Stadium: Estadio Santiago Bernabeu
Second Half
The final whistle!
That's it! 2011 - not a year of "Real" in the fights against the "Barcelona". Wards Jose Mourinho lost and allowed the Catalonian team equalized with an on points, but the current owners still have a game in stock!

Since you were Vladimir Gubarev! I wish you happiness, health, prior to the meeting!
Ronaldo penalty earned. Pique has violated the rules. There is a chance for the Club of Madrid in order to reduce the backlog in the account. A small scuffle occurred at the gates of "Barcelona". This is - nothing compared to the previous games.
Is gradually approaching the end of our great fight. What can I say? No words. It's all said-written. A week later, the "Real" will play on the road with "Seville" and "Barcelona" in two weeks again perform in front of other people's fans. It will be a fight against the "Malaga". It will be interesting, I'm sure.
Additional time
Three minutes.
Man of the Match - Iniesta - leaves the field. Instead, it appeared Pedro Rodriguez.
By the way, who do not know after the game with the "Real" "Barcelona" should quickly leave the "Bernabeu" to be able to land in Japan, another Catalan supergrandu not give permission to land. We hope, be without adventures. Just in case, say, a thousand police watched over the safety to the "Clasico."
MOMENTISCHE! It is not run by big players ahead of "Barcelona". Iniesta robbed an opponent on the left flank, the ball fell to Messi, Lionel sent a projectile at the bottom near corner of the goalie, Andres popped one on one with Casillas at an angle punch - a keeper, backache at Massey - in Ramos, Casillas and then took the ball in their glove.
Good luck! Good luck! Good luck! And yet a thousand times lucky. Kaka took the ball on the left edge alien penalty area, the Brazilian broke his left foot into the near corner, a shell flew by Valdes, but Victor was able to still touch the shell of some part of the body, after which the ball went in millimeters from the far post.
David Villa instead of Alexis Sanchez. Whistling fans of "Real". But how differently they should respond to the Madrid football club?
The reason for such an account could still be a terrible game Cristiano Ronaldo. To be more precise - the lack of it, such as games. The Portuguese always carried risk of transmission, which were often lost to the Madrid club.
Andres Iniesta received the ball on the left, then moved to the penalty line and completed the transfer of Alexis, but Sanchez did not expect this to pass from the Spanish partner. In general, it came out beautifully, but not effectively.
Now about ten minutes left in the Madrid team to somehow fix the situation. Another defeat of the "Barcelona" fans "Real" simply can not understand. At this time the judges did not see the corner at the gate of the Catalan team. Many errors were referees teams today, I think.
Fabregas left the field. His ball can be called critical, I think. Instead, it appeared Seydou Keita. With a good mood Cesc went to the bench. And many said that Josep Guardiola for his place in the starting lineup will not find ... Found in fact.
And some more statistics. Do you know who played the greatest number of 'El Clasico' at all in the history of this conflict? Who knew, or knew at once - I congratulate you, who do not know - it's Raul! He played in sixteen full-time matches the "Real" and "Barcelona", which scored nine goals and had received no warning (this is especially appreciated by looking back at past fights). Raul surpasses Hunt, Manuel Sanchis ml., Pirrie and Santilyanu, which stood at around 15 "Clasico" La Liga in Madrid.
Little is doomed Jose Mourinho. Not used it so many times to play the same team, one coach. Well, what can you do? This is the "Barcelona", friends. It rarely fails matches, but often waits for his moment. This feature of the Catalan team.
WOW! MAMMA MIA! Just picked up and fell right flank "Barcelona." Benzema burst there, went to a different penalty area, beat Carles Puyol slipped and struck the bottom to the far corner - a little inaccurate. Also failed to reach the projectile and Gonzalo Higuain.
Andres Iniesta beautifully figured in center field with Hediroy themselves, throwing a ball player's Madrid team. There was a counter-attack "Barcelona", which ended with a blow on the head after a pass by Xavi on the right flank - is inaccurate.
