Maybe unfairly, but the "Ajax" own goal today won thanks to Ramos. Note excellent effort "Vaalviyka," but these guys did not have the strength to put the squeeze on a more experienced opponent. This concludes our broadcast is over, you had Nikita Gromov, until we meet again!
Second Half
Final whistle is blown!
Meyers could score now! Fermeer knocked out just for the player of the opposing team, he immediately threw in the center of the penalty Meyers! Aaron was just getting into an empty net, but it did not happened!
The announcer in the stadium named best player of the match. And who do you think? Of course the goalkeeper "Vaalviyka" Jeroen Zut!
Additional time
3 minutes add the referee.
Eriksen makes a dangerous free kick in front of goal. Around the ball becomes the victim and the Vertongen.
Sno-oh-oh-oh-! Momentische! Van Peppe handed from the left flank into the penalty area, away from the gate and went out Fermeer Sno beat his head into an empty net, but missed! Enough of a goal the hosts today.
Eriksen went into the penalty opponents as to his home, but just a bunch of people came running second and the ball was lost.
Yellow card
What? Well really yellow? Yes, the referee shows a yellow card Peppenu Van, for the fact that he kicked the ball, sitting on the lawn.
A double substitution at the "Ajax":
Bulykin out instead Lodeyro and instead went Ramos Jansen.
Van Hout is now somehow revived the situation. A great tackle failed him when he took away the ball on the flank of the Ericksen.
Lodeyro now got the ball in the center of the penalty, but in this situation he did not have enough imagination. It would be possible to throw off the heel of a partner, and most try to punch, but he hesitated and lost the ball.
Ramos is now eliminated the danger from their gates. Anita took the game by himself, went into the box from the left flank, shooting at the center of the lone Lodeyro, but Ramos subcategory ball kicked to the corner.
Substitution in the "Ajax". Leaves the field Soleimani, instead it will now play Ebesilio.
Counterattack 3 3 came out now, "Vaalviyka." Sno little truth a fool, overexposed ball and then gave inaccurate to move Castillion.
despite the fact that his team wins, continues to put pressure Lodeyro about his opponent's penalty area. He's probably the best in her team in today's match.
Anita is very precisely applied from the left flank to the far post Klassen. he decided to stop the ball and break the rally, but just in Zutan. Gokliperu no big deal to beat off the ball.
Continues to squander time Soleimani. Anita gave him a very fine pass, he entered the penalty area and powerfully vporol. So much so that the ball anvernoe and beyond this tiny stadium flew!
Possession: 53% - 47%. Good statistics are for the bosses in this game, very much they try.
Van der Wiel has decided to take the game over. He received the ball in front of the penalty, and beat one prokidyval ball between the legs at the Sno, but made it too hard. A goal kick for Zutan.
Well done Castillion! The soul is happy, when you look. Fouls - went over and apologized. no arguing with the referee nor the fights, not his opinion of it unprintable expressions. Well done, what to say.
Penalty opponents gathered around the players now, "Ajax". Lodeyro actively trying to attack, but too much congestion in front of an opponent penalty area and all partners are closed.
Wang gave excellent Peppe now a partner in the cut into the penalty area, he gave in the fall to the center by Castillion, but the ball until it has never arrived. Very thin and fast attacking bosses.
Again hurried Aïssata. Eriksen on his excellent cast, with Ishmael was a lot of time! But he made friends with some rival and inaccurately filed the penalty area.
Oh how beautiful it was played! Eriksen threw the ball to Anita and the heel back into the box on your partner. sorry, Christian did not understand right away and the moment was lost.
Substitution in the "Vaalvayka." Deyts off, Van Mosselveld on.
Eno's now jumped into the fight on the second floor and hit his head, not only in the ball, but in the back of the opponent.
Eriksen filed a bad angle from the right flank, but wound up the players' Vaalvayka "courage to beat back and this shed.
Penalty miss
That's so! Beats Zoot! Perhaps at the cost of injuries, but he still fought off the blow with Soleimani point!
Red Card
Badzhar gets red for a foul last hope!
Penalty for a foul the referee raises against the class in the box!
Now crushed the home team. Clustered around the penalty area and rolled the ball in search of even the slightest mistake defenders opponent.
