Stadium: Karaiskákes
Fighting game turned out today in Greece! The Gunners, though lost, but the bitterness of this defeat is not much spoiled them up as they went, and so on from the first place. But "Olympiakos" vain tried. "Olympic" in Germany won, thus becoming the second team in Group F. on this we'll end our broadcast. With you was Nikita Gromov, see you soon!
Second Half
The match is over!
Papatsoglu out on the field instead of Dzhebbura.
Additional time
3 minutes add the referee.
T-OO-OO-OO-O-R! "Olympiakos" finishes "Arsenal!"
Earn a free kick on the right wing hosts. Frimpong broke the rules there.
Moment Mederi penalty! Rosicky gave excellent for Arshavin, but he was unable to penetrate and pass and give Chamberlain, too, had failed.
Vermaelen now also hit with his left foot from the corner of the penalty area after Arshavin's pass, but this time it's blocked by the defense of the Greeks.
Chamberlain himself was a penalty and decided to break into the far corner, but his kick was blocked.
What's happening in the penalty of "Arsenal"! After lumbago Modesto beat off the line goalie Miralyas, this time repulsed Mannon. After that hand in his own penalty played Vermaelen, but the referee decided not to put a penalty.
Heating up at the last minute. Miss now, "Olympiakos" and everything will be solved is to meet in Germany.
Yellow card
Chamberlain poulchaet yellow card.
What time is losing "Olympiakos"! Miralyas entered the penalty area and laid on the grass and beat Mikel strongly in the near corner, but the gate did not hit. Horror at the holes in the defense of the gunners.
Gunners leave no hope for come back. Now would be Van Persie. Then, I think the Greeks would not have stood. at this level to 90 minutes, and even against such a "Arsenal" is very easy.
Wenger disappointed. He took the ball is now in hand, said everything that he thinks the arbitrator. After a hit with all the rage "round" on the lawn.
Rosicky outer side of the ball of the foot cut out on the course of Arshavin, Andrey well have seen it and ran into a free zone, but at the last moment intercepted defenseman.
Mannon on the lawn. He received his injury at the time of the next error.
Rosicky! Momentische! Brilliantly played by Yossi, dipper threw the ball to Czech in the box, the socks pushed it past the goalkeeper but did not. a very dangerous time!
Rosicky now filed a penalty from the right flank, but stunted Arsenal difficult to fight for the ball on the second floor. Boring game went on, can not see the desire nor the one nor the second.
Strike from outside the penalty does Holebas, but the ball flew not too hard and not exactly.
Rosicky has caused outrage now on the stands by his actions in the middle of the field. Touched her palm to face an opponent by pure chance, but the fans think differently.
After the turmoil in the penalty Dzhebburu managed to break through on goal, but the blow was too strong - the ball flew into the stands.
Worst is today Schillaci. Definitely the worst player in the match both teams. Many errors experienced Frenchman admits that his hands to his head stretched themselves.
Now the Greeks were served a penalty from the central part of the field. Managed to touch Modesto, after the ball touched his head still and Djourou and then flew in shots on target Mannon, but Vito played confidently and fixed ball.
Rosicky instead Coquelin on the go.
Now it is safe to say that Arsenal fully controlled the game. Have more to speed and confidence in their actions.
Replacement of "Olympiakos". Fuster off, Abdun on.
arises out of Pak instead Chamakh. Moroccan general had done very little in today's match, except for assists. And then came a chance, I can even say curious.
Experienced Benayoun understands that time is not so much, so hurry Israeli. Not bad in the last minutes of the whole team looks like the Gunners, but the Greeks now clearly caught courage.
Yellow card
Yellow card for a foul for Frimponga in center field.
Provoke the Gunners! Chamberlain continues to escalate the situation on the right flank of the attack, playing one after another, Arshavin is also not afraid to take the game over. let's see what this all will turn to "Olympiakos".
Ah yes Mannon! Able to score the third goal Greeks! Vito out to intercept the horse feed, which was aimed at his penalty area, but could not catch the ball. "Round" somehow slipped between the hands and flew to the gate, but, fortunately for the keeper, not flown.
T-OO-OO-OO-OO-A! 2-1!
