Stadium: Mercedes-Benz Arena
15' Penalty
Lukas Podolski
20' Yellow card
Martin Lanig
45' Yellow card
Khalid Boulahrouz
48' Yellow card
Mišo Brečko
66' Yellow card
Shinji Okazaki
79' Yellow card
Ammar Jemal
83' Yellow card
Arthur Boka
88' Goal
Lukas Podolski
90' Yellow card
Henrique Sereno Fonseca
Second Half
The final whistle. "Stuttgart" was unable to prevent the victory of the "Cologne."

Since you were Tsapkin Ivan, I wish you happiness, health, prior to the meeting!
Yellow card
Enrique grabbed Serena's hand and Christian Molinaro received a yellow card. Nerves, nerves.
Additional time
Two minutes of added referee!
2 goals - double
GO-ON-OO-OOOOOOO-AL! 02.02! INCREDIBLE!! At the 90th minute! Lukas Podolski! RESERVE!
Sebastian Frays one-touch passing brought Lukas Podolski one-on-one with the goalkeeper and an opponent striker easily beat Sven guests Ulrayha, breaking under the keeper into the far corner exactly!! Cool, very cool!
Substitution in the "Cologne". Sebastian Martin Laniga Frays replaced.
The last change in the "Stuttgart." Julian Schieber replaced Kaka.
Yellow card
Arthur Boka for rough play against Slavomir Peshko received a yellow card. Many violations in the end the match.
Zdravko Kuzmanovich gave a soft feed at the far post, where one partner was not there. Strange drawing standard. Meanwhile on the field to prepare for replacement ..
Ammar Zhemalu lost the position to the enemy. I decided to stop the breach. A free-kick for the hosts in the 25 meters from the gate. A direct blow? Or is it? Place your bets, gentlemen.
Ends our game. Moments in the last 10 minutes and diamonds we did not see it. Now Cacau was on the flank and struck the frame with an acute angle - unsuccessfully.
Yellow card
Ammar Zhemal roughly played in their half of the field and received another in a match of "yellow card". Went foul play here.
An increasing number of violations in these moments, which adversely affects the amount of generated points. Now Lucas has played roughly against William Quist.
Zdravko Kuzmanovich received a pass from a partner. Slightly shifted to the center and broke through on goal but the ball flies to the players the fans. Slightly more than 10 minutes left to play teams. The score 2-1. Who does not remember.
Again, the standard for players, "Shtuttgrat" which does not zakonchivaet dangerous. Feed into the box, the output is the keeper and picks up a shell.
Corner again earned the hosts. Interestingly, as the bill. But after filing with the corner flag on the output is excellent goalkeeper.
Zdravko Kuzmanovich good transmission connected to the attack of Arthur Boka, who issued the fine pass to Christian Gentner, who entered the penalty area, but to bring the case to strike at goal failed, the defenders played very well in this episode.
Martin Lanig!! Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah! Danger! A free-kick earned visitors. Lukas Podolski has made a shed in the penalty area, the first on the ball was Martin, who punched a flight into the far corner, but the projectile flies in millimeters from the bar.
Zdravko Kuzmanovich Tamas Hajnal replaced. The second change in the "Stuttgart"
Yellow card
Shinji Okazaki received a yellow card for hitting after the whistle. Why be nervous? Here is why? I do not understand.
Momentische! Can compare the expense of the guests, but .... Odis Roshi technically beat the defender on the flank, entered the penalty area and shot just under Lukas Podolski hit, but hit the German football was blocked.
Roshi - well done. Only appeared on the football field and has already dealt a blow to the gate, but the ball flew very high. Do not worry, the statistics go.
And here is the change in the composition of "Cologne". The first one, but I do not think the latter. Odis Roshi replaced by Christian Clemens.
Absolutely no events in those few seconds, though, it seemed that the pressure of "Stuttgart" will only increase. But the "Cologne" still sits on the defensive.
Stuttgart "has earned corner on the left flank, Tamas Hajnal great hung on the far post, where irresistible gathering broke Christian Gentner, but this time the ball flew towards the crowd. Fans of the game.
