Stadium: Emirates Stadium
The Good, the battle we fight turned out! "Arsenal" in its 125th Birthday Party managed to win thanks to a beautiful goal from their captain - Rabin Van Persie. Congratulations to all the fans on the anniversary of the club and today's victory. This concludes our broadcast is over. With you the events in a match watched Nikita Gromov, until we meet again!
Second Half
Final whistle is blown!
Some seconds left for the last attack, "Everton", but Mertazaker been otherwise. German perfectly picked the ball from Baines on the flank.
I almost scored "Everton"! Fellaini gave young Makeleni and the powerfully struck into the far corner! The ball missed the pole, but it was very dangerous.
Beautiful Gunners attack! Van Persie gave the ball into the penalty box, took off under the impact Rosicky, but did not beat the Czech and with the first Dutchman returned the contact. Robin struck hard, but inaccurate.
Twirled the ball on the flank of Ramsey, nice icing between the legs of an opponent, but eventually the ball was lost.
Additional time
4 minutes added arbitrator.
Walcott changes Frimpong.
Gunners organize positional attack. This is a game they actually won, but did not play very well, especially in the second half.
Gueye was released on impact position with the left edge of the penalty, but struck by the gate. An interesting attack, but the protection of "Arsenal" in control.
Calmed down a game. "Everton" understands that the score they probably will not succeed, well, "Arsenal" is not particularly flies in the attack.
Van Persie had a long ball on the flank, drove himself into a corner, but the Gunners attack continues.
A double substitution from Wenger:
Mikel comes on the field instead of Vermaelen and Rosicky Zhervino changes.
Yellow card
Roughly Distin fouls against Walcott, for which he receives a yellow card.
Earn angular butterscotch. Distin and Baines for a few seconds every 5 filed in the penalty area, but to no avail.
Taking a pause in the game, we repeat the Van Persie goal. Robin scored just great! It is also pleased with the bare and Henry, who stood applauding in the stands.
Vermaelen on the lawn. Already doctors ran on the field. Fellaini rudely dismissed the Belgian elbow.
Very nice Arteta gave to the center of the box. Van Persie won a horse fighting, high jumping and heavily pierced his head, but the past.
Ramsey wins the applause! In a very difficult situation managed to earn a corner Welshman.
A double substitution from Moyes:
Nveill leaves, instead of Nago Makeleni, but instead goes Bilyaletdionva Gueye.
Song is now on the course gave Van Persie on the left flank, but too much. And the whole left brow was empty. Give Alex a little more precisely, a Dutchman and he could jump on himself.
On the right flank Neville catapulted out into the penalty area on Fellaini, he gave to Kehila further and Australian managed to take the ball, but Vermaelen immediately knocked him.
Well now the Gunners will be planned to finish his opponent. Arsenal kept the ball calmly in front of his penalty. But, I think everyone knows when Van Persie scored one, then why not score a second? Recall that his 15 goal in 15 matches. A great result!
Revived podium! And Rosicky, Arshavin and dressed back training uniform. Their output is not yet necessary.
T-OO-OO-OO-OO-O-R! Van Persie-I-I-!
Song gave a great pass into the box to Robin, he decided not to stop the ball, and the gathering broke into the far corner! Incredibly beautiful! The ball flew from the bar into the net - 1:0!
Removes training clothes Rosicky. Apparently, the Czech will enter the field. Who will replace, it is interesting to know?
And one more hit from "Everton". Let inaccurately punched Fellaini, but still come. This can not be said about the players of "Arsenal", quite a while playing in the penalty Hovarada not sharpened.
Bilyaletdinov perfectly applied to the near post. There's the outside of the foot Coleman shipped the ball into the goal, but his plan did not materialize.
Obviously tired Zhervino. He falls out of the game. Arshavin is still the only candidate to enter the field.
Oh what a good shot of Neville! Coleman shook and rolled in a penalty kick by captain. He broke well, but the ball flew above.
Saha leaves the field, instead Distin.
Song said now running too far and Van Persie at the time gave him the transfer, but again Howard came on time and picked up the ball.
A good feed from the right flank followed by Van Persie, but Robin at the last minute ahead of your opponent.
Struggling Gunners fight for every ball! This is certainly laudable, but strikes at goal, we do not see.
Not bad plays, "Everton", but still a little too easy. the impression that the "Arsenal" can pin down at any moment and then there is a goal will happen, but it's just an illusion. Something, and maybe someone does not have enough hosts in this match.