Andres Iniesta hit twice. First, his arm hooked Hedira themselves, then the legs went Koentrau Fábio, who today held a masterpiece just sixty minutes. And now look at the counter "Real" Cristiano Ronaldo hung from the right wing failed.
Fabregas pass in the right flank, Daniel Alves hung on a rack far from where his head struck the crossbar much higher Lionel Messi. And he jumped know what? Pepe himself. It's hard to imagine, but believe me, it was.
"Real" is a huge force in the attack, forgetting about defense. Do not be surprised if the team is now in Madrid miss another ball in the investigation counterattack Catalan team. It remains the owners of approximately twenty minutes to even the score.
Yellow card
Sergio Ramos received a yellow card for a foul against the misty Lionel Messi. Fog it, because there seems to be no violation of the rules. Well, okay. Do not remove after all, is not it?
Gonzalo Higuain now twenty four years with what it and congratulations! I think the best gift for the Argentine will, of course, the victory of his team, but now this can only dream. This season, Karim Benzema, perhaps, is in better shape than Gonzalo.
Substitution in the "Real"! Out Angel Di Maria, who has shown himself well in the first half. Instead, he had a Gonzalo Higuain.
Well, what say? Xabi Alonso on his face could be read that he thinks his team is doomed to failure. Another contender in the legs and punched Spaniard now. The main thing - do not get a "yellow card". I think this idea is now gone by the wayside, right?
GO-OO-OO-OO-OO-O-AL! Fabregas!
NOT-BE-RO-NF-HO! Kaka completed a canopy from the left flank into the penalty spot area, where no one overt Cristiano Ronaldo struck his head in millimeters from the far rack! Fantastic!
WARNING! With standard punched Lionel Messi, the gate was twenty-six feet, flying projectile near the "wall", but went to the nearest millimeter from the rack. Iker Casillas, in my opinion, all controlled. Now it is a positional attack "Real" is brewing.
Instead, Diarra came Hedira themselves. Predicted replacement.
Yellow card
Pepe was shown a yellow card for a foul against Messi in the twenty-six yards from the gates of Madrid "Real". It seems that now he is Argentinian and shoot from that position. We'll see.
WARNING! Lionel Messi ran to someone else's punishment, carried out the transfer on the bottom left corner of a foreign goalkeeper, from right to left foot punched Alexis Sanchez - Iker Casillas had put his foot. And to round went exactly in the corner.
Yellow card
Yellow card received Lassana Diarra. No problem, he stopped by Andres Iniesta, but by breaking the rules. Spaniard grabbed his hands, not allowing to pass to someone else's box. This, of course, "Gorchichnik." Arguing is not necessary.
Kaka easily bypassed two opponents on the left flank, and then carried back to the transfer of Cristiano Ronaldo. Portuguese crawled deep into the defense of "Barcelona," shot in the area penalty spot, where there were only representatives of the Catalan team.
"El Clasico" played in Madrid, always impressive number of goals scored. So, the only "Real" and "Barcelona" in the Spanish capital eighty-one met once in eighty championship of La Liga. Statistics: Fifty wins Madrid team, sixteen victories "blaugrany" and fifteen draws. Goal difference: one hundred and sixty against ninety, respectively. It is easy to calculate that this is an average of 3.21 goals per match. Cool, is not it?
"Barcelona" calmly controlled the ball in the center of the field, followed by a burst of Messi, who made a raid from the right flank to the center, but the transmission on Cesc Fabregas in the Argentine to be not very successful. In the offside was ex-player of "Arsenal".
Substitution in the "Real"! Kaká appears in place of Mesut Ozila. Hmm, interesting, interesting.
Karim Benzema got the ball near the left edge alien penalty area on the backswing removed opponent punched on goal, but was Carles Puyol, from which "round" flew over the front line. Angle earned the players Madrid "Real", but nothing out of it to squeeze out the players in white failed.
At this time, warm up Kaka and Higuain actively. Angle earned visitors. Javi hung from the right corner of the field, above all jumped Pepe, who knocked the shell away in the center of the field. Counterattack "Real" we have not seen.
