Stadium: Goodison Park
Our fight eventually ended in victory for the minimum "Stoke City". The teams fought to the last drop of sweat, but the nerves were stronger than the guests. "Everton" played not bad, but today guys Moyes did not have confidence, and several of its key players. With you all the time was Nikita Gromov. Happiness, health, and see you soon!
Second Half
The match is over!
Rodvell! Why did not you come, my friend!? Brilliantly rolled on him heel Gueye, Jack found a long position dyal strike and eventually lost the ball.
2 minutes of extra time left! Now demolished Kuolmena on the penalty area but the referee pointed to the corner flag!
Overestimated his chances Gueye. One to one on such a small area of ​​the field he wanted to beat Upson straight from the tin. Of course, not work. Snatched the camera at that moment an elderly fan, "Everton", which waved in the direction of the field and slowly pokovylyal to the exit.
Matthew Upson takes the field in the "Stoke City" instead of Etherington.
Crouch Oh! This gave a good pass on him to move Wilson into the penalty area but the ball he did not have time - ahead of its Rodvell.
Additional time
Wow! 7 minutes adds a referee!
Walters lame, wiping blood from his nose continues to play. Right heroically overcomes the pain and he is like oh I do not like the fans, "Everton".
How to pull the same time players "sink"! not satisfied and the players, "Everton", and even more unhappy fans who, perhaps, a little more and run out on the field!
Two in two counter-potters now! Dispersed on the flank Walters, already running away from Heitinga, but the Dutchman in a long time to knock the ball subcategory of bounds.
Here is a series of moments at the gate Begovic! very similar to butterscotch that would make even the account, and then on the courage and try to snatch the victory. Frankly better to play host.
MOMENTISCHE in Heitinga! Beautiful pass into the penalty area from Baines on Heitinga now followed, but the Dutchman struck his head in the bar!
Gueye takes the field, replaced it Kehila.
Here it is a chance to even the score! After impact, the ball bounced to Kehila Rodvellu, the rally hit on protivohode on goal from the penalty spot Begovic, but miraculously got to the heel protector!
The arbiter sends Walters of bounds due to the fact that the player "sink" of the nose is pouring blood. Shows the judge that it is necessary to stop the bleeding and then continue playing.
Good Osman! Excellent beat Whelan on the flank, he put into Kehila the penalty area, but Tim was not able to shoot through the center.
Sam created a danger, and liquidated its own. Not bad Whitehead filed at the far post for Crouch, but Marouani high jumped and moved the ball to the corner.
But do not stand up and nerves Fellaini! Now he knocked an opponent near his own penalty.
The hero of the last episode Vellios from the field goes, it appears instead of a thunderstorm commentators Strakkualursi Denis.
Leighton gave a head Velliosu, he decided to break the truth with his foot. Stretching an amazing show it now, but the punch did not succeed.
A dangerous free kick on the right flank and earns Osman immediately rushes into the box! Go to the ball like Baines.
Runs on the field instead of Begovic Sorensen.
Bring to a stretcher good goalkeeper, "Stoke". Whistle from the stands does not subside, and Begovic is ready to play. Long pause in the game.
Sorensen was bad. Closing hand over his eyes he sat on the lawn, as though he did not lose consciousness there. Judging by the gesture, he was dizzy, could not even move himself.
But what is! Nakolyutsya passion! Whitehead is grabbed by the head of Osman and began to turn his neck. Possible for such a rude and red to show me the tribune agreed. But the judge again unmoved.
Returns to "frame" by buzz Sorensen stands. "Everton" continues to attack, Osman was dispersed on the left flank, but Wilkinson put his leg and knocked the ball to the corner.
Meanwhile, Thomas can not get up from the lawn. Begovic already warming up on the edge. Replay shows that Kehil thigh touched his head keeper, "Stoke".
Iron Man the referee! Sorensen is now out on the ball and ran with Kehilom, rather fouls Aussie! Judge could set a penalty, Thomas is not reached for the ball!
Walters is now raised high pace in the fight against Hibbert and after contact with an opponent with his foot threw himself down. Apparently, he wanted a penalty now. but the referee even attention to this point has not paid.
In general, the ball did not touch Vellios in the second half! Probably, but fans have forgotten that he on the field. Now he touched and earned a corner. Feeding was not bad, but the impact did not happen.
Replacing a "Everton". Bilyaletdinov off, Rodvell on.
Walters now has received the transfer on the left flank. He wanted to beat one in a calm and Yagilku go on a date with the goalkeeper but did not.
Etherington now ran 20 meters from his half of the field on the left flank, went to the corner flag and gave the penalty. The ball knocked the defenders would corner.
Yagilka like crazy now argued that the ball touches the referee on foot an opponent and there must be a corner, but the judge had a different opinion. Bred butterscotch!
Sing now stands, it is necessary to somehow revive the players! The minimum number of strokes they do, thereby reducing to an imaginary possibility of creating scoring chances. Well, who may like it?
Excellent presentation in the penalty area from Whitehead with the standard! Crouch was, of course, above all, and even broke through on goal but the ball was cut off and flew past.
Heads facing now Bilyaletdinov and Whitehead. Last clutching his head fell to the turf, but after quickly got up and continued playing.
Taffy is clearly trying to close on their opponent's half of the field in order to exclude the possibility of a missed ball and concentrate on attacking, but "stock" is not going to do it.
Replacing a "Stoke City". Woodgate away from the field, Wilkinson comes into play.
How beautiful is playing Russian midfielder "Everton"! Beat it in stenochku with Baines, passed from the left into the box Fang, but the referee has fixed the "offside".
Seconds twenty-five now Sorensen knocked the ball from his own goal. More than half the floor, and the "stock" is already open out of time. not too early right?
Incredibly balanced and active pressure applied now players "Everton". due to this ball does not even appear on their side of the field.
Now from the right flank into the penalty handed Baines. At this time no one on the gate could not break through.
Yellow card
And here is the first yellow card of the meeting. Wilson gets it for a foul against Coleman.
Bilyaletdinov earned a dangerous free kick on the left, Baines is feeding into the penalty area but drove the defenders. to corner, which again runs give the third number of owners.
Not bad from the first minute of the second half combines "stock." Still active Walters, constantly connected to the attack, and Whitehead.
Second half has began
The second half began!
Second Half
First Half
Half time
What a moment! Baines now filed a corner from the right flank, there is a penalty out of all was Fellaini and he beat a very good position, but the ball flew above. Immediately began bergenia Shawcross Marouani, but the referee quickly they calm down.
Additional time
2 minutes add the referee.
No penalty, no angle does not have exacerbated the game at the gates of Howard. "Everton" attempted to disperse the counterattack, but fouled on Kuolmene now.
Osman fouls on Crouch at the corner flag. These standards are very fond of pottery, with a giant in the line-up!
Excellent Kehil opened in the box and then it said Hibbert, who sent the ball to Tim. The Australian made a breakthrough, but it was too late.
Moyes is now actively gesturing at the edge to its players. He asked them to come and spend the last minutes of powerful half, but would have time to equalize before the break.
Whitehead on the lawn. Fouls against him now Coleman. Obviously he could not keep the ball and decided to rough substitute for the opponent. Dean is assisted by physicians.
Well pressed "Everton"! The ball skipped into the penalty now, ran and threw Vellios heel to move in Kehilu goalkeeper but Tim did not have time to ball.
Again skillfully played Fellaini! Poulchis his next trick, he could now from the left flank into the penalty area and enter! Baines again "cargo" into the box long passes, but nothing comes out.
Baines filed today in the midst of the players in the penalty area "sink". Sorensen went out again to intercept, but this time successfully.
"Dry" attacks are now pursuing butterscotch. No nonsense to you, no creativity, no courage. Too many innings from the left flank into the penalty area, but it's not Vellios Saha, and pull up the moment with such situations, he can not.
As soon as "stock" did not score today! Excellent delivery from a corner was now along the goal line, and Walter was close to the second ball is scored, the ball a little but not reached.
Many players control the ball, "Everton", where we can say that they are playing. But the counter visitors in the last few minutes seem so very daunting.
Walters! Causes draw attention to themselves, this pumped Buddy! On the left flank moved into the center, defeating four opponents on the road and struck powerfully on goal. Heitinga had to substitute the subcategory under attack.
Coleman just received a great pass from Kehila head, and went closer to the flank and drove himself into a corner. As a result, the ball was again lost.
lying on the lawn keeper, "Stokes", although replay shows that Kehil is absolutely clean. Whistle rostrum.
What creates Bilyaletdinov! Breaks the left flank, he is now! Again, the hole in the defense of "Drain" and Diniyar handed to the far post Kehilu. The ball almost flew into the goal! I managed to beat Sorensen.
Very technical playing now Fellaini. He won three, and one of them removed the tricks Zidane. He received well-deserved applause, but, in my opinion, the ball, he still overexposed.
A good counter-attack could happen now potters. Walters caught the ball, ran on to the center of the field and gave Crouch. Peter is strongly slowed down the attack and eventually the ball was lost.
Again, the left flank! Bilyaletdinov ran fine, got the ball to Osman and he did the bottom chamber in the penalty area, but again drove the defenders.
Again, the output is terribly Sorensen! Filed with the left flank Baines! There's several players fighting for horse ball, and Thomas, feeling the strength, and went to catch the mistake. Fortunately, insure Huth and knocked the ball.
A lot of innings in the high penalty "Everton" flies in the last minute. But the tall players, "Stokes" still can not beat a low-growing rivals on the second floor.
"Everton" while not forcing the event. Support for the first minute of a very strong reaction bolelschiki almost every whistle.
Well now the flank ran all the same Bilyaletdinov. With a very uncomfortable position, he handed the penalty for Velliosa, but the goalkeeper came out and took the ball.
Following the filing of Corner Sorensen went to the far post, that would knock the ball with his fist, but missed! Be near one of the players in blue shirts and expense would have been equal, but there was no one picked up the ball and the goalkeeper.
Powerful beats captain "Everton" on target with his left foot. The ball flew well, right in the top corner, but touched on the way the head of one of the defenders. Corner to the hosts.
Earn a dangerous free kick in front of the penalty area butterscotch. Baines and Fellaini have the ball.
T-OO-OO-OO-O-L "Stoke City" opens an account!
Oteletl ball on the line's penalty area, there ran Whitehead and powerful gathering broke on goal! This blow was ready to beat Howard, but suddenly his leg under the ball put Hoot! 0-1!
Oh, how nice Bilyaletdinov beat on the flank of Woodgate! It is unclear why he began looking for partners in the punishment, because his left flank was completely free! But the Russians decided to throw in the penalty area, but there is a quiet figured out the defenders.
Monotonous attacks "Stoke City". Transfer to own half of the penalty on Crouch while lead nowhere - butterscotch very confident while protected.
Potters intercepted the ball. They try to attack the left flank, well, it's no wonder! Lack of Drenthe to use.
Without the center of the field team play - rush from gate to gate! After several successful bounce the ball bounced off the far post Bilyaletdinov, the highly venerated the ball, but instead of hitting the gate he went into the box along the chamber gates, hell, and that was inaccurate.
Ok now Fellaini noticed on the flank of Bilyaletdinov, the Russian made a great cross in the center of the penalty on Velliosa, but the ball is not reached before.
Do not go in "sink" to do more than 4 gears. Almost immediately, they lose the ball, while their opponents are very sharp attack.
Excellent pass Fellaini now gives Hibbert! He gave up a scoop the ball into the penalty area, Tony has accelerated and flew into the penalty area but the goalkeeper had the ball first.
Very slow football team show us. Somehow too easy they are. Bilyaletdinov now got the ball in front of the penalty, and gave a cut to Velliosa the penalty area, but the pass did not work.
Keep the ball "toffee" is now quite confident. While developing the left flank of the attack, but rarely pulled the ball to the center.
On the left flank of the penalty handed Baines, Bilyaletdinov threw his head to the far post Fellaini, but he failed to win a duel on the second floor.
Based on the television picture, football players, "Everton" will play on the right, while their opponents on the left. With the center of the field played the hosts, they now organize positional attack.
First time has began
The match began, the teams good luck!
First Half
The match will begin with a short delay due to a moment of silence. All England, and all the soccer community mourns. Applause, "Goodison Park" directed by Gary Speed.
The teams already in the section "About the Game" on our website.
Hello, dear fans of British football! Welcome to the textual translation of the match from the stadium, "Goodison Park", where the local "Everton" fight with "Stoke City". Together with you, this fight will look Nikita Gromov, a successful show!

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