Baines! Footballer of the cage now Capello has filed with the left flank into the penalty area on Saha, and so did not have a few centimeters, which would forward the ball into the goal!
Vermaelen fouls against Coleman on the right flank and "Everton" still makes a very good way standard.
Walcott again! That's how the attack gave the Gunners! Ramsey won with Theo, he gave the penalty for an Englishman, and he defeated rival, broke into the near corner. Howard was on top!
Walcott decided to take the game itself - has shifted from the right flank in the center and broke through on goal with his left foot but the ball flew into the stands.
Vermaelen now won the fight on the second floor in the penalty and took off for Walcott and the gathering broke on goal. The ball flew inaccurate and would like to correct as Van Persie and Mertezaker, but they were both offside.
Back on his feet hit Arteta Fellaini. Foul obvious, but the guests decided to argue with the referee. From this, however, did not work.
Kehil again jumps not a good impact position after Fellaini pass, but the "offside" recorded the referee. "
Vermaelen now joined the attack from the left flank. Followed by a pass at him and he immediately applied to the far post, but there Walcott played a hand.
Kehil now "caught a mole" in the field and lost a Shoe. But the Aussie continued to struggle, though the referee stopped the action of these heroic.
Walcott is now the third eye noticed the connection Djourou left without looking at the course gave the Swiss, but too clever by half. The ball skidded off the field.
Van Persie is now entered from the right flank into the penalty area, retreated under attack Vermalenu and the powerful shot on goal from twenty-five feet, but the ball hit the defender.
With Theo seems to be all right. Limping slightly, he left the field accompanied by the club doctor.
From the first minutes of the second half, Arsenal surely take the game into their own hands. Again, quiet rolling ball in front of the box. Walcott is now lying on the lawn. He wanted to turn on the spot, but went to the foot. It is possible that something serious.
Second half has began
The second half began!
Second Half
First Half
Half time
Everything is coming to break. Song was with the ball before the penalty and not think of anything better to give a course on Walcott in the penalty area. Paz was too strong and not very accurate.
Thanks to a successful ricochet the ball got to the Saha penalty. The Frenchman has decided not to philosophize and slyly struck at once powerful, but the ball flew into the stands.
Additional time
3 minutes added time to the main referee of the first half.
A translation of the directors show us repeat of the episode, when Vermaelen punched his head and stopped the ball Yagilka. It is true and what is not clear: hand or body. Whatever it was, the referee was close and did not put a penalty.
Did not get to log into the box Arsenal. Only through individual actions of individual players is going on, but combinations of the famous Wenger guys we do not yet see.
Van Persie has once again takes the corner well, but his partner can not break through on goal. Gunners in the last minutes of play less of an issue than they did in the middle of the half.
Walcott easily broke into the penalty area, beating the course of several rivals, including the fifth speed and did chamber for Van Persie to the center, but again at the last moment, caught the ball defender.
Ah yes Van Persie! Now, thanks to a good ricochet, he could organize a counterattack cool his team, but took the ball poorly. The result - out for "Everton".
Arteta still can not otlipnet from Fellaini. As soon as the ball takes the Belgian, Spaniard immediately actively trying to have it taken away.
Calmly control the game the Gunners. Not much time remains until the completion of the first half of the meeting, and on board all the same zeros.
Very good now crushed Arsenal, started this siege the gates of Howard! A lot of innings, beats, flies in the penalty shot Howard.
Again, Wolcott sharpens the game! Amazing pass into the incision gave Van Persie Theo into the penalty area, he was preparing for a long time, but still shot to center on Zhervino, but before it did not reach the ball.
Van Persie is now a very long time preparing a strike from outside the penalty area, and yet all seemed so not bad! Tribunes hold your breath, but the Dutchman had not struck - took the ball defenders.
A great pass from own half Vermaelen gave to Walcott, but Theo ahead of Howard, who went out and caught the ball.
Kehil fouls against the Song in the midfield. A lot of whistling referee - and Offsides, and fouls, and mustard - all have been, but no goals.
Corner from the left flank now filed Baines. Nothing came from Fellaini. He jumped well, but with a bang as something not very much.
Matures goal to "Everton", the Gunners clearly deserved it. But there is no activity Van Persie. If the Dutchman will get a chance, "Everton" nothing will save.
