Stadium: Etihad Stadium
Second Half
The final whistle!
That's it! "Manchester City" won the "Bavaria", but went to the Europa League.

Since you were Gregory Seidman and Vladimir Gubarev! I wish you happiness, health, prior to the meeting!
In offside climbed Johnson.
Gradually coming to an end our fight. Apparently, anything interesting we have here will not occur. "Bavaria" just see out the match.
Samir Nasri talks to the referee, do not understand each other members of our game. True, the conflict is very quickly exhausted.
"Bavaria" spends ending the match in the attacks, "the townspeople" bad acts in the selection process.
Johnson came out instead of Silva.
An interesting change from Haynkesa. Mustache out instead of Petersen.
Balotelli came out instead of Yaya Toure.
How not to try to "Manchester City" still "Villarreal" could not stand in the fight against the "Napoli". But today, well played by the hosts, but alas.
Against Sergio Aguero broke the rules Holger Badshtuber.
Instead Dzeko emerged De Jong.
While there is nothing interesting on the football field does not happen, I want to tell another story. That's all abused Balotelli. No, I'm not going to justify it. The guy was a little out of it (I hope that really "was" not in this moment). Few people know that Mario about a year in early childhood spent in the hospital because he was born sick, and he was made a few operations on the stomach. A Family could not provide decent treatment Balotelli, so they handed him over to the family as a time of Konchezo Balotelli (the future star was then two years). A little later was formalized guardianship Mario Francesco and Silvia Balotelli over Mario. Biological parents Mario said many times that his son left because they were poor, but in turn, the family, which brought "Super Mario", claimed that on several occasions brought home to the house of Mario to the "former" parents, but the door to be discovered. This greatly offended Balotelli, and Mario said: "Where were they when I was a nobody, why never wanted to meet, why not have made ​​me even trying to return? And now that I'm a player Serie A, they flashed on television screens with the tragic expressions on their faces. I have already asked their biological parents to respect my right to privacy. But they do not listen to me. I can only repeat what was said two years ago, if I did not become a football star Mario Balotelli, they would not have thought of me. In the interview they told a lot of misinformation, which casts a shadow over the family adopted me. I can not allow this, as my real family lives in Brescia and is respected in the city. That's my only family. "
That's the story of his childhood and youth Balotelli. Mario himself is unlikely to want to remember it, right?
Aguero struck from long range - the ball went near to the far bar. In a hurry keeper of Munich.
Finally, the anguish over the fans, "Manchester City". Most recently vice president of "Milan" Adriano Galliani said his club had agreed personal terms with forward contract "citizens" by Carlos Tevez. That will now be svyazochka in "Milan": Ibrahimovic, Cassano, Tevez ... Brilliant!
Ps Remember that already, consider, ended a career of Carlos? That's right, in Munich, in a match against the "Bavaria".
Possess the ball in their half of the field players from England. The fans grew quiet. Roberto Mancini's too sad. Why is that? "Villarreal" missed.
Mario Balotelli is sitting so that it can be known only by his eyes. Scarf, cap, jacket. No signs, except for the eyes, skin color and growth, we do not observe. The operators a little late. We thought that we do not sort out this.
Mario Balotelli is sitting so that it can be known only by his eyes. Scarf, cap, jacket. No signs, except for the eyes, skin color and growth, we do not observe. The operators a little late. We thought that we do not sort out this.
Now everyone is talking about "Barcelona", "Real", but "Manchester City" also has a certain style. In general, the "citizens" are renowned for their physical training. There is honor and praise to Roberto Mancini and around the coaching staff.
But you know, where, perhaps, went Aguero nickname - "Kong"? If not, read interesting. According to some reports, Sergio childhood ever tried to portray the Japanese anime hero, whose name was Kum Kum, but younger brothers incorrectly spelled the name of the character, and that's the word "Kun" Aguero was attached to.
While silence on the football field I want to mention that now the fate of Moscow and CSKA. All Champions League broadcast on our website. Do not miss a single result!
In a parallel match of the "Napoli" continues to press, as in this fight goes and "Manchester City". "Bavaria" is simply defending itself. Anatoliy Tymoshchuk in this game looks good.
So, go and warm up Ribery, Gomez, mustache, Mueller and Lam. Excellent company, is not it? At this time the "city dwellers" performed an unsuccessful transfer to a foreign standard penalty. Hurry up Hans-Jorg Butt.
