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That's the ending we were given the team! Two Missed penalty, a lot of scoring chances and a goal! Deservedly or not, but the players have won, "Udinese". With this victory, they scored 27 of the eyes that give them an opportunity to share the first line of the table with "Milan". on this we'll end our broadcast. With you was Nikita Gromov, health and happiness to see you soon!
Second Half
The match is over!
A great moment in the Stankovic! He beat rally from the penalty after rebate Zarate, but beats up! Oh how times, this is ending the match!
Additional time
4 minutes added referee!
Red Card
Ferronetti leaves the field, the second yellow in it.
Penalty miss
Ha-ha-ha! When is it, friends? Pazzini scores do not, it slips right in front of the ball and "round" is flying above the gate!
Yellow card
Ferronetti is booked for a foul in the penalty against Milito!
But what a match? Penalty at the Gates "Udinese" appoint an arbitrator!
Penalty miss
Wow! Di Natale does not clog, which is very rare! Cesar jumped on Guess and guess!
Red Card
Zanetti is now receiving a second yellow and it turns into the red for the captain of the hosts!
Penalties shall appoint a judge at the gate of Cesar!
Yellow card
Pintsi fouls Stankovic, for which he receives a yellow card.
Excellent pass now to the center of Isla gave a penalty for Di Natale, although the captain did not have time to ball. The guests were now close to that would double the expense.
Yellow card
Gets yellow card for rough foul Motta in midfield.
The whole team go on the attack nerazzurri. True, it has not cause any problems Handanovichu. Advocates are very confident.
Late in the checked himself Ranieri. Stankovic takes the field instead of Kivu.
Again attacks "Udinese". Thrift is now a little twisted on the flank with Nagatomo and quietly gave back. The ball rolled right up to Handanovicha. This is how the guests are killed for the priceless "Inter" moments.
Di Natale now threw a scoop on the course of Flores in the penalty area, but managed to get the ball to Cesar. nothing, absolutely nothing comes in "Inter".
Do not wind down "Udinese". Pressure they start as deeply as in the early match. Lost "Inter". The impression is that they do not know what to do with the ball.
Spin with the ball, "Inter" in someone else's free kick, but did not go to find a hole in the defense and break on impact position. On the right flank filed Pazzini at Zarate in the penalty area, but the Argentine missed.
Beautiful counterattack came from "Udinese"! Di Natale in the fall gave Floro Flores on, he waited a moment and subtly gave the course a penalty on Islu. The third guest room at this time he decided to look into the situation and has not lost! 0-1! Bravo "Udinese"!
Showered with moments of both teams at the gate! Pazzini broke on impact position from the left flank and beat with his left foot, but the gate did not hit. Even after the moment of impact recorded a foul judge, forward, as it turned out, played up his hand.
Good shtrafnyo earned masters. the gate was feet twenty-three. Mott punched, but above the gate.
What a moment! MOMENTISCHE! Isla took a bad bounce now from opponent's legs, he ran himself to himself with Cesar and had to open an account! True, he decided to give to Di Natale. But the captain was unable to score, though still offside and referee fixed.
Just do not mistake Handanovich. Serve in his possession now followed by the left flank, he went to the ball but could not put it on hold. welfare, and insure the defender knocked the ball.
Corner from the left flank now filed Di Natale. In the penalty took the ball Basta. On the third contact, he nevertheless decided to strike, but the ball hit the defender.
Boring and uninteresting in the last minutes of play the team. None of them suffers from a bad attack, or a lack of creativity, but fact is fact - the game really is not interested.
Yellow card
Outright sinapism shlopotat now thrift. He ran back to Zanetti.
Immediately responds to this change Gvidolin. Solemnly away from the field, instead it appears Floro Flores.
And here and there. Lame, Pharaoh leaves the field. Instead it goes Zarate.
Diligently tying the laces on his boots Zarate. Mauro now receives the latest recommendations from Ranieri and will soon be ready to play. I think he will replace Pazzini.
What can I say about the rest, even if it could not accurately Kivu apply the penalty. Good position to supply was now in Romanian, but the ball flew almost into touch! Absolutely not value the ball nerazzurri.
