Stadium: Lokomotiv (Moscow)
Second Half
The final whistle!
That's it! "Locomotive" had a good second half, thanks to which secured a place in the eighth finals of the European League. Congratulations, my friends!

Since you were Vladimir Gubarev! I wish you happiness, health, prior to the meeting!
Gradually comes to an end our fight with you. Thus, the "locomotive" will be playing in European competition in the spring, with what you and I congratulate you. The Moscow team in the final round on the road to play against, "Anderlecht" and "Storm" and AEK will compete in the "battle of the fallen."
Additional time
And two minutes will be playing the team.
GO-OO-OO-OO-OO-O-AL! DENIS Glushak! Bitenkurt Maicon played back just fine, having escaped from the left flank of the opponent. Maicon went into another penalty, punched in the corner - Chavlina repulsed projectile in the direction where Dennis was Glushakov. A captain with seven feet of empty gates do not miss, right?
Again, the legs got Denis Glushakov. Is it not now strikes with the standard? At the ball Da Costa and Dennis. Apparently, someone has earned, and that strelnet.
13 to 4 - hitting the target. Excellent stats, of course. At this time there was a change. Sychev went to rest, Alexander has instead Minchenkov.
Albert Zapatero after discounts mate struck at goal from thirty yards but the ball was cut off from one foot midfielder "Locomotive" and went to five meters from the near post.
Yellow card
Maicon is not only goal was scored, he had earned a yellow card for Manuel Weber. On the left flank was a violation. Another chance to please the crowd gave the players from Moscow.
The cross! MOMENTISCHE! Angular players earned "Locomotive", followed by a canopy of Dennis Glushakova on line goalie, from which touch on the head of an advancing Michon struck - a shell hit the crossbar and flew into the field.
Yellow card
Received a yellow card for the failure of Roman Shishkin counterattack "Sturm."
In the "offside" was Mario Haas. Dissatisfied with it that fact, but what can you do? S'est la vie.
From a far distance pierced by gates Dmitry Sychev - Silvio Chavlina easily caught the ball, as round went exactly in the place where from the beginning settled keeper guests.
Maicon took the ball on the left flank, entered the penalty area and others can pass to the far post, where there were only players in white. I think you will understand that the players from Austria.
And Mohammed Ozdoev sent Jose Kouseyru arrange peace and quiet in the center of the field. He appeared in place of Dmitry Torbinsky.
Weinberger instead of Clem. An interesting change. The three striker now, "Sturm" in the field.
In the penalty with his left foot decided to break the Christian Clem - the ball went near the near the bar. And now will change in the composition of the guests.
Given to the initiative of the Russian club football rivals. The main thing right now - nice play on the defensive. Until the end of the match left about fifteen minutes.
Yellow card
Martin received a yellow card for the failure of counter Ehrenreich "Locomotive" on the left flank. Just "yellow card", argue not even trying to Martin.
Now, guys, calm down and you can play. No need to run like mad, go ahead now "Locomotives." You just need to bring the game to its logical conclusion.
GO-OO-OO-OO-OO-OO-AL! Dmitry Sychev! Very much struck by Dmitry goal, the ball flew to the keeper, from whom recovered accurately into the net. 2-1!
A Ignatiev a doubly handsome! Penalties in the gate of visitors! Milan Dudich flunked Ignatieff in his own penalty.
But now the corner at the gate, "Sturm" ended in a good shelter from the left flank, but the output has played a great Silvio Chavlina, taking the shell of the gloves.
An interesting drawing of corners leads to the fact that the ball hits the post, and after a pass from the corner of the field. No one was able to reach the shell. Thank God there was no goal.
Florian Kainz done a good transfer to the touch on the right flank, where not the best played Roman Kinast, firing a projectile at the sideline of the field. Out for the "Locomotive".
Maicon noticeably revived the game of the Moscow club on the left flank. Dmitry Torbinsky now operates more in the center of the field, sometimes shifting to the right flank. So far, however, to no avail.