Today, "Manchester City" in the fight against the "Bavaria" is going to do (and does) everything in order not to become the first English team to the 2005/06 season, do not try in the playoffs. Overall in the last years Premier League representatives did not hit the eighth six times. "MJ" finished third in the group in his debut campaign (1994/95), and "Blackburn" was the last one year later. Double-stage group was unable to overcome the "Arsenal" (in the seasons 1998/99 and 1999/00), in third place. Another setback is listed for "Liverpool", which won third place in the 2002/03 season, but three years later at the bottom of the standings settled "MU".
Not bad from the right edge threw someone else's penalty area, Daniel Pranjić, the ball went in the subway from the far rack and decorate this cat's jump shot Joe Hart. Whatever is not talking about English goalkeepers, Joe, I think, here drag in is not necessary.
"Manchester City" has done all that depended on it. Now it's up to "Vilyarrealom." Will the players not to lose the Spanish club - from the "Manchester City" will be their gift will not be able - from "Napoli." All the same, the owners of the parallel match remain in the "plus".
GO-OO-OO-OO-OO-AL! Yaya Toure-ee! Again, a perfect combination, "Manchester City" ended assists Edin Dzeko in the area penalty spot, where the bottom struck Yaya Toure - the projectile went out of the gate released by Hans-Jorg Bhutto before. 2-0!
Samir Nasri got the ball in midfield, completed the transfer of the right flank, but no one has managed to reach the shell, and he flew over the sideline of the field. Oh, sorry, that is now the official site of UEFA does not provide statistics on percentage accuracy of transmission. In "Man City" it would be just gorgeous, I assure you.
The first match of these teams ended fairly easy victory "Bavaria" - 2:0. Then, the twenty-seventh of September, was marked by double and Mario Gomez at the end of the first half. So by and stayed until the final whistle.
A good idea after all! David Silva has opened a luxury transfer from Joleon Lescott in touch otpasoval on line free kick, from the corner with his left foot struck Edin Dzeko, but at the last moment the ball was cut off from his feet and went to the Bosnian podium.
Daniel Pranjić somehow he remained at the center in a strange half of the field, broke through on goal with his left foot into the near corner - a little missed. The projectile traveled a meter away from the rack. Joe Hart is nowhere in a hurry. 1-0 and 0-0 in Spain, "Manchester City" satisfied.
Substitutions at half-time was not. And why should they spend? "Manchester City" plays beautifully, is the result. "Bavaria" is also not some middling, considering the fact that this fight is for appeasers do nothing.
Second half has began
The second half started! Let's go!
Second Half
First Half
Half time
"El Mago" (the so-called Silva fans "Manchester City") - the author of the only goal scored in the first half. Commands are sent to rest. Follow their advice and we are friends! Break!
Angle ended in a prolonged attack, "Manchester City". David Silva completed the transfer on the left corner of a foreign penal, Sergio Aguero struck in millimeters from the far post.
Sergio Aguero opened the attack in time to the right flank, and from there moved to the center of Samir Nasri, taking with him Diego Contento. Bare brow for Stefan Savic, who shot, but it was just up to the opponent. Corner!
HOW DANGEROUS! David Silva what he wants, then it does. On the left edge alien he clocked up penalty opponent, the kick at goal - Hans-Joerg Butt parried, but just a footballer's foot "Manchester City", which shot from ten yards, being surrounded by rivals, above the crossbar.
It was clear beforehand that the match will not play Arjen Robben and Toni Kroos, who had discovered the flu. In principle, this is not such an important game for the club in Munich, so I think, even in case of defeat Jupp Haynkes will not complain about the lack of leading players.
And now, hold on, the guys from Germany. When the "Manchester City" suffered a forward, it is unlikely that anything can stop the "city dwellers". After each player owners are likely to know the current account of the parallel match. It gives positive emotions.
NOT-BE-RO-NF-HO! Sergio Aguero took the ball on the penalty prokinul him far to the right, where was breaking into the far corner of an empty goal. Hans-Joerg Butt was out of the game, but almost with a "ribbon" in the subcategory of projectile made Jerome Boateng. Great game! Keep it up!
Let's look at the table Live? If so, now, "Manchester City" ahead of "Napoli" at one point, as in the parallel match Neapolitan team was unable to open an account. It is still, I think. If this does not happen, the fans are "citizens" will have to survive in the Spanish championship for "Villarreal".
GO-OO-OO-OO-OO-AL! David Silva! Who, if not he? In just a few players were able to transfer "Manchester City" to smuggle bomb from the right wing free kick on the line, from which the transfer of an incredible behind his back made ​​Edin Dzeko, took the ball from David Silva and seventeen feet struck exactly in the far bottom corner - no chance for Hans Jörg Butt! 1-0!
Yellow card
Luis Gustavo in a boorish way. David Silva took the ball in midfield, has already given projectile back its defenders, and Louis took it and stepped on his leg the Spanish leader of the "Manchester City". Honored "yellow card" Stephen has demonstrated Lannes.