GO-OO-OO-OO-OO-OO-AL! Xavi! Goal in the match for the six "Barcelona"!
By the way, Xavi, along with "Barcelona" won three Champions League, six championships in Spain, one of the King's Cup, two European Super Cup, five Super Bowls in Spain and one Club World Championship, which Hernandez failed to distinguish himself. With the national team of Spain's greatest modern player has won European and World Championships. Honestly, I hope that it will Xavi Golden Ball. That's from the heart of his desire.
Lassana Diarra went straight leg on Sergio Busquets, for which he could receive a yellow card but the referee today is a very good, or very bad. Penalty players Catalan team played poorly. The ball is lost. Combine the players of "Real" of Madrid.
Cristiano Ronaldo struck the gate with a standard ball was sent into the far bottom corner where stood Victor Valdes. He took the shell in his gloves without any problems. Initiative continues to own the Madrid club. The second half is completely behind him.
Cannon was too low, but the selection was Pepe, who was swamped by Daniel Alves. Again, the standard for Cristiano Ronaldo. Meters to the gates of twenty-five. On the lawn continues to lie number three "Real", but doctors at the football field does not appear.
Yellow card
Cristiano Ronaldo was shifted from the left wing near the center of another's penalty area, but it stopped the leg Gerard Pique. Yellow card protector "Barcelona" and the standard for Ronaldo. It will now be cannon. Everyone is waiting.
Cristiano Ronaldo received the ball on the left flank, pulled forward, but to beat Gerard Pique Portuguese failed, releasing the projectile at the sideline of the field. Cool side figured out, but Cristiano says he does not departed from his ball out of the field. Well, somebody ought to know. That's who?
Thus began the first half. I can remember. "Barcelona" possession of the ball, whistle, then made a mistake and Valdes goal. This will not be, since the first minute of the second half of the meeting is over. Josep Guardiola is very nervous. His understanding is possible and necessary, I think.
Second half has began
The second half started! Come on, guys!
Second Half
First Half
Half time
The first half is over! 1:1 - great! "Real" shows the top-class football. "Barcelona" lives up to its standards. There are two great teams. And while they went to the locker room. Break, relax!
And this is the second yellow card, by the way. Lionel Messi put his foot badly, Xabi Alonso fell on the grass in center field, but the referee did not drive out to the front of the field Argentine. Lucky "Barcelona." It's just luck. Nearing the end of the first half. How long does it add a Chief Justice? We'll see.
Referee our match - David Fernandez Borbalan. That will tell you honestly, in the Spanish Royal Football Federation did not sit the originals. Borbalan this year, recently worked on the "El Clasico" (match the "Nou Camp" in the Spanish Super Cup). After the fight was incredible lot of talk about the judging. Most complained about the poor representatives of the arbitration "Real", but, as we see, the Spanish Royal Federation, this fact does not bother. Let's see how is today. God forbid, be without error in the second half. Although this referee likes to get yellow and red cards in their pockets. For example, in seven previous matches this season, David showed forty-one yellow card and two red. Also, twice a penalty.
Cristiano Ronaldo still nothing shows on its left flank. Before him now up Carles Puyol, but the Portuguese did not want to go forward, following the unsuccessful diagonal translation on the right-hand curb. Jose Mourinho is shouting something in their wards. Do not like it "very special" play in center field, I understand.
Fabregas otgreb from Lassana Diarra on the side of the field of "Real", but the chief arbiter of the meeting the twenty-fourth card number, Madrid's team did not show. Again - a strange decision. They already had a few in the first half.
Forty minutes of the game is over. Karim Benzema got the ball on the penalty and did not beat him, but I went into obygrysh, but played a good subcategory of Gerard Pique, breaking the shell of the side line of the field. Suitable gradually the first half to an end. Cool first half of the meeting. Do not say anything.