I wonder whether to release the head coach of his son's guests for a replacement. If the trust - will release. If not, no. But please tell me how you can not trust your child?
Mario Haas instead of Darko Bodula.
So, but that's interesting. "Locomotive" and scored a moment missed. Now we need to repeat the exact Ignatiev canopy at the far post. Hopefully, this will be more.
GOAL! Kainz. Abandoned the central zone are defenders of the "Locomotive", Roman Kinast figured out rivals by performing the transfer on line free kick, from which, without any interference, punched, who replaced Florian Kainz - Anton Amelchenko not saved. 1:1!
GO-OO-OO-OO-OO-O-AL! Maicon! Replacement worked perfectly! A Ignatiev, then what good! How is he now on the right corner of the penalty hung on someone else's far post perfectly. No words. There is Maicon in the fall broke his head right on target. 1-0!
Maicon got the ball on the left, but keep the "round" in their legs left on the football field football "Locomotive" failed. A shell went off the field.
As I said, Denise worked for Aytekin three matches of the League of Europe, which showed eight yellow cards and one a penalty. Let's see what will happen today.
Yellow card
Yellow card for ... What? Which was awarded the "yellow card" Glushakov. I do not know, honestly.
Thus, more and Alexander Minchenkov stretching. Now may be replaced by Dmitry Sychev, but I think it is very unlikely prediction.
Predicted replacement. Instead Ibrichicha appeared Maicon.
Yellow card
They run all the time ahead of the Moscow football club and forget about defense. So now been forced to break the rules Seniyad Ibrichich. Yellow he received for it.
Handsome! Just handsome. I do not know how to say in another way. Thanks to Roman Kinastu, which is now lost in the speed of Jan Dyuritse. And that would be out one by one.
Erred on the left flank, Vladislav Ignatiev, followed by a counterattack guests, which ended with Florian Kainz offsides.
The sixth corner earned the hosts on the left flank. Following the filing of Dmitry Torbinsky still managed to break his head Ian Dyuritsa - a bit inaccurate.
"Locomotive" continues to roll the ball with the edge on the curb. Fans of the owners today do not fall silent for a moment. Well ill Stadium. Do not say anything.
"Locomotive", incidentally, is now in sixth position in the standings of the Russian Championship, behind the second place, for example, at six points. Quite a good season in general held the Moscow club, the truth has ruined the final of the championship. Hopefully, it will not appear on today's game.
After the angular Torbinsky completed rebate under attack from the penalty of twenty-four feet struck Albert Zapatero - Silvio Chavlina took the shell in his gloves.
On the right flank received the ball Roman Kinast, sent round to the left side of the field, from which hung Popkhadze George - got into Ian Dyuritsu. Now our team with the ball.
Dmitri Sychev got the ball on the penalty, but the ball bounced off the side where there was only the Austrian football club. Actively started the second half the players "Locomotive".
Second half has began
The second half started! Let's go! Substitutions did not happen.
Second Half
First Half
Half time
The first half is over! "Locomotive" failed to score a "Storm". 0-0 - the team go to rest, you and I will follow their example. Break!
Yellow card
George received a yellow card for a bad tackle Popkhadze.
You know, it is noticeable that the guys have thoughts on vacation. Many players command the Russian Premier League is already a well-deserved rest. "Locomotives" is left to play in another match.
Additional time
Two minutes.
On the left flank to the far post hung Dmitry Torbinsky not reached out to the projectile head Dmitry Sychev, because Silvio Chavlina played great in the air, taking the ball in their ruchische.
Seniyad Ibrichich received the ball on the right wing, turned and shot to the far post, where generally one of the players in red were not. Silvio Chavlina played great at the exit, taking the "round" in their gloves.
Judge today's meeting of the German Deniz Aytekin Oberasbaha. This year, Denise worked for three League matches in Europe and in the six matches the German championship. In the Bundesliga he has a rating of "3.5". Medium, in general.
Everything is fine already with the goalkeeper, "Sturm", but could now get Chavlina not physical, and psychological impact, if Dmitry Sychev took advantage of lumbago from the right flank, breaking just in the far corner. So the ball went a foot off the rack.