Roberto Mancini has recently said that if his team fails to get into 1 / 8 finals of the Champions League, the "citizens" will fight for the Europa League. Now by Roberto so you will not tell. The Italian coach, "Manchester City" very nervous.
In Manchester right now, plus five degrees, slightly cloudy, but it does not appear on the number of supporters who now support the English team. "City of Manchester 'is full, if not to the end, interest at 95, I think, exactly.
On the left flank players earned standard "Manchester City". Followed by a canopy of Samir Nasri, but above all in his own penalty area was Anatoliy Tymoshchuk. Ukrainian and carried away the shell in the central part of the field.
Sergio Aguero took the ball on the right flank, turned, otpasoval for Yaya Toure, who did not have the technology to cope with Ivica Olic. Broke the rules half an English club. "Bavaria" is in a hurry.
Referee meeting - Stephen Lannes. He's from France. This season, he worked for three matches of the Champions League ("Vistula" - APOEL, "Chelsea" - "Bayer" and "Zenith" - "Miner"), which showed fifteen yellow card, never removed the player and not a penalty. Let's see how is today.
"Benfica", "Real" and "Basel" scored the ball. Interestingly, it is interesting. "Basel" can not let today "Manchester United" to 1 / 8 finals. This will be a number, of course. But let's not get ahead of ourselves, right?
Joleon Lescott easily robbed on the right flank, Gustavo, who for some reason got into the attack. In place of Diaz was supposed to be Ivica Olic, but oh well. As I understand it, now it does not matter.
In a parallel group match by also not open. At this time, Sergio Aguero took the ball on the penalty, but much still prokinul projectile itself on the course. Advocates of the "Bavaria" is easily stopped by Argentine striker "citizens."
No dividends players from Germany to this corner is not received. "Manchester City" again took the ball under control. As always, our column "visiting statistics": 61% vs. 39%. This property is a shell.
Anatoliy Tymoshchuk unsuccessfully struck the gate, "Manchester City", but as it turned out, the Ukrainian earned a corner for his team. Himself in a hurry and ex-player of "Zenith" and "Miner" execute canopy at the corner of the field.
On the right flank earned a corner, Stefan Savic. David Silva performed with the left foot overhang in the center of another's penalty area, which jumped Hans-Joerg Butt, but the keeper guests not to risk by simply knocking out a projectile punched out of the danger zone.
Quite a quiet pace the game is played. Now want to close my eyes and just listen to the stadium as a football field, nothing interesting is happening in a given period of time.
Half of the half behind. At this time, Hans-Jorg Butt jumped out of the gate and made a subcategory of a projectile for the sideline of the field, ahead of David Silva speed.
David Silva took the ball to someone else's half of the field, carried out an abortive transfer to Sergio Aguero, who still contrived and otpasoval back to Nasri. Samir has a shell with his right foot and the second touch sent the ball two yards from the far post. Not dangerous.
Footballers "Bavaria" rolled the ball in their half of the field, trying to knock down attacking impulses rivals. However, Munich is so far little is obtained. Pressing enabled hosts and immediately took control of the projectile.
"Bavaria" without too much trouble walked through the group stage, winning four out of five fights (one draw). Total - thirteen points, which, at this moment, five points more than the lower band reaching Naples.
That's a hundred times again to us this episode, respected operators, but there was a violation of the rules. Seriously. At this time, Ivica Olic could open an account, but his shot from the line goalie in the fall came a little above the crossbar. Alarm bells for "Manchester City".
No goals? No, no. Rejoice not, the fans, "Manchester City". On the right flank with the left foot with the standard hung David Silva, the ball flew to the far post, where Joleon Lescott, while in another goalkeeper, played against the body of Hans-Jorg Butt. It is against the rules, so "round", flown in a grid unit on the scoreboard did not.
Yellow card
On the right wing took the ball Stefan Savic, prokinul it yourself on the brow, which was not in the plans Ivica Olic. Forward the "Bavaria" pulled close zone, hooking an opponent. This is a penalty and a yellow card.
Not bad! On the left corner of a foreign goalkeeper Ivica Olic took the ball, did not have time to rival Joleon Lescott, so Ivica with his left foot struck the bottom of the near corner - Joe Hart showed his class. Corner Anatoliy Tymoschuk failed to utilize. Unsuccessful canopy of Ukrainians followed.
Samir Nasri gently hung with thirty meters from the standard in the central part of someone else's penalty area, but there has violated the rules of Edin Dzeko attack. Bosnian striker "Manchester City" told the referee that he was not in business, but this is not enough to judge changed his mind even in the shower.