And maybe we'll see you score a hat-trick. Excellent performance counter in the home team. Cacau received a pass from a partner, well-crafted and gave him an excellent pass to Gentner, but he broke a little inaccurate. You may have teal with a barbell.
Michaud Brechko on the right flank broke into the penalty 'Swabians', but the defender "Cologne" side stopped the referee, who recorded the "offside". The controversial episode, very controversial. Let's see the replay, if directed by his show.
I do not think it was on purpose. But the player "Cologne" got well. Cacau punched (more can not be said), Shinji Okazaki in the face. Not share the projectile players in this episode. Medics on the field.
That's the first corner in the second half. Earned his players 'Cologne'. Christian Clemens completed delivery to the near post, but won the top defender "in Stuttgart." Ready to equalize players from Cologne.
Yellow card
Well, why so rude to play? After all, nothing dangerous happened on the field. Strange, very strange. Michaud Brechko rough reception Shinji Okazaki attacked and got a deserved yellow card. I fully agree with the referee.
That's small change compared to the first half. "Cologne" aktivnichaet on another side of the field, and "Stuttgart" forced to defend all the team. Although, remember the first strike in response to player ratings?
No, no. I was wrong. All the same, was the replacement. There was she in the "Stuttgart." Arthur Boka has replaced Khalid Bularuza. I'm sorry. Perhaps the owners replaced the Bularuza mentor for "yellow card" received a last-minute halftime.
Footballers "Stuttgart" immediately closed "Cologne" in the penalty area immediately set to work. Interestingly, we are waiting to be bored or start quick goals in the second half?
Substitutions at half-time was not, so the coaches are hoping for their artists, which they put up with the starting minutes of the match. And we look forward to them.
Second half has began
The second half began! What do you think will be more goals? In my opinion, yet we see two or three goals for sure. We will wait. Nice to see.
Second Half
First Half
Half time
The first half ended. 1.2 score on the scoreboard! That-a-ah, that we will have? "Stuttgart" wins at halftime with the score - 2-1, double, Christian Gentner designed, excellent game shows Lukas Podolski, n somehow it must consider. Break!
Yellow card
Khalid could not hold Bularuz another 30-Th seconds. Roughly, he stopped the enemy in the center of the field. This is a yellow card.
Additional time
One minute, the referee added.
Tamas Hajnal was damaged in the fight for the "first floor". On the field there were doctors, a small station in the game. By the way, a good opportunity for players to drink some water. You can relax a little.
Shinji Okazaki, ex. In the first half we did not see you. Strange, is not it? Are not you afraid of losing a place in the starting lineup? Must have to score. And the sooner the better.
Gradually calmed down, we play, the ball slowly moves mainly in the central part of the field. Well, thank God. For the first time we saw you a lot of dangerous things. The score is 2-1. It's very interesting what will happen after the break?
The hosts were required to score the third ball into the goal "Cologne". Tamas Hajnal took the ball on the right flank and made a gorgeous canopy at the far corner of the goalie, the first ball was on Kaka, but the goalkeeper has demonstrated an excellent response, and saved from the destruction of the gate.
Guest mentor gave a few tips Khalid Bularuzu, which we did not see on the football field. But in the attacks, he tries to help Lukash.
2 goals - double
GO-ON-OO-OOOOOOO-AL! 02.01! Christian Gentner! This is unbelievable!
Excellent attack held to a goal. And it all started? Are you interested? Cacau got a hinged transfer from the right wing, wanted to enter the penalty area, but the defender stopped him, then he does not give much thought to pass Tamas Hajnal, who punched in the box, but hit a defender. The ball bounced to Gentner, who shot a frame without difficulty "Cologne".
Cologne "has decided to hold the ball under his control. As long as the guests of explanatory combinations does not work. All the danger comes from Lukas Podolski, but against him, now began to act just two defensive" Swabians. "
Beautiful counter in the performance of "Cologne". Lukas Podolski demonstrating their skills. Thanks to him, he dragged the ball through the central zone and brought to the shock position Yayalo Mato, who expertly punched into the bottom corner, but did Ulrayh save. But was the perfect opportunity to once again lead the in the long run.
GO-ON-OO-OOOOOOO-AL! 01.01! Christian Gentner! That is, so here!