Totally alone on the flank was now Aïssata! Why the hurry? He gave the first touch in the penalty area, but so badly that the ball flew off the podium at a corner flag.
Lodeyro again demonstrates the technique. Taking the ball before the penalty, he beat two rivals, but partners could not see farther, and gave back.
Here it is a chance! Van Peppe handed fun at all the same Van Houten, he just hit the far corner, but in a long jump ball Fermeer rescued!
Meyers, now well hung in the incident in the penalty Van Hout, but he was only able to earn a corner.
Again, boldly climbs in the selection of Ramos. He needs to do careful - mustard plaster to his credit already.
Eno and Sno funny now struggling in midfield - an elephant and a lap-dogs, so to speak. But the lap-dogs in this situation, ie Eno won the ball and started to attack his team.
A good counter organized amsterdamtsy. Soleimani was racing on the flank, but again, somehow slowed down the attack, stopped and gave it back.
Ah yes Lodeyro, oh yes well done! Sam picked the ball, went to the penalty, has shifted slightly to the right and struck powerfully at goal but the ball flew slightly above the crossbar.
Soleimani now filed a corner from the right flank in the center of the penalty, but no deterioration did not happen - and left Zoot confidently took the ball.
Castillion now nearly took the discount Sno! Evander perfectly thrown off his head at his partner, he beat the rally, but could not get the ball, but the gate was 12 feet!
Scores are Lodeyro with transmission Eriksen from the left flank, but the referee does not count this goal, citing the fact that the Argentine was offside. replay shows that it is complete nonsense and the goal was to be counted!
As the fox made his way to the penalty opponents now Hainaut, was about to break through, but did not eat it do Ramos.
Events while developing exactly the scenario the first half. "Ajax" sits on the defensive, "Vaalviyk" confidently attack, constantly whipping up the situation in front of goal.
Van Haunia again in the spotlight. Win it now fight on the right flank at the expense of Blind and was able to be treated equally. In the center stood a Castillion, but the player "Ajax" famously played the body and took the ball.
Van Hout immediately throws himself into the game. He won the ball on the right flank, he decided to apply to the center, but the filing was simply awful, the ball flew into the stands.
Substitution in the "Vaalviyka." Van Hout leaves instead of Ten Ward.
Second half has began
The match is resumed!
Second Half
First Half
Half time
Whistle for a break!
Safely see out the first half of the team meeting.
Additional time
Compensates for a minute the referee.
Well what, what happened? Castillion and Anita mutually bumped down, but the referee somehow raises the penalty to the hosts. Both players lay on the lawn in need of medical care.
Van Peppe was now himself, with his half of the field. You could give the right edge, but he has come. Fermeer was in place.
Announce ball
T-OO-OO-OO-OO-A! Scores, "Ajax"!
Be more correct to say an own goal. Eriksen, using a good rebound and a security hole, went into the penalty area and shot badly from the right. Ball hit in the leg Ramos and flew into the gate!
On the right wing free kick played football "Ajax." As a result, managed to break through Vertongenu, but the ball flew to the gate is not. There will be a corner for the guests.
Yellow card
Ramos still has turned out to yellow card.
Now try to calm the game players' Vaalviyka. " Rolled a ball to protect them, but the Amsterdam team is very good pressure.
Eriksen either broke, or hung, is unclear. As a result, the ball rolled quietly into the hands of the goalkeeper.
Ramos fouls on Lodeyro before his own penalty. Excellent position for Vertongena and Ericksen.
A lot of fighting in the game. Center of the field wins the guests, but the owners have not yet surrendered. his sharp counter attacks they make, "Ajax" to think about protection.
Eno is now cut off a very good pass from Meyers to Castillion! Miss it now, this moment, and Jeffrey flies himself to himself!
Soleimani! What a moment! Eriksen was in the penalty area from the right side, gave in to the center Miralema, he stopped the ball and it does not matter, and the empty gates broke with a long delay.
It is difficult to give someone an advantage in today's match. On the individual qualities of the players play "Ajax," but the command cohesion "Vaalviyk." but both look the same, and the moments at the gate was also an equal amount.