Yaya Toure got on his legs from Anatoly Tymoschuk. Not much, but it was enough to ex-linebacker "Barcelona" is not able to continue his road to the gate of Hans-Jorg Butt. Before the frame thirty meters. Direct impact will be.
"Bavaria" is in the same way as the "Manchester City". At the gate operates Hans-Jorg Butt. The defense consists of (from left to right): Diego Contento, Holger Badshtubera, Jerome Boateng and Marcio Rafina. Couple oporinkov: Gustavo Diaz and Anatoliy Tymoshchuk. "Free artists" act Alabai David, Daniel Pranjić and Ivica Olic. The only advanced forward - Nils Petersen.
In England, already preparing for Christmas. For some fans, I saw a beard out of cotton wool and fur coats in Santa Claus. The incredible support right now, "Manchester City". No words.
Ivica Olic in the central part of the field received by the blade of Stefan Savic, who on starting minutes of the meeting is very nervous. Or do I think? Let's look at next steps right back, "Manchester City".
More or less dangerous moment! On the left flank of defense of "Bavaria" failed Diego Contento, broke into the zone Samir Nasri, he hung in the area penalty spot where his head struck Sergio Aguero - projectile went far above the crossbar.
On the left flank has accelerated Ivica Olic, but he could not pass Stefan Savic, who put well casing and time otpasoval by Joe Hart. English goalkeeper, "Manchester City" was not mistaken.
"Manchester City" plays in the scheme: 4-2-3-1. Let's deal. At the gate, Joe Hart. The defenders (from left to right): Gael Clichy, Joleon Lescott, Vincent Kompany and Stefan Savic. Midfielder - Yaya Toure and Gareth Barry. The trio of attacking players who are under the sole striker - Edin Dzeko - David Silva is on the left, right - Samir Nasri. The center operates Sergio Aguero, who are often displaced from the area under the attacking spearhead.
Jack took the ball on the right flank, moved closer to the central circle, pass in the left curb, where he was Joleon Lescott, who pulled his team's attack. Own ball players, "Manchester City".
Samir Nasri took the ball in midfield, but Anatoliy Tymoshchuk fun involved in the game and took the shell from the French star winger "Manchester City". Could pass counterattack "Bavaria", but Stefan Savic immediately knocked Diaz Gustavo on the right flank. No cards yet.
Today, "Manchester City" needed only a victory, but it does not guarantee the ward Roberto Mancini part in the 1 / 8 finals of the Champions League. In order that we may see "citizens" in the spring in the main European Cup tournament, the players should lose points "Napoli" in parallel to a duel, for which we will also be closely monitored.
Immediately rushed forward players, "Manchester City", lost the ball and immediately joined in the collective selection, which was headed by Samir Nasri on the right flank. Diego Contento was forced to knock out round of the sideline of the field.
The home team now play in blue uniforms, and players Yuppa Haynkesa - in black. Gates Joe Hart on the TV picture on the left, and Hans-Jorg frame Butt - on the right. At this time, gradually filled the rostrum, "Etihad Stadium". While there is a decent amount of empty seats.
First time has began
The match started! Let's go! We wish the teams to show a beautiful, interesting and effective game. With the center of the field began to players "Manchester City"!
First Half
"Come on Villarreal" - something to add? There is nothing. At this time on the football field main characters appear in the evening. Sounds of the Champions League anthem. The incredible atmosphere! But will the show!
Fans of "Bavaria" already in place. Populated sector, laid the Munich club at 100%. Fans 'Man City' do not hurry up on the rostrum.
And guys like Balotelli. Now Mario went to the locker room, with each of the kids in his hand podtribunnogo room. One boy even showed him the thumb raised up. This caused a striker, "Manchester City" smile.
And now for thirty-five minutes before the match to warm up the players ran out of "Bavaria". British operators emphasize our focus on Ivica Olic, who replaced the start of Mario Gomez.
To the applause of the fans. which have already arrived at the stadium, there footballers "Manchester City" for pre-match training session. Players from Munich do not hurry up on the green lawn.
The teams are in the "About Match!" Immediately I must say that the "Bavaria" will be playing in Manchester poluosnovnym composition. The presence of Anatoly Tymoschuk with starting minutes should also be noted, is not it?
Good evening, ladies and football fans! That comes to an end Champions League group stage, but still not all settled in different groups. Match one of them with you and we'll be watching. "Manchester City" against the "Bavaria". Two attacking teams converge on the "Etihad Stadium" to show us the incredible football, at least I (do not know about you) on this count. In the "commentary booth" Vladimir Gubarev!

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