How is it Aaron? Chances to score again at the gates of Howard! He entered the penalty area, turned around and beat it with his left foot into the far top corner but the ball fell neatly on top of the net gate "Everton".
Nothing so far in the attack does not go with butterscotch. And attacking the good and the ball is taken away, but as soon as reach the penalty - a powerful run into the wall of Djourou, and Mertezakera Koselni.
Something serious with Walcott. Englishman lying on the lawn, even can not get up.
Ramsey gave a brilliant pass to Van Persie! The tip of the shoes he picked up the "round". Robin took the ball with his left foot struck the gate, but the ball somehow treacherously cut off and flew away.
Arteta has decided not to file into the box with the standard, and played with Vermalenom. Belgian powerfully struck with the second contact 30 meters, but the ball hit the defender.
Yellow card
Coleman gets yellow card for a foul against Walcott.
Again Baines hosts on the right flank! He calmly beat Djourou and shot to the center by Saha, a Frenchman missed the ball elegantly, but no one understood.
Why are Howard whizzed Web? Not a bad counterattack was planned for toffee, fouled against Fellaini, but the ball stayed in the guests. The arbitrator his whistle eliminated this danger.
It's great to play in the selection of "Everton". Although it is a very big hole formed on the right flank protection. Zhervino flew on the brow, said Van Persie but the Dutchman was offside, at least so says the referee. Although, in reality, this decision is quite soprno.
Comedy in a match commentator adds, referring to Ramsey - Wilshere. Of course, all the gunners would have liked, but this is complete nonsense. Ah, at last he settled down!
earn a dangerous free kick Arsenal. Baines fouls against Walcott. But Van Persie begging for yellow opponent, arguing that he ripped off a very dangerous attack. And by the way, the Dutchman is absolutely correct.
Yellow card
Arteta for some reason, rough fouls before the alien box. Yellow on the arbitrator.
As the time! MOMENTISCHE! Walcott is now left with his flank on a date with the goalkeeper, but for some reason he gave in to the center Zhervino and Van Persie. But neither the one nor the other to break into an empty net could not!
Trying to translate the game in a relaxed track players' arsenal. " As long as they calmly rolled the ball into the central zone, skillfully avoiding the pressures footballers "Everton".
Wenger still something very actively explains Rice. I wonder what sacrifices will Frenchman to win in this fight? After the anniversary, after all, the more such persons present at the match.
Baines now earned himself a corner and decided to give it. Following its submission to the penalty Fellaini ball took off his head on Bilyaletdionva, the Russian broke, but got into a defender. A similar situation happened to Caa.
Here Zhervino! Speed ​​him, God forbid everyone! It remembers Ramsey, who had just cast on Kouassi the penalty area, but the pass was a little stronger than he expected his partner.
Oh, and clash, as many teeth driving! Saha too raised his leg, apparently not having enough time to the ball, but he slipped out of nowhere Djourou. Frenchman's foot rested on the chest studded Swiss citizen. Very nasty collision, both players on the lawn.
Submission from his half of the field is now followed by tall Fellaini, he even managed to touch the ball crown, but none of the partners did not support it.
Van Persie is now shifted to the right flank in search of the ball and as soon as he touched, immediately stands rewarded him with applause. Very good support for "Arsenal" today.
Positional attack "Everton". Hibbert wanted to give the course of Saha in the center, but the ball was cut from the leg and flew into the hands of just Schyasny.
Applause from the stands now Zhervino addressed. He scratched the ball to center field, went further and gave to Ramsey and the back in touch Ivorian, but the pass was too strong.
Coleman has managed to set a dangerous attack of his team. He received the ball on the right flank, was in the penalty area and made the bottom chamber in the center, but the ball caught brilliantly Vermaelen.
Judging from the television picture, the hosts are located on the left, while their opponents on the right. The chief referee of the match - Howard Web. With the Gunners played center field, they now attack.
First time has began
Sounds starting whistle!
First Half
Scarf on the field in the London club came to cheer their team legends of the club: Thierry Henry, Robert Pires, Tony Adams and others. Such an honor is not just. Recall that the club "Arsenal" just turned 125 years old!
Lineups for this fight you can see in "The Game".
Good evening, dear friends! We invite you to broadcast a text match on the stadium "Emirates", the "Arsenal" fight with "Everton"! The match promises to be very interesting. With you all the time is Nikita Gromov, enjoy!

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