Stadium: Stade Pierre-Mauroy
Despite the enormous superiority "Lille" in today's match, the final whistle recorded a draw. With this victory, and no one's "CSKA" in the game with "Inter", the Russian club goes to 1 \ 8 final Champions League. At this point we will end our broadcast. With you was Nikita Gromov, see you soon!
Second Half
The match is over!
Meanwhile, the team beat for three minutes, although the referee did not add any.
"Trabzonspor" makes a good free kick from the right flank. Prior to the penalty and two meters.
Another replacement. Yumlu out on the field instead of Yilmaz.
In the meantime, "CSKA" scored the second goal in the gate "Inter" and the second time that night goes to second place in the standings!
Instead Paye goes Rodel.
Mavuba cool punches with his left foot from outside the penalty area, but Zengin today is very good! A stroke is a midfielder, "Lille" is very powerful!
Beria left the field, instead Bonnard.
Altintop still a blow to the gate after the delivery from the right flank of Cech, but this time by.
What is the chance to lose visitors! Yilmaz was flying on the right flank alone could give it the center of the Altintop on the naked, but I decided to break anything and it did not work out. A brilliant counter-attack "Trabzonspor" bogged down by Beria.
Mezheevski now organized a counterattack of his team and he decided to complete its strike on goal. The ball was flying strongly, but by.
The heroic efforts to protect the players now use 'Trabzospora. " So many scoring chances were at their gates, that seemingly sealed the fate of the match, but no such luck!
Paye famously gave the penalty area from the right flank, but Mavuba decided on goal is not to beat. More confidence he Azar, than they are able, therefore, gave him the ball. Eden meanwhile earns a corner.
Obraniak fought in the penalty area for horse ball, jumped even higher than the opponent, but to break successfully failed.
Azhar played the ball and then with the second contact parachute Balmont throw at the far post. But the fourth issue of "Lille" and the ball is pulled out, and to the "outside game" ran.
Kulman now nothing fouls against Peye near his own penalty area. In Azar ball and it can be very dangerous.
Yellow card
Mezheevski gets yellow card.
Azar again takes the game to themselves. Quietly beating the defenders in the center, gave the flank Balmont, but he had no partner nearby and he gave away back protector. Here and are invaluable for the hosts a minute.
Yellow card
Beria received yellow card for a foul in the middle of the field.
Already, Mavuba and Beria - all in an opponent's penalty area! A sense that? None at all. Bunch of feeds into the penalty area flew Zengin and none of them can not find the destination.
Slightly intensified attack the Turks. Oh how they can be seen not want to lose a ticket to the 1 \ 8 of the UEFA Champions League. Now Yilmaz tried to break through from outside the penalty area, but higher.
Obraniak went to strengthen the attack, "Lille." I changed it Joe Cole.
Obraniak went to strengthen the attack, "Lille." I changed it Joe Cole.
Slightly intensified attack the Turks. Oh how they can be seen not want to lose a ticket to the 1 \ 8 of the UEFA Champions League. Now Yilmaz tried to break through from outside the penalty area, but higher.
Slightly intensified attack the Turks. Oh how they can be seen not want to lose a ticket to the 1 \ 8 of the UEFA Champions League. Now Yilmaz tried to break through from outside the penalty area, but higher.
Slightly intensified attack the Turks. Oh how they can be seen not want to lose a ticket to the 1 \ 8 of the UEFA Champions League. Now Yilmaz tried to break through from outside the penalty area, but higher.
Slightly intensified attack the Turks. Oh how they can be seen not want to lose a ticket to the 1 \ 8 of the UEFA Champions League. Now Yilmaz tried to break through from outside the penalty area, but higher.
Debyushi so carried away now fighting for the ball, he did not notice any opponent who was lying on the grass, no whistle - nothing! He stood up for truth fans, but unfortunately for them. match, they are not judged.
"Lille" continues to escalate the situation in front of goal. Nervous coach Turks, from the coveted second-place team separates him some twenty minutes!
Paulo Henrique on the leaves, goes to rest Alanzino.
Chances to score again at the gate, "Trabzon"! Balmont got a great pass in the penalty of Azara, shooting at the center, but managed to knock the defender for a corner. Again, very little is not enough for the French goal scored.