"Barcelona" combines hard in midfield. Very cool use of the collective pressure of club football in Madrid today. And now may all turn out counter-attack. We look forward to ... And there is nothing to wait. Angel Di Maria completed the transfer of an unsuccessful ride in someone else's penalty area. Bede.
But now, when on the football field is nothing interesting happens, I ask everyone to stand up from their chairs - sofas and pat the great Xavi Hernandez, who now spends his six match for "Barcelona." In these matches he scored sixty-three ball (forty-two goals in the Example, ten in the Champions League, seven in the King's Cup, three - in the UEFA Cup and Spanish) An incredible achievement. Just fantastic. The fourteenth season of blue-and-garnet-shirt. I think it is possible to "put" on a par with Pele and Maradona, who do not agree?
Yellow card
Lionel Messi got a yellow card for talking. He begged for a "yellow card" for Pepe, who broke the rules on the right flank to Alexis, and it so happened that he was punished. Bede. Javi hung from standard to long-stand - Iker Casillas played very well, knocking the ball in mid-air with his fists outside his own penalty area.
Sorry, but it is, if not a yellow card? Daniel Alves in the center of the field knew that the ball does not have time, but still climbed straight leg on Xabi Alonso. Perhaps the Spaniard, and not much got, but the fact. The referee, in my opinion, even the foul did not record in favor of the Madrid club. Strange ...
An incredible amount of marriage is now in the programs in football, "Barcelona." For this they need to "thank" the "Real", which is always pressure and excellent plays in the individual selection. Catalan team was not ready for this, right?
All the "Barcelona" is already superior to the "Real" in possession of the ball. 42% to 58%. At this time, the right flank of the four players the guests climbed Angel Di Maria, and stopped the twenty-second number in the white form Lionel Messi, forcing the opponent to make a projectile in the subcategory for the sideline of the field.
Sure, sure, but who else to show, if not the coaches? Josep Guardiola gestures as always a lot, but Jose Mourinho has not yet shown any emotion. It should be noted that the Portuguese expert once again did not go to the press conference before an important meeting. Again, for Jose to reporters puffed his assistant - Aytor Karanko.
That would be a confrontation. About an hour before the game. It will be interesting. I mean the left flank of the "Real" and, accordingly, the right "Barcelona." Now the ball past Marcelo prokinul Daniel Alves, who blocked the passage of the body and the inertial Junior hit the opponent. Daniel grabbed his face, but the referee did not believe him.
Yes, followed by a long hinged gear, which broke the head of Alexis Sanchez in the penalty. On the selection of the first was Angel Di Maria, who otpasoval far in his penalty area to Iker Casillas. Spanish goalkeeper should and "Real" work down.
Yellow card
And it is Iniesta and Alexis were unable to stop Di Maria, for which the last of the players, "Barcelona" won the "yellow card". Standard Angel earned the right flank. Mesut Ozil has the ball. It will be shed into the penalty area the Catalan team, I understand.
How could I not say about the opposition Ronaldo-Messi? This season, the championship of Spain and Lionel Cristiano scored seventeen goals, with the Portuguese took the cause thirty-five shots fired in front of goal, and the Argentine - forty-one. All in the championship of Spain in Madrid representative of the club beat on someone else's goal eighty-seven times, and dozens of "Barcelona" - eighty-three. The accuracy of shots: 53% vs. 66.1%. Move away from the heads, turn to the creative act. There Messi beat Cristiano, doing a thousand and two assists, while the Portuguese made it almost half: five hundred forty-seven. Accuracy: 82.8% for Ronaldo, and 84.5% - Messi. This statistics prepared British colleagues, for which many thanks to them!
Yellow card
Xabi Alonso was booked for a foul against Lionel Messi in the center of the field. Optional "yellow card", to be honest. The Catalans played the standard is not very accurate. Not followed, and counter the "Real".
HOW DANGEROUS! Cristiano Ronaldo received the ball from Karim Benzema on the penalty, before it was only Victor Valdes and the far corner, where the methyl Portuguese, but the projectile traveled in millimeters from the far post. But he could now get through 2-0. Lucky "Barcelona." Benzema played very well.