Shaking hands and Cesar. Experienced goalkeeper of Brazil started today after a powerful strike Di Natale from outside the penalty area. After touching the ball on his hands flew in the direction of the gate, but the goalkeeper managed to come to their senses and corrected his own mistake.
Well done Di Natale! Two withdrew before someone else now, he famously struck free kick and a near-nine, but the past!
Something tells me that the meeting will decide the fate of one goal. Teams are too relaxed. The impression is that they satisfy both the "dry" draw.
A good episode reappears at the gates of Cesar! Asamoah said well in the box solemnly, he has struck, though exactly in the hands of the goalkeeper. Well, if a bit in the corner, score would have otherwise, and events in the match would have developed more interesting.
Heroes of the last episode - two Romanians - leaving the field arm in arm to the applause of the crowd. Both will continue the game without any problems.
Oh yes well that! Asamoah now filed in the penalty area on solemnly, the ball went out and Cesar, apparently got sick in the head-Kivu, which lies on the lawn. A bunch of doctors immediately rushed to the field.
Too many fouls the referee records the first minute of the second half. Teams do not want to cede center field.
Oh, and Basta! Kivu and Zanetti played against him now on the flank, but he was not afraid prokinut ball past them and go further, though the last time an opponent had set the pace and pick up the ball.
Pharaoh's now arguing with the referee. He, at first glance, purely played against Ferronetti in midfield, but the referee whistled.
Yellow card
Gets yellow card for a foul against Zanetti Asamoah.
The first seconds of the second half looks promising. "Udinese" does not wind down in the attack, but what the motivation of "Inter" look, I think it is not necessary.
Nahatomo on, Alvarez off.
Second half has began
The second half began! We are waiting for goals!
Second Half
First Half
Half time
The first half turned out goalless. We hope to see goals in the second half of the game!
Zanetti with all malice kissed the ball now, but something did not stick with the punches in this match, black and blue. The ball is once again flew into the stands.
Additional time
2 minute compensates for the arbitrator.
Di Natale now filed directly in the center of the penalty, there is the ball hit the hand Motte, but the referee whistled not. Although repeat shows that the judge had the opportunity to put the 11-metrvoy gift.
They took the ball right now nerazzurri. But, I think the fans are not very happy with what's happening on the field. Kivu, filed in the penalty area, the defender effectively knocked out in the fall through itself, but the ball flew immediately and Pazzini struck by the gate.
Alvarez filed with acute left flank into the penalty area! There are three players, "Inter" fought with only one Benat, but he was able to choose the right position and the ball knock.
And again, "out of play", this time with Busta. He received the ball on the flank and was ready to hang him in the penalty area, but again he was stopped by linesman flag raised.
Not bad at himself in the first half, the players showed "Udinese", especially in the last 20 minutes.
Great pharaoh gave the penalty for Pazzini, take that ball, you could shoot the gate with five meters Handanovicha! But Gianpaolo and take the ball and could not fight for it did not continue.
Enough is now on the wing slightly touched his hand on the flank to Kivu, but he fell as an actor ballet. The arbitrator believed and put the box.
Oh but guess with a bunch of forwards today Ranieri. As for me, it would be better to release extra midfielder in the center of the field, such as Stankovic, and Pazzini left to spare the lava.
It is evident that "Udinese" really does not going to give up the game. Guests are actively counter-attack and at the same time do not give a more eminent opponent pressed to Handanovicha penalty.
Under the tribune defends whistle "Inter". The last 15 minutes the hosts are really very weak. True, the advantage in possession of the ball are just nerazzurri: 62-38%.
Again exacerbated the game in the penalty Cesar! Solemnly walked right into the penalty area, beating strongly in the near corner, but under his blow fiercely rushed Samuel and knocked the ball to the corner.
Pharaoh's now flying on the wing, made a pass at center sighted on Milito, but before the ball reached the Argentine, it prevented the defender. Corner too dangerous to anything not cited.
Excellent played in the wall now and Thiago Milito, first ran into the impact position in the center of the box. before it was opened all the gates, but he could not beat Handanovicha. Moreover, the Portuguese hit straight at the goalkeeper, "Udinese".