Yellow card
The first yellow card of the match. This Trindade Da Costa walked into another penalty during a canopy from a corner. Central defender of the Moscow club jumped out with a raised elbow, hitting him in the head just Chavlinu Silva. Medical help is needed keeper guests.
Thus, the replacement. Does not appear Foda, and Kainz. Joachim went to rest Shtandfest. Nothing he has not shown an outstanding today.
MOMENTISCHE! Wow! Needless to say, honestly. With the center of the field broke on goal Trindade Da Costa, trying to outweigh Silvio Chavlinu who still managed at the last moment to reach out to the right hand of the projectile, firing his front line of the field.
Less than ten minutes before the break. Everyone now has to entertain himself, as the silence on the football field.
Penalty interest does not stop there. Fireworks were able to still carry on the stadium fans "Locomotive", although the club asked the people not to do so.
The legs got Vladislav Ignatiev Matthias Koch from the left flank. Penalty for the hosts. At this time, warming up the son of head coach of the "Sturm" - Sandro Foda. Does it appear in the first half of the game?
Dmitri Sychev went to great pressure, forcing Milan Dudich in a fairly easy situation to knock the ball over the sideline of the field. "Locomotive" almost the full penalty for someone else.
"Storm" has long been seriously nothing on claims in the Europa League, while the Austrian team has a theoretical chance of getting into 1 / 8 finals, but need to win today in Moscow by scoring at least two goals. Hopefully, this will not happen.
On the right flank began to split hairs Denis Glushakov, but the Russian national team player was able to still squeeze out of this situation, maximum, earning a corner for his team.
Austrian counterattack now players missed the Moscow club. On the left flank managed to beat three opponents last defender "Sturm" George Popkhadze. Already in our penalty he had to stop because there was not anybody to play in a pass. The threat ended.
Angled no dividends Moscow team has not brought. There followed a long rally on another side of the field, which ended in failure shelter from the left flank. This is Dmitry Torbinsky wrong.
On the left flank took the ball Dmitry Torbinsky. Again tried to go to a stroke - did not work. The projectile flew from the front line of contenders for the field. The corner. The second for "Locomotive" in this fight, if my memory serves me.
On the left flank was in the jaw with his elbow, Vladislav Ignatiev. Christian Clem came over and apologized for his action. It's you and I appreciate. This gentleman, no doubt about it.
You know, "Locomotive" is playing very well. Yes, the moment no, but how the team uses the flanks for their attacks. "Assault" is very difficult to shake. The Austrian team intransigence.
On the left flank took the ball Vladislav Ignatiev, deceptive motion, deceptive movement ... A transfer, however, inaccurate. Out for the guests.
Most of the half behind, and we are always waiting for the dangerous moments and goals against, "Sturm." At this time, broke the rules in the middle of the field Trindade Da Costa.
Inaccurately punched with standard Vladislav Ignatiev. The ball went into the stands. By the way, recently it was reported that Pavlyuchenko may appear in the "Locomotive". It will be a good buy, I assure you.
Vladislav strumming shifted from the left flank of the central zone, got on his legs from Florian Noyholda. A direct free kick. Meters to the gates of twenty-seven.
"Locomotive" is on the second line in the league table of L, having under his belt and nine points behind the "Anderlecht" only a three-item. If today our club is gaining at least one point, it means that the "railroad" secured a European Cup spring.
While I'm here telling you about the actions and the Austrian team "Lokomotiv" cleaned into their own hands, more attacks, but dangerous moments at the gate Silvio Chavlina we do not observe.
Today in Moscow, not as cold as, for example, yesterday it was in Kazan. So there is still football, "Rubin" running around in a decent wind. "Railroad" this discomfort today do not have.
Oh, well, this is very inaccurate. Denis Glushakov, which, in general, this season may carry itself into an asset (an excellent game for the "Locomotive" = call to the national team), hung from the left flank so poorly - the ball went into the stands.