Soleimani perfectly into the penalty handed to Ericksen, he punched his head into the near corner, but missed. Complex impact on performance: to jump forward and hit back.
Castillion very confident playing! Fully feels it every moment, every situation in which the falls. Typically, in this meeting, he emerges victorious from any fighting.
Yellow card
Very roughly, hit the opponent Vertoneg. Unconditional yellow!
The answer is "Vaalviyka" does not take long. Got the ball before the penalty Ten Rick Ward. Adopted, corrected himself with his left leg and severely hit the corner, but there is already in the game came Fermeer.
Something incredible is happening in the stands! Somehow it reminds me of Italian tiffozi. Classroom support, a lot of flags and banners, and most importantly no ondogo free!
Fouls against Soleimani Drost, and oh how it is and do not like the fans! On the field the ball flew from the stands, the referee stopped the meeting.
And one more thing. But what's this? Aïssata threw the ball into the penalty area in the class, he shipped in the fall of the ball into the goal, but this time the goalkeeper saved his team.
Van der Wiel is now passed on the right flank, unrolled several rivals, moved to the center and a powerful shot from the left leg in a corner, but again at a height of Zut!
Aïssata now burst into the box from the left flank but his pass stopped the whistle to signal the "offside".
Here's a blow! Vertongen was because of the penalty area before the gate was feet 25. Ian is so badly hit that was heard touching the ball on the glove Zutan. Gokliper still managed to move the ball to the corner.
Lodeyro whiz! Now without looking threw the ball to the heel of Erickson so hard that he almost himself for himself does not popped!
He took the ball right now Castillion in their half of the field and handed to someone else's corner flag and it lost it! The meaning then run? Although the owners are very active in pressing!
Here Lodeyro! Thus the sly players, "Ajax" and score, I guess. Now shown that the canopy will make the penalty area, and he suddenly struck in the near corner of the bottom. Fortunately, a good response Zutan.
Aïssata now approached the penalty opponent, has decided to no one else to give, and he powerfully struck the gate, but just in the hands of the goalkeeper.
"Vaalviyku" now lacks a productive attack - then the game would go very differently.
Calmed down a little game. But we must pay tribute to the fans - they are no less active than the first minute of the match.
Spinning the ball in front of foreign visitors penalty area, and what to do not know. Not bad balanced team, "Vaalviyk": and the protection of forces in short supply, and to counterattack.
Oh, that creates Castillion! Now it was a very strong pass. If he had to stop the ball, it will certainly be lost. But Jeffrey has decided to make clever - missed the "round" between the legs and thereby deceived the whole defense. sorry, did not have a number of partners.
What a pass he gave Lodeyro Now Soleimani! Whether that porastoropnee could be myself and to myself to jump out, but for some reason he decided to stop and otpasoval ago.
A dangerous free kick from the left flank filed Braber now! In the penalty was a lot of his partners, but above all was Ramos, he hit a gate. Sorry, missed the ball with a barbell.
Now could something happen in "Ajax". Aïssata shifted from the flank to the penalty and accurately throw a partner in the center, but the defender jumped very high and the ball is intercepted.
Not only is a dangerous attack other hosts, so also in the selection they are great! Very impressive in the first minutes Sno.
Again, great time! Deyts now entered the penalty area, decided not to strike, gave a pass to the far post partner, but they managed to catch defenders. Huge holes in the defense of the guests.
"Ajax" as long as there are no on the field. How are they training the chips in their half of the field and calmly beat their rivals and combine for fun!
Damn wrong now, too weak to give it a keeper. Then abruptly from the back slipped Castillion! He ran one on one, beat in the far corner, but missed. The first chances to score in the match!
Calmly control the game the players' Vaalviyka. " Guests try to put pressure, but so far nothing works.
Today the "Ajax" no consideration, eight injured players! This could explain such a low position in the table (6). But if today's victory, they can immediately get up at 4 position.
First time has began
The match started!
First Half
Good evening, dear friends! Today will be the match between "Vaalviykom" Amsterdam and "Ajax." We all know how unpredictable Dutch football, so expect an exciting and interesting game! Together with you the events of the match will follow Gromov Nikita, enjoy!

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