Good for the owners. Did not lose after missing a goal. Now they have earned the right to the corner. Tamas Hajnal done a magnificent canopy in the center of the penalty from which irresistibly head struck Christian Gentner.
Lukas Podolski at the expense of individual skill dragged the ball to the penalty, "Stuttgart" and managed to find time for a strike on goal but the ball hit the defender. It's a shame, shame, oh well. Probably because Lucas thought. What do you think?
Cacau moved to the right flank, took transfer partner and tried to break through to the front line, but it's hard to meet Ammar Zhemal subcategory. However, the referee did not record any violations of the rules.
Aktivnichayut owners, especially on the flanks. Now, "Stuttgart" has earned corner on the left flank. Tamas Hajnal rushed him to perform and made a canopy at the far post, where the first was on the ball defender, who won the upper hand. Errors in the defense of the guests we do not observe.
What an opportunity for the home team! Christian Gentner got the ball on the right flank, pulled him a little and moved to the center and gave a super pass to Tamas Hajnal, who punched a corner away from you, but the blow was very weak. Projectile in the hands of Rensing.
It is noticeable that the "Stuttgart" active. Guests holed up in the defense of all the team. Rightly so owners need to equalize before the whistle for a break.
Yellow card
And here is the first violation of this match. Martin Lanig not stopped by the rules of the partner, for which he was warned.
"Cologne" rushed to the attack by the left flank, but in this episode could earn only a corner. Lukas Podolski performed starting from the corner flag, but the "second floor" won the defender, who easily knocked the ball from the danger zone.
Here and finished badly, "Stuttgart." After a missed goal, the hosts became more active, but does it to strike on goal until it reaches Rensing. Let's wait and what to do?
Note that Pavel Pogrebnyak today remained in the reserve, although in the previous fight Russians gained a place in the starting lineup, but was unable to express themselves, however, as the whole team.
GO-ON-OO-OOOOOOO-AL! 0-1! Lukas Podolski!
Realized his chance Podolski. Lucas quietly scattered ball and the goalkeeper for different angles. Forward struck the left of himself, and Sven Ulrayh flew to the opposite corner. Coaching bench rejoice.
Slawomir Peszko burst into the penalty area from the right flank, where there is no stopping him on the rules of a player "in Stuttgart." This is a penalty.
"Cologne" chose defensive tactical model. Guests rely on fast counterattacks and individual skills of Lukas Podolski. While Sven Ulrayh the game really did not enter. This is very annoying. Well, just have to wait.
And here is the first dangerous moment. And it happened at the gates of "Cologne". Football players from the "Stuttgart" earned the right to corner. After filing nearly had a scoring period, but this is prevented goalkeeper guests. Was cast into the penalty area, where the first ball was in Hainan, which is heavily struck, but went straight to the goalkeeper, and was on procuring Harnik, who was in the "offside".
Now we see not only the passing game in their own half, but a lot of violations. The arbitrator must have been tired whistle. But minor violation, so that "mustard plaster" we do not see. Hopefully, today will cost no injuries.
Strange, I thought at the beginning of the fight you and I see a lot of dangerous moments. As some have, and at other gates, but the team quietly pasuyutsya on their halves. And in the meantime fans never cease to cheer for their players.
That first shot on goal. And struck his players "Cologne". Strange, is not it? Podolski broke a shock position, but hit the side of the corner flag. Do not worry, the statistics go.
The staff of Stuttgart, confidently controls the ball in their half of the field, the opponent does not care. While the fight take place in midfield, the team over the top in no hurry.
By the way, fans are actively supporting their favorites. I wonder, I wonder .... Whose fans are more than happy today? What do you think?
In a quiet pace began our game. The home team is in control at the moment.
Smokescreen over crowded stadium, which, coupled with the loud noise creates an indescribable atmosphere of support.
First time has began
The match started! Let's go! We wish the teams to show a beautiful, interesting and effective game.
First Half
Commands appear on the football field! A few moments left before the beginning of the match!
Good evening, ladies and football fans! Today on "Mercedes-Benz-Arena", "Stuttgart" play with "Cologne." The game promises to be hot. In the "commentary booth" Tsapkin Ivan!

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