball players, "Spurs."
I especially want to single out Adebayor, who did not pass the ball farther, but began with the contestants voditsya before his penalty. Pros say. Immediately followed by a mistake - and a goal.
GO-O-AL! 1-0! This Etherington!
Mediocre game on the defensive! Could have long repulsed guests, but were brought before his penalty in the end lost the ball to the right followed by a canopy, the ball went after rebate Crouch, who tried to break through from the right edge of the goalie, but got a pass to the goalkeeper's line, from which Etherington sent a shell into the empty bottom gate!
Corner played so-so Londoners, the ball is returned to the players, "Stoke". It should be noted that on the sly can "spurs" to push the game out of their gates.
Robert Huth in perfect order! Gareth Bale on the left flank broke forward, shot to the goalkeeper, and the great Huth knocked the ball to the corner, to forestall!
And this time, Crouch won the upper hand, but to bring the matter before the collision could not forward. He tried to break through himself - unsuccessfully.
Peter Crouch after the great out on the right horse struggled for the ball from goalie "spurs" and even got the right to the corner for his team's English striker.
Matthew Etherington had another attempt to kick a goal from a distance Friedel - tightly goalkeeper catches the ball, "Spurs."
While the "Tottenham" not on the field, start completely over, "potters"! It's frightening to look at the statistics on the ball.
Ryan Shotton joined the attack right wing hosts and even managed to strike from the right edge of the penalty in a foreign far bottom corner - by.
John Walters pulls on a Shoe flown away, the game does not stop, of course. While the guest players teams can not pick up the ball to him.
Matthew Etherington from 12 yards struck the bottom of the summer in the lower right - Friedel helps out his defense, which is a nap at the beginning of the game!
First time has began
The game started!
First Half
Good evening, ladies and lovers of English football! I greet you on the line of text broadcast Premier League matches between the "Stoke City" and "Tottenham"! I will comment on the game, Karen Adamyan. Enjoy!

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