GOOD! Xavi Hernandez threw a "wall" by sending a projectile under the crossbar, but exactly the place where located Iker Casillas. The main goalkeeper of Spain is not easily passed the ball to the front line of the field with their fists. Corners have played poorly.
But this is dangerous. Fabregas broke into another penalty through the left curb, it is not stopped by the rules of Lassana Diarra. It will now be the standard. Chance for Xavi and Messi, of course. But he beats Hernandez appear.
Well, for a moment coped operators in Spain. Nothing important, we have not missed. 1-0 - by the former. "Real" is trying to accelerate the pace of the game, and the "Barcelona" on the contrary - to bring down the collective impulses of Madrid. Josep Guardiola in general we do not show. What is this?
Lost connection with the "Santiago Bernabeu". We hope that nothing of importance to you we do not miss it. Still, this game should be shown in full, but we will not really blame the Spanish operators, right?
Twenty minutes behind, and you have them, friends have noticed? I - no. Went like a mosquito on a summer evening. At that time, Cristiano Ronaldo received the ball in midfield, close to the penalty and struck heavily on the center - Victor Valdes parried round with their fists. Counterattack "Barcelona" did not work.
On the left flank took the ball Andres Iniesta, carried himself as icing on the course, but in time for the projectile failed. "Round" jumped over the front line of the field. A goal kick for Iker Casillas. Xavi Hernandez asks his teammates to calm down and hold the ball in midfield.
"Barcelona", of course, the victory of today. Well, at least, a draw. If you win Madrid "Real" that ninety percent of the championship will be solved, because the wards Jose Mourinho is still playing in the stock to "Athletics" from Bilbao. You can not exactly say that, in the fight "Real" absolutely take three points, but all the same, yet, though.
Actively stretching Kalehon Jose, but his services, it seems, is not particularly necessary. Angel Di Maria after all is back on the football field. Now it is done from a central circle of unsuccessful transmissions on the right flank. Pressure from rivals meet again Jose Mourinho wards. How does this "Real" is different from proshlosezonnogo ...
Oh, oh, oh, oh. Slippery field. Angel Di Maria gets medical care. He could not continue the match, it seems. Slipped and pulled a muscle. God forbid that I was wrong. Even the stretcher appeared on the football field. Come on, Angel, come back to the green grass. We are injured in a fight are not needed.
Victor Valdes again tried to help competitors get the ball. He is now with the penalty to transfer to the bottom in the center of the field from the gate on horseback easily pierced Xabi Alonso - did not hit. And the offside recorded at Angel Di Maria. Short stop in the game.
"Barcelona" is valid under the scheme: 4-3-3. There was talk about the game with three defenders, but Josep Guardiola all its decision to put in its place. At the gates of Victor Valdes. Defence (left to right): Eric Abidal, Carles Puyol, Gerard Pique and Daniel Alves. The trio of midfielders on the left - Andres Iniesta, right - Xavi, in the center - Sergio Busquets. And the three attackers in the center - Cesc Fabregas, right - Lionel Messi, left - Alexis Sanchez.
So, on Angel Di Maria had been no violation, and was now at Massey. A strange decision, but oh well. All this happened in the middle of the field, so that any threat to the gate it did not promise. Calmed down after an incredible football players of the meeting.
Tennis star Nadal is present in the VIP box, this time on the right wing took the ball Angel Di Maria, performed the hidden overhang on line free kick, from his head to the far bottom corner is not very much struck Karim Benzema - shell gloves Victor Valdes.
Response to "Barcelona": from the right hung a Xavi corner on the goalie, where his head struck Alexis Sanchez - the ball flew close to the nearest stand, and it's thanks to Sergio Ramos, who interfered with good striker now the Catalan team.
And it is to blame the rain. Could not now, being at the right corner of someone else's free kick, pass in a section on mate Angel Di Maria - round off the gloves Victor Valdes. Oh, what a match. No words.