Yellow card
And one more player to the yellow "Lille." Chedjou gets yellow card for talking with the judge.
Yellow card
Zokoroa Balmont and get on mustard. The first calls for, and the second for a foul.
Cole breaks again from the penalty kick, and this reflects the goalkeeper! This finely Beria gave a pass between the legs of an opponent in an English one with the second contact has struck in the near corner, but Zengin was in place.
No luck today "Lilly"! On the right flank of the excellent presentation was followed by the far post, a lot of time was a Debyushi for that would prepare the attack. He struck very hard, but hit a defender and then the corner.
Attack "Lille" right wing continues. Azar and Balmont while the main part of this mechanism, Rudy Garcia.
One can only envy the support of "Lille" in today's match. Frazochka, which rushes from the stands at the French language can inspire a man who never knew this beautiful language.
Another time! Cole filed for Sow in the penalty area, he beat his head into the near corner, but managed to touch the ball back and translate the "round" on the corner.
Meanwhile, the match between the "Napoli" and "Villarreal" remains the same "dry" on the goals as our own. In all other matches, fans will have seen the score balls.
Azar good feel about the situation and made a great pass into the penalty area to Sow. The defenders were disarmed, remained a goalkeeper, but Moussa was unable to get ahead.
And things are changing every minute. "Inter" is equalized, Cambiasso did it for 51 minutes.
Needless to whistle the referee now. Sow good fight for the ball in the penalty area, showed their best qualities and a wrestler ramming forward, but Portuguese referee picked up and brought all his efforts to "no."
Good news came from Italy. "CSKA" opens an account in a duel with the "Inter". Did it for 50 minutes Doumbia. Thus, while the Russian club in second place.
Azar once again breaks the gate! This time it is very hit from outside the penalty into the right corner of goalkeeper - Zengin repulsed.
Oh, and Altintop! Ok he made in the center of the penalty by Yilmaz, and only the top Bashi prevented Barak to open an account in this match.
In the first half, the players, "Lille" struck at goal 12 times, 2 against an opponent. This and other statistics can be found in the relevant section on our website. And while the owners continue to attack.
Second half has began
The second half began!
Second Half
First Half
Half time
While the dry draw. Break!
Additional time
Compensates for a minute the referee.
Taking a pause in the game, the directors show the most beautiful moments in the match. And who do you think the main protagonist of the video cut-ups? Yes, Eden Azar!
Sow what he does! Tears huge applause from the stands! Sam picked the ball and rammed three! But, unfortunately dyal owners, they do not give anything - out for guests.
Meanwhile, "CSKA" playing with "Inter" in a dry draw. Apparently, the teams left the juice in the second half of the meeting.
Nothing yet on the field does not occur. Footballers in red T-shirts calmly controlled the ball, waiting for a mistake opponent. And time is not unlimited.
Kulman intercepted the ball was half-field rivalry, but with Paz can be seen quite bad at it. His opponent was clearly offside, but pass on it all the same followed.
Oh how rough fouls Alanzino on Balmont! The captain leaves the hosts lame field, which would receive assistance.
Sow now in the penalty area and went to the pitching rotation along the goal line at the far post - caught Zengin.
Paye now submit to the penalty opponent, but the referee said nothing. Replay shows that it still held back with his hands, but a penalty is not explicitly drawn.
Substitution in the "Trabzonspor." Chelyustka from the field goes away. Merzheevski goes.
Chances to score again, but is well! Joe Cole hit the line goalie area, but was only stack on the outside! incredible moment!
Another great moment! Balmont picked the ball went into the penalty area and subtly threw back heel kick by Mavube. he broke with the first touch, but got into a defender.
Balmont! A great kick this guy! Now he has demonstrated, breaking with his left foot from 25 yards - on this occasion saved Zengin.
It is unclear how they were going to play on the Turks. The advantage of the French on the face. This has to be something to do and I think visitors will be lucky if they can hold out until the break.
Paye takes the game to you! Again, the center of attacking hosts. He won two now, and putting housing on a long nine methyl, but the ball was cut off from the deceitfully feet and flew into the stands.
The only chance the Turks - the standards. Now was this the right flank, but the "Lille" today is more than confident. And this applies to the defense, and attack.