Guide "Locomotive" carried out an action - "Bring on the stadium another." A person buying a ticket for this match, got one more "paper-through" for free. Thus the Moscow club sought to increase the number of people in the stands of the arena.
Dmitry Torbinsky pushed on another side of the field of Roman Kinasta. It is a foul. Minute break, fill the interesting information. In "Storm" in the application thirteen Austrians, eight of which are now running on the pitch.
But now could counterattack and go "Sturm." On the right flank ran Christian Clem, hung on the line of the penalty, which played a cool Jan Dyuritsa shoulder off his gloves in the shell Anton Amelchenko.
From flank to flank rolled round players of the club until he made a mistake in the transmission through the center of the field, Dmitry Torbinsky. Thank God, counterattacks guests we have not seen.
"Storm" is the scheme: 4-2-2-2. At the gate Chavlina. Defence (left to right): Popkhadze, Noyhold, Dudich and Shtandfest. A couple of central midfielders leave Weber and Koch. Wingers on the left - Clem, right - Ehrenreich. Two forward: Kinast and Bodul.
Hit the ball in his hand Seniyadu Ibrichichu. Arbitrator to understand this situation, without showing a yellow card to the midfielder "Locomotive". Again, in an attack guests. Must have the initiative to intercept. Do not you think?
In general, "Storm" - a decent team. To beat today's guest, "Lokomotiv" must make an effort. While the Austrians were pretty good feel in Moscow.
The hosts are now under the scheme: 4-2-3-1. Let's deal. At the gate Amelchenko. The defenders (from left to right): Yanbaev, Dyuritsa, Da Costa and Shishkin. Midfielder: Zapatero and Glushakov. The role of the attacking players do: Ignatiev - left, Torbinsky - right Ibrichich - in the center. At the edge of a Sychev.
Roman Kinast got the ball on the penalty, the defenders of the Russian club pushed a little further into the center of the field, but forward "Sturm" managed to turn around and punch hard - "round" was in Anton Amelchenko.
Broke - do not argue. This Dudich Milan in their half of the field filled up, Dmitry Sychev, but then raised the flag side, indicating an offside position at the Russian club forward. A strange decision, but oh well.
"Forward," Loco "- is heard from the stands right now, but it does not correspond to the events on the field. Angle earned players from Austria. From the right corner of the field hung Matthias Koch - in their gloves picked up the ball Anton Amelchenko.
Austrians are confident enough to go forward. Right now, for example, George took Popkhadze shell on the left flank and pulled the three contenders. Understandably, he was stopped by the defenders of Moscow club.
Darko Bodul accelerated on the right flank, carried out a bizarre transfer to the center of our penalty area, the ball hit the opponent and flew into the goal, but Anton Amelchenko jumped in time, which could save his team.
But now a good shot from long range, Vladislav Ignatiev. To attempt - at the time. He received the ball thirty yards from the gate, approached the penalty area and shot a foot from the left - next to the far-flying projectile resistant.
The first corner is a first strike. After a pass from the left corner of the field Trindade Da Costa has managed to win the same fight for the "first floor" and put his head under the ball, however, the projectile went to two meters from the far post.
The first attack "Locomotive" was on the left flank. They took the ball Renat Yanbaev, put the body, forcing the opponent to make a shell for the front line of the field. The first corner in our game masters will perform.
The home team now play in red and Franco Foda players - in white. Gates Anton Amelchenko on TV are on the right picture, and frame Silvio Chavlina - on the left.
First time has began
The match started! Let's go! We wish the teams to show a beautiful, interesting and effective game. With the center of the field began to players 'Sturm'!
First Half
Sounds anthem Europa League.
Commands appear on the football field. Lawn today just fine. If you would not know that today is the winter, would not have thought it's never looked at spring green meadow.
The teams are in the "About Match!"
Good evening, ladies and football fans! Today, the Moscow "Locomotive" can provide an outlet to 1 / 8 finals of the European League. Austrian attempts to prevent this "Assault". In the "commentary booth" Vladimir Gubarev!

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