Mikel from the left flank gave a center for Chamakh, he threw off his chest on Benayoun Yossi and a brilliant strike in the far top corner reduces the gap in the long run!
Do not cease to attack the Greeks. The main threat comes from the left flank and the Gunners did not help that they can. Wenger obviously tyane ts substitutions, you can try to save the game, there is still time.
Miralyas again breaks the left flank! put it on the lawn and did Chamberlain chamber in the penalty area, but Schillaci put his leg and was on the next corner.
Serve with Korner was a very sharp! Went out to intercept Mannon, knocked his fist just to Mellberga and whether that quickly, you could drive the ball into the empty net. But somehow slowly worked Swedish defender.
Mikel goes instead Santos.
What is happening today with the protection of "Arsenal"! Miralyas flew into the box from the right flank, beat and beat Djourou out of the defender to the near corner. The ball hit the foot the Swiss and flew to the corner.
But what is! Santos carried to a stretcher outside the field. TV people have missed this point.
Nothing comes in "Arsenal" in the first minutes of the second half. Still tightly played the Greeks in their half of the field. Young Gunners still lost, can not take the correct position.
Modestvo now there was one on the right wing free kick, he got the ball and beat with a reversal in the near corner, but managed to set foot Vermaelen at the strike and the ball rolled to the corner.
Strange, but substitutions at the break did not happen. Arsenal Wenger will continue to fight all the same composition. Although if you take the spare, the game can only enhance Rosicky and Pak.
Second half has began
The second half began!
Second Half
First Half
Half time
The first half ended. Hopefully Wenger will be able to find the right words in the second game we'll see more of equal value and interesting than the first.
Vermaelen effort on goal. The defender joined the attack of his team and a good supply of vpoymal Santos from the left flank. Sorry, strike from Thomas did not come out.
Controlling the course of the Greek play. It would be possible and the third ball to score. Djourou gave a terrible pass in his own penalty to Fuster, the processed and the second contact with the beat to the far top corner, but missed. Score a "Olympiakos" third ball and can finish the game.
Additional time
5 minutes add the referee.
Arsenal are trying to create a single point in the last 20 minutes of play. Chamberlain shoots into the box from the right flank on Chamakh, he fell, not without reason, but it is so picturesque that the referee just simply did not believe the Moroccans.
Djourou has decided to take the game over. He beat one defender in front of the penalty, but the second was no longer under power. But be that as it may, the angular earned.
Again, the penalty of "Arsenal" as to his home are forwards "Olympiakos"! Djourou is now saved his team! miralyas entered from the right flank into the penalty area, he already wanted to do from the front line in the center chamber, but he prevented the Swiss defender of the gunners.
In Fuster had another chance to score what would! Just out of luck to him now, "He beat on voroatm from the penalty, but his kick was blocked by a defender.
Orbais goes to eat instead of Olebas.
T-OO-OO-O-R! This blunder of Mannon!
Initially he went to the penalty line and a good head knocked the ball took off his opponent with his legs. "Round" treacherously flew just crossed Fuster, who conveyed him safely to the gate. Vito tried to hit the ball with his foot jump shot. But why? You could get there by hand.
Oh, how bad are the Greeks. The impression is that they are not for the ball, and fighting for his life. Rudeness, cruelty - all methods are good. It is necessary because in football to play and prove their worth at all other actions.
On the lawn Popodopulos. unsuccessful, he landed on the lawn after a struggle with Shamakhov on the second floor. He leaves the field of play to the accompaniment of the doctors.
Meanwhile, the "Borussia", playing at home, opens the account in today's match. I recall that, given the victory in today's match, "Olympiakos" and did not win "Olympic" to the next round out the Greeks.
Here it is "Arsenal!" At last! Brilliantly entered the penalty area from the right flank Chamberlain, however well applied to the right post, there were fighting for the ball and Arshavin Benayoun partners. and they could not decide which of them would beat and beat together, thereby hindering each other.
Coquelin alone leaves the field. Most likely, he will continue to play.
Yellow card
Something terrible is happening to Koklenom. With an expression of the incredible pain he lies on the lawn. Holebas fouls against him. Arbitrator shows yellow card, although it was possible to show the red. Very roughly, the player has played "Olympiakos".