Sow! very dangerous shot from the flank, Joe Cole, literally inches was not enough to ensure that Mussa would smuggle the ball in the stack!
Too drawn acts Sow. Why? there will be dismantled and without Cole, Azar and company. On the contrary lacks the "pillar" in the penalty, which could be either in the wall of the play or horse feed do.
Took a short break now French. Slowly but steadily they move to the rival's goal. Confidence rolls over - soon to be a goal.
Beria now received the ball on the wing, but then back to hard subcategory ball from under his legs kicked back to Corner "Lille."
Once tried to answer the Turks, now organized a positional attack. Out of all this is inaccurate and brilliant passing game Beria case.
The impression is that going to happen very soon a goal, and score it, "Lille" is not without Azar. So well he plays. Now shifted from the right wing free kick to the corner and powerfully with his left foot struck the gate, but this time above.
Joe Cole is now neatly threw his socks in the center on Azara, but the goalkeeper came out on time and caught the ball. Eden is definitely the best on the field!
Again, standing applaud Azar! Very subtle and elegant, he now played: the penalty was to have played into the wall with the Sow and struck from the penalty in the bottom left corner, but before the bar did not have just a few inches!
Well, as for such support can not be carried on the attack? Not so much as a commentator, he was almost crying!
And here is the checked Balmont vigilant keeper! Clearly arose by filing in the center at the corner of the penalty, but Florent decided to strike. Beat in melee, but missed.
Sow a very long time to keep the ball in front of the penalty, but did not dare to penetrate. His back and drew off Moussa had to pass by defenders, and those at the goalkeeper. The French begin a fresh offensive.
"Lille" is still not giving the ball, attack the French gaining momentum. Perhaps we will soon see and score balls. but do not forget about the motivation of the Turks - for them it will be a historic achievement.
Pressed the "Lille." Azar - bravo, bravo, and bravo again! Brilliantly picked the ball went to the penalty on the backswing placed on the lawn of two rivals and powerfully struck the bottom of the gate, but Landreau managed to repel this attack and bring the ball to the corner. Rostrum just delighted with the actions of their pet!
Do not throw the bat team. a distinguished position, "Lille", because in this scenario is more precisely "Trabzonspor." Recall that in Italy, "Inter and" CSKA "while playing in a dry draw.
And here is the critical moment! Player of the Turkish national team - Yilmaz - well broke now from thirty yards! Stadium stood, but the ball dropped to the gate stack on top. Then were heard the sounds of a happy exhale. Very good blow out with Burak.
And here is the first effort on goal nedoudar Landreau cause the Turks. Alanzino went to the penalty and twenty-five feet from hitting bottom, but so weak that the ball spruce-fir has come to the hands of the goalkeeper, "Lille."
But Azar, live healthy, peaceful won two on the right flank and entered the penalty area, but let the ball too far.
On the lawn is now Azar. Roughly played against an opponent, holding his hands and fell to Eden on the lawn. The arbitrator asked the club to enter the medical field.
The first shot on goal Zengin deals Sow. It passed from the right flank into the penalty box, put the opponent on the backswing and hit the left foot, but the blow was the center of the gate. Landreau quietly fixed the ball.
Enormous pressure on the opponent now organized twelfth player owners. Fans of the "Metropol" have decided to create no less "friendly" atmosphere than was in Turkey.
A good supply of the far post Mavuba performed. Chedjou already shipped the outer side of the foot ball into the goal, but the goal did not happen - the ball intercepted defenseman.
Azar now demonstrated those qualities that he is the main transfer target of several European clubs. Calmly, he won one in a rival, and gave the penalty. In the next episode, he even managed to earn a dangerous free kick.
Bad start to the guests. Yilmaz technically prokinul ball past the opponent and the fouls. Penalty Alanzino filed, but failed.
Referee today's match Portuguese Pedro Proensa. Judging from the pictures broadcast, football players, "Lille" is on the right, while their opponents on the left.
First time has began
The match began, the teams good luck!
First Half
Good evening, dear friends! Today will be the match at the stadium, "Lille Metropole", which simply can not leave anyone indifferent domestic fan. Chances to get into the playoffs is like a "CSKA" and the teams participating in this fight - "Lille" and "Trabzonspor." With you all the time is Nikita Gromov, we wish you pleasant viewing!

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