Begins to "Barcelona" has gradually come to life. On the left flank received the ball, Alexis Sanchez, a touch of icing on the course of the projectile itself, but was stopped by Fábio Koentrau the rules. Alexis asked for a yellow card for a right-back "Real", but the referee did not show it. Penalty guests played poorly. Counterattack wards Jose Mourinho ...
Lionel Messi! Slipped on the left flank of Sergio Ramos, took advantage of Lionel Messi, who entered into a strange penalty area, beat on the backswing and Pepe broke his left foot in the bottom corner - Iker Casillas jumped aside in time and managed to convert a shell for the front line of the field.
Madrid "Real" came up to the next "El Clasico" is simply a masterpiece form. Just think of Jose Mourinho's boys won in the last fifteen matches in a row, given the Champions League, scoring with fifty-seven heads. Bottom line: first place in the Liga and won the Champions League group stage. So can not boast of even the "Barcelona", so another "Clash of the Titans" is even more interesting, right?
Well, it's unbelievable, my friends. "Barcelona" is already as six minutes can not really go out with his half of the field. Cesc Fabregas is now somehow got the ball on the left, immediately shot in the penalty area, where one of the players were not the Catalan club. Iker Casillas took the shell in his gloves.
The home team played under the scheme: 4-2-3-1. Let us understand, my friends. At the gate Iker Casillas. The defenders (from left to right): Marcelo, Sergio Ramos, Pepe and Fábio Koentrau. Midfielder: Xabi Alonso and Lassana Diarra. The trio of attacking players: right - Di Maria, left - Cristiano Ronaldo, center - Mesut Ozil. At the edge of a Karim Benzema.
Unbelievable! Six people are "Real" meet "Barcelona" on another side of the field, three - just pressing Victor Valdes. Is this it was last season when the team played in Madrid muffled by the defense? NO! That's why it's "El Clasico" should be able to simply cool!
Right now, guys, start the inferno. "Barcelona" intercepted the ball in midfield and trying to impose their game Madrid club, while at the same time, fans of "Real" still celebrate hammered the ball. Jose Mourinho something outlines.
GO-OO-OO-OO-OO-O-AL! Karim Benzema-A-A-A! FANTASTIC! Good evening, Valdez! Good, even so would have said. Victor performed an unsuccessful transmission of the bottom of his penalty to the left flank, the projectile took Angel Di Maria, tried to tap the ball into the area to deliver the penalty spot on Benzema, but the transmission failed. "Round" flew off the line of the penalty from which struck Ozil - got up to the player "Barcelona", the ball bounced into the empty area where Karim Benzema from ten meters easily beat Victor Valdes! 1-0!
The home team now play in white, and the players Josep Guardiola - a blue-and-pomegranate. Gates of Iker Casillas picture on the TV are on the left, and Victor Valdes frame - on the right. Whistling fans of Madrid "Real". "Barcelona" rolls round on its side of the field.
First time has began
The match started! Let's go! We wish the teams to show a beautiful, interesting and effective game. With the center of the field began to players of "Barcelona!"
First Half
Well, just incredible. Tension is felt even on the couch in front of the monitor. And what's going on out there on the "Santiago Bernabeu"? Even can not imagine.
Commands appear on the lawn! "Santiago Bernabeu" painted in white color! Beautiful, very beautiful. Each person has his own box.
Starting lineups are in the "About Match!"
Six, six times these teams met each other in this 2011 year. Six memorable battles, six unpredictable bouts, six of these football festivals. But just be seven wonders of the world as, for example. Therefore, they meet again! "Real" vs. "Barcelona", Madrid against Catalonia, Jose Mourinho against Pep Guardiola, and twenty-two fighters who are ready to give all power to win. Everyone was waiting for this fight for fifteen rounds, and now I want to ask: Are you ready to see it? I do not know about you, and I shout: "Ready!", Especially as this meeting will be held today, a day of football. In the "commentary booth" Vladimir Gubarev!

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