Made a mistake in midfield Benayoun. Dzhebbur intercepted, thereby launching a counterattack of his team, he and the delay did not blow, but the ball fell into Vermaelen.
Keep the ball Gunners. You feel a desire in the eyes of visitors to change the course of the meeting, but neither Chamberlain nor Chamakh in the game, we do not see. Occasionally glimpsed Arshavin, but there is also nothing concrete.
Mannon will now stand in the box gate, he replaced the injured Fabian.
A lengthy pause in the game. whistle rostrum. The question is, why? Everyone can get injured. then it would be better to support the player, to show respect for the opponent.
Lukas Fabian was injured during a corner at the gate. Apparently, the game is over for him, people come out with a stretcher on the field.
Oh what time! What creates Fabian? Nachudili defenders knocked Fabian from the penalty just for the player, "Oli" and the one throwing the goalkeeper, sent the ball into the goal. Lukas did not have time to return, but the ball into the goal netting, we have not seen.
Breaks on goal Arshavin. Santos took the game well for himself on the flank, gave to the center by Andrew and he has struck, but the ball was much above the gate.
Struggled in midfield Chamberlain, picked the ball and could start a great counter-attack of his team. But for some reason he decided to play back on the attack and Coquelin quickly petered out.
And now the Gunners can remember and chances to score Arshavin hits and Chamakh, Frimponga. Hammer, they then, who knows how events would develop in the match. And now, "Arsenal" is to break the game, given that the major players there is not something that on the field, but also in the application for the match.
T-OO-OO-OO-OO-A! Dzhebbur!
To protect watched "Arsenal"? Fuster gave a brilliant pass to cut into the penalty area on a bored alone Dzhebbura, he saw a way out Fabian, defeated and drove the ball Pole into an empty net!
Greeks played a corner now, and then followed by presentation in the thick of things - in the goalkeeper, but the canopy was frankly bad and the "Arsenal" fought off without any problems.
After a few bounces the ball flies off to Frimpongu and he decided to break from outside the penalty area. The ball was almost flew under the crossbar, very dangerous midfielder beat of "Arsenal".
Miralyas flagged for offside. Paz was very good at it, whether that little bit smarter, we could avoid the "offside trap".
Whistle stands and they're right. We expected a bit more from this match. Wenger's young people have something to prove, and the Greeks are still struggling for a way out of the group.
Keep the ball players, "Olympiakos". On the right flank of the well filed Modesto, but none of the partners in this submission are not tempted.
Arshavin had a great chance now, in order to open the account! Coquelin intercepted in midfield, the ball went quickly to Shamakhi on the flank, Marwan assessed the situation and subtly gave the penalty to the Russian. Andrew ran himself to himself, but hit just at the goalkeeper.
It attaches itself to the temple is now a player "Olympiakos" Fuster. Accidental elbow in the center of the field hit him with Coquelin. Owners have attempted to organize a counter-offensive, but the attack petered out quickly.
Under the whistle stands Gunners try to overcome the active pressure from the opponent and to organize the first serious attack. Active Frimpong and Chamberlain.
Yellow card
The first yellow card of the match gets Papadopulusu. He rudely knocked back Frimponga.
A great moment in the first minutes there at the gate Fabian! Fuster passed from the right flank, ran into the penalty area and gave it to the center by Miralyasa. He was in shock position in the center of the penalty, but he gave no punch Frimpong.
The Chief Justice today's match Spaniard Alberto Undiano Malenk. Judging from the television pictures, "Arsenal" is situated on the left, their opponents on the right.
First time has began
The match started!
First Half
Weather in Greece is perfect! 16 degrees above zero, the field is completely dry. Recall that the lineups for this fight you can already see the section "The Game" on our website.
Good night, dear lovers of the big European football! Welcome to the textual translation of the match from the stadium "Karaiskakis", where the local "Olympiakos" fight with London "Arsenal. Guests already booked his first position in the standings, while the Greeks still have a chance to compete for access to the Playoffs . Together with you the events of the match will follow Gromov Nikita, enjoy!

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