Milito still dared to penetrate. Kick was good, biting, the ball flew into the far top corner, but ultimately all just flew into the stands.
Again, from the foul black-and-old. Now Kivu knocked around the penalty area. Near the ball Milito and the victim.
Oh how great it figured out now Pazzini on the flank! Gianpaolo left two easy but tricky tricks. He rushed to the counter, but for some reason it back naprygnul Asamoah and tore a dangerous counterattack.
It is now "out of the game" gets Milito. Pharaoh's cut the ball on the course of Argentine, he immediately responded but this pass, but just as quickly reacted to his linesman, raising the flag.
Squandered Internazionale look! Simply unbeatable, as to their position, are guests. Attack after attack! Pintsi now subtly played by Di Natale, the second contact with the beat from the penalty kick but was blocked by defenders.
Again, famously attacked guests! The Edge was Di Natale, but again, the "offside" captures the referee. Isla is now devoted a great pass, cutting them all the protection, but the target was closer to the gate of the opponent than his opponents.
"Udinese" excellent counter-attack! The arbitrator did not see a clear offside in Isla, and he did not stop, burst into the penalty area and powerfully punched in the near-nine! in there and knock the defender prevented, and he himself is not too good Isla kissed the ball.
Excellent pass now solemnly gave to Di Natale, he was ready to break out on a date with the goalkeeper, but he was stopped by linesman flag raised - "out of the game."
Attempts to "Udinese" reply attack to attack. True, the midfield of "Inter" is now a solid stone wall, into which guests are beaten, but she did not falter.
Another blow to the gate causes Handanovicha Alvarez. He decided not to bother with the long ball, and immediately break the twenty-five meters, but the ball flew into the stands again, "San Siro".
Oh, what a combination turned out now "Inter"! Milito played now in the wall of the pharaoh, was released in a shock position, entered into the penalty area and took aim at the far top corner! Unfortunately for the hosts, the ball flew into the stands.
Di Natale now wanted to play beautiful promenade solemnly give the course on the flank, but this transfer was not very difficult to Zanetti, who intercepted the ball and started to attack his team.
"Inter" is in no hurry to attack. Nerazzurri calmly kept the ball in front of the penalty, choosing a good position to strike.
Oh, and solemnly! Now took the ball in front of the penalty area rival prokinul to himself the right leg and struck powerfully at goal, but Cesar took the right position and take the ball.
Very active start to the team. even despite the fact that some strikes on goal. It should be noted that Alvarez is not lost on the field. He is not ashamed to take the game for yourself, and show a more experienced partner, what to do.
Pintsi now not just knocked the ball away, and gave a very good program to move solemnly! Be that little bit faster, and could jump out himself to himself! But he was only able to take the ball away to the flank and shoot accurately in the penalty area.
Quietly owners control the ball in midfield. Alvarez is now well blew on the brow Milito, but the defender body Otter Argentines from the ball.
And here is reminiscent of his Milito! Now someone very well cast in the Argentine on the flank of the penalty, the rally hit the gate with an acute angle, but the ball went higher.
All the attention midfielders and defenders of the "Inter" course focuses on Di Natale! The Italian now fighting in the midfield for the ball with Pazzini, but lost the fight.
A very dangerous situation in the penalty area "Inter"! On the right flank to the far post very well filed Isla, where the ball took thrift, he was ready to strike, but suddenly slipped and lost time.
Black and white while only defensive. Footballers 'Inter' feel the strength to score a quick goal, and with the active support of such forces the stands they should be more. The twelfth player is so strong today that, at times, and the commentator is heard.
The first is a gross violation of the rules already in the third minute. Kivu, fighting on the second floor solemnly and struck his head in that temple. Footballer "Udinese" left the field, accompanied by doctors.
The match with the midfield players played "Inter". Judging from the television picture, the owners settled on the right, while their opponents on the left. By the way, nerazzurri immediately rush to the attack.
First time has began
The match began, the teams good luck!
First Half
Good evening to all fans of Italian football! site and I, Nikita Gromov, we invite you to a text broadcast of the match between Milan "Inter" and "Udinese". Bout will be held at the stadium "San Siro", which is located in Milan. Have a nice trip and